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Albania, Durres – Reviews

Hello! Did you know about the city Durres? Are there a lot of interesting and unusual things there? No? Then I will tell you and show you. I like this city – I was there three times as a tourist, I saw some things, I visited some places, so that’s what I’m sharing.

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Durres is the main port and the second largest city in Albania, although the place is in ruins, too… It’s an old city that remembers the Byzantines… You probably shouldn’t go to the outskirts, but the center is worth a trip… It’s a short drive from Durres to Italy, so there are a lot of Italian boutiques…

We went to Albania by chance. I found a cheap trip. And we didn’t regret it. It is a budding destination, but there is something to pay attention to. At first we were afraid we would not be able to communicate. This can be easily solved. Almost all young people speak English.

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A country of contrasts – what is interesting about it and who should not go to Albania? All this and more you will learn in my review!

Hello everyone! As an experienced traveler, it never occurred to me to visit Albania. Why not? I knew almost nothing about it, but I thought that this country is not interesting in terms of tourism, that there is nothing to see and nothing to do…

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Just Amazing BEAUTIFUL natural spring in the city of Saranda in Albania! An extraordinary place to come back to!

Good day to all travelers! Today I want to continue the story of undiscovered Albania, but to be more precise, only about one of the memorable places that we visited there. The Blue Eye Spring is located in Saranda. We drove from Saranda to Gjirokastra and to the spring Blue Eye.

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Shkoder is a very colorful and ambiguous town, which is usually the beginning of the acquaintance with Albania. Mother Teresa. Cola Indromeno. Little stores with Italian cosmetics. Trashcans and Mercedes. Gypsies. It’s not like here.

Hi! I visited Shkoder when we traveled in Albania. We spent a lot of time there – we wanted to get to know it better and see everything there was to see. To see all the sights with our own eyes.

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Albania stole my heart forever! I took a flight from Krasnoyarsk, via Istanbul, the vacation was for 6 days, and I decided to squeeze out of these days everything that is possible. I will say right away: I didn’t book hotels, tickets, too, pure improvisation…

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The undiscovered Albania where no one has set foot! It amazed and delighted me, let’s start with Vlora.

Good day to travelers! Today I will tell you about original and unexplored Albania, or more exactly about Vlora, the city in which it is situated. Many people before the trip asked perplexedly where we were going, and what we were doing there.

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⚠️ the bunker of madness – a secret bunker from Europe’s most closed country! ⛪️ Albania is a country of eagles, bunkers and Mercedes! But the bunkers intrigue the most! ⛔️ LOOK INTO THE UNDERGROUND together? Let’s go back to the time of Enver Hoxha.

Tourist reviews about Albania. Holiday tips - 2022

Hi all, I don’t know why, but Albania I visited last fall fell in my heart. I’ve been many places, but still. This small, mysterious country has a lot of things that keeps me busy and beckons me to come back again and “finish”, “finish walking”, “finish studying”.

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?From Montenegro to Albania for 1 day. How informative such a tour? Have all the promises of the tour operator been fulfilled??

Montenegro neighbors with such countries as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. We really wanted to visit each of these countries, but we had to reject Croatia for lack of visa.

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The brightest impression of Albania – the transparent sea, sea urchins, secret cave and the captain just like Conor McGregor.

Disklamer – if you are in Vlore, take this excursion on the penultimate day. Otherwise, you’ll be all the time to compare the city beaches with the Kara-Burun and sigh bitterly. So. Vlora is a resort in Albania, lying on the Adriatic and Ionian Sea at the same time.

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Ukraine. From Kiev to Pochaev. And the rain was pounding in the train window, reminding me of something good. Nice people, beautiful nature. I definitely liked it here!

Good day to you all! I want to share my impressions from visiting Ukraine. There are only pleasant memories left in my mind. To begin with, in this fascinating journey with me went my godmother and my girlfriend. We were to go by train.

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For a vacation, but not for a permanent residence. Honestly about Georgia through the eyes of a Belarusian. I will tell you about everyday life, culture, features, places and finances. Who should not go here.

Hello! Before I went to Georgia, I read reviews and before my eyes just a beautiful picture of the streets, cheap food, cheap housing, everyone is hospitable, there is wine and dogs everywhere.

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A small modest city that the whole world learned about in 2014. From a modest regional center to the capital of the Republic. Is there life in Lugansk, what to visit in the city, what to bring from the city with you.

Hello! Let me start by saying that I was born in Lugansk region. As a child I’ve been a few times in Lugansk, and at age of 15 I entered college and moved to the city for good. Since then I consider Lugansk my native city. How not to count? I’ve lived in Lugansk for 11 years!

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I thought it was a colorful and atmospheric place, but in fact it’s a sham at every turn. I’m telling you about shopping.

In the middle of April 2022 my spouse and I had a rest in Abkhazia. We chose Gagry as the resort. Gagry is the most popular holiday resort in Abkhazia and not far from the border. Of course at the end of my holiday I wanted to go to the market, because in Abkhazia there is a lot of spices, wine and cheeses.

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Unexpectedly my friends and I went on vacation together. They really wanted to go to Abkhazia: according to the reviews there is a good clean sea, few people and everything is cheap. We did not risk to go with children by car, because again according to reviews the road is full of serpentines, the children will feel bad, we bought tickets by train.

Ksamil, Albania: Tourist reviews and tips for your vacation

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S.Kabardinka, simply a paradise place! There is, of course, and minuses. (How much did you spend on food? In what amount did it cost to live? As entertained and on what beach went?

Hi all. Today I want to share my impressions about the trip of the whole family to the Krasnodar Territory, and more precisely to the village Kabardinka. Immediately I will say that I was quite satisfied, and most of all I was overwhelmed with delight). I will tell you in detail. WAY to Kabardinka, you can reach by the following ways.

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Beautiful nature, but service is lagging. Tour of Abkhazia in 2 days, popular tourist sites. Prices, menus from restaurants, impressions and many photos. The budget was 30 000, we did not luxurious but we did not deny ourselves pleasures.

The thought of Abkhazia has not left me for a long time. Especially since I live in a region that borders with this country, simplified entry, and my daughter is a little older, so I thought, why should this trip not happen.Although the “adventure” began before my departure, despite the fact that …

The Durres Guide


Surprising – how Albania manages to remain an “invisible” country for many Russian travelers. You would think that between such popular among tourists countries like Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary and simply a white spot. Meanwhile, direct access to the warm Adriatic and Ionian Sea, a beautiful Mediterranean climate and a rich historical heritage make Albania another bright spot in the world tour. In particular, one of its largest cities on the gentle coast – Durres.

Any cultural person such names as “ancient Greek”, “ancient Rome”, “Byzantium”, “Ottoman Empire” would say something. And all of them, in one way or another, made their mark on the history of Durres. Or Dirrachia in Greek or Durazzo in Italian. However, even these options are not exhaustive, because every nation that lived here found it necessary to call the city by its own name. Epidamn (which is how the ancient Greeks called it even before Christ) could not help but like: the excellent geographical location of the natural harbor, protected by firm cliffs, with a mild fertile climate, surrounded by lush emerald vegetation. In fact, Durres has not changed much from this point of view. In addition, today out of fifty kilometers of beautiful beaches in the country, 15 km are just the coast of Durres. Groomed, neat and tidy in all aspects, especially the beach rest, the Albanian side is a delight to the eye. Most of. read in full.

What to see in Durres?


Durres is a large Albanian city on the Adriatic Sea coast, opposite the Italian ports of Bari and Brindisi. It has a population of about 114 thousand people. The city is very old, it was founded in 627 BC. Accordingly, there are many historical values here. It is a beautiful place for vacations: clean mountain air, beautiful scenery, steep mountainsides, sea … and the sea of attractions.

Saranda, Albania: travel reviews and vacation tips

Ancient Amphitheatre

This building was built around the 2nd century BC. The ancient theater has survived well, although it is now ruined and overgrown with grass. Only a third of the former mighty building is left, but a part of the theater has been slightly restored. Until the 5th century the building was used for its intended purpose – there were performances and gladiatorial fights. In the sixth century on the territory was erected a crypt chapel with beautiful mosaics and frescoes Look for the theater on Rruga Sotir Noka Street, it is in the center of the city. The place is open to tourists Monday through Friday from 9 to 16 hours.

Durres weather by month:

Holidays in Durres – cheap but interesting

I was in Albania for the first time in my life. I went to this country by car with friends. To be honest, the impression of the country was not that good. It is obvious that many people live quite poorly, and the infrastructure leaves much to be desired. But the resort of Durres left a pretty pleasant impression.

I stayed in a relatively small hotel on the beachfront. The conditions were excellent, the room was big, and we had everything we needed. The window had a beautiful view of the sea. Nearby is an infrastructure, too, good quality.

The first thing I want to tell about the beach. The sand is fine and without stones. However, in some places it was a little dirty, but still. A lot of places where you can lie down and sunbathe, but also who needs more comfort can rent a deck chair and an umbrella. Going into the water is smooth, the bottom is sandy and the sea is relatively shallow. Immediately behind the beach is a dense building. Infrastructure is normal, you can easily buy something tasty. Many cafes are located on the beach or in close proximity to it.

I will tell a little about the pros of rest in this place. The first thing I want to note is the prices. This is a good option to save money and have a great time. Also want to note the friendliness and hospitality of the locals.

I will also tell a little about the minuses. The main disadvantage was that Durres is one big construction site. There is construction everywhere.

Let’s get acquainted with Albania through Durres.

Here I was in mysterious Albania. For a long time I knew nothing about this country. A few years ago appeared in the network the first messages about tourism, but from their content I realized that it is too early to go to this unknown for us country. The sea can be dirty because of algae, there is no service, it is a big problem to explain with the locals, it is difficult to get there and there is nothing to see. But here I was going on vacation and among the options under consideration was Albania. I decided to go to see for myself this closed country in the center of Europe.

Vlora, Albania: tourist reviews and vacation tips

And I was supposed to rest in the resort of Durres. It is the Adriatic Sea coast, which stretches for many kilometers. Just my hotel was almost on the beach. It is worth noting that the beaches here are sandy, smooth and plenty of space. However, I was out of season, when the tourists are almost none, but with a large influx of people it will not be crowded. Besides hotels and hotels are built literally in one or two lines and they do not exceed 5-6 floors. So there will be few tourists here. I also like the fact that you can stroll freely along the coast. There are no fences and fences anywhere. So if you want you can find another beach.

And walking along the coast you can come across a bunker. These military facilities of different sizes scattered throughout the country and are the hallmark of Albania. How not to take a picture with them!

I want to tell you more about the weather. I was in early October. It is not the beach season, but the weather can be… read in full.

Albania, Durres: the underrated Adriatic


The Adriatic Sea stretches for many, many kilometers, and the climate is almost the same everywhere. Why people actively go to Croatia and Montenegro, but not so much to Albania? For some reason, Albania has become a nickname for a place with absolutely no civilization.

I hasten to tell you a little about this country, because in many ways it is unique. And people are wrong to be prejudiced against it. I am sure that Albania has a great tourist future.

Not so long ago there was socialism and complete isolation. But the last dictator is a thing of the past, the borders opened and a lively southern life began.

It is not like Europe, even Romania. It’s not like we are used to seeing in the resorts, despite the fact that the beaches and the sea are excellent (I would like them to be a little cleaner, but it’s a matter of time).

The Albanians speak their language, which is impossible to understand, it is an isolated European language. Many of them are Christians, though nominally the country is Muslim. They love Mercedes, there are as many of them as I’ve never seen anywhere else, and they are old, from the eighties. Service is on its feet, many of them studied in Italy, and you can see how they try to please.

People are still a little bit crazy, but young people gladly communicate in English and Italian (they learn it for a reason, to go to work in Italy).

Albania is Europe, although it does not look like Europe at all. There are Roman ruins everywhere and excavations are being made, markets are selling, fashionable women are walking in bold outfits, but the civilization is still… read in full

Tourist reviews about Albania. Holiday tips - 2022

Prices for holidays in Durres. June 2014.

Tour to Albania included flight, transfer and accommodation. Flight to Tivat (Montenegro), transfer to Albania, accommodation in an apartment near Durres in a hotel complex, almost on the beach. The tour was purchased for 10 days, for 3 persons (2 adults and 1 child, 14 years old) and cost 1050 dollars. A visa to Albania is not necessary, which is also a big advantage compared with the rest of Europe. The agency did a decent discount, due to the fact that this area they have a new and not fully explored. And for us as fans of interesting, new and, most importantly, low-cost holidays, this option was very suitable. The group to Albania was not very big (three families), and a small number of our compatriots were already on vacation on the date of our arrival. The trip to Albania took about 4 hours, but the organizers tried to make it interesting and not tedious: on the way to Durres our guide (an Albanian, who studied in Dnipropetrovsk) led an introductory tour: starting from Montenegro, on the way to our place of residence with small stops and the opportunity to take pictures. That is, for the laziest travelers, it was possible to see Albania on the way from the airport and back.

We can say that we were provided with at least two free excursions: with detailed stories and excursions into the history of the country, in proper Russian with bright Albanian humor (the guide was a former KVN player).

We travelled by buses and marshrots independently, the route to Durres and the capital Tirana was not very far from our hotel (about 15 minutes of walking). Fare was reasonably affordable, the bus was about $2.00 per person to Durres, and about $5.00 to Tirana. We paid for entrance only in one place. In Tirana we visited the museum and the remains of the ancient coliseum, also visited the caves with frescoes.

Prices last year were very democratic: dinner in a cafe – $10-15, if with wine and beer – about $20-25 (for 3 people). Prices in supermarkets are affordable, goods are often Greek and Italian. For example, 0.5 kg of very tasty Greek olives in a vacuum pack – $ 2.5, 1 kg of Albanian coffee beans – $ 9 (brought with them). In total we spent about $ 350 for food and supplies. We bought a lot of delicacies to treat our relatives.

Souvenirs from Albania – necessarily a T-shirt with the coat of arms of Albania (with eagles), about $ 6 dollars. Magnets, key chains and badges – all for $ 2. If you take a lot, you can haggle. Buy a postcard – $ 0.5 The most famous souvenir of Albania – is Rakia, Albanian production. The cost, from 4 to 10 dollars.

Note – $1 is 100 Albanian lekk.

The services were practically not used, there is practically nothing to say about it.

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