Embankment in Sochi

All about Central sea coastline in Sochi.

The Central Quay of Sochi is the main promenade of the resort city, stretching along Primorskaya and Chernomorskaya Streets for 2 km along the coast. This place with its shady alleys, fountains, flowerbeds and plenty of entertainment is a popular recreational space for guests and residents of Sochi. In detail, where is the central embankment of Sochi and why it is attractive for tourists – in our review.

Central (Primorskaya) embankment of Sochi on the map

Primorskaya embankment is located in the heart of Greater Sochi on the border of two districts – the promenade stretches along the Black Sea coast in the southern part of the Central and southwestern part of Khostinsky districts. On the eastern side parallel to the pedestrian zone lie Ordzhonikidze Street and Kurortny Avenue.

Many people take Seaside Street for the official address of the Central Quay of Sochi, as most of the promenade passes along it. But in the area of the hotel “Pearl” Seaside Street flows into the Black Sea, and the pedestrian zone stretches for another half kilometer.

Where does central quay of Sochi begin and end

The Central waterfront of Sochi stretches from north-west to southeast from the Marine Passenger Terminal to Pushkin Prospect. The pedestrian zone starts near the South breakwater (the place where city festivals, festivals and fairs are held) and along Primorskaya Street stretches to the Winter Theatre (this is where the border between the Central and Khostinsky districts passes). Then the promenade continues along Chernomorskaya Street along the park Frunze and Circus beach to Pushkin Avenue.

THIS IS INTERESTING. Near the beginning of the pedestrian zone is a monument to the heroes of the movie “Brilliantovaya Ruka”. Exactly here the famous scene, where the heroine of Nonna Mordyukova was buying lottery tickets, was shot.

Embankment length

The total length of the Central embankment is 2.2 km. Of all the coastal pedestrian zones of Greater Sochi, the Primorsky Promenade is one of the longest. Only the 7-km Imeretinskaya Embankment in Adler can compete with it.

THIS IS INTERESTING. In 2021, work is underway on a project to increase the main coastal pedestrian zone of the resort. According to the plan, the new Central Sochi embankment will be extended up to 300 m towards the sea.

Upper and lower levels of the embankment

The topography of the area allowed to allocate the seaside pedestrian zone on two levels:

  • lower, which runs along the Seaside and Black Sea Streets;
  • the upper level, which is located 30 meters above sea level and stretches from the Festivalny concert hall to the Winter Theatre.

The upper tier is completely surrounded by the Seaside Park, here throughout the pedestrian area with benches and unusual sculptures. From the observation decks of the second level open picturesque views of the sea.

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IMPORTANT. From the upper tier of the central promenade to the Seaside street lead comfortable stairs with ramps, there is an elevator for people with disabilities.

Beaches of the Central Promenade of Sochi

From South break along the promenade stretches two kilometers of sand and pebble strip of coast. Here there are paid beach areas (DelMar) and belonging to hotels (Pullman, Zhemchuzhina), as well as public areas. Of the free beaches, the most popular are:

Mayak beach with sun loungers and awnings is located just behind the South breakwater, at the beginning of the pedestrian street. The length of the beach zone is 500 m. The coast in this part of the resort is completely covered with pebbles and the entrance to the sea is gentle.

There is a Primorsky beach in the central part of the promenade. It stretches along the coast for 700 m. The coast is wide, sandy and pebbly. The beach has good infrastructure: showers, toilets, deck chairs and umbrellas.

Pebble Beach Sunny stretches along the sea near the park of Frunze for 180 meters. The beach area is equipped with changing rooms, showers, and toilets. Due to its remoteness from the central part of the promenade, the coast here is not crowded during the season.

How to get to the Central (Seaside) promenade in Sochi

The optimal way to get to the Central Quay of Sochi is to take public transport, plying between Sochi districts along Kurortny Avenue. To the stop “Sochi Hotel” (located 10 minutes walk from the promenade) follow:

  • from the Adler railway station – buses № 50-52, 105 and 105c;
  • From Sochi railway station: by buses №№ 2, 3, 12, 19, 22, 41, 86, 87, 92, 95, 103, 120, 121; by mini-buses № 37, 43, 45, 48, 83, 98, 113;
  • From the station “Olympic Park” of the Imereti resort – by bus № 50 and 51;
  • From Rosa Khutor through the airport – buses № 105 and 105c.

Along Ordzhonikidze street (the nearest parallel to Primorskaya street) through the stops Festivalny bus hall, Winter Theatre and Frunze Park. Bus number 115 (from the city hospital number 4 to the village of Orel-Izumrud).

Infrastructure of the Central Quay of Sochi

The two-kilometer sea promenade in the central part of Sochi is a calling card of the resort city with a developed infrastructure. On both sides of the promenade stretch stores and souvenir shops, in summer time here are many cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Cafes and restaurants

Sochi’s main promenade is rich in various food outlets – from street food offering boiled corn, shawarma, burgers, to cafes and restaurants with several halls.

Among the most popular establishments tourists note are the following:

  • Cafe DelMar . An atmospheric place with pleasant service and a picturesque view of the sea. The institution offers dishes of European cuisine and seafood from local farmers.
  • SeaZone is positioned as a fish restaurant, but also offers European and Mediterranean cuisine, vegetarian dishes.
  • Barabula tavern . It is a cozy place with a varied menu: a wide choice of seafood, Russian, European and Georgian dishes.
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Fans of Caucasian and Uzbek cuisine may visit the restaurant “Eastern Quarter”, and of Georgian cuisine – Cafe Georgiani. In the southern part of the promenade is located jazz club BB Sea, where you can enjoy the delicacies of European cuisine and listen to live performances of jazz and blues.

Souvenir Shops

The selection of souvenirs on the coastal pedestrian zone is varied. In addition to the standard magnets, seashells, clothing with prints, as a memorable gift from the Black Sea resort city you can bring:

  • jewelry made of natural stones, wood;
  • clay or wooden crockery;
  • local delicacies such as dried fruits, churchella, jam, honey, and chacha;
  • Pictures of Sochi scenery.

USEFUL. Local artists often arrange exhibitions of their works and sell their paintings on the upper tier of the Seaside Promenade.

Entertainment and play areas

In the summer season, the coastal pedestrian zone features traditional resort activities – shooting galleries, “Oracles” machines, fish spa, karaoke. Children can spend time at one of the playgrounds, which are located in the northern part of the promenade, or at the Luna Park near the Seaside Beach. On the South Pier square there are several sports fields.

Water sports enthusiasts are offered surfing, jet-skiing and banana boat riding along the 2 km long promenade. Near the Mayak beach and Frunze park there are piers. The piers are located near the Mayak Beach and Frunze Park, from where you can go on a boat trip.

Sochi seafront: photo

The picturesque Sochi promenade has more than once become a set for the filming of films and TV series. We have collected several photos of the Central embankment of Sochi, conveying the atmosphere of this place.

South mole square.

The lower level of Primorsky pedestrian zone.

Seaside promenade near Frunze Park.

The coastal pedestrian zone near the Circus beach (Chernomorskaya Street).

The upper level of the Seaside promenade Sochi.

Sculpture “Swimmer and Dolphin” on the upper tier of the promenade.

Among other things, you can find the monument to Vysotsky on the promenade, spend time near the fountains near the Festivalny concert hall or admire the sunset from the rotunda arbor in the Frunze Park.

Sochi Central Quay

Central Quay of Sochi

Central Sochi embankment is a long pedestrian street along the Black Sea along Primorskaya Street, which is considered to be the main street of the city. Central pedestrian seafront Sochi nicknamed Popular Promenade, like the Promenade in St. Tropez on the French Riviera.

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Central Quay of Sochi

The pedestrian Primorskaya Street has long been a favorite place for walks and rest of Sochi citizens and guests. Its total length is 2 km – from the Marine Station to the Pushkin Prospect. Not far from the station there are sculptures of characters from the Soviet comedy “The Diamond Arm”, a popular scene of buying lottery tickets was filmed here.

The embankment is a tiled street with lots of various kinds of entertainment: stores, souvenir shops, malls, playgrounds, concert halls, restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightclubs. It is always crowded, especially a lot of tourists.

Incredible views of the sea, a lot of services, cheerful atmosphere, local color, rose gardens, attractions, luxurious palm trees, bushes of greenery – all this makes the Central Quay the main street of the city. The street provides all conditions – there are special places for moving people with disabilities.

Rotunda in the Frunze Park. Frunze Park

The central embankment of Sochi is the heart of the city, which has two tiers: the upper level of the embankment, surrounded by Primorsky Park, and the lower level of the embankment – the Promenade and the beaches. On the upper level, there are many platforms from which you can admire the picturesque places of Sochi and the lower tier of the Central Embankment.

One of the attractions of the embankment is the Winter Theatre, which annually receives more than 500 thousand spectators. The theater does not have its own permanent troupe, so it takes all creative teams.

The final point of the embankment is the Frunze Park – a cozy square in a picturesque place, where you can stroll through the alleys, see the Summer Theater building and Rotunda on the seashore. After the park, the Seaside embankment flows into the Black Sea street, which leads to the lower part of the Arboretum.

Excursions with a visit to the Central Quay of Sochi:

Cafes and restaurants

Walking along the Central embankment of Sochi, you can see its many cafes and restaurants. You can sit and enjoy the views of the sea in any of the cafes or restaurants, all of which offer dishes from different cuisines of the world. Among

Among the most popular are the following: Cafe “Orange”, distinguished by a relaxed atmosphere and Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, which will please even the most sophisticated guests; Cafe Georgian, where you can taste pasta and khachapuri; Cafe “Pirs” with a great view of the sea offers visitors delicious local cuisine; Restaurant “South Night” is famous for its beautiful terrace on the roof, here visitors can eat kebabs, salads, khachapuri; cafe “Fairy Tale of the East” will amaze all the guests with its atmosphere, it is very beautiful and you can try a wide range of delicious dishes for different tastes; cafe “DelMar” is a very popular place on the waterfront, nice service, serving dishes and the local atmosphere will not leave anyone indifferent; restaurant “Sea Zone” offers dinner with dishes from seafood; oyster bar “Ama” offers guests a comfortable place and delicious fresh oysters.

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Central Quay of Sochi

Water park on the Central Quay in Sochi

On the territory of the embankment right on the Black Sea there is a water park “Mayak” which began to receive its guests in July 2000. From the first days of work the water and entertainment complex was loved by residents and guests of the city, becoming one of the most popular places for recreation.

Water park “Mayak” occupies an area of almost 22000 square meters, and is located under the open sky. The water complex has a well-developed infrastructure, with clean water, comfortable deck chairs, cabins for changing clothes, sun umbrellas, showers with hot and cold water.

But the most important thing here are rides:

  • Freefall slide. The height of the track is 11.4 meters, the length – 31.5 meters, the descent time – 4 seconds, the depth of water in the pool – 1 meter.
  • The “Twister” slide. The height is 11.4 meters, the length – 48.6 meters, the descent time – 12 seconds, the water depth in the pool – 1 meter. “Twister” consists of two closed slides with the effect of darkness.
  • The Kamikaze slide. The start height is 11.4 meters, the length of the slide is 51.5 meters, the descent time is 6 seconds, the water depth in the pool is 1 meter.
  • The Aqua Shuttle slide. The height is 10 meters, the length – 17 meters, the time of descent – 3.5 seconds, the water depth in the pool – 0.6 to 1 meter.
  • The Family Slide. Launch height – 4.2 meters, length – 19.6 meters, time of descent – 3 seconds, pool water depth – 1 meter.
  • The water complex “Children’s Town”. The complex consists of a cascade of waterfalls, spiral slide, two straight slides, Sharko shower, two water wheels, water guns and a barrel, which topples over every half a minute and spits out 300 liters of water.
  • Scarlet Sails complex. This is a children’s playground, consisting of many slides, ropes and transitions. Not only children, but also adults are happy with the platform.

Lighthouse Waterpark

Safety in the water park is monitored by experienced instructors and security guards, who do not allow spoiling and neglecting the property of the water park and other visitors.

There are cafes and bars on the territory of “Mayak”, which offer a tasty snack or a full meal.

The water park has some additional services: a checkroom with a video surveillance system for storing clothes and other items, changing rooms and showers, a medical center, where in case of emergencies can provide medical assistance, and a toilet.

The cost of visiting the water park:

  • Adult (from 7 years) – 1500 rubles for the whole day.
  • Children (from 3 to 6 years) – 800 rubles for the whole day.
  • Children under 3 years old – free of charge.
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Working hours of the water park:

  • Daily from June to October from 10:00 to 18:00.

Lighthouse Waterpark


Near the water park “Lighthouse” on the Central Waterfront of Sochi stretches a beach strip. The beach area begins with a beach of the water park “Lighthouse”, and then there are other beaches along the whole promenade: DelMar, Seaside, Maurice Thorez, Sunny, Pearl.

The beaches are located both for free and for a fee. When planning to visit the beach is worth remembering that during the peak season all the free beaches are crowded and you can find a place only in the morning. With paid beaches is a little easier. You can find a place here without difficulty plus there will be sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun. The beach season on all beaches begins on May 15.

The beach “Lighthouse” is 500 meters long and is an equipped and well maintained place to relax. The beach is covered with pebbles, which is not always convenient for a holiday with small children. The beach is equipped with sun beds and awnings. Among the activities you can choose to ride bananas, water skis, catamarans, diving.

DelMar beach offers guests a high-class recreation. The beach is paid, respectively, there is the best: comfortable deck chairs, pouffes, towels for each visitor, delicious food and the best service.

Seaside beach length of 700 meters is located next to the Winter Theatre. The beach is mostly covered with pebbles. On the territory there are changing rooms, showers, toilets, medical center. Entertainment facilities include water bikes, banana boats and yachts.

Seaside Beach

The beach Solnechny is 600 meters long and is located near the Frunze park. Frunze Park. Pebble Beach is less crowded than other beaches, as it is located further from the center of the city. However, the beach offers visitors all the amenities for a comfortable holiday: changing rooms, toilets, rental deck chairs and umbrellas. Entertainment is presented in a similar way to water attractions.

The beach named after Maurice Thorez is about 80 meters long. The beach is free of charge and offers beach chairs, locker rooms, showers, sun awnings. The order on the beach is monitored by lifeguards.

Zhemchuzhina beach 300 meters long is located on the closed territory of the same name grand hotel. It is available only to guests free of charge. Guests and residents must pay to visit. Pebble-sand beach has sun beds and awnings, showers, changing rooms, cafes and beach equipment rentals. The beach is always clean, because the hotel staff cleans it daily.

In summer the average temperature of sea water reaches +26 ° C and is very comfortable for swimming.

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