Excursions in Moscow – 2022: prices, description, reviews

The most interesting tours in Moscow

Excursions in Moscow

Do you want to visit the most interesting places in Moscow? We have chosen 10 most popular excursions in the capital. Descriptions, prices in 2022 and reviews of participants. What do experienced tourists recommend?

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Bus tour of Moscow

Description . A three-hour sightseeing tour is suitable for everyone who is in Moscow for the first time. If you need to spend time at the station or if you need to show the capital to a child, our bus tours are very convenient. You will see the main sights of the center.

Price . For an adult – 800₽.

Tourist reviews . In summer the buses have air conditioning, and in winter – heaters. Tourists liked the fact that on the way the guide shows the places you can see on your own.

Bus tours in Moscow

Monument to Minin and Pozharsky in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral (Photo: unsplash.com / @nikolayv)

A historical walk through Moscow from antiquity to the present day

Description . This tour of historic Moscow is designed for lovers of antiquity and domestic architecture. A native Muscovite, journalist and historian guides tourists through the center of the city and tells how Moscow was founded, where people came from and why there were riots and uprisings. During a walking tour of the streets and squares, you’ll learn about the traditions and life of Moscow’s merchants and nobles.

Price . For a group of 1-5 people – 5000₽.

Tourist feedback . Tour participants noted that the presentation of material and historical facts resembles an interesting friendly conversation.

Popular tours in Moscow:

Prices for guided tours in Moscow

View of the Kremlin and the KHU from the Lubyanka side (Photo: unsplash.com / @vasilfrolenok)

A walk on the rooftops of Moscow

Description . Tourists enjoyed the 2022 tour in Moscow, during which you can see unique panoramas of the city. A professional roofwalker will take you to one of the rooftops overlooking the sights: the Stalin skyscrapers, the Kremlin towers and other architectural monuments of the city. The route and complexity depends on your wishes!

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Price . For an adult – 2600₽.

Tourist reviews . Tour participants recommend wearing comfortable clothes and low-heeled non-slip shoes. Don’t forget to take your camera to capture the stunning views of the city. Note that this is a walk, not a tour!

Prices and descriptions of excursions in Moscow

Residential building on Kotelnicheskaya embankment – one of the seven Stalinist high-rises (Photo: unsplash.com / @niki_mir)

Glass Architecture Ideas

Description . The author’s tour of the modern Moscow City district helps you learn how the capital’s skyscrapers came to be and why people invest in buildings made of glass. You will see a quarter of new Moscow skyscrapers, hear a story about the history of glass architecture since the Middle Ages, you will be able to understand the pros and cons of such buildings.

Price . For adults – 900₽, for children under 18 – 630₽.

Tourist Reviews . The two-hour walk is available for adult tourists and children. The participants of the tour were interested to learn about the technology, ideas of glass construction in Moscow and look at the metropolis from an unusual angle.

The best tours in Moscow according to tourists reviews

Skyscrapers of Moscow City (Photo: unsplash.com / @artmatters)

Tour of the Moscow Kremlin

Description . You can walk around the Kremlin on your own, but it is much more interesting to get to know the heart of the city during a tour with an experienced guide. You will visit the oldest building in Moscow – the Assumption Cathedral, see the bell tower of Ivan the Great, masterpieces of foundry art and the Arsenal building founded by Peter the Great.

Price . 12000₽ for a tour for 1-3 people.

Tourist reviews . The guide adjusts to the interests of the listeners. An informative and comprehensive tour.

Excursions in Moscow

Assumption Cathedral of the Kremlin (Photo: BRJ INC / flickr.com)

Bulgakov’s Moscow

Description . A guided tour in Moscow for adults is geared toward lovers of Mikhail Bulgakov’s work. The walking tour of the places described in the famous novel lasts for 2 hours. You will visit the Patriarch’s Ponds, Tversky Boulevard, learn a lot about the prototypes of literary characters and the life of the city in the first half of the last century.

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Price . 3400₽ per tour.

Tourist reviews . The original journey through the pages of the beloved novel was enjoyed by all participants. Tourists noted the literary language of the guide and the non-trivial approach to deciphering Bulgakov’s work.

The best tours in Moscow according to tourists reviews

Patriarchal ponds. Photo: SSV-Studio / Depositphotos.com.

Moscow Masonic: secret messages in the city

Description . The Russian capital has many facets. If you are interested in unusual pages of the city’s history, visit a tour of the Masonic Moscow! You will learn which famous figures were Freemasons, how Freemasons influenced the social and political life of the 18th century and where members of the Order gathered.

Price . 9500₽ for a tour for 1-4 people.

A Date with Evening Moscow

Description . The capital in daylight and in the glow of evening lights are two different cities. The lights and street lamps turn Moscow into a real fairy tale. You will drive past the walls of the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theater and along Tverskaya Street, learn the history of Zaryadya and Lubyanka, look at the city from the Sparrow Hills and the skyscrapers of Moscow City.

Price . For 1-3 people – 4500₽.

Tourist reviews . The car trip is designed for 3 hours. The excursion through the night city does not provide a deep dive into history. It is designed for tourists who want to admire beautiful views, take spectacular photos and hear Moscow legends.

Popular excursions in Moscow

Hotel “Ukraine” is one of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers (Photo: @jeshoots / @egorvitalich_8)

Walking tour of the Novodevichy Monastery

Description . Connoisseurs of Orthodox history love a tour in Moscow with a walk through one of the ancient women’s monasteries. The Novodevichy Monastery has been around for about 500 years and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will see the Mariinsky Chambers, the Cathedral of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God and the Novodevichy Cemetery.

Price . 5000₽ for a tour for 1-4 people. There is also a group tour – 990₽ per person.

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Authentic antiquities of Kitay-gorod.

Description . The sights-rich ancient district is in the shadow of Red Square and the Kremlin, but Kitay-gorod has a very interesting history. You will see the ancient temples of Ilyinka and Varvarka, part of the Kitaygorod wall, the Zaykonospassky monastery, the Old English Court, the Church of Cosmas and Damian, the chambers of the Romanov boyars and the Chizhevsky suburbs.

Price . For an adult – 500₽.

Tourist reviews . The walk through Kitay-gorod lasts 1.5 hours. During the tour, the guide tells urban legends and shows non-tourist places of the historical center.

Excursions in Moscow

Vasilyevsky Descent (Photo: unsplash.com / @rozetsky)

Moscow tours

Found 1211 excursions in Moscow with the current schedule for September and October 2022. Prices for fascinating guided walks from 300 rubles. Choose a route, read descriptions and book tours in Russia online.

You will go to get acquainted with the capital of our country. Within two hours you’ll find a fascinating walk through the historical center of Moscow.

Explore the main sights of Moscow: the Lenin Mausoleum, the Kazan Cathedral, Manezh Square and the Alexander Garden.

The Novodevichy Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Russia. How well preserved it is will amaze your imagination.

Moscow is a huge megalopolis with centuries of history. Each old building can tell its own story.

Cruise along the Moskva River on a luxurious yacht with a branch of the popular fish restaurant “Erwin.RiverMoreOcean” on board.

Get ready to make a wish-we’re going on a trip for the star. We are going to climb the spire of the Stalin skyscraper, the Hotel Ukraine.

Learn the history of “Patricks” and find the intersections in the lives of architects and tenants of old mansions.

Have you heard about the river Neglinka? Many years ago it was hidden from the Muscovites and now if you want to walk along the embankments you will have to go under the ground.

Moscow sights

Alexandrovsky Garden

The Alexander Garden was laid out along the north-western Kremlin wall in the 1920s. In honor of the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812 the territory of the former bed of the Neglinnaya River was cleared, alleys were laid out and several monuments were erected. After the coronation of Alexander II the garden acquired its present name.

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The building of the Moscow GUM is a shopping arcade, opened in 1893. The symbol of the prosperous bourgeoisie at the end of the XIX century safely “transferred” into the Soviet era. Beautiful building of the main store of the Soviet Union – an example of pseudo-Russian style and part of the architectural ensemble of Red Square.


The Moscow City complex is a business center on Krasnopresnenskaya Naberezhnaya. The idea to create an area reminiscent of Wall Street in New York City was born by Moscow Mayor Y.M. Luzhkov. Construction began in 1998 and is still going on.

Red Square

Red Square is a must-visit place. All guests of the capital flock here. For Muscovites it is the heart of their beloved city, where all holidays are celebrated, celebrations and military parades take place. Until the end of the XV century, the place of Red Square was Veliky Posad. After a fire in 1493, which destroyed almost all wooden buildings, it was decided not to rebuild the place.

Old Arbat

Old Arbat, Moscow’s iconic pedestrian street, has a very special chamber-like atmosphere. Arbat existed yet under Alexey Mikhailovich, but the street became famous at the end of XVIII century. Today’s promenade has several dozen sights.

Zaryadye Park

Park “Zaryadye” on the site of the former hotel “Russia” is a unique project of the renewed Moscow. Zaryadye opened in 2017. The park is divided into natural zones of Russia – tundra, steppe, forest, swamp with vegetation characteristic of each landscape. They descend in terraces from the upper part of the park and intersect with each other.

Tourist reviews of popular excursions

The tour was very interesting, we were with my grandson – he was 12 years old. We listened to the guide’s story in the same breath. We learned a lot of new things. Everyone’s advice.

Thank you very much Tatiana for the wonderful story and professionalism! There was no group, only me and my 17 year old son, but Tatiana took us both on a guided tour. We had a lot of fun and interesting information. I recommend it!

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It was a big disappointment that the fountain didn’t work. Well, and the services of a guide a little differently imagined. And it turned out that we were told about the first builders, then what Luzhkov did and dumped near the entrance to the museum. We just walked around and watched it all by ourselves, no one told us anything. I don’t think we were given the services of a guide. We would have been able to get to the site ourselves in the same way. Bought a guided tour specifically to learn something new, in fact we did not get what we had in mind.

I have been to Moscow several times for different excursions, but this one is just something incredible. In the middle of nowhere and such beauty! Thanks to Galina. We learned and saw a lot. The 2.5 hours flew by unnoticeably.

It was not my first time buying a trip through Sputnik. Always delightful guides, who really love their job and try to inspire everyone around them with their mood. This time we were immersed in the era of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, plunged into the life, way of life and learned the origin of many native Russian proverbs. Excursion has passed in one breath! To all recommend to visit!

Cognitive excursion. Learned a lot of interesting things about the area. A pleasant, evening stroll through the old Moscow, allows you to dive into the past.

We aggregate tours of tour operators, travel agencies and private guides in Moscow. We compare similar excursion programs by reviews, rating, cost and recommend the best of the proposals.

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