Dream Trip: I want to go to Georgia!

Georgia. My dream come true!)

Until recently there were 18 flags on my travel-map of the world. And all of them, because of my easygoing nature, optimism and love of travel, were sympathetic to me! Until, one day, quite unexpectedly, like everything wonderful and magical, ONE appeared on it … and turned everything upside down)))

You traditionally expect a lot from Georgia! And indeed, in our minds the words “Georgia” and “Mountains”, “Hospitality”, “Table Songs” and “Great History” are synonyms. And Georgia deserves all these epithets, there is everything too much – beautiful, hospitable, charismatic, bright, everything with a real Caucasian spirit! Give in to it, to its wonderful rhythm, coming from your heart, and then you will definitely hear – Gamarjoba, genatsvali!

Itinerary . Rostov-Tbilisi-Ureki-Batumi-Sarpi-Poti Kutaisi-Tbilisi-Rostov. 16 days, 15 nights. 6 cities, one waterfall, blue sea and magical magnetic sand, fountains, squares, skyscrapers, dizzying views! Mountains. 3 minutes for a photo set at the Georgian-Turkish border) Flying on the cable car over Batumi and stunning night Tbilisi from the cable car! Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and an uncountable amount of khinkali eaten and glasses of Kindzmarauli drunk! What a vacation it was! Are you already interested? Then you are welcome!

Ureki . Our main place of dislocation is cool! It is quiet, quiet and somehow real – it reminded me of my favorite India! Among the luxurious cars with license plates AZ unhurriedly stroll cows, just pour wine and offer ripe peaches, kids chew corn sitting on the ground, your fingers buried in the sand, and it is not important hairstyle, the rate and freshness of the euro manicure … and important – what we will eat for dinner and where will fly tomorrow … Perhaps, so looks nirvana! I strongly advise you to go to Ureki and experience this bliss….

Magic Sands . Ureki is a unique seaside resort, the only one in the world, with a beach of magnetic black sand. The sand is truly magical and shows its unique properties to cure many ailments, and if you add to it the gorgeous pine grove growing along the coast – you can easily imagine this crazy mix of aromas hovering in the air! But you better check it for yourself, because probably it’s hard to find more eco-friendly and healthy place in the whole Caucasus!

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Ritsa Hotel. Our “Sweet Home” for 2 weeks of vacation) Wonderful! Perfect combination of price-quality and location! Inexpensive, comfortable, near the sea, but just off the main road. Friendly, family atmosphere, comfortable rooms and great staff. All questions are resolved instantly! Stores, cafes, exchange offices – all nearby. Plus the proximity of the railway station and bus station in Tbilisi and Batumi. Plus fun Georgian evenings, for full immersion in the atmosphere! Plus geographically very convenient location for a traveler – for ridiculous money you can comfortably see half of Georgia, and the hotel staff will help you with that again. Definitely recommend it!

Batumi . And when you realize that you have enough health and vivacity, do the following. Take a minibus or rent a car with a driver, it’s cheap in Georgia, and drive to Batumi! No, not like that. TO BATUUUMII. This fabulous city, sparkling with lights, sunny, real Georgian Las Vegas, you will be charmed, charmed and maddened by its beauty at the same time! These streets of the old city, the Seaside Boulevard – perhaps the longest in the world, this elegant Piazza – patterned sidewalk, Italian flavor, tiramisu – girls will definitely like it here! Skyscrapers, fountain shows, cable car, dolphinarium, Ferris wheel – Batumi is addictive! And I can’t tell which one Batumi is more beautiful – by night or by day… Go and make up your own mind)

Tsitsinatella amusement park . Just in 10 minutes drive from Ureki is located this park and it is not important that you are 5 years old or 55, what is important is that you will like it there! Advice – go there in the evening, you will see it in all its glory – bright, colorful and inviting! Totally justify its name – tsitsinatella is Georgian for “firefly”. Isn’t it cute? Attractions shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, there are for babies, for adults and of course for the bravest! Definitely must to visit – Ferris wheel, from it the entire park as in the palm of your hand and you get amazing photos, and the impression remains – even brighter).

Wine House “Winery Khareba”. The largest Georgian wine company, one of the most famous, has practically endless hectares of vineyards! A bonus is that here you can not only buy everything comfortably and inexpensively, but also taste it)))) The store is beautiful, the consultants tell interesting stories, and here you are tasting, photographing, choosing… And what “Kindzmarauli” they have… And what “Alazani Valley” it is… In spite of the fact that the norms of aging and quality of grapes here are European, the prices are very democratic! Well, how can you say that you should leave Georgia without drinking wine? After all, it is even indecent!)

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Kutaisi . The ancient capital of the Colchis Kingdom is worth to give it a day of vacation! Judge for yourself – Kutaisi is one of the 10 oldest cities in Europe – it is more than 4 thousand years old. It is Kutaisi where the Argonauts sailed for the Golden Fleece and where antique historians describe this city as the richest and the most prosperous in the Caucasus! There is plenty to see and walk around: temples, monasteries, theaters, fountains… The most impressive ones are the Bagrat Temple and Gelati Monastery, both very ancient, protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! These stone temples that survived the invasions of Persians and Arabs want you to believe in them immediately and become enlightened, endlessly admiring the unique frescos and soaking up this atmosphere… And you should become a bit better yourself, because you will definitely keep this beauty in your heart forever)

Tbilisi . Tbilisi is a song, a wonderful Georgian melody of vine-covered balconies, ancient fortresses and temples, khinkal restaurants, the narrow streets of the old city and ultra-innovative buildings, bridges and squares… It is a crazy cocktail of ancient and modern, which gives the city a unique charm! Tbilisi is inspiration… Tbilisi is a fabulous city… Tbilisi is the atmosphere and flavor, which can be compared to no other city in the world! If you have been everywhere, you have seen everything and there is nothing that can surprise you, come to Tbilisi, it will shake you up. Believe me – a man who, after all, has 19 flags in his possession))). Madloba, Tbilisi!

I would like to add at the end – you have to go to Georgia. Now. While there are still no crowds of ubiquitous Chinese, crowds and hustle and bustle of our usual tourist bestsellers. Right now, because you are a guest in Georgia, not a tourist, and a guest in the Caucasus is from God. Right now, because Georgia is too beautiful to visit just once! Now because in Georgia it does not matter what is your nationality, religion and how big is your bank account, the main thing is that you came here with open heart and pure soul, and for such people this truly holy land rewards in full! Now, because no matter what time of year you are reading my story, it will be magical in Georgia. And as psychologists say, we all need the feeling of magic, belief in miracles and simple human happiness from time to time. And here I absolutely agree with them!

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Dream Trip: I want to go to Georgia!

trip to georgia

A journey through Georgia to find my roots and experience the famous hospitality of the country. The program and route of the trip through not the most touristy places of Georgia: Chitatura, Ushguli, Kutaisi, Sighnaghi, Ureki, and so on – by hitchhiking and by public transport.

The travel program was written for a contest of 30,000 rubles for a dream trip organized by MAKE-TRIP.RU. The challenge was to come up with an original idea and route for the trip and to keep within 30 000 rubles for the flights. The best texts of the participants will be published in a separate rubric.

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Author: Lukashevich Sergey .

Lately I have become interested in my history (probably age) and decided to make a genealogical tree. After collecting information from my closest relatives, to my surprise I found out that the roots on my father’s side grow all the way from Georgia! There are also relatives in the Perm region, Belarus, Ukraine, but all of this is quite close and has long been researched. I have never been to Georgia, and after looking at the photos on the Internet and watching “Eagle and Tails”, the desire to visit this country has increased exponentially! I plan to find a place, where the house of my great-great-grandmother was located. Perhaps even the house itself has been preserved! Of course, it is unlikely, but still. But I like ruins and abandoned places, so I drew up a route around Georgia, taking into account unpopular, and thus more attractive places.

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There is no point in enumerating all the attractions that I would like to see in Georgia, there are too many, and this is not the purpose of my trip. The process is important for me, I want to travel by myself, I want to hitchhike or use public transportation to get from one point to another. Most of all, I would like to see and feel the color of this country, the ordinary everyday life of ordinary people, and to understand whether they can really be as hospitable as they say)))

I want to wander through the streets of Old Tbilisi, to soak up the spirit of the time that lives in these vine-covered streets, where people still dry laundry and play dominoes in the courtyards, leisurely leafing through newspapers. I dream of climbing to the top of Mtatsminda to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the city. To sit by the bridge of Metehi – I don’t know why, but it seems so familiar to me, perhaps because once my great-grandmother also liked to walk along the embankment and sit by the bridge, enjoying the view of the monastery, which towers above the city. Of course, a couple of days to feel the city is not enough, but if you linger here for another day, there is a great risk of staying here forever)). So – backpack on your shoulders, and then get acquainted with the country!

Any other tourist would have gone next to Mtskheta, but not me. My next stop would be a small town to the east – Sighnaghi. Once I saw its photos, I fell in love with it at first sight: small paved streets, old houses with tiled roofs, breathtaking views of the snowy mountains… It’s worth shaking in a minibus for such a view! And, as the story goes, this is the place where the story of the million scarlet roses happened. Then my way will lead to the border with Azerbaijan, to the rock monastery David Gareja. Mysterious and fantastic, it could easily serve as a set for “Star Wars”, because sometimes you wonder how ordinary people could build all this!

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But for nature nothing is impossible, and you can see this for yourself in Kutaisi. Not far from the city there is an amazing cluster of man-made attractions – Prometheus Cave, unbelievable Martviel Canyons and Okatse Canyon – you just can’t wait to walk over the abyss)))) And then there are the majestic Kinchkha waterfalls!

A significant role in the history and culture of Georgia is played by its Soviet past, and without it Georgia would not be so colorful. To get acquainted with this page of its history, most suitable is Chiatura with its famous manganese mines and still somehow working ropeways. From Chiatura we are very close to the Pillars of Katschia, which looks exactly like Meteora in Greece, but has a much older history. On my way we will meet the monuments of the military history of the country: Atskuri fortress destroyed by war and time, and Rabat fortress restored to splendor.

And then begins the most difficult, in terms of travel, and therefore the most interesting part of my journey in the north. Abandoned mountain villages in the region of Ushguli and Svaneti are the most remote from civilization points of my route. To meet a passing car in these places is very rare, and here, I think, you will be able to experience the breadth of Georgian hospitality.

To go to Georgia and not see the sea would be a luxury, especially considering that I don’t get out on vacation very often. But even here I will not limit myself to Batumi with its skyscrapers, authentic markets and chic botanical garden, in the heart of which is hidden an abandoned sanatorium alluring its secrets. I’m also planning to visit the black beaches of Ureki, where I’ll end my journey with plenty of rest and sea air, and only the train will take me to the familiar Tbilisi.

I hope that my dream will come true thanks to your contest and Georgia will stay in my heart forever.

Route: Tbilisi – Sighnaghi – David Gareja – Tbilisi – Uplistsikhe – Chiatura – Kutaisi – Tskaltubo – Svaneti – Ureki – Batumi – Akhaltsikhe – Tbilisi.

Mode of travel: hitchhiking, public transport.

Idea: to find the roots and get acquainted with hospitable Georgia.

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