Food in Fukuoka. Prices – 2022. How to eat well?

All about food in Fukuoka: prices and where to eat well

We’ve compiled a detailed overview of food prices on Phu Quoc Island in 2022. Cafes, restaurants, stores, fruit, seafood, night market. Find out how much it costs to eat at Vietnam’s popular resort. Our review and tips.

We are big fans of Vietnam and its cuisine. When we flew to Phu Quoc island, we hoped to get a new portion of gastronomic pleasure. But it was not! The resort has strongly let us down and disappointed in the catering: prices, taste, portions. We tell you about our experience, list prices, tips and cautions.

In Phu Quoc, we lived both in Truong Dong and in the tourist area – on the street along Long Beach. In search of inexpensive and tasty food went almost every place, so we studied the prices thoroughly. Here are the prices for the tourist street. The prices in Truong Dongh – briefly at the end of the article.

Exchange rate: 10,000 Vietnamese Dong (VND) ≈ 32 rubles.

What to eat and where?

Prices in cafes in Phu Quoc Vietnam

Food prices in cafes and restaurants in Phu Quoc – 2022

Уличные кафе для местных. В таких скромных кафе с вывесками на вьетнамском и замызганными пластиковыми стульями цены на еду самые низкие: рис с любым мясом от 25 тысяч донгов, супы от 30 тысяч, молодой кокос — 25 тыс. донгов. Обычно у них нет даже меню. Узнайте основные блюда вьетнамской кухни >>

Seafood cafes. They can be recognized by the aquariums with live marine creatures. The tables are metal or plastic, set outside or under a canopy. In Mui Ne they are known as Bo Ke. For us, this is the most unpleasant type of establishment. We honestly tried to get into it – we have to eat seafood! However, it did not go well: portions are brought as for a kitten, all unpalatable, and the price is not cheap. We were once served just a tiny undercooked squid for VND 40 thousand and we decided not to experiment any more.

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The majority of our guests are Vietnamese who order beer and snacks. Russians order seafood, but we advise to eat it in normal restaurants.

Prices on Phu Quoc island for seafood

Cafes for tourists. They look much more decent than the street ones: wooden tables and chairs, there are menus in English, Russian and Chinese. There is more comfort, but the prices are higher: calamari with rice – 60-85 thousand, noodles with vegetables – 50 thousand, fried noodles with meat – 65-80 thousand, bun chah (noodles with cutlets on the grill) – 50 thousand. Coffee costs 15-25 thousand dong, smoothies, shakes and juices – from 25 thousand.

Restaurants. Prices depend on the level of the establishment. In posh ones (e.g., Sinhao), seafood costs VND 200,000-350,000 on average. Less expensive restaurants (e.g. Tam) offer seafood for VND100,000. Many establishments of medium level, where the dishes cost 150-200 thousand.

В ресторане Tam мы устроили новогодний ужин: угорь, кальмары в тамариндовом соусе, жареный рис с чесноком, два кофе и грибы шиитаки стоили 400 тысяч. Очень вкусно и недорого! Узнайте про отдых на Новый год во Вьетнаме >>

Phu Quoc seafood prices

Food prices at the Fukuoka night market

After 6:00 pm, hungry tourists flock to the night market for fresh seafood. The prices in Europeanized seafood restaurants at the market seemed to us very excessive. Judge for yourself:

  • The hotpot is 400,000 dong;
  • seafood fried rice – 110,000 VND;
  • fried noodles with seafood – 120 thousand VND;
  • Shrimp (including tiger shrimp) – 170 thousand;
  • Squid – 120-150 thousand.

And this is in a place where, according to guidebooks, you can eat inexpensive seafood! To compare, we bought calamari in coconut milk with rice at a cafe in our resort for 60 thousand VND.

night market food in fukuoc

Here is a picture of the menu of one of the restaurants at the market:

fucuoc food restaurant prices

What else can you eat at the market? Try the fried ice cream, a Thai specialty. It costs 30 thousand, very tasty. There are lines to the ice cream makers, because making the dessert is a performance.

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Lots of street food: Vietnamese-style hot dogs, quail egg scrambled eggs with mussels or sea urchin, fried spring rolls, omelets with vegetables – all for 30,000 VND apiece. Coconut desserts are also on sale.

eat in fukuok

How much does fruit cost?

Most fruit stalls are on one of the streets leading to the night market. But there are also on the street along Long Beach.

Fruit prices in Fukuoka are slightly higher than elsewhere (per kg):

  • rambutans – 45 thousand;
  • longan – 50-70 thousand (depending on the size);
  • pitahaya (dragonfruit) – 30,000;
  • pink apples – 25 thousand;
  • watermelon – 15 thousand dong;
  • tropical oranges 30,000;
  • mango – 38 thousand;
  • passion fruit – 30 thousand;
  • peeled pineapple – 25 thousand.

Стоимость фруктов не зависит от места — только от продавца. Некоторые считают до последнего грамма, а другие пытаются обвесить. Бывало, в Зыонг Донге даже продавали дороже, чем в туристических местах. Узнайте о самых вкусных фруктах Вьетнама >>

fruit prices in fukuok

Store prices

Familiar to us supermarkets in Fukuoka is not yet. There are minimarkets. On the tourist street there are a few: A1, C-Mart, “countryside” mini markets. Another one, large by local standards, is Duong Dong in Duong Dong, where there are mostly imported products, cosmetics, clothes and household goods – it is almost a full-fledged supermarket!

Here are some food prices at stores in Fukuoka in 2022:

  • Oreo cookies – 18,000;
  • Snickers or Mars bars, 28,000;
  • yogurt, 7,000;
  • Camembert or Brie cheeses – 89,000;
  • water (1.5 liters) – 10 thousand;
  • water (0,5 l) – 5 thousand;
  • chips – 15-30 thousand;
  • beer (0,33 l) – from 12 thousand;
  • Korean moshi (moti) – 40-50 thousand
  • Juices (only Thai, 1 liter) – from 70 thousand.

grocery store prices in fukuok

food prices in fukuoka

Prices for food in Truong Dong

It’s cheaper to eat in Zuong Dong – after all, almost all establishments are designed for local people. Prices in the city are average Vietnamese and familiar to us.

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Here are some examples:

  • soups – from 40 thousand;
  • boe deux – 35,000;
  • smoothies – 20 thousand;
  • fried rice with ham – 35 thousand;
  • rice with beef – 40 thousand;
  • seafood noodles – 35 thousand;
  • steak – 80 thousand;
  • rice with a choice of additives – 15 thousand;
  • cane juice – 10 thousand;
  • coffee without milk / with milk – 15-20 thousand;
  • bun cha (noodles with grilled meatballs) – 35 thousand.

fukuoka cafe prices

where to eat in fukuok island

Vietnam Fukuok what to try from food

What surprised and dismayed us

Some things in Fukuoka surprised, outraged and upset us – we didn’t expect such a punch in the gut from the wonderful Vietnamese cuisine at all.

Кофе — это то, ради чего мы возвращаемся во Вьетнам. В туристической зоне с ним напряженно. В какую бы кофейню или кафе мы не зашли, кофе подают отвратительный. Пережаренный или слишком разбавленный. Местные его откровенно жалеют и кладут слишком мало. Неплохой кофе нашли в кафе Yen Ha. Читайте подробнее о легендарном вьетнамском кофе >>

coffee island fukuok vietnam

The seafood can be poorly cooked and the portions are small.

Food prices in Phu Quoc are higher than in other resorts in Vietnam. And in general, go find a cheap local cafe in the tourist area!

Fruit prices depend not on the touristy location, but on the seller.

It was very annoying when we were charged 20 thousand VND for 2 bananas. And we have forgotten that sometimes it’s a trick – used to trust. By the way, in Thailand and Mui Ne bring a plate of fruit for free.

The lack of full-fledged supermarkets complicates life (with longstay).

Portions are often small – nowhere else in Vietnam this is not encountered. Well, or we got such a cafe.

Mistake in the order: instead of chicken legs ordered chicken feet. Studying the menu at a street cafe in Phu Quoc. A cafe for locals. Unchanged attributes – plastic chairs and garbage on the floor. Dinner at a local cafe. Eating Pho Bo soup in the company of noisy Vietnamese drinkers. A street cafe for locals.

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Prices in Phu Quoc

Home All World Asia Vietnam Phu Quoc Prices in Phu Quoc

What’s on sale and how much does it cost in Phu Quoc, Vietnam?

All prices in rubles are current at the time of viewing (converted from local currency at the CB RF exchange rate as of 11.09.2022).

Hotel prices

How to make your trip easier

We have made a convenient, beautiful and free app for iOS, which has all the information that is on the site, but is always available without internet.

And also offline maps, which will always help you find a cafe or an attraction nearby. Wherever you are in the world.

Just a minute. Going to Fukuoka?

Food Prices in Fukuoka

Starting at 6 p.m., there are a lot of restaurants open here where you can find a variety of food for all tastes. Great cheap local food.

Probably the only Indian restaurant on the island. The food is not bad, although, of course, clearly does not meet European standards.

Here you can either order the dish of the day (which is recommended) or something from the menu. The food is always tasty and fresh, at quite reasonable prices.

A small restaurant run by a Swedish couple. Relaxed atmosphere, mostly serving tapas, salads and some local dishes

A family establishment where the food is prepared by a woman with extensive culinary experience. You can take your meals to go or order delivery.

This cafe offers some German cuisine as well as fresh chocolate cakes. An ideal place for breakfast.

Flight prices to Fukuoka

A good helper.

Want to have all the information about prices in the world and Fukuoka always at your fingertips? We recommend installing our app, which in addition to prices also has a lot of things to do – airports, what to try, interesting places and, of course, detailed offline maps of the whole world.

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Total Fukuoka prices.
Regular lunch for one: 127 rubles $2.16
Dinner for two with wine: 1,015 rubles $17.25
Bigmack + fries + cola: 273 rubles.
Local beer 0.5l: 50 rubles.
Cup of cappuccino: 103 rubles.
Coke 0.33l: 30 rubles.
Mineral water 0.33l: 19 rubles.
Fitness pass: 1,534 rubles.
Cinema ticket: 237 rubles.
Levis jeans: 1,957 rubles.
Dress at Zara / H&M: 1,813 rubles.
Nike sneakers: 4,866 rubles.
Average salary 23,283 rubles: $395.38
1 room in the center per month 21 261 rub.
3 rooms on the outskirts per month 28,377 rub.
Single trip (public transport) 17 rubles $0.3
Monthly transportation pass. 508 rubles
Petrol, 1 liter 51 rubles $0.88
New Kia Ceed 2 539 918 rub.
Fukuoka prices

The cheapest meal in Fukuoka (as a dinner for one) starts at 88 rubles, although in some places it can be as low as 152 rubles. Dinner with wine (or similar alcohol) for two ranges from 762 rubles to 1,320 rubles, with an average city check of 1,015 rubles.

Fans of McDonald’s burgers (or other fast food restaurants like KFC or Burger King) can get a set of fries for about 228 rubles. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning for 63 rubles, although the price of an average cappuccino can be as low as 139 rubles.

The average one-way trip on public transport (metro, streetcar, or similar) costs 17 rubles on average, and the same trip in a cab costs 149 rubles. The examples give an idea of the general level of prices for transport in Fukuoka, but the specific price of the trip depends on the type of transport and the distance (or duration).

You can get a “beer in the room” from the store for around 41 rubles for a bottle, a small can of Coke for 22 rubles. Cigarettes in Fukuoka #market_marlboro_min# for a pack of Marlboro.

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