Dream Journey to Kazan

Dream Journey to Kazan

trip to Kazan

Program and route of the trip to Kazan with visiting almost all places of interest.

The trip program is written for a contest 30 000 rubles for a dream trip organized by MAKE-TRIP.RU. The challenge was to come up with an original idea and route for the trip, as well as to keep within 30 000 rubles for the flights. The best texts of the participants will be published in a separate rubric.

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Author: Sasha Zimareva .

I chose the route Perm → Kazan → Yoshkar-Ola → Kazan → Perm.

So, Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan. Tickets cost 9640 rubles. I will stay 7 days. Really plan to visit this city from June 5 to June 13. So I’ve been studying this city thoroughly, I think you will like my itinerary.

I always use the couchsurfing program (people from the city invite me to stay overnight and share some experiences). So you don’t have to worry about hotels or hostels.

Arriving in Kazan, we immediately go to look for a place to stay at home.

By the way, there’s a tourist center in town Gokazan, which offers tours and excursions in Kazan, but budget travelers are also helped by the fact that there you can get free maps or different brochures of museums, hotels, etc. Agree, it’s convenient.

Once you’re settled in, let’s go sightseeing in the city.

The main attraction of Kazan is the Kazan Kremlin. There you will find the Kul-Sharif Mosque, the Suyumbike Tower, the Annunciation Cathedral, the residence of the President of Tatarstan, the Hermitage-Kazan and various museums inside. Entrance to the Kremlin is free, and if with a tour, 800 rubles.

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You can visit the Palace of Farmers nearby – it’s worth going there too.

If you want to visit the Bauman street – another free sight – you can find there famous “clocks on Bauman”, the fountain of the frog, the carriage of Catherine II, the zero kilometer.

You can admire and enter the Kazan Federal University, where studied Ulyanov-Lenin and Leo Tolstoy.

Then you can go to eat at the “House of Tea” and “House of Tatar cuisine”, lunch will cost 200 rubles.

There are red sightseeing buses in the city. The cost – 900 rubles. The trip lasts for 2 hours. You can get on and off the bus for 2 days.

The following days you can go to the water park “Riviera”. The cost is 500-1500 rubles.

The amusement park “Kyrlai” . All rides cost from 200-400 rubles.

I advise to take trips to the Temple of All Religions, Sviyazhsk, and Blue Lake. They all cost 300-900 rubles.

You can also take a bus to Yoshkar-Ola – amazing city. All you need is 2 hours and the ticket costs 600 rubles (there and back). You may devote a whole day to the city.

You can jump from a parachute in the flying club from 1000 rubles.

Visit the observation deck of the hotel “Riviera” – 300 rubles.

Eat at “Stray Dog” cafe – from 250 rubles. Visit restaurant “Old piano”, “Wok&Go” and taste Bubble Waffle. All will cost 1500-2000 rubles.

Visit Oceanarium – 700 rubles.

Visit beautiful puppet theater “Ekiat” – from 300 rubles.

House of Amusing Science and Technology – 300 rubles. Butterfly Park – 250 rubles.

Museum of Fine Arts – 800 rubles.

Come to Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda .

Go to “Piramida” complex and visit the cinema (500 rubles).

Be sure to go to “Bakhetle” store and buy Tatar delicacies for 1000 rubles.

Go to a concert of some celebrity. For example, when I’m there, Egor Krid is coming (June 10). Fan zone – 1500 rubles, dance floor – 1000 rubles.

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Visit Universiade venues.

Visit the mall “Koltso” and buy different souvenirs for 1000-2000 rubles.

For the remaining 4660 rubles you can luxuriate and eat at the legendary “Merchant Assembly” restaurant.

“Journey of Dreams: 150 winners of the “Big Change” were met in Kazan

The first track of the railway station was especially crowded today – Kazan welcomed the winners of the All-Russian competition “Big Change”. In total, 150 students of 5-7 grades arrived in the capital of the Republic, among them three winners from Tatarstan. The main prize for them was a big trip to 13 regions of Russia with excursions to the main sights of the country.

The train “Journey of Dreams” arrived in Tatarstan from St. Petersburg. It is planned that today the winners will visit the modern National Library of Tatarstan, walk through historical places – including the Kazan Kremlin Museum-Reserve and plunge into a place steeped in extreme and excitement – Uram street culture park, and visit the youngest city in Russia – Innopolis.

Photo: © Abdul Farhan / Tatar-Inform

“We have been waiting for you very much and we are glad to see you. We wish that these two weeks that you will spend on your journey will be rich in emotions, in loyal friends, new acquaintances. We wish you to understand that together you are a huge force, because each of you is developing our country for the better,” stressed Timur Suleimanov, Minister of Youth Affairs of Tatarstan, welcoming the guests.

“You have come to one of the best cities in Russia. We have a huge number of educational institutions and I think, after walking around the big Russia, someone will come to enroll in ours as well. The most important thing is to keep up your enthusiasm, your desire to create and dream,” said Deputy Minister of Education and Science Alsu Asadullina.

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Photo: © Abdul Farhan / Tatar-Inform

The Big Break competition broke all records in terms of the number of young participants: more than 2 million schoolchildren from different regions of the country competed for the opportunity to become finalists. They solved global problems, designed, invented, answered tricky questions from experts and demonstrated their creative abilities.

Liliya Nasibullina, the mentor of the winner from Kazan, told about how schoolchildren pass the tests and achieve victory. “Children register on the platform, perform game tasks. Those who score the highest number of points move on to the next stage – this is an interview with experts, where in the form of tests students are tested for logic, creativity and other qualities. They also go through various master classes and trainings,” she noted.

“The Big Break is not just a title, these words have become a way of life for us. There’s been a big change in our family’s life. I don’t recognize my child: she has become very active, positive, and eager to participate in contests and volunteer activities. I think the credit for this goes to Big Change,” said Svetlana Ivanova, mother of the winner Polina.

Photo: © Abdul Farhan / Tatar-Inform

She also noted that this is the second time her daughter has participated in the contest, and the friendships she has made during this time remain to this day. “We get letters, parcels, and postcards from all over Russia. Moreover, her friend from Kirov came to visit us. “The Big Change changed my daughter’s life and the life of my family dramatically,” emphasized Ivanova.

“Dream Journey” will take 150 winners on two trips – from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok from September 5 to 20 and from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg from September 22 to October 7. The train will make stops in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Chita, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. Tour participants will see Ural Mountains, Baikal Lake, visit “Vostochny” spaceport, Red Square and a number of other objects.

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Let’s remind that the project “Big Change” is implemented by the Presidential platform “Russia – the country of possibilities” within the limits of the national project “Education”. National projects have been implemented in Russia since 2019 by decree of President Vladimir Putin.

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