Eilat Vacation Reviews 2022. Reviews and tips for your vacation in Eilat.

I spent 12 days in Eilat. Tourist reviews

Given that, since November 1, Israel began to let tourists in, then maybe it will be useful to someone who decides to rest on the Red Sea, in Eilat. During the 12 days of his stay in Eilat, I almost daily breakfast.

Once again, let me remind you: a review, especially of the restaurant – a subjective thing. What can I write about a fish restaurant if I don’t like fish and my favorite sea creatures are not served here? By the way, there is beef and chicken.

The Mediterranean restaurant, located in the heart of Eilat, the resort city on the Red Sea, as always, pleased me with delicious food. It is a restaurant of Italian cuisine, offering visitors lunches and dinners. It’s best to sign up in advance.

November is the perfect month to vacation at the Dead Sea. There is no longer such a debilitating heat, lots of fruit, flowers, the real summer. And what a sunrise at the Dead Sea! The fireball rolls out from behind the dark Jordanian mountains, the honey molasses spread rays of the sun.

Masada Fortress is not far from the city of Arad, Israel, if you drive in the direction of the Dead Sea. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the last line of defense for the Jewish people. Today Masada Fortress is more than just an open-air museum.

Jarash + 5 cities – Jordan, Haifa + 1 city – Israel, Kraslava + 1 city – Latvia, Vilnius + 1 city – Lithuania, Belarus

Review of the Central Park Hotel 4*, Eilat, Israel (2.11.2019 -12.11.2019) In 2019 I had to take part of my vacation in November On the booking site I chose and immediately paid for the Central Park Hotel 4* with food “HB”, given the good reviews, good location and beautiful photos of the hotel and .

I chose the hotel by price and proximity to the beach. Both of them were fully justified. The location is excellent (although at first we were looking for a long time, because even at the address of few people knew the place. Agur street seems to be unknown even to cab drivers). In addition, Eilat is a multi-level city, and our hotel was located on “.

Food and grocery prices in Israel - 2022

In February this year we decided to spend a week in Eilat: when better to crave the sun than in a 30-degree cold! The sun did not let us down, and in principle the beaches alone were almost enough for happiness. But February is February: after 5 o’clock slowly begins to get dark.

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    One of the most reliable sources of information about the country as a whole and its individual cities – reviews of tourists about Israel. Travelers have been to this country, some recently, and have done a useful thing – to talk about their trip, and sometimes in great detail, caring for time in detail. It is worth reading a few reviews to get the full picture, and to look at the subject of the conversation from different points of view.

    Eilat is a popular resort on the Gulf of Eilat. To the delight of tourists, the beach season here lasts all year round, which means you can go to Eilat at any time of year. Especially these places (and the coastal waters were declared a nature reserve) are loved by divers: there is a stunning coral reef. The resort is also of interest to birdwatchers: Eilat is considered a great place for bird watching from September to November and from March to May. Another nice thing is good shopping: the city is a duty free zone.

    What is the first thing to see in Eilat? The Valley of Timna, the legendary mines of King Solomon, the Pillars of Solomon, the City of Kings and the Underwater Observatory. These are the main attractions, but of course their historical, cultural and natural wealth is not exhausted. In reviews of Eilat tourists take traditional routes, but some of them break out of the obvious and delve into authentic neighborhoods.

    It is impossible not to pay attention to Eilat hotel reviews. As you know, official websites, social networking groups and booking services do not provide all the information about hotels, inns and hostels. Tourist reviews contain very emotional but nevertheless “in the field” information. What should you prepare for when checking into a hotel? How often is the room cleaned? Is the staff polite? Former guests give answers to these and other questions.

    Is it better to go in winter or summer? How often does it rain? How warm is the sea? The specifics of the climate is devoted to a separate section “Weather in Eilat.

    All reviews can be filtered by the selected attribute. Would you like to browse through the pictures with a minimum of text? Then choose photo albums. Prefer a maximum of information? Do you want to know more about infrastructure, public transport and entertainment? Then the stories section is for you. There are materials devoted to specific tourist places: parks, natural sites, as well as restaurants and bars.

    Eilat Hotel Reviews

    Large relative hotel, good bathroom and shower , huge bed , comfortable pillows. Very nice food, good service! Good access to the beach, the beach is clean! Great place to stay with the whole family. Read more

    Nice modern small hotel, close to the sea Did not like : Price for room $230/night very overpriced. Although all hotels in Eilat are very expensive. Read more

    Very cozy place. The hostess is friendly. Clean, comfortable. I liked it very much. Did not like: I liked everything. Read more

    Well just got back today from this hotel. And to be honest I was a little shocked. And this is to say the least. I would have thought this hotel would have been perfect for couples. Read more

    Center of the city, everything in walking distance. Cons: I was very disappointed with the staff in the kitchen until 4am every night. Read more

    I liked the view from the window, the bed was comfortable, the room was spacious, clean and comfortable. Breakfast was good. What was not to like : Bathroom interior is outdated, tiling could be updated. Read more

    The location of the hotel was amazing as well as being close to the sea and the rest areas were great. Read more

    We had a great stay at this hotel. The location of the hotel is in the asshole, but what can I ask for for 2000 for 3 nights in eilat). Read more

    We came for a week, we left after two nights. Arrived for a week, left after 2 nights. We stayed for a week and went in two nights. The only good thing was the staff. The rest. Read more

    Very welcoming place, good service, great food, we had breakfasts and dinners – all tasty and varied, want to eat everything at once In the afternoon, active entertainment by the pool. Read more

    The hotel was very well located, close to the beach, shopping area, promenade, and museum. I liked the live music during the day. Cons : Could not figure out if there was a private beach, all in renovation on the beach. Read more

    Very well located hotel, great beach and pool. Excellent and varied food and drinks. And of course service at the highest level. Thank you so much for a great holiday and care! Cons. Read more

    Most importantly we loved the staff, especially the concierge Vladimir, he was the most hospitable person I have ever met. We had a great stay at the hotel and this was the nicest hotel we stayed at. Did not like : Hotel was a bit tired. Read more

    Breakfast and dinner were varied and delicious. The pool is comfortable. Fast elevators Minuses : There was no internet in the room, only on the balcony. Had to be persuaded separately to put in for a third person. Read more

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