Excursions in Pattaya – 2022: prices and descriptions

Excursions in Pattaya – 2022: prices and descriptions

There are many excursions in Pattaya – 2022 with different prices – both to the sights of the city and to other parts of Thailand.

The price range for tours of Pattaya is very wide – you can buy a cheap tour for a few hundred baht, and you can buy a few thousand – it all depends on your preferences and financial capabilities.

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General information about tours in Pattaya

Most tours in Pattaya are either combined tours with visits to several places or just transfers. In Pattaya, the price of tours for children (no taller than 120 cm) is usually 50-70% of the cost of an adult ticket.

Where to book a tour in Pattaya

Excursions can be ordered from the tour operator who brought you to Thailand, or from a street agency. In 2022, the main tour operators in Pattaya are:

  • Tez Tour.
  • Natalie Tours
  • Pegasus
  • Anex tour
  • Biblio Globus
  • Cocos Travel
  • agencies

Where is the best place to book an excursion? It is difficult to advise a definite agency – the level of service everywhere is about the same, and screw-ups happen with any operator. At the same time Russian tour operators (Tez Tour, Anex Tour, etc.) usually have several times higher prices for tours in Pattaya than street agencies. If you do not trust the local agencies, take our – but know that in this case you greatly overpay.

Another option – to order a tour in Pattaya online. This can be done both in Thailand, and in advance, while in Russia. According to our observations, the prices for online bookings are about the same as in the street agencies.

In this case, you pay in advance only 20% of the cost, and the rest of the guide at the end of the adventure. To reliable and inexpensive sites for booking tours on the Internet are the following:

Detailed tour prices from different agencies are given below.

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Description, prices and reviews of popular excursions in Pattaya

Below are descriptions of several popular excursions with prices and reviews of tourists who visited this tour in 2022.

Pattaya's Adult Shows: 6 Most Popular

River Kwai Excursion

One of the most famous excursions in Pattaya 2022 is a trip to the River Kwai in the northwestern part of Thailand. The Kwai River tour usually lasts 2 days and one night, hotel accommodation and insurance are already included in the price of the tour.

The first day takes tourists from Pattaya to the west of Thailand, stopping at the famous floating market called “Domyen Saduak” on the way. Then comes a visit to the seven-level Erawan waterfall and one of the caves. On the second day – elephant ride, rafting on the River Kwai, visiting thermal springs and return to Pattaya.

Video of the Erawan Waterfall:

There are many good reviews about the tour from Pattaya to the River Kwai in 2022 – because of the low price and the opportunity to see the unspoiled nature of Thailand.

Price for the Kwai River excursion from Pattaya in 2022 (in baht):

Discovery Holidays 2100
Pineapple Tour 2200
Pattaya Tour 2200
Star Tour 2500
Tez Tour from 3600

Excursion to Cambodia

Many travelers take a two-day tour to Cambodia from Pattaya, the good news is that it’s not a long drive to this country. The cost of the tour is usually already included:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Visa to Cambodia
  • Russian speaking guide
  • Admission tickets
  • Meal

On the first day there is a transfer from Pattaya to Cambodia, accommodation in a hotel in Siem Reap and sightseeing in the area. At the beginning of the second day there is a tour to the famous Angkor Wat complex and its temples.

Video about the tour to Cambodia from Pattaya:

There is almost nothing to see in Cambodia besides the Angkor Wat complex, so a tour from Pattaya is a convenient way to see the country without wasting time and money on an independent trip. The quality of the tour to Cambodia from Pattaya may depend on the travel agency where you book the tour, but in general the reviews of tourists about the trip are positive.

How much does a tour to Cambodia cost at different agencies in 2022 (in baht):

Discovery Holidays 4500
Pineapple Tour 6000
Pattaya Tour 3500
Star Tour 4500
Tez Tour 7500
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Khao Kheow Zoo

A cheap trip from Pattaya to Khao Kheow Zoo is a great option for a trip with children.

Khao Kheow is a contact zoo on the outskirts of the city, the animals there you can pet and feed from the hands – including elephants, giraffes, hippos. This attraction in Pattaya can be visited alone, but sometimes it is better to do it as part of the tour.

Video of the excursion to the Khao Keo Zoo:

Khao Kheow Zoo tour price list from Pattaya for 2022 (in baht):

Discovery Holidays 700
Pineapple Tour 700
Pattaya Tour 600
Star Tour 750
Tez Tour 1200

Siam Park in Bangkok

Among the tours from Pattaya to Bangkok the most popular tour is Siam Park.

This is a large complex with an amusement park and a water park. He occupies a huge area, so the excursion here lasts all day (with the probability that you still do not have time to visit all the attractions). Especially recommend a visit to the observation deck to enjoy the view from above .

Video of Siam Park in Bangkok:

It is possible to take this tour for adults, but for those who vacation in Pattaya with children – this is a great option. By the way, there is another amusement park in Bangkok – Dream World, very similar to Siam Park. Dream World is newer, but we liked it better in Siam Park.

Tour prices from Pattaya to Siam Park and Dream World for 2022:

Discovery Holidays 1000 1200
Pineapple Tour 1000 1100
Pattaya Tour 900 900
Star Tour 1000 1100
Tez Tour 1300 1600

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Other Pattaya tours in 2022 – prices with reviews

In addition to the above mentioned, there are dozens of different excursions and tours in Pattaya at different prices. Below is the price of the main tour programs.

Price of tours to attractions in Pattaya

As a rule, the price listed below tours include only transfers and Russian-speaking guide services. Most of the attractions in Pattaya can be visited on their own for the same or lower price.

Nong Nuch Garden 400
Temple of Truth 600
Aquarium 500
Dolphinarium 700
Snake Farm 300
Bee Farm 200
Cabaret Transvestite Show 650
Spa 800
Khao Kheow Zoo 500
Mini-Siam Park 500
Military Beach 350
Siracha Tiger Zoo 800
Thai Boxing 1200
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Learn more about attractions:

Combination Tours

Combined excursion programs differ from transfers in that they include visits to several objects or attractions. Sometimes this tour is much more convenient than visiting certain places on your own.

Crocodile Farm 500
Excursion “All Pattaya in a day”. 1800
“Discovery” 850
“Pattaya Kaleidoscope” 1800
“In the Animal World” 1700
Pattaya sightseeing tour There are free of charge
Sichang Island 1600
“Discovery Mix” 1600
Wonders of the East” tour 1500

Active Recreation

This section contains tours and excursions that involve active participation of vacationers – fishing, diving, roping, etc.

Flight of the Gibbon. 2700
Diving 1900
Descent from the tower of Pattaya Park 300
Bungee Jumping 1600
Elephant Riding 800
Motoparagliding 4500
ATV 2100
Sea Fishing 3000
Jet skiing 1500
Jeep Safari 1700
Tarzan flight 200
Lake fishing 850
Flyboarding 2500

Video Extreme ATV tours around Pattaya:

Prices of excursions to islands near Pattaya

In Pattaya itself, the sea is not too clean, so trips to nearby islands with white sand and clear water are popular among tourists.

Ko Lan, Ko Krok, Ko Sak – 1 day 1300
Tour “Madagascar”, Ko Rin Island 1600
Princess Island Ko Samesan 1700
Sea Safari 1800
Ko Manvichai and Ko Phai “Treasure Island 1800
Ko Tau Noi and Ko Talu 2000
Emerald Isle Ko Kam 1350
Ko Samet Island 1100
Ko Chang Archipelago 4500
Ko Chang Island 3300
Ko Kood Island 3000

Paradise Sea on Koh Kood Island:

Koh Kood tour from Pattaya prices and description

Price of tours to other parts of Thailand

Excursions from Pattaya to different parts of Thailand in 2022 are popular because of the low prices and many positive reviews .

On these trips you can see a different Thailand, less hyped and popular among tourists.

The Ancient Capital of Thailand – Ayutthaya 2100
“All of Thailand in a Day” 1700
“Colors of Ancient Siam.” 2300
“Thai Express 3000
“The Lost World 2300
Excursion “Amazing Thailand” 2200
“The Mystery of Siam 2000
Bridge over the River Kwai – 2 days 2100
Hua Hin 4300
Northern Thailand – “Golden Triangle” 13900 (flight included)

Useful information about Pattaya and Thailand

What kind of tours in Pattaya have you been? What kind of reviews can you leave about tours and travel agencies? Your information will be useful to those who are going on vacation in Thailand.

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Excursions in Pattaya

Found 18 excursions in Pattaya in Russian with the current schedule for September and October 2022. Prices for fascinating walks with a guide from 23 $. Choose your itinerary, read the descriptions and book tours in Thailand online.

Author’s tour of the city’s famous sites with immersion in the atmosphere, history and religion of the South East.

A fascinating two-day tour to the province Kanchanaburi, which harmoniously combines exotic and unique national flavor.

I suggest you take a trip to the most beautiful locations on the island – Instagram tour of Pattaya.

Take a unique rite of Failure Funeral, walk through the wild jungle and admire the beautiful waterfalls.

An authentic wooden pirate ship, admirable for its size and performance, will take you to a deserted island.

Gorgeous resort of Thailand, recognized by the kings themselves. Hua Hin is an amazing beauty of nature combined with white beaches.

Excursion in Bangkok with a visit to Thailand’s most popular, colorful show – Siam Niramit and oceanarium.

Attractions in and around Pattaya

Temple of Truth

In 1981, the construction of the Temple of Truth began in Pattaya on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It was initiated by the eccentric Thai millionaire and patron of the arts Lek Viriyapan. The spectacular structure looks like a temple and a castle at the same time. Locals call it an “Old Palace” or “Wooden Castle” – the structure is made entirely of different types of wood.

Water park “Ramayana”

20 km from Pattaya in a picturesque area surrounded by hills, is one of the largest centers of aquatic entertainment in Southeast Asia – the water park “Ramayana”. The park opened in 2016, the thematic concept was based on Thai legends.

Khao Kheow Zoo

45 km from Pattaya is a large Khao Kheow Zoo. It opened in 1978 in the wildlife sanctuary and covers an area of 810 hectares. This picturesque hilly area, sheltered by tropical forest, is home to 8,000 animals of more than 300 species. The zoo reproduces landscapes and flora consistent with the animals’ usual habitat.

Golden Buddha Mountain

The iconic landmark of Pattaya is the Golden Buddha Mountain (Khao Chi Chan). The limestone rock was once a mining site for building material. By the 1990s, it had been nearly cut in half. In 1996, in honor of the celebration of the 70-year reign of the King of Thailand, they decided to decorate the mountain with a giant image of Buddha. Its outlines were carved into the rock with a laser, then the voids were filled with gold.

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Wat Yanasangvaram Voramahavihan

At 16 km from Pattaya there is a Buddhist temple complex Yanasangvaram Voramahavihan, or Wat Jan. It was built in 1976 and was under the patronage of the late King Rama IX.

Viewpoint on Pratumnak Hill

South of downtown Pattaya stands Pratamnak Hill. At its summit is Pattaya Hill View Point, the best viewpoint in the region. There are always a lot of tourists and follow them on the heels of vendors various trinkets.

Tourist reviews of popular excursions

I liked the tour very much. He took me everywhere and showed me everything. And the temples and observation points. On the beach was 10 people, for beds do not pay. If you can rent a moped that more, he said, can show, but we were with children. Food prices baht 20 more expensive than on the mainland. People in general, no one, be sure to go on a weekday. The beach is not better than on Colan, but few people, the depth of the entrance is normal, was a strong wind and had big waves, a child in a circle nakatachala.

Non-tourist place – the main plus. A visit to the temple and the guide’s story about the religious habits and practices of the Thais-informative, swimming in the sea, unlimited (no whizzing around on jet skis or bananas with the campers, no fences), a nice lunch at a local cafe. An interestingly spent day!

Very interesting, comfortable and beautiful! I have been here before with a group, but the individual excursion is another matter! Thank you very much Sergey: very nice, knowledgeable and interesting guide and person! The time flew by without a glance, I learned a lot of new things, Sergey knows Thailand very well and loves it, and listening to him gives great pleasure! Thank you, very informative and beautiful!

We aggregate Russian speaking tours tour operators, travel agencies and private guides in Pattaya. We compare similar excursion programs by reviews, rating, cost and recommend the best of proposals.

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