Excursions in Prague – 2022: prices, description, reviews

Excursions in Prague – 2022: prices, description, reviews

Excursions in Prague

Author’s excursions – it is very interesting! For those who want to know the capital of the Czech Republic better with a Russian-speaking guide – 10 popular excursions in Prague in 2022. See the city from a new perspective!

Look for interesting excursions in Prague on Tripster’s site. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

Prague through the eyes of a local

Description . Prague legends, classic and unusual sights of Prague. Walk through medieval quarters and learn about the secret corners “for your own”!

Price . For 1-12 people – 34€ each. For 1 person – 51€.

Tourist Reviews . A walking tour of Prague is enjoyed by tourists who are new to the city as well as those who are already familiar with the Czech capital.

Prague sightseeing tour

Description . You will travel by bus between the central districts of the city. And during the walking tour, you will get to know Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, Dancing House and Wenceslas Square.

Price . For an adult, 15€.

Tourist Reviews . Bus and walking tour – inexpensive and very popular group tour in Prague in Russian. Suitable for those who are new to Prague.

Excursions in Prague in Russian

View from the Cathedral of St. Vitus on the square. (Photo: unsplash.com / @stijntestrake)

Prague of the Freemasons, Templars and Alchemists

Description . In two hours, you’ll visit the city’s most mysterious places, learn about esoteric concepts, learn about Prague’s sects, and find the homes of mystics and alchemists. Take a walk through Old Town and delve into the history of the secret orders of medieval Prague!

Price . For 1-4 people, 98€.

Tourist Reviews . An individual tour of Prague is enjoyed by lovers of history and beautiful architecture.

Excursions in Prague

The square of the crusaders in Prague

By bus and boat through the heart of Prague

Description . First you will see all the iconic places of Prague, and at the end of the tour you will enjoy the views of the city from the deck of the pleasure boat.

Price . For an adult it is 35€. Lunch at the restaurant is included in the price. For drinks on the ship you pay extra.

Tourist reviews . The combined group excursion with lunch is suitable for families with children, a romantic walk for two and a friendly party.

Best tours in Prague

Vtalva Walk (Photo: unsplash.com / @jennieramida)

Prague Stories

Description . One of the best tours in Prague in Russian is dedicated to places that are not written about in the city guidebooks. It is a journey into the past of Prague and its ordinary inhabitants. Listen to entertaining stories about what happened in the cobblestone streets centuries ago!

Malá Strana and Petřín Hill: sights

Price . For 1-5 people – 98€.

Tourist Reviews . The walking tour is designed for 2.5 hours. The guides do not bore tourists with dry facts, but immerse them in the unique atmosphere of romantic Prague.

Day trip to Vienna from Prague

Description . From the Czech Republic it is convenient to travel to other European cities. Tourists enjoy taking a tour from Prague to Vienna. Visit the Austrian capital and see the majestic castles, palaces, cathedrals, the Danube Tower, Kärntnerstrasse and the famous Graben Street.

Price . For an adult, 65€.

Tourist reviews . Inexpensive bus tour is suitable for everyone who wants to visit Vienna, but is not ready to travel on their own by public transport. A long-distance trip in a comfortable bus is convenient for parents with children and tourists of age.

Excursions in Prague in Russian

Hercules fighting Antaeus, Vienna

To Dresden from Prague

Description . The bus tour to the main city of East German Saxony lasts 10 hours. Tourists are told about the reconstruction of Dresden after World War II, showing the Zwinger, the Dresden Gallery, the Hofkirche, the Frauenkirche and St. Simeon Divnogorz cathedrals, Dresden Castle and other famous places.

Price . For an adult, 45€.

Tourist reviews . Inexpensive one-day tour from Prague to Dresden is popular with those who want to see the sights of the two countries. Tourists appreciated the excellent preparation of the guide and good accompaniment during the visit to the Dresden Gallery.

Excursion from Prague to Dresden

Hofkirche Catholic Church in Dresden (Photo: unsplash.com / @usinglight)

The dark side of Prague.

Description . A private tour of Prague introduces the atmospheric corners and mysterious legends of the Old Town. Stroll through the winding streets of fairytale Prague and listen to the guide’s tales of Rudolf II’s alchemists, mysterious 13th-century dungeons and magical elixirs.

Price . For 1-4 people – 100€.

Tourist reviews . A guided tour through the medieval mysteries of Prague is possible with children. The two-hour walk is not tiring and is very interesting.

Where to buy tours to Prague

Charles Bridge (Photo: unsplash.com / @anthonydelanoix)

Saxon Switzerland and Königstein Fortress

Description . One of the best tours in Prague in 2022 focuses on the borderlands between Bohemia and Germany. You will visit Königstein castle-fortress, visit the national park and admire the scenery from the observation deck of Mount Bastai.

Price . For adults 35€. Meals and entrance ticket to Königstein Fortress are charged separately.

Tourist reviews . The bus and walking tour from Prague to Saxon Switzerland lasts 10 hours. Tourists thank the guide for her professionalism and excellent sense of humor.

Prague - Kutna Hora. How to get there on your own?

Excursions to Prague

Bastai Bridge (Photo: unsplash.com / @cezarsmpio)

Puzzles of Prague: a tour-quest for children and adults

Description . If you want to have fun with your kids, go on a game tour in Prague. You’ll split into two teams and explore the sights in the center of the city. One point is awarded for solving each question on the history of Prague. The one with the most points by the end of the walk will win.

Price . For 1-15 people – 150€.

Tourist reviews . A playful introduction to Prague is very enjoyable for children, but adults also get a lot of pleasure from the fascinating quest.

All tours in Prague

Prague riddles: excursion-quest for children and adults

On my tour you will not only get to know Prague, but also have fun. You will walk through the Old Town, the Jewish Quarter, Charles Bridge, the Lesser Town and Prague Castle – that is, you will see almost the entire capital of the Czech Republic. Stories of unhappy love and weeping ghosts, wandering skeletons, noble knights and friendly watermen will be waiting for you everywhere. And my humorous assignments will turn the tour into a fun game. Read more.

Prague by bus and on foot!

Our tour is perfect for exploring Prague: you’ll ride the bus through the old quarters and promenades – and you won’t get the slightest bit tired. The energy you save is put to good use during your walk around Prague Castle and the Old Town, where the history of the Czech capital unfolds before you. Learn more.

Prague on foot and by bus: 4 hours, 1 love!

This tour is a recipe for a perfect introduction to ancient Prague. A mix of the most important pages of history, architectural details and stories about modern life with a pinch of legends and lore. You will pass through Vyšehrad and the embankments, walk along the Prague Castle and to the Old Town Square, visit St. Vitus Cathedral and make a wish on the Charles Bridge. Learn more.

Prague - love at first sight

You will see the most interesting sights of the beauty of Prague: the palaces of Hradčanské Square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, the Old Town Hall and St. Vitus Church. You will discover the legends and mysteries of the city, the official and the real versions of historical events – and fall in love with this beautiful city, just as I do! Learn more.

Prague through the eyes of a local

We will guide you through the main attractions of our favorite city and the most attractive places in Prague away from the tourist routes, we will tell you Prague’s stories and legends, show you the best coffee houses and souvenir shops, and share our traveler’s tips and tricks. You will plunge into the atmosphere and life of the old city, look at Prague from above, try the best ice-cream in the world, feed the swans and take lots of great pictures. Read more.

What to bring from Prague (Czech Republic) - prices for gifts and souvenirs

Prague Stories

Prague can be incredibly diverse – a city of medieval knights, a haven for immigrants and a perfect romantic getaway. You will see the most important architectural monuments of the Czech capital, but I won’t overload you with dates and facts. Instead, I will tell you the most interesting stories about events that once happened in Prague in different eras in the very center of the city, in the most “open” places. You will remember this walk through Prague as a little journey back in time, where ordinary people lived and wandered along the same cobblestone streets, and from that moment on you will feel yourself in the city in a completely different way. Read more.

Prague of Freemasons, Templars and Alchemists

I suggest you open little-known pages of Prague history and get acquainted with its monastic orders, medieval sects and esoteric concepts. You will walk through the main sights of the Old Town and Lesser Town, find the houses of alchemists and Masonic conventions, learn the history of the Maltese Knights, the Knights Templar and other secret organizations of mysterious Prague. Read more.

Individual Prague quest-excursion

You’ve been to Prague for a few days and you feel like you’ve been through the nooks and crannies of the city? Do you like puzzles where you have to solve puzzles to get to the next level? Do you like to walk around the old cities with a guidebook in your hand and imagine how it used to be? Then you’ll love the fascinating Prague quest-excursion. Read more.

Romantic flight for two (or three)

It’s not just a tour, but a real adventure, for those who are bored with the standard walks around Prague. For those who like unusual travel photos. And, of course, for those who want to surprise a loved one! Whether it is an anniversary, a wedding day or marriage proposal, your loved one will not be indifferent to this step. And we will provide a safe flight and capture your memories on video. Learn more.

From Prague to Saxon Switzerland!

A trip of an hour and a half from the Czech capital to the outskirts of Dresden and you’re in Switzerland! Saxon Switzerland, where it is unbelievably beautiful: fantastic and queer mountain and forest scenery, ancient strongholds and Bastej bridge over the gorge, that soars like a stone thread between the rocks. You will discover the history of local castles and the best landscapes, breathe in the fresh air and be inspired by the atmosphere of the past. Read more.

Prague: 8 free museums and 17 places of interest

Old Town and Jewish Quarter: get around and be impressed!

The historic center of the Czech capital is one of the most beautiful and largest in the world. You will stroll through the streets, districts and squares that are rightly considered the pride of Bohemia. On your way you will make a wish on the Charles Bridge, enjoy the urban legends, marvel at the return clock, stand on the Prague Meridian, and make a vivid collection of memories! Learn more.

Sweet tour of historic Prague

Our goal is to walk through historical places with special pleasure. You will stroll through the passages, admire the scenery, drink coffee and taste Prague’s specialty sweets. Stopping by unique houses, monuments and churches, you’ll learn informative details about life in the city that will help you better understand Prague. Learn more.

About Prague - with interest and love!

The capital fortunately manages to avoid the ravages of the wars and rash rebuilds. During my walk around wonderful Prague I will tell you about its centuries old life in the narrow alleys of the Old Town, the doll’s houses of the Golden Lane, luxurious palaces of the Lesser Town and the majestic residence of Czech rulers – Prague Castle. Learn more.

By bus and boat through the heart of Prague

In one day you will visit all of Prague’s landmarks: Old Town Square, the New Town and Hradcany District. You will learn the most important pages of Prague’s history, see the wonderful palaces and visit the Pomegranate Museum with antique collector’s items. The highlight of the trip is a cruise by ship, where Prague presents itself to you in all its magnificence. Learn more.

Royal Krumlov Czech and Hluboka nad Vltavou Castle

Chamber Town is like a setting for a medieval novel about beautiful ladies, brave knights and ghosts. There are cramped streets, ancient stone buildings, and places that offer grand views of the rocky fortress! You can soak up the medieval spirit on a walk through Český Krumlov or visit the purest white-washed manor house in Prague – Hluboká nad Vltavou. Learn more.

On the beer tour of Prague

You will learn traditions and secrets of Czech beer production which is one of the trademarks of the Czech Republic! We will wander through secret streets of the Old and New Town, exploring the most interesting Prague beer gardens and diving into the multifaceted and rich world of Czech brewing. And on the way, of course, we will talk about the history of the city, its landmarks and centuries-old traditions. Read more.

Prague Evening Mysteries

Even if you do not believe in mysticism, in Prague you have no chance to be a skeptic. During its centuries-long history, the city is saturated with legends, mysteries and magical phenomena – on a walk you will see for yourself. In the light of the street lamps Prague will appear in a different guise, and I will complete this “picture” with incredible facts and legends. Learn more.

Prague Castle and Hradcany: attractions

The Mystique of Old Prague

During a mystical walk through the Old Town you will learn horror stories about alchemists and vampires, true wizards and Freemasons who lived in medieval Prague. You will see the legendary Astronomical Clock, the Staronov Synagogue, the ghost of the Headless Knight, and the “blind alleys”. Read more.

Prague Blitz-Walk

Get ready, the Prague Express is leaving! In three hours you will walk from present-day Wenceslas Square to the ancient Prague Castle, discover the secrets of the Prague Astronomical Clock Orloj, find the tastiest trdelnick in town, learn a few phrases in Czech and learn the tastes of the locals. And I will make your first date with Prague perfect. Read more.

On the Eve of Prague!

The beauty and comfort of Prague will strike you in the heart from the first minutes of your stay. You will see ancient squares, temples, theaters and universities. You will walk through the narrow medieval streets, you will learn how to tell the time using astronomical clock and you will hear the most interesting city legends! Learn more.


It so happened that my son and my husband could not go on the tour and Tatyana did it for me alone. It was very interesting for me, and now I hope that on our next visit to Prague, the family will be able to join us! Really, people, do not spare the time/money for a tour It is very cool and priceless when a person in love with the city, tells you and shows you the interesting places Impressions and a feeling of magic for life It was very unexpected and nice to get gifts at the end) bracelet leg with joy! With gratitude to Irina

It was very fun, dynamic and straightforward. We went to interesting courtyards and streets that you can hardly go by yourself. Tanya was a great narrator, it was very interesting for the kids.

If you are travelling with children, it was a great experience! My boys found it very interesting. Tatiana was attentive and affectionate. In addition, it was nice to receive gifts☺️.

We liked it a lot. Tatiana told us so interesting stories that the children were happy to get into the game. This tour helped us to see Prague with different eyes. Thank you so much ☺️

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