Food in Turkey . What to try? Prices – 2022

Prices in Turkey in 2022 for food and clothes by the example of Alanya

We tell you about the prices in Turkey – 2022. How expensive will holiday in Turkey, what and how much does it cost at Turkish resorts in 2022.

  • Interesting prices for sightseeing tours and attractions.
  • food prices in cafes and restaurants.
  • Food prices in supermarkets and markets in Turkey
  • How much do souvenirs, clothes, transportation, etc. cost.

At the end of the article is our personal experience: how much money we spent in Turkey for 10 days on an all inclusive package. Detailed description of each category of expenses on vacation.

Prices are given for example Alanya, as it goes to most Russian tourists. The prices are current at the time of publication and may change in the future.

Prices for tours

Where to look for cheap tours to Turkey – 2022? We bought a trip on the Travelata website. Another similar site is They compare tour prices from all tour operators, finding the cheapest options.

To save money, check out their tour promo codes page. There are discounts of up to 2,000-3,000 rubles to Turkey.

These are the minimum prices in rubles for tours with a flight from Moscow for two people:

Prices for tours to Turkey 7 nights 11 nights 14 nights
February 22000 26100 32800
March 25600 34300 35000
April 25100 29600 36000
May 26300 34500 37600
August 38400 45800 49200
September 39100 44600 46800
October 36600 45000 47200
November 41200 53500 47900

According to my personal observations, tours for summer – 2022 are about the same as last year. But the prices for tours in the fall have increased significantly: before it was possible to relax in Turkey for 25-30 thousand rubles for two, and now the minimum prices start from 40 thousand rubles.

Alanya is considered the cheapest of Turkish resorts; the cost of tours to other destinations is usually a little higher.

You can view the cost of tours to all resorts in Turkey through price comparison services:

Excursions and Entertainment


Cost of popular excursions in Alanya (per 1 person):

  • sightseeing tour of Alanya – 11,5 euros
  • Pirate ship sailing on the bay – 16 Euros
  • Excursion to Pamukkale and Hierapolis city – 45 euros
  • Active recreation on jeeps in the Green Canyon – 23 euros
  • Demre, Kekova and Mira – 45 euros.

Tourists give good feedback about individual tours (the cost for 1-6 people):

    – 69 euros – 44 euros – 44 euros

In other Turkish resorts the prices for similar excursions are about the same.

ℹ️ Where to buy tours? We compared the price of excursions at hotel guides and when buying online (on Tripster and Sputnik8). The prices do not differ much, but they are a little lower on the internet.


How much does it cost to visit the sights in Alanya on your own:

  • The cable car from Cleopatra Beach to the fortress – 16 liras one way, 20 liras round trip
  • Alanya Castle – 20 liras
  • Archeology Museum – 6 lira
  • Red Tower – 7 liras
  • Shipyard – 7 lira
  • Damlataş Cave – 7,5 lira

There are combo-tickets which allow you to save money when you visit several places of interest. For instance, the ticket for the Red Tower + the Shipyard + Damlataş Cave is 14 lira, though if you buy them separately it will cost you 21,5 lira. You can buy such a ticket at any of the sights.

Tickets for children are usually sold at a discount of up to 50% off the adult ticket price.


Prices for entertainment in Alanya in 2022:

  • Alanya Water Park (near Cleopatra Beach) – 60 Liras
  • Water Planet Waterpark – 150 Liras for adults, 120 Liras for children
  • Sun lounger rental on the beach – 10 liras per day
  • parasailing (parachute flight behind the boat) – from 50 euros
  • paragliding (paragliding by paraglider) – from 40-50 euros
  • hydrobike renting – 40 euros for 15 minutes
  • banana boat ride – 15 euros
  • water skiing – 30 euros
  • Visit / excursion to Turkish bath (Hamam) – €22-27
7 best excursions in Antalya: prices 2022 and description

In some places you can bargain. For example, we got into a conversation with the organizer of paragliding flights at Cleopatra beach and he cut our price from 50 to 30 euros.

In other resorts of Turkey (Kemer, Antalya, Side) entertainment prices are about the same.

View of Alanya from a fortress

Photo: view of the bay and Alanya from the fortress


Transport in Alanya is represented by buses and cabs. You can also rent a car or a bicycle.


All official cabs are yellow and must have a meter. The price for a ride is made up of two factors:

  • The cost of boarding – 3-4 liras
  • The price per 1 km – 3-3,5 lira

Some cab drivers ask for a fixed fare. It’s usually higher than if you go by the meter, so it’s better not to agree.

If you plan a trip in advance (for example, from the airport or from one city to another), it is more convenient to order a transfer. We used the service Kiwitaxi, and we were satisfied.


The cheapest transport is the bus. The fare in Alanya and its suburbs (Mahmutlar, Kestel, etc.) costs 4 lira. The ticket is paid to the driver when boarding the bus.

There are large municipal buses and small dolmushi buses. The price doesn’t depend on the type of bus.

Cost of transportation in Turkey

Photo: Local buses (dolmushi) in Alanya

Rent a car

If you have a driver’s license and want to explore the city and surroundings on your own it’s better to rent a car.

The cost of renting a car depends on the class of the car and starts at $ 20 per day.

For your information: the prices for rental cars from different car rental companies can be compared on the Rentalcars website. If possible, it is better to book a car in advance, because in the high season the necessary models may not be available.

Rent a bike

A good way to explore Alanya on your own is to rent a bike. There is a promenade along the sea throughout Alanya that is great to ride on.

Bicycle rentals are occasionally found along the promenade, but we found the bikes in those rentals to be bad. We rented bikes from Martin Turkay Rentals in downtown Alanya (address and point on the map).

The prices in this rental:

Cafes and Restaurants

There are many cafes and restaurants in Alanya. In establishments near the sea and popular attractions, the cost of food is usually slightly higher.

How much it costs to eat in a cafe in Turkey in 2022:

  • An average meal in a cafe – 30 lira
  • Dinner for two at a restaurant – 120 Liras
  • McDonalds combo set – 27,5 lira
  • draught beer (0,5 l) – 25 lira
  • 14,5 lira for a cup of coffee (cappuccino)
  • bottle of Coke/Pepsi (0,33 l) – 5 lira

In general, lunch or dinner in a restaurant in Turkey will cost noticeably cheaper than in Russia.

For example, we ate at the popular Kale Panorama Café with a good view of the city during our tour of Alanya Fortress. Lunch for two cost 140 liras:

  • pasta carbonara – 34 lira
  • Ottoman kebab – 66 lira
  • soft drinks – two 15 lira each.
  • We left another 10 lira as a tip.

Prices for specific dishes in restaurants in Turkey – 2022:

  • soup (mushroom, chicken, vegetable, tomato, fish) – 12-20 liras
  • omelette with additives (mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, etc.) – 15-25 liras
  • Turkish/English breakfast – 25-40 liras
  • salad – 15-30 lira
  • spaghetti carbonara / bolognese – 30-35 lira
  • chicken shashlik – 35-45 liras
  • Turkish kebab – 35-80 lira
  • steak – 75-100 lira
  • Soft drinks, tea, coffee – 5-15 lira

Seafood in Turkey is expensive (relative to other foods). The cost of dishes with squid, shrimp or fish ranges from 60-100 liras per serving.

[photo with Panorama Café and/or prices/café]

Supermarkets and markets

Turkish resorts have both large supermarkets and small stores where you can buy the essentials.

Among the large supermarkets popular is Migros, from smaller ones Carrefour, Sok and others are widespread.

Real estate for rent - a new vacation trend in Turkey

The cost of products in supermarkets in Turkey – 2022:

Grocery Prices. Cost in Turkish Lira (₺)
Milk, 1 L 5,7 ₺
Fresh bread (0.5 kg) 3,4 ₺
Pack of rice, 1 kg 10 ₺
Cheese, 1 kg 50 ₺
Beef, 1 kg 58 ₺
Chicken fillet, 1 kg 19 ₺
Eggs (10 pieces) 13 ₺
Can of Nescafe coffee, 100 g 16,5 ₺
Lipton tea bags 7,8 ₺
Milka chocolate, 100 gr 5,5 ₺
Turkish sweets, Turkish delight 41 ₺
Ice cream (eskimo) 5 ₺
Potatoes, 1 kg 2 ₺
Tomatoes, 1 kg 2 ₺
Cucumbers, 1 kg 3 ₺
Bottle of water, 1.5 liters 2 ₺
Pack of Marlboro cigarettes 16,5 ₺

Prices in supermarkets in TurkeyPhoto: the cost of fruit in the supermarket Migros

Fresh fruits and vegetables in Turkey can be bought not only in supermarkets, but also in markets. Come in the evening to buy cheaper, or in the morning to buy fresh.

Here are the prices of fruit at the Saturday market in Alanya (per kilo):

  • mandarins – 2,5 lira
  • oranges 3,5 lira
  • grapes – 18 lira
  • strawberries – 10 lira
  • cherries – 12 lira
  • watermelons – 4 lira
  • bananas – 12 lira
  • apples – 3 lira
  • peaches – 7 lira
  • pears – 10 lira
  • plums – 5 lira
  • melons – 6 lira
  • Pineapples – 15 lira apiece.

Our experience. We vacationed in Turkey on an all-inclusive package, but we still often went to the stores and supermarkets. We bought fruit, ice cream, snacks, drinks – all the things we didn’t have in the hotel.

We mostly went to big Migros, but during our walks we also looked at small mini-markets – Sok, A101 and Bim.

On the average, we spent about 29 lira a day shopping in the supermarkets and markets. For 9 days of rest it took 260 liras in total.


How much is alcohol in Turkey in 2022:

  • Pomegranate wine in a supermarket, 0.75l – 46 Liras
  • bottle or can of Tuborg in a supermarket – 11 lira
  • 0.5 liter draft beer in a restaurant – 25 lira
  • 0.33l bottle from a bar – 17 lira


Clothing in Turkey is cheap and of good quality. There are LC Waikiki stores in many tourist towns with a good selection and low prices. In addition to them, we bought things in the stores of the Turkish brand Koton.

Here are some examples of the prices of clothing in Turkey:

  • Women T-shirt – 25 lira
  • Men’s T-shirt – 25-30 liras
  • Men’s leather belt – 50 liras
  • 45 lira for a beach towel
  • men’s pants – 60 lira
  • women’s blouse – 40 lira
  • women’s shorts – 45 lira

Prices in more expensive stores:


Souvenirs in Turkey are sold everywhere: in markets, supermarkets, in small shops along the road.

If you are going to buy at the market, bargain. The original price can usually be reduced by several times.

Prices for souvenirs:

  • Turkish sweets – from 30-40 lira per kilo.
  • Turkish tea – 10 lira for a pack of 50 gr
  • Spices – 10-20 lira for a small pack and 25-50 lira for a large one.
  • Pomegranate or blackberry wine – from 45 lira for a bottle (0,75 l)
  • natural soap – from 5-7 lira
  • T-shirts – from 30 lira
  • Magnets – from 2-5 lire

We brought from Turkey a few packs of tea and various additives, a spices kit, Turkish sweets, tea glasses, pomegranate wine. All in all we spent about 2200 rubles for souvenirs.

Prices for Turkish souvenirs in Alanya

Photo: a part of souvenirs that we brought from Turkey

Our expenses in Turkey

We vacationed in Turkey for 10 days on the trip “all inclusive”. During that time we spent 27000 rubles for two:

  • Supermarkets and markets – 2960 rubles
  • sights – 1130 rubles
  • Cafes and restaurants – 4,200 rubles
  • souvenirs – 2200 rubles
  • clothes – 3800 rubles
  • excursions – 8,650 rubles
  • transportation – 400 rubles

In addition, the cost was only for the trip – 68000 rubles for two people. The total vacation in Turkey for 10 days cost us 95000 rubles.

We spent 1-2 days on our own to see most of the sights of Alanya. We took only one excursion – to Pamukkale and to Salda lake, for 58 euros on Tripster (although it was hard, it was better to go to Pamukkale from Kemer).

Side or Kemer: Where to spend your holidays in 2022?

Despite the all-inclusive meals on the trip, we ate at cafes 4-5 times, including once at the Antalya airport on the way back. We spent the most money in the restaurant “Panorama” with a view of Alanya – dinner for two cost about 1600 rubles.

On a side note: I told about all days of our vacation in Turkey with all prices and expenses on Yandex Zen channel. Read it if you are interested in specific numbers. You can start with the first article about Turkey.

Our 10 day holiday expenses in Turkey (chart)

Image: our vacation costs in Turkey (10 days)

How much money to take in Turkey?

The amount needed will depend on how you are used to spend your time. Most of the money will be needed for excursions, entertainment and souvenirs.

If you are going to Turkey on an “all-inclusive” trip for 7 or 10 days, I would advise to take 50-100 thousand rubles for two people. You will probably spend less, but it is always better to have some money in reserve.

If food at the hotel is not included in the price for the tour, lay even more money for cafes and restaurants.

How much does it cost to go to Turkey on your own?

If you plan to travel to Turkey on your own (rather than on a tour), you need to include the cost of airfare, lodging and insurance.

Air tickets

A round trip flight from Moscow to Antalya costs 13-15 thousand rubles in the summer months (June-August) and 10-12 thousand rubles in the fall months (September-November).

Flights to Antalya from the regions are usually 20-40% more expensive – up to 20-25 thousand rubles for a round trip.

You can find out the cost of flights to Turkey and buy tickets from your city on Aviasales.


Prices for hotel accommodation in Turkey start from 1000 rubles per day for 3 stars and from 2500 rubles per day for 5 stars. As a rule, the closer the hotel is to the sea, the more expensive it is. You can compare hotel prices via Hotellook.

You can rent an apartment directly from the owners through Airbnb. Prices for good options with a kitchen and a bedroom start at 1000 rubles per day.

The insurance

The prices for tourist insurance with coverage up to $30,000 start at 60 rubles per day. You can compare the prices of different insurance companies through the Cherehapa service.

For example, if you are going to Turkey on your own for 10 days from Moscow, in addition to the expenses on the spot (café, entertainment, etc.) you should put another 20000-45000 rubles for tickets, accommodation and insurance (per person).

Beach in Turkey

Photo: coast of Alanya

How to save money in Turkey

How to save money on a vacation in Turkey:

  1. Go to Turkey not in summer, but in the velvet season (May or September-October). At this time, too, the weather is good, but prices for hotels and tours are markedly lower. The sea may not be too warm, but there is no exhausting heat.
  2. Buy tours and stays at an early booking to pay less money. Read our guide on how to buy cheap tours.
  3. Haggle at markets and private stores (the same applies to entertainment on the beach). The original price can often be reduced significantly (up to 2-3 times).
  4. Buy tours not at the hotel, and the local agencies or on the Internet – the prices are lower, and the quality is not worse.
  5. Order a travel sim card to save money on the Internet abroad. We used Drimsim card, the internet worked well.

Important tip: almost everywhere in Turkey you can pay in liras, dollars or euros. It is always better to pay in liras, because the sellers round up the exchange rate to the worse.

Example: The exchange rate of 1 euro = 7.7 lira. At the market for 1 kilo of peaches you will be offered to pay either 7 lira or 1 euro (7.7 lira). So, if you pay in foreign currency you may overpay 5-10% each time.

Holidays in Side with children - 2022. Best hotels and beaches

Food prices in Turkey. Meat, vegetables, fruits and meals 2022

In this article you will find the latest food prices in Turkey, for groceries, meat, fruits and even vegetables.

In light of significant inflation and the Turkish government’s efforts to curb the growth that has engulfed all markets, where are food prices heading in Turkey, and will a citizen bear all these high costs with a monthly wage that does not and will not exceed 5000 Turkish Lira? In today’s article, we will discuss the extent to which the cost of basic food and consumer goods has crept into Turkish markets.

Food prices in Turkey 1

Food Prices in Turkey 2022

All in all, we’re going to share with you a pretty long list of all the prices of food and necessities in Turkish markets. Some of you may not know about them, and others may regretfully recall them or compare them to last year. We don’t know, so please let us know the cost of all food in Turkey.

Food Prices in Turkey Today

These lists include food prices in Turkey for the current month of May 2022.

Foodstuffs in Turkey Price in Turkish Liras Price in US dollars
Price of milk liter in Turkey today 13,5 Turkish Liras About 1 dollar
Price of a liter of vegetable oil in Turkey today Approx. 30 Turkish Liras (price depends on quality) 2,03 US dollars
Price of a liter of olive oil in Turkey today 68 liras 4,61 US dollars
Price of a kilo of tea in Turkey today 140 Turkish liras 9,65 US dollars
Price of a kilo of rice in Turkey today 16 Turkish liras 1,10 US dollars
Price of a kilo of sugar in Turkey today 20 Turkish liras 1,37 US dollars
Price of a kilo of flour in Turkey today 18,50 Turkish liras 1.27 US dollars
Price of a kilo of animal fat in Turkey 65-250 depending on the type 4-17 US dollars
Price of chicken in Turkey 33 liras 2,25 US dollars

Vegetable prices in Turkey 2022

When it comes to food prices in Turkey, vegetable prices in Turkey have started to fall very dramatically, almost 50%.

Fruits and vegetables in Turkish. Name in Russian lowest price Highest price
PATLICAN KEMER Eggplant 10.00 Turkish liras 15.00 Turkish liras
BIBER CHARLISTON Green pepper / Charleston 22.00 Turkish Liras 26.00 Turkish Liras
BIBER Hatay Red pepper 25.00 Turkish liras 33.00 Turkish Liras
BIBER KEY Rustic pepper 18.00 Turkish liras 25.00 Turkish liras
Biber (Capia) Capsicum (kapia) 20.00 Turkish liras 25.00 Turkish liras
BIBER SIVRI BIBER SHILI Hot Green Pepper Hot Red Pepper 10.00 Turkish Liras 30.00 Turkish Lira 15.00 Turkish Liras 35.00 Turkish Liras
BROCKOLI BAKLA Broccoli Beans 8,00 Turkish Lira 5,00 Turkish Lira 12.00 Turkish Lira 10.00 Turkish Lira
DARE OTHO Dill 2.00 Turkish Lira 3,50 Turkish Liras
friends Tomato 7.00 Turkish Liras 12.00 Turkish Liras
Domates (Cherry) Tomato (Cherry) 18.00 Turkish liras 25.00 Turkish liras
Domates (Salkim) Tomato (Small Grain) 10.00 Turkish liras 15.00 Turkish liras
Elma (golden) Apple (golden) 06:00 Turkish Lira 8.00 Turkish Lira
Hispanak Spinach 6.00 Turkish liras 10 Turkish Liras
CARPUZ KABAC Watermelon Zucchini 8.00 Turkish Lira 7.00 Turkish Lira 10.00 Turkish Liras 10.00 Turkish Liras
KARNABAHAR Red cabbage 5.00 Turkish Liras 7.00 Turkish Liras
LAHANA BEYAZ white cabbage 3,50 Turkish Liras 5.00 Turkish Liras
LAHANA KARA Black cabbage 3,50 Turkish Liras 5.00 Turkish Liras
LIMUN Lemon 2.00 Turkish Lira 4.00 Turkish Liras
MARULA NORMAL Lettuce 3.00 Turkish Lira 5,00 Turkish liras
MAYDANOS Parsley 1,50 Turkish liras 3.00 Turkish Lira
MUZ (Ital) Banana (imported) 22.00 Turkish Liras 27,50 Turkish liras
NANE Mint 1,50 Turkish liras 2,50 Turkish liras
PAATES Potato 4.00 Turkish Liras 6.00 Turkish liras
ROCA Rocca 2.00 Turkish Lira 3,50 Turkish Liras
SALTALIK SIRA Cucumber 3.00 Turkish Lira 6.00 Turkish liras
SALTALIK YERLI Local cucumber 3.00 Turkish Lira 6.00 Turkish liras
SARIMSAK YERLI SARIMSAK YESIL Local and green garlic 20.00 Turkish liras 3.00 Turkish liras 27.00 Turkish liras 5.00 Turkish liras
SON CURU Dried onion 2.00 Turkish Lira 4,50 Turkish Liras
TERES Cress 1,50 Turkish liras 3.00 Turkish Lira
TURP Radish 3,50 Turkish Liras 6.00 Turkish liras
How to get from Istanbul to Cappadocia - all ways

Fruit prices in Turkey

Fruit prices in Turkey today lowest price Highest price
Pineapple price in Turkey 22.00 Turkish Liras 28.00 Turkish Lira
Price of pear in Turkey 13.00 Turkish Liras 18.00 Turkish liras
Price of strawberries in Turkey 6.00 Turkish liras 12.00 Turkish Liras
Price of apples in Turkey 5.00 Turkish Liras 7.00 Turkish Liras
Bananas in Turkey 10.00 Turkish liras 17.00 Turkish Liras
Price of mandarin in Turkey 5.00 Turkish Liras 9.00 Turkish Liras
Price of kiwi in Turkey 13.00 Turkish Liras 18.00 Turkish liras
Price of grapefruit in Turkey 2.00 Turkish Lira 3.00 Turkish Lira
Price of carrots in Turkey 4.00 Turkish Liras 5.00 Turkish Liras

Buy in Turkey with International Shipping

Still can’t buy in Turkey? No international delivery? We have your back here!

Did you know that you can now shop online at Turkish sites without being in Turkey? The article we created will take you step by step through the process of buying any product from Turkey. You will be able to order products directly from a Turkish store and have them delivered right to your door!

Read this article to learn how to buy Turkish goods abroad with worldwide delivery.

Meat Prices in Turkey 2022

We have reached the toughest point of food prices in Turkey, namely meat prices in Turkey , you can see the prices in the following list:

Lamb prices in Turkey

  • Lamb chops: 150 Turkish liras
  • Lamb chops: 200 TL
  • Lamb neck meat: 95 TL

Beef or veal prices in Turkey

  • Beef cubes: 130 Turkish liras
  • Stuffing: 110 Turkish liras
  • Beef loin: 300 Turkish Liras
  • Beef steak: 160 Turkish Liras
  • Veal Entrecote: 200 TL

Online Food Delivery Turkey

We’ve compiled a list of the best online food delivery apps in Turkey, with specific companies topping the list. From food delivery in Istanbul to food delivery in Antalya and everywhere else in Turkey, our goal was to offer the best quality and the best support apps.

Online Shopping from Turkey.

There are many well-known Turkish websites where you can buy products, most notably the Amazon website.

Trendyol is also one of the most important Turkish sites for online shopping, besides N11 and GittiGidiyor.

How much does food cost in Turkey?

If you ask about food prices in Turkey in restaurants, you can get a meal for one person for 100 Turkish Liras without drinking milk or coke, which is the equivalent of $15.

How much is a kilo of meat in Turkey?

The price of a kilo of meat in Turkey is 130 Turkish Liras. How much is milk in Turkey?

As of 2022, the price of a liter of milk in Turkey is 13.5 Turkish Liras. How much is a burger in Turkey?

The price of a burger in Turkey varies by location and ranges from 30-95 Turkish Liras. How much is a kilo of chicken in Turkey?

The price per kilo of chicken in Turkey today is 33 Turkish Lira. How much does a shawarma cost in Turkey?

The price of a shawarma sandwich in Turkey is 17 Turkish Liras in Turkish restaurants and 22 Turkish Liras in Syrian restaurants in Turkey. How much is bread in Turkey?

The price of Syrian bread in Turkey is 4 and a half lira, and Turkish bread is 2.25 lira for one bread, and the bread itself is 2.5 lira. What is the minimum wage in Turkey in 2022?

The minimum wage in Turkey in 2022 is 4,250 Turkish Liras, which is equivalent to $293. What is the average per capita income in Turkey?

The average per capita income in Turkey is 6,000 to 7,000 Turkish Liras 413 to 482 U.S. dollars, at today’s lira exchange rate.

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