Excursions in the Dominican Republic – 2022: prices, descriptions, reviews

10 best excursions in the Dominican Republic.

Excursions in the Dominican Republic.

For those looking for where to go from Punta Cana, Boca Chica, Puerto Plata and Samana, we tell you about 10 popular excursions in the Dominican Republic in Russian. Descriptions, prices and reviews of participants in 2022. Tourist tips.

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All Shades of the Dominican Republic.

Description . If you want to see the most in one day, be on a photography-focused tour in the Dominican Republic. From Punta Cana tourists are taken to Macau beach, a favorite of surfers. In the city of Meeches – introduce the traditions of the local population and the dishes of the Dominican cuisine. To admire the beautiful landscapes, tour participants take a truck to the top of Mount Redonda.

Price . For 1-4 people, it’s $210.

Tourist reviews . In addition to a pleasant experience, vacationers get half a hundred vivid photos each.

Excursions in the Dominican Republic.

Swing on Mount Redonda (Photo: wuestenigel / flickr.com)

A day in paradise on the island of Saona

Description . The protected corner of nature is called the pearl of the Caribbean. An excursion to Saona Island in the Dominican Republic is enjoyed by nature lovers and beach lovers. You will walk on the white sand, taste exotic fruits, swim with a mask and flippers at the coral reef and get the starfish from the bottom.

Price . For an adult, it’s $91.

Tourist reviews . The trip lasts 12 hours. The group gets to the island on a speedboat with a canopy. Tourists appreciated the clean beaches and the colorful artist town of Altos de Chavon.

Prices for tours in the Dominican Republic

Saona Island beach (Photo: unsplash.com / @kamilkalb)

Santo Domingo’s calling cards

Description . The capital of the republic is the first city founded by Europeans in the New World. The tour begins at Los Tres Ojos Cave, which gets its name from three colorful lakes. You will visit the Columbus Lighthouse and pay tribute to the brave discoverer of the Americas. The colonial quarter of the city leaves a pleasant impression. Here you can see the oldest Catholic cathedral in the Western Hemisphere, the National Pantheon and the palace of the navigator’s son, Diego Columbus.

Price . For an adult it is $74.

Tourist Reviews . From Punta Cana, the tour to the capital of the Dominican Republic lasts 12 hours. Tourists note that the guide has an excellent command of the material and tells about life of Dominicans in an interesting way.

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Alexey Sinitsyn, the editor-in-chief of our website, went to Santo Domingo, and he didn’t like the city. Read his story about the dumpy city.

Tourist reviews about trips to the Dominican Republic.

A monument to Columbus on the square in front of the Cathedral in Santo Domingo.

Mysterious Island

Description . Los Aiteses is a wonderful corner of the Dominican Republic, so a tour of this national park is popular with tourists in 2022. Los Aiteses is covered in dense jungle. You’ll visit mangroves, see ancient caves with Indian rock paintings, swim in pools of clear mountain water, and listen to exotic birds sing.

Price . For an adult, $66. Transfer to and from the hotel is included in the price of the tour.

Tourist reviews . The trip lasts for 11 hours. Conditions are quite comfortable for adults and children, so this tour is recommended for families.

Prices and description of excursions in the Dominican Republic

Mangroves in Los Aiteses (Photo: wikimedia.org / Anton Bielousov)

Swimming with dolphins

Description . Fulfill your childhood dream – swim with the sea animals! Dolphin Explorer is located on a fenced area in the open sea. It takes 30 minutes from Punta Cana, about an hour from the Boca Chica, La Romana and Baiaibe hotels. You will see a seals show, a performance of trained parrots and swim with dolphins.

Price . Swimming for an adult with a group of dolphins is $99, with one dolphin is $149. Photography for one is $80, for two is $150.

Tourist reviews . The program lasts half an hour. Participants must be able to swim and not afraid of the depths. Don’t forget to bring swimming gear, a towel, sunscreen and drinking water!

Excursions in Punta Cana

Fulfill your childhood dream – swim with sea animals! Photo: AlexanderNovikov / Depositphotos.com

Pirates of the Caribbean

Description . The three-hour excursion in the Dominican Republic is enjoyed by the adventurous and relaxing at sea lover. Participants are welcomed aboard a sailing ship and initiated into piracy. You will go snorkeling on the coral reef, search for hidden treasure, swim with stingrays and nurse sharks, see spectacular stunts and sword fighting. After returning to shore, tourists are taken back to their hotels.

Price . For an adult, $114, children under 12 are free.

Tourist Reviews . The fun animation of the Española ship’s crew is perfect for holidays with kids and friendly parties. Tourists are advised to take waterproof cases for photo equipment and smartphones.

Samana: whale watching tour

Description . The protected peninsula, which is located in the northeast of the country, is a holiday destination for fans of eco-tourism. Samana tours in the Dominican Republic are enjoyed by lovers of horseback riding, bird and animal watching. Every winter, humpback whales come to the peninsula from the cold Arctic waters. In the sheltered bay of Samana, the huge animals meet their congeners and procreate.

Dominican Republic: on your own or by tour - how much cheaper?

Price . For an adult, it’s $100. Included are breakfast and a Dominican-style lunch.

Tourist Reviews . You can see whales from mid-January to the end of March. After observing the animals, participants are taken to the picturesque island of Cayo Levantado for a beach vacation.

Excursions in the Dominican Republic.

Whale migration (Photo: Christopher.Michel / flickr.com)

Fun Fun Fun Cave.

Description . Tourists who vacation at the Boca Chica resort in the Dominican Republic enjoy a tour of the country’s largest stalactite cave. Fun Fun Fun is located on the Los Haitises Reserve. The transfer to the ranch takes about three hours. You will be fed breakfast and taken on horseback to the entrance of the cave. At the depths you will see a realm of underground rivers, stalactites and stalagmites.

Price . For an adult it is $140, children from 11 to 13 years old are $115.

Tourist Reviews . The drive to the cave and back to the hotel is long, so the tour is recommended for adults and school-age children. Take bathing gear, a towel, a change of clothes, socks and water on the way!

Amber tour. Safari

Description . If you’re staying in Puerto Plata, take a tour to the Dominican Republic for blue Caribbean amber. An experienced guide will take you to the coast, where you can find the beautiful buttery blue stones, and tell the amazing story of the emergence of Dominican amber.

Price . For an adult, $200.

Tourist Reviews . The two-hour drive through the scenic area is a lot of fun. A nice bonus is small pieces of blue fossilized resin that formed between 20 and 40 million years ago.

Excursions in the Dominican Republic

Blue amber (Photo: wikimedia.org / Vassil)

Romantic excursion! Sunset by helicopter

Description . From the hotels in Punta Cana and Bavaro, tourists are taken to the take-off point. The Helidosa helicopter flight lasts 15 minutes. The sunset offers spectacular views of the palm-covered coastline, green jungle massifs and white sandy beaches.

Price . For an adult, $149.

Tourist Reviews . A romantic adventure in the air leaves a vivid impression. During the flight you can admire the surroundings and take spectacular photos.

Prices for tours in the Dominican Republic

The Helidosa helicopter flight lasts 15 minutes. Photo: Iurii / Depositphotos.com.

All tours in the Dominican Republic

Saona Island and the City of Artists

This dream excursion will give you a perfect day in the Dominican Republic! In a group of up to 26 people on a speedboat, you’ll travel to the paradisiacal island of Saona and spend 4 hours on its best beach. You’ll also walk through the streets of the City of Artists, watch the Caribbean Sea meet the Atlantic, and watch the starfish in the Blue Lagoon with a glass of sparkling wine in hand. Read more.

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Santo Domingo: Group excursion from Punta Cana

Santo Domingo is definitely a city worth visiting, as this is where Europeans began their journey to the Americas. In a group of up to 35 people, you’ll tour the homes, plazas, and churches of the Colonial City, hear stories of the continent’s conquest, and see the legendary Columbus Lighthouse. Plus, check out the Cigar Factory and the Three Eyes Cave with its underground lakes. Read more.

Paradise Day on Saona Island

Welcome to a corner of the Dominican Republic called the Pearl of the Caribbean! Enjoy the gentle sun, turquoise waves, and velvety sand of Saona Island. Snorkeling on a coral reef, discovering Dominican traditions in the artist town of Altos de Chavon, and retrieving a star from the sea floor. Read more.

Romantic photo shoot on a private beach in Punta Cana

Taking pictures in the Antilles, in the fabulous Dominican Republic, is more than just an opportunity to capture yourself against a backdrop of exotic nature. The atmosphere of the island and its delightful landscapes are the standard setting for a beautiful love story. A professional photo session on a private beach with no strangers is the best present for couples in love who dream to take rich and sunny pictures of their romantic trip to the tropics. Read more.

Too cool island tour!

How do ordinary people live in a banana paradise? We’ll show you the Dominican flavor and the most photogenic places around Punta Cana! You’ll take that very picture on a swing, ride a steel rope with a jump into a freshwater lagoon, visit the real outback of the Dominican Republic and the wild enchanting beach of Macau. Read more.

The Secret Dominican Republic: ATV Expedition

We want to show you the real Dominican Republic, with stunning nature and perfect climate, delicious food and, of course, warm people. On quad bikes in a group of up to 25 people we’ll go to conquer the wild beaches, explore Dominican villages and taste Caribbean food. Come with us to get to know the country you flew 10 hours to from the other side of the globe! Read more.

The exotic Samaná Peninsula and Mount Redonda

The northern paradise Dominican Republic, the Samaná Peninsula, awaits you in all its glory! Join up to 30 people on a catamaran trip to the natural reserve of Los Aitises, with its caves and soaring cliffs. Then you can bask on the beach and sip cocktails on Bacardi Island. Once you’re back on the mainland, climb Mount Redonda for a swing and hammock over the abyss. Read more.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: a water adventure on a schooner!

Yo-ho-ho, this is a program for adventurers! In the Caribbean Sea you will meet pirates: go on a mini-voyage on their schooner, witness a sword fight and try on the role of sea robbers. Dive into the azure waters to swim with harmless sharks and rays, admire the underwater world. The price includes transfers, fruit and drinks. Read more.

Vivid introduction to Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is not only a scattering of beaches on the Atlantic coast, but also a treasure trove of historic monuments, natural beauty, and craft factories. In a group of up to 20 people you will discover the main locations of the resort: walk through the Isabel de Torres National Park, appreciate the local chocolate, rum and amber products, and experience the atmosphere of the old neighborhoods of the 19th century. Read more.

Paradise Island and a Kaleidoscope of Beaches

In a group of up to 20 people, you’ll travel to Cayo Arena Island, a true paradise! We’ll arrive here in the morning and admire the marine life of the reef without the crowds. Also on the program is a natural pool in the Caribbean Sea and a fascinating walk among the mangroves, the beach with Instagram swings, Emerald and Dominican beaches – a relaxation on the full program! Read more.

Photo chase after whales in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has a spectacular “show” of nature itself from January through March! With our help you will see whales swimming into the Bay of Samaná, you will forever have the emotions and photos of the meeting with the beautiful giants. In addition, you will visit the protected waterfall before the wailwatch, and afterwards, relax on the beach and look at the bright sea stars. The tour takes place in a group of up to 40 people. Details.

Saona VIP with buffet and champagne

The Adventure of the Air

Personalized tour in Santo Domingo


Helicopter Flight to Saona VIP Island

Private tour to Saona Island

Experience the Dominican Republic

We offer you a rich and informative excursion to the Dominican outback. You will learn about the local culture, the history of the ancient tribes, visit the most beautiful beach, visit a magnificent cave with crystal water, taste the delicious coffee at the ranch and much more.


Who has dreamed of driving the best SUV in the world? No matter how you look at it, the Jeep Wrangler is considered one of the best! And if the road passes through the beautiful natural attractions of the Dominican Republic, so it’s all fire! You will be able to communicate with each other on radios, which will give even more charm to this trip. To book a private jeep for two people, you must pay for one extra seat.

Dominica for $1,000 for two: day 6. Samana's Wild Beaches

Excursion Blue Lakes

A fascinating eco tour for the whole family! You will be able to experience the amazing nature of the island and have fun. You will swim in freshwater lagoons with crystal-clear water, visit the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea, and get acquainted with the local flora and fauna.


Terrific tour! Saona is a really heavenly place. Beautiful beach: white sand and azure water. The old town (town of artists) was just a tick to diversify the tour. Guide Lazaro – above all praise, tells interesting and caloric. The prices: $ 104 Republic, Anex Tour – $ 115, but promises to include pina colada, it costs $ 10 on Saona. The prices are the same. Plus Republic – the island will take a breeze on the waves at high speed boat (catamaran Anex sails about an hour, long), you come first, which makes it possible beautifully photographed on an empty beach. The other boats arrive about half an hour later. Leaving the island, all excursions at about the same time. There is enough space on the beach for everyone.

Thank you for the excellent tour, we were accompanied by a pleasant girl Daria. We booked in advance from Russia, were afraid to make an advance payment, but saw your channel on YouTube, we believed, took a chance and did not regret it. Everyone is advised to buy Excursions, all clear in time, few tourists and much cheaper than the anex tour, which of course discourage third party tours, we recommend, thank you guys.

The guide is great, super. The tour itself is not ochen interesting; there is nothing to see in the city. I would have spent more time in a cigar shop, take your time, it’s really interesting

On the whole, the tour was not bad, but not exciting, out of thin air. On the way back the bus broke down, waited for a replacement.

It is desirable to plan more time in Altos de Chavon, so you could have a coffee and look at the stores. The 30 minutes is very short. It would be better to have 1 hour or 1 hour and 15 minutes. Thanks a lot to the organizers for waiting while we were looking for the bus.

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