Dominican Republic: on your own or by tour – how much cheaper?

How to buy a cheap tour to the Dominican Republic – guide

The Dominican Republic is one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Endless beaches with fine sand, clear blue water, warm climate, fresh exotic fruits and a high level of service – the main advantages of recreation in this hot country.

Pay attention! Usually last minute tours to the Dominican Republic are sold 1 – 3 days before departure!

How to look for cheap tours in the Dominican Republic – basic rules

How to buy a tour to the Dominican Republic at affordable prices? For many travelers such a question from the realm of fiction. However, it is really possible, you only need to adhere to certain rules:

  1. Do not buy tours in the high tourist season. For the Dominican Republic is the period from the first decade of November to mid-April. The most expensive tickets sold under the New Year and Christmas holidays.
  2. You should either buy a tour to the Dominican Republic three to six months before you travel, or look for “last minute” offers. Russian citizens do not need a visa to visit the country once for up to 30 days, the collection of documents will not take long. You can pack a suitcase in advance, and “catch” a bargain hot tour to the country of beaches, tropical fruits and sun.
  3. A trip for two or three people will be cheaper than a similar proposal in terms of one person. Go on vacation with your family or with friends!
  4. A tour with a hotel on the 2nd coastline will be cheaper. You do not have to live right on the coast. Most Dominican hotels offer free shuttles to the sea, plus there are on-site pools.

The best time for an affordable vacation in the Dominican Republic is October or first half of May. The weather during this period is still good: dry, moderately hot and sunny.

Where to look and buy tickets to the Dominican Republic

To search and buy a trip to the Dominican Republic, you need to use the Internet. Use one of three proven online resources.

Inexpensive tour to the Dominican Republic can be purchased at It is famous for excellent customer service and convenient filters that make it easy to find a suitable tourist offer. It is a calendar of low prices, last minute trips in a separate column.

The main part of trips offers vacation in Punta Cana in a 5-star hotel. The choice of offers is quite wide.

Travelata .

Travelata is another good service for selecting tours to the Dominican Republic. Often offers tours with discounts up to 22%. A great selection of tours with a flight and hotel accommodation 3, 4 and 5 stars. Most offers are vacations in Punta Cana, Buca Chico and Puerto Plata.

The minimum cost of a tour in the high tourist season – 130,000 rubles for two people for 7 nights.


Onlinetours is a relatively new online service for selecting tours. It does not yet have such a wide customer base, as the previous two services, but there are also worthy tours. The site is designed in yellow and blue colors, it does not hurt the eyes. There is a chart of low prices. Tours are categorized by price and popularity.

Rent a car in the Dominican Republic - 2022. My review. Where is inexpensive?

How to buy a cheap tour to the Dominican Republic over the Internet – instruction

Consider the example of online resource level-travel, how to buy a tour to the Dominican Republic.

To begin with we enter the basic characteristics of the trip:

  • country, city or hotel;
  • departure date;
  • Number of nights;
  • Number of vacationers.

Parameters of my trip: Dominican Republic, from November 20, for 7 nights, two vacationers, flying from Moscow.

How to buy a cheap tour to the Dominican Republic

We press the graph “Find.

Site recommends tours priced from 136 000 rubles, with instant confirmation. Instant confirmation – is to book a trip within a few hours. Usually it takes up to 3 days.

The website offers 91 hotels in different categories of “starliness”. We have great deals on holidays in Santo Domingo – the capital of the Dominican Republic, one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean.

If you want specific parameters of the tour, on the left side of the site there are smart filters.

Note! There are many hotels in the Dominican Republic that do not accommodate unaccompanied men. If you want to choose a complex without such restrictions, use the filter. Press the appropriate checkbox.

You can also use other filters:

  • distance to the sea;
  • hotel rating;
  • food type: breakfast, no food, etc;
  • Water attractions at the hotel;
  • hotel type: family, active, romantic;
  • hotel amenities: air conditioning, parking, massage.

For example, I tick the boxes for “Food” and “Beach”. I choose the sandy coast and food on the principle of ” all inclusive “.

Each hotel complex is described in detail, there is a rating, reviews and photos.

I want to study the information about the hotel 5 stars Be Live Collection Punta Cana. It is located on the 1st coastline, the airport is 25 minutes away. The hotel staff offers an interesting entertainment program for children and adults. There is a children’s pool, a playground, and babysitting services are available. A great solution for holidaymakers with children!

About the hotel left 6 reviews. From them, too, you can learn a lot of useful information about this complex.

Even faster to find a suitable tour to the Dominican Republic, you can ask your budget trip. Suitable filters are on the left side of the site.

For example, I expect to vacation between 149,000 and 181,000 rubles. By using filters, the service left 29 hotels to choose from. For convenience, I arranged them by price – from less to more.

So, after studying all the options, I stopped at the Royalton Punta Cana Hotel 5*. Its rating – 7.9. Location – 1st coastline, Bovaro. The international airport is located 30 km from the hotel.

To book a trip to this hotel, you need to choose the type of food and room. There are two rooms to choose from – Luxury Room (area of 38 m²) and Diamond Club Luxury Room (the area of the room is similar). Suites differ from each other by the view from the window and equipment.

I will book the Diamond Club Luxury Room with food type “All Inclusive” for 5 nights. The cost of the tour also includes a flight, transfers from the airport to the hotel, good medical insurance.

Please note!

The company offers travelers two special options:

Click on the price of the trip and proceed to booking a tour.

Resorts in the Dominican Republic: where is the best place to go? Description, prices, reviews

The amount you see is final. It already includes a fuel surcharge, various surcharges. No additional costs you do not expect.

The airline is AnexTour . About him speak well, travelers have not had any special problems (judging by reviews on the web).

One more thing – we are studying the flight that will take you from Moscow to the Dominican city of La Romana. From the Russian capital the plane will take off at 05:05 on November 11 (Vnukovo airport) and the trip will take 12 hours. You can take with you one hand baggage, one luggage weighing up to 10 kg. All this information is detailed on the website.

I start booking with this flight. The procedure involves several steps.

First of all, you need to fill in all the boxes:

  • passport series and number;
  • date of birth.

If there are any wishes for the order, you can write them down.

Each step of the booking is accompanied by a message to e-mail and SMS on the phone.

Payment for the tour is made by any bank card. The customer enters the data of the card to guarantee the reservation. The amount is not deducted, but only frozen. The money will be withdrawn from the card after confirmation of the tour by the travel agency.

Please note!

In 5-10 minutes after creating an order you will receive reservation list by e-mail. You must check it thoroughly and send the answer to the tour operator: all information is correct.

Confirmation of booking and cash receipt should be waiting for your e-mail from 2 hours to 2 days after completing the application. In fact, the procedure takes no more than 5 hours. This is considered a great result – another advantage of booking trips through the service.

How is the package of documents received?

The email arrives:

  • itinerary receipts;
  • voucher;
  • medical policy;
  • the tourist memo.

It takes a few hours or days (if the tour is not “burning”). The travel agency says that the package of documents may be sent 1-2 days before departure, but in fact it happens earlier.

Documents need to check and confirm receipt.

Also at the mail travel agency sends an offer to add to the trip service “Personal Travel Concierge. It is paid, and will be appropriate if the tourist is going abroad for the first time and feels uncertain. In the accompanying letter the tour operator describes in detail the list of services provided by the “Personal Travel Concierge”.

In addition, the website offers a free service – 24-hour technical support. You can specify any information, ask any question about travel in social networks, by phone or messengers. Technical support really works on a conscience.

Documents sent by email, you need to print, and you can go on a trip. The company is sure to send an SMS with confirmation of departure time.

Last minute tours, early booking and sales tours to the Dominican Republic.

A tour package to the Dominican Republic is formed under the same scheme and includes:

  • airfare (regular or charter flight);
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel on the day of arrival, and a similar transfer on the day of departure;
  • medical policy;
  • hotel accommodation.
Excursions in the Dominican Republic - 2022: prices, descriptions, reviews

The cost of all elements of the tour is fixed.

As soon as a tour package is formed, it is “thrown” on the sales market. As soon as it appears on the market it can be bought by “early booking”. This is a purchase long before the trip (from 5 months to a year). Tours to the Dominican Republic begin to sell early, and prices during this period are 10-30% lower than the standard.

Early booking is really a great way to save on a vacation. There are a lot of proposals, and prices are quite low. But there is one minus – the possibility of force majeure. If for some reason you can not go on a trip to the selected dates, the tour operator will not refund your trip.

After early booking tours are sold at regular prices. The level of demand for holidays in the Dominican Republic has already been analyzed, and tour operators set prices that match the demand. The period lasts from 4 months to 2 weeks before departure.

Attention! The prices during this period are the highest!

When it happens that there are still a lot of available rooms in the hotel, and in the plane – places, the tour operator reduces the cost of trips. This is called a tour sale. The traveler chooses from “what’s left”, sometimes tours may be defective (economy class flight, hotel room far from the city center, etc.). Sales are organized 2 weeks before the trip begins.

Last minute tours to the Dominican Republic are the best value for money. They are sold 1 to 3 days before departure. Prices for such proposals are very attractive, but to buy a tour is difficult! As soon as the proposals appear on the market, they snapped up within an hour. In addition, hot deals are always spontaneous, they are not suitable for people who are accustomed to planning holidays in advance. But the price is often lower even than the cost of the proposal.

Another important point is that the price of the tour is tied to the currency rate. If you buy a tour in the early booking and pay it only in part, in the end, the cost of the proposal may be standard. If you book in advance, pay for the tour in full, so that the dollar exchange rate does not have time to change.

Video tutorial

A good rest in the Dominican Republic is not a dream, but a reality. All you need to do is to buy a trip wisely, to follow the updates on the sites of tour operators. I am sure the tour booking and the trip itself will be successful!

The cost of tours in the Dominican Republic, or how to get a cheaper vacation

Cost of tours in the Dominican Republic

Useful information

The cost of tours in the Dominican Republic, or how to get a cheaper vacation

In the tourism industry, the Dominican Republic is traditionally regarded as an expensive and luxurious country for recreation. This statement applies more to Russian and European travelers than to residents of the New World. Many companies offer tours to 250-300 thousand rubles and more, which discourages any desire to visit the beautiful far away country. Are there any cheap tours to the Dominican Republic from Moscow? How to find a tour there at a low cost and whether it affects the quality of rest?

How much is a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Tour prices 2022.

Even a cursory analysis of the prices for tours in the calendar year shows that you can rest in the Dominican Republic is quite budget-friendly, if you consider some subtleties.

Cost of tours in the Dominican Republic

A simple arithmetic of the cost of the tour

The cost of any tour is made up of several basic items:

  • ticket fees
  • hotel price
  • transfer at the resort

The farther and more comfortable the flight, or higher class hotels, or the number of services included, the more expensive will be the vacation. However, when it comes to the Dominican Republic, there are peculiarities and nuances:

  • The season – high or low, overlap with holidays, children’s vacations;
  • A specific resort – a luxury resort with developed infrastructure or ordinary with standard conditions;
  • Last minute stays: how soon the resort is filled and whether there are vacant rooms and seats on the plane.

Paying attention to these parameters you can successfully plan your vacation, spending a lot less money than when you choose the first available tour.

Cost of tours in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic: tours VS independent travel

Many tourists believe that a self-organized trip will be cheaper than a booked trip. This is partly true, in fact, you can fly to Punta Cana for 22,945 rubles, but the trip will take about 35 hours and will include several transfers. On average, the flight to and from the island will cost about 150,000 p., the cheapest option is 86,999 p. with two connections and a duration of 22 hours.

Surprisingly, the price of an all-inclusive tour for two to the Dominican Republic. For example, to the hotel “Sunrise Dominican Beach” 4 * (formerly ” Barcelo “) is much lower than the ticket – 94,299 p. vs. 124,000 p. on the same dates.

Conclusion: It is cheaper and easier to fly to the Dominican Republic with a non-stop charter flight. Sometimes of course there are sales of airlines or just slip cheap tickets, and then of course it will be more profitable and much more convenient to himself to plan your trip. Of course the comfort, convenience and punctuality of charter flights fall behind regular flights. Below you can see the cost of flights to Punta Cana

Which resort do you prefer in the Dominican Republic?

As in many countries, the Dominican Republic has a first-class resorts with high-star hotels, there are places easier, there are quite budget options. Tourist chooses a resort based on personal preferences and many factors: transfer time, availability of attractions, lively beach, cleanliness and general conditions, the development of the town. But if we approach the choice of the resort from a financial point of view, the picture is as follows.

Price for a tour for two to the Dominican Republic for one period:

    – cost from 159,000 p. (“Riu NaiBoa Hotel ” 4*) to 234,794 p., hotels of all categories starting from 3*; – cost from 127,000 p. to 318,583 (“Be Live Experience Hamaca ” 4*), 3*, 4* hotels prevail
  • La Romana – minimum price of 154 894 p;
  • Juan Dolio – price from 167 943 р. to 191 000 р., 3*, 4*, 5* hotels
  • Puerto Plata – price from 139 000 p to 266 000 p, hotels of all categories
Transport in the Dominican Republic: rent a car, buses, cabs, shuttles

As you can see, the minimum cost of a tour to the main Dominican resorts, although not critically, but still varies, while the upper limit forms the pricing policy of the resort as a whole.

The role of the hotel on the vacation

In the Dominican Republic there are many hotels of different categories: there are hostels for young people, 2* hotels for the budget or undemanding tourists, a solid 4* and luxury 5*. The choice of hotel depends on how much the trip to the Dominican Republic costs. For example, the cheapest accommodation in the capital city of Santo Domingo starts at 536 rubles per night (“Quisqueyana Guest House”) to 28,824 p (“Casas Del XVI Boutique Hotel”), on average costs around 3,000 – 4,500 rubles. Tourists should also take into account whether the tour is important for the number of rooms and interior design, all-inclusive or breakfast only, pools at the hotel, spa services and many other things that increase the cost of the tour.

When is the cheapest time to fly to the Dominican Republic?

Perhaps it is the seasonality that affects the cost of a tour to the Dominican Republic more than any other factor. In the low season, from May to November, the island can be rainy, stormy, hot and stuffy, so many people prefer to replace the Russian winter with snow-white Dominican beaches. But the prices during this period are also quite high, for example, the cheapest tours to the Dominican Republic from St. Petersburg in December starting from 200,000 r.

However, the seasonality in the Dominican Republic is more a trick of tour operators than reality. Firstly, on the island you can always find a resort where there are less waves and wind, and the downpour, although it is called a tropical, passes very quickly and brings a refreshing effect. Secondly, and in high season, no one is immune from rain or storms. Thirdly, many tourists go to the island for the high waves or diving, so the weather can even be an advantage!

Last minute packages: pros and cons

It is noteworthy that while the Dominican Republic is generally expensive, there are often offers to relax in famous resorts, for example, for 35,000 p, including airfare. These are the so-called “last minute deals”, when the tour operator is forced to reduce the cost of the tour to a critically small amount in order to somehow cover his expenses.

Of the pluses of such proposals can be noted more than a pleasant cost to a good hotel. Cons: limited choice of hotels and resorts, close date of departure.

Last minute stays are a great chance to visit the Dominican Republic, paying several times less than your hotel neighbors.

Arguments in the form of numbers indisputable and powerful, they clearly show that in the Dominican Republic is possible to rest inexpensively, and not to the detriment of quality. We must wisely approach the choice of the resort and hotel, carefully weighed the pros and cons, focus on the low season and regularly review the offers from travel agencies.

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