Dominican Republic in September 2022. Where to vacation? Weather and reviews

Rest in the Dominican Republic in September

We are talking about holidays in the Dominican Republic in September 2022. Is it worth to go in the low season? How tourists respond to the weather, whether there are rains and storms. The most popular resorts and nuances of recreation with children.


Air temperature

Weather in the Dominican Republic in September is similar to the summer – hot, humid and rainy. The only difference is that the air temperature is 0.5-1 ° C lower. During the day the thermometer rises to +31 … +32 ° C, and at night descends to +23 … +25 ° C.

Despite the fact that the cloudy days are about 15 per month, you can get a nice tan during the holidays. In tropical latitudes, the sun is always active, so do not forget to put sunscreen in your luggage.

Read the reviews of tourists about the weather in the Dominican Republic in September:

Deima: “It rained, although it did sometimes, we didn’t get under it, as we were in bars, restaurants, casinos in the evening.”

Violetta: “The temperature didn’t drop below +29 °C. At night it was a little lower, but literally a couple of degrees. We were swimming and sunbathing every day.”

Table of September air temperature by day and night:

t daytime t at night
Start of September +31°С +25°С
Middle of September +30°С +24°С
End of September +31°С +26°С

Water temperature

In September, the sea water in the Dominican Republic is very warm. The temperature in the Caribbean Sea +29 ° C, and at resorts on the Atlantic coast of +27 … +28 ° C.

Ksenia Klimova: “In this heat it’s better to spend time in the water than to see the sights, covered in sweat.

Marta: “Familiar warned us about a tropical storm, but we did not get to him. The water was warm, about +25°C.”

How to dress for the weather

The difference between day and night temperatures is not great, so there is no need for warm clothes. In reviews, tourists are advised to take only swimsuits, sun hats, shorts, light shirts, sundresses and blouses to holiday in the Dominican Republic in September. For excursions will be useful sports shoes. Be sure to take an umbrella and a raincoat!

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Oksana: “By night, it was getting cooler, less stuffy. A light jacket with sleeves in the Dominican Republic in the evenings will be very helpful.

Rest in the Dominican Republic in September

Beach in Las Galeras, Samana (Photo: Einfach-Eve /

Precipitation and hurricanes

The number of days with precipitation in September is the same as in August – 11-12. Over the Dominican Republic, there are short showers and lingering rains that persist for 2-3 days at a time. The most rainy place is the capital Santo Domingo and the southern provinces. The resorts of Puerto Plata and Monte Cristi receive the least rainfall.

Tourists leave different reviews about the rains. Some find the weather in September in the Dominican Republic to be unsuitable for recreation. Others believe that the rains do not affect the vacation in any way, because they pass at night.

The most unpleasant weather surprises in the Dominican Republic in September are possible hurricanes and tropical storms. During them, the weather deteriorates for several days. Squally winds make big waves, and a lot of seaweed is thrown ashore.

The likelihood of devastating storms is low. Such cataclysms occur once in 10-20 years. Meteorologists warn of the coming storms in advance, so check the weather forecast before you travel.

Deima: “When we arrived, Dominica greeted us with a powerful thunderstorm and heavy rain. It even made us think, “Well, here we are. Then the rest of the days we enjoyed sunny weather”.

ocilococ: “There were two days of a very strong storm that hit Cuba. The balcony door in the room was almost knocked out, such were gusts of wind. It calmed down the next day.

Where to go to rest in the Dominican Republic in September

Hurricane in Bavaro (Photo: Mondayne /

Tour prices

September is still the low season in the Dominican Republic, so tour prices are not too high. Holidays will cost about 10-30% cheaper than in winter. Tours for two people in a 4-5* hotel for a week cost from 140,000 ₽. The cheapest tours in 2022 are offered at the popular resort of Punta Cana.

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You’ll find the cheapest tours at Level.Travel and Travellata online stores. For many years we buy tours only there, not in travel agencies. It is so much more convenient and cheaper. Discover 7 ways to buy a tour at a profit.

Here is a calendar of current prices on tours to the Dominican Republic in 2022:

Where it’s best to vacation in September

According to tourist reviews, in the low season it is more comfortable to rest on the Atlantic coast of the country. Thanks to the fresh breeze, it is easier to endure the heat of the day here, and the humidity is lower. If you have a choice, plan a trip to the Dominican Republic in the second half of September, when the weather is more stable and there is less chance of tropical storms.

Holidays with children in September

A trip to the Dominican Republic in September 2022 is good for beach vacations and educational excursions. So that your child can swim in all weathers, choose a hotel with a pool. While on vacation, see the sights of Santo Domingo, visit Saona Island and the Samaná Peninsula.

Rest with children in the Dominican Republic in September

Punta Cana Beach (Photo: / @joelcasilla)

Is it worth going to the Dominican Republic in September

Although September is considered rainy in the Dominican Republic, the amount of rain that falls in a month is low, ranging from 105 to 136 mm. As much rain happens in Thailand during the dry season. You can safely sunbathe, swim and go on excursions.

The quality of beach holidays is reduced by storms and seaweed. However, the situation is not the same everywhere. In those hotels, where they regularly clean the beach, tourists do not complain about algae. In case there is a storm, reserve a room at a hotel with a swimming pool.

The main disadvantage is that in September it is very humid in the Dominican Republic. During the day the humidity is about 65%, and at night it reaches 93-96%. Such weather is not very suitable for babies, elderly travelers and tourists who suffer from heart, bronchial and lung diseases.

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In addition to low prices for tours, holidays in the Dominican Republic in September has another significant advantage – there is no large influx of holidaymakers. According to feedback from tourists, the level of service in the hotels is higher. In restaurants and cafes are always enough seats, and on the beaches are free sun loungers.

In September in the Dominican Republic there are several spectacular celebrations. Early in the month, Santo Domingo hosts a festival of living sculptures, and a little later, a large-scale gastronomic festival. To the north, Sabana de la Mar hosts a maritime festival. At the end of the month, September 24, Dominicans celebrate the Day of St. Mercedes – the patron saint of the country, and in late September in Puerto Plata begins a fun festival of merengue.

Climate and weather in the Dominican Republic in September 2022. Water temperatures, rainfall, and prices

With the onset of autumn in the resorts of Russia comes the velvet season. The beaches are still full of holidaymakers, the prices do not go down, but the weather gradually changes for the worse. Maybe you should look for another place for a beach holiday, and somewhere farther away? For example, many tourists say that the weather in the Dominican Republic in September 2022 is excellent for a vacation. The water temperature in the Caribbean is about +29 warm, and if it rains, it rains at night or in the morning. Is it so? – Let’s find out together, and at the same time look at the beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic and see videos from the islands.

Weather in the Dominican Republic in September 2022 and water temperature. Reviews, Photos

Early fall is not yet high season in the Dominican Republic. There are not many tourists, prices are low. Many do not fly here for the reason that you can rest closer to home. For example, in Europe and Africa is still hot, and some Asian countries are already luring tourists. But is it really worth it to give up a discount of a few times, from luxury beaches with white sand, from the best vacation just because of the distance? No, it’s not. And the weather will not stop you.

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Weather in the Dominican Republic in September 2022 and water temperature. Reviews, Photos

September is the hottest month of the year on the island of Haiti, and this is where Dominican Republic is located. During the day the thermometers read plus 30 degrees, and the average daytime temperature is +32 degrees. Many would say what is the 32 degrees, when in Egypt or Turkey is up to forty plus. But they do not take into account the fact that the Dominican Republic is on an island, so there is more humidity and stuffiness.

At night the temperature is not much lower and stays at around +25 degrees. It is at night that it rains, which lasts for ten to fifteen minutes. The only thing that distinguishes the day from the night: at night there is no sun. So you can stroll along the ocean, enjoying the beautiful views.

Learn whether to vacation in the Dominican Republic in September and compare holidays at this time in different countries.

Weather in the Dominican Republic in September 2022 and water temperature. Reviews, Photos

During the day in the ocean is better to swim, as its waters are heated to +29 heat. This water is almost all year round, so you can safely swim. The only inconvenience may be the wind, which raises waves. Sometimes, three or four times a month, the wind blows particularly strong, growing into a storm. In such weather you should definitely not go near the water.

As for the rains, we’ve already said that they last 10 to 15 minutes here. And it rains at night and in the morning. Usually, the beginning of the rains is at 1 a.m., and the last rain can come by 5 a.m. Although it rains during the day, so try not to go on vacation far from the hotel or from a cafe. In case of sudden rain, you can easily find shelter.

Weather in the Dominican Republic in September 2022 and water temperature. Reviews, Photos

The sun shines for eight to nine hours a day, but there are clouds in the sky. According to statistics, up to 30% of all daytime sunshine is hidden behind clouds. But this will hardly prevent you to relax, and sometimes even the cloudiness is even better – so you can take a break from the heat and sunlight.

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Tourist reviews about the weather in September in the Dominican Republic

“Last year we vacationed in the Dominican Republic from September 15 to 22. The weather was great. The sun was shining from morning to evening. We woke up around 9 am, so we didn’t see any rain. The sea is warm, although waves are frequent. But there is an option – to go to the bay or in the bay, there are no waves. Rest turned out bright and cheap”.

Weather in the Dominican Republic in September 2022 and water temperature. Reviews, Photos

“When we saw the prices for holidays in the Dominican Republic, we immediately decided – we have to take it. Only then we were told that it rains here, and that’s why the prices are so low. In fact, it turned out that there is not much rain. And if exactly, it doesn’t rain here. Only a few times there were thunderstorms at night, and in the morning it was sunny again. The water is warm, the ocean is beautiful, and the beaches are the most beautiful in the world. So next September I will fly here again!

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