Food prices in Greece – 2022

How much money to take to Greece in 2022 for food, tours and entertainment. How much money do you need in Greece.

How much money to take to Greece 2022 ? Have put together a great review with photos and reviews. Greece is one of the most popular “Schengen” countries for our tourists, and is even in the top 10 for the number of tours sold from May to October.

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We tell you how much money Greece needs for food, sightseeing, gasoline, car rentals, and how much the trips to Greece cost for 2022. By the way, recently we published a review of prices in Rhodes, also will be useful.

Prices in cafes in Ayia Napa

Currency in Greece

Greece is a Schengen Agreement country, which means, if you decide which currency to take in Greece, only Euros. If you have dollars, you can exchange them for euros at a bank in the country. But it is easier to go to Greece with euros.

You can also exchange other currencies, pounds and crowns, but not rubles. rubles in Greece do not change (unless in large cities and at an extremely unfavorable rate).

Tours in Greece in 2022

How much money will I need for a tour to Greece in 2022? Here’s the great news – tours to Greece are often sold extremely budget-friendly. But 2022 is an exception to the rule. The fact is that so far there are no charter flights to the country after the covid, so only regular flights, which are much more expensive.

The cheapest tour you can buy during the sale for 25,000 ₽ for two to a 2-star hotel without meals. This, of course, will not be a super hotel, but closer to “dumpster”. But you have to realize that these are the lowest prices in all of Europe.

Good hotels with a high rating are much more expensive. For example, a tour to Greece to a 4-star hotel with breakfasts will cost 60,000-100,000 ₽ for two people for a week.

How much money should I take to Greece 2022?

When applying for a Schengen visa, a bank statement is required. Greece considers that 60 € per day is enough for one person, for the whole trip a minimum of 580 € . This is the amount you have to confirm when applying for a visa.

In fact, you can spend more or less per day in Greece. But keep in mind that it should be at least 60 € per day.

How much does a vacation in Greece cost

The main cost of a vacation in Greece is the hotel expense . If you live not in a campsite, the minimum needed for two people is 40 € per day with breakfast. If you live alone, it will be more expensive, at least 30 € per day.

An interesting trip to Greece. Our route and idea

The second cost line is air or bus ticket. Here you can book early with Aegean Airlines or charter flights at prices starting at 40 € per person.

And if you don’t book in advance, during the season tickets for regular flights start at 250 €. Further you can pay for visa (35 €), insurance (10 €), transfer to the hotel (10 €).

How much money to take to Greece in 2022

Outside excursions in Greece can be found from 30 € a day, through Greek tour firms and from 100 € a day through private guides. If you come on your own to the pier, you can buy a boat trip from 10 €.

Entrance to museums and monasteries usually costs 3 € – 5 €, except Acropolis, where there is a single ticket for 20 €. But you can use it to visit the Acropolis Museum, the Agora and many other attractions. A car with a private guide for the whole day will cost 250 €.

In Crete the cheapest tour costs 60 €. For this price you can visit the monastery of Agia Triada and Devil’s Harbor. Slightly more expensive is a gastronomic tour of the island of Crete – 63 € with tasting of products in a cheese factory and family winery. For 64 € you can explore the eastern part of the island, visit picturesque villages and secret monastery. The sightseeing tour “All Crete in a day” will cost 65 € per person.

In Rhodes you can also take a boat trip to Symi island, which will cost you 30 €. For this price you can walk through the town and taste the Shrimp of Syme. A trip by car around the island of Rhodes costs 60 €. You will learn about the history and traditions of the island. For 75 € you can take a boat trip around the coves of Rhodes, and for 80 € you can sail on a yacht. To see all prices for excursions in Greece click here .

How much money to take in Greece

How much money do you need for car hire and petrol in Greece

You can rent a car in Greece by Localrent and pay by Russian Visa and Mastercard. Unfortunately, European booking sites are no longer available if you do not have a bank card issued outside the Russian Federation. The cost starts from 20 € per day in case of long term rentals and from 30 € per day in case of short-term rentals.

Please note that gas costs almost 2 € in Greece, so take a small car if possible and remember the gas level when you get it so you won’t have to pay for lack of gas later.

Be sure to find out if there is a limit on the number of kilometers for renting a car. Thus, some companies require an additional payment for each kilometer traveled in excess of the limit.

How much money do you need in Cyprus

How much does food cost in Greece

We should speak separately about food. In fact, in Greece they say that there is everything, so do not deny yourself the food in a country where fresh vegetables get into dishes literally from the patch, and seafood is caught near the sea and used immediately in the preparation of dishes.

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How much money should I take with me to Greece in 2022 for food? Although prices with the beginning of the crisis went down a little, still, because of the growth of VAT, and an increase in the number of tourists, you should understand that the takeaway coffee in the tourist area costs from 1 to 2.5 €, coffee in a cafe 2.5-4 €, drinks are more expensive.

Prices in cafes in Ayia Napa

If you rent an apartment, then for food with the supermarket for two people can go 10-15 €. If you eat in the cafes and restaurants three times a day, you need from 40 € per day for two with breakfast at the hotel.

How much money to take in Greece

Prices in the supermarket

How much money do I need for a cheap meal in Greece? If you want to save money, there are budget souvlaki shops, and other take-away fast-food places, that can cost from 1,5 €. But if you want to save money, there are budget souvlal and other take-away places and it can be as cheap as 1,5 €.

How much money should I take in Greece to eat in nice places? Meals in meat taverns will cost you from 15 € per person, if it’s a souvla tavern, then not less than 20 € for two (water, salad, meat dish). Minimal cost, again for two at the fish tavern is 30 € but that’s if you save a lot. Fish meze (a traditional Greek dish) costs from 30-50 € per person. So counting, you’ll get a decent meal for about 40-45 € for two.

If you want to know more about food in Greece, there is a separate article about it called Traditional food in Greece. Read it at your leisure.

Potamos Restaurant Cyprus

Fish meze for two

To summarize, how much money to take to Greece in 2022 . If you have a paid flight and hotel, you’ll need 50-100 € a day to eat well, see the sights, buy souvenirs, but not to spend a fortune. It will be a quality vacation with good food and excursions, but without yachts and gold helicopters.

If you plan also to bring souvenirs from Greece (natural cosmetics, olive oil, fragrant wines, etc.), then add to your budget from another 100 €, depending on your needs.

If you’re planning to go shopping for real estate (furs, leather, fur coats), you’ll need to add at least €1000. For fur coats we recommend to go to Kastoria, there is the biggest choice and often reduce prices (the reason is banal – reduced demand, because the whole Europe has now become “green”, fur coats are not taken).

If not to leave the hotel, not going anywhere, to eat only gyros and other fast food, you can get down to 10-20 € a day.

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Prices in Athens: how much money do you need in 2022 – Travel Budget

33€ (1,873.1 ₽) is the minimum budget for a day in Athens . This is enough for a good budget hostel, two trips by public transport and food (the amount equal to two dinners in inexpensive cafes). In summer due to the price difference of hostels this amount will be 35 €.

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The budget is specified without flight and insurance costs. A round trip ticket from Moscow can be found for 9-11 thousand rubles. You can get insurance at Cherehapa or with prices starting from 1 € per day.

The actual exchange rate is 1 EUR = 62.4 RUB. In most exchange offices there is a commission, so it’s better to withdraw money from the card at an ATM or change it before the trip.

Open Borders Card:

What are the current coronavirus restrictions in Athens?

As of February 2022, entry to Greece by Russian tourists is open. As of February 7, 2022, only a negative coronavirus test will be required to visit the country.

For travelers older than 5 years old, regardless of their vaccination status, a negative result of either a PCR test (not older than 72 hours) or a rapid test (not older than 24 hours) will be required. The test certificate must be in English. You must also complete the PLF form prior to departure.

There are no visible restrictions, to enter museums, cafes and sporting events QR-code will still be required, but the certificate “Sputnik” will be enough.

Visa / Money

You will need a Schengen visa to go to Greece. Schengen visas are short-term (type “C”) and long-term (type “D”). A short-stay visa entitles you to stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days within six months from the date of entry into the EU (90/180 rule). It can be issued for a maximum of five years.

The Greek consulate is traditionally loyal to the Russians and often issues “long” multishengen visas. If you are lucky, you can get a multichengen visa for up to 3 years.

To apply for a Greek visa you must provide the consulate with a bank statement, fully paid airline tickets, and confirmation of hotel reservations (they can check).

You should travel to Greece with euros. In theory, it is possible to exchange rubles, but the rate will be most unprofitable. It is easier to withdraw cash from ATMs, and the card can be used almost everywhere.

How much it costs to get from Athens airport to the city?

There are several ways to get from the airport to downtown Athens:

  • X95 express bus to Syntagma Square (plus buses to other locations). The ticket costs 6€.
  • Metro to Monastiraki station. One-way ticket costs 10 €, return ticket (within 7 days) 18 €.
  • Suburban train to Larissis station – 8 € one way.
  • A cab to the city center costs about 30 €.
  • Individual transfers (at a cost of 36-40 €) can be ordered at KiwiTaxi or Intui.Travel.

How do I get around the city?

How much does public transportation cost?

Athens’ public transportation system includes the subway, bus, trolleybus and streetcar, as well as the inner-city section of the suburban electric train. The current prices are as follows (these prices do not apply to express buses, airport metro stations, or electric trains outside the city limits):

  • A 90-minute ticket costs 1.4€.
  • A 24-hour ticket costs 4.5 €, a 5-day ticket costs 9 €.
  • Three-day tourist ticket – 22 € (this ticket includes round-trip travel from and to the airport by subway or express bus).
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For convenient payment you can get a transport card ATH.ENA, with which you can buy tickets for several trips at a discount. You can use the Athens Transportation app or Google Maps to plan your routes.

How much does a cab cost?

The price in Athens for a cab depends on the company, time of day and how you call. On average, it costs €1 to board and €0.7 per kilometer. Additional charges apply for boarding at the port, train station or bus station, a trip to or from the airport, as well as calling a cab for a specific time. Plus, a surcharge applies at night. It’s convenient to use the Taxibeat app to order a cab.

How much does gas and parking cost?

A liter of gasoline 92 costs on average 1.74 € in Athens. Parking spots are a problem in Athens. On the streets in the center you can park for a maximum of three hours, the cost of parking increases with each hour. On average one hour of parking will cost 1.5-2 € and about the same in covered and intercepting parking lots.

Renting a bicycle for the whole day will cost about 15 € (e.g. FUNKyRiDe).

How much does it cost to stay in Athens?

For tourist purposes, the best place to stay is in the Monastiraki area.

Hotels: In Athens you can rent a double room in a guesthouse for 20-22 € but it’s a long way from the center and the reviews are about 6 points. In the central areas you can find options with a similar rating for 30-35 €. Double room in three-star hotel with rating over 7 will cost at least 40 € (for example Hotel Solomou).

Hostels : the price for a place in a shared room depends on the season. In summer the minimum price is 11-12 €, but as in the case of hotels – most of these options are medium-rated. In good hostels (above 8.5 and centrally located) prices start at 15€ (e.g. Athenstyle). Out of season, prices start at €8 for medium-rated hostels, with good options at €10 (e.g. Bed Station Athens).

AirBnb: If you book in advance, you can find an apartment for 25 € in virtually any neighborhood. On average, you can rent an apartment for between 27 and 32 €. You will find an apartment in the city center for €15, but the average price is €20-22.

So a good budget accommodation in Athens will cost you € 10-20 per night per person.

How much for a connection?

If you need a lot of internet, the best option is 5GB for 15,12€ at Wind

How much does it cost to eat in restaurants?

  • Lunch at a cheap cafe: 10€. Atitamos, for example.
  • fast food:
    • 2.5€ souvlaki. For example, O Kostas
    • gyros 3.5€
    • Guide to street food and a selection of places.
    • A cup of cappuccino 2.5€. For example, Coffee Island. A selection of coffeeshops.
    • A glass of beer 4€. For example Brettos. A selection of bars.

    How much does food cost in the supermarket?

    Grocery prices in Athens are about 42% higher than in Moscow. However, you can save on vegetables, fruits and dairy products if you buy products at small farmers’ markets. Review of supermarkets.

    How much does entertainment cost?

    Athens regularly hosts several free tours. If you’re willing to pay for a Russian-language tour, options can be found at WeAtlas, Tripster and Sputnik8.

    There are also several competing companies with Hop-on Hop-off buses in Athens. The best option is Sights of Athens – 13€ for a 48-hour ticket.

    A ticket to the zoo costs 18€ and a ticket to the Planetarium from 6€.

    The AthensCard comes in three varieties: bronze (€24.9), silver (€59.9) and gold (€149.9). All three include admission to the Acropolis Museum, Hop-on Hop-off bus for 48 hours and discounts. The silver one includes dinner with live music. The gold one includes entrance to the Acropolis itself, public transportation (5 days) and a one-day cruise to the islands.

    How much do souvenirs cost?

    Prices in Athens for souvenirs vary greatly from store to store, from neighborhood to neighborhood. Sometimes even in neighborhoods there can be a tangible difference, so it’s best to take a closer look at the prices first. On average, prices are as follows:

    • Basic souvenirs: postcard 0.5 €, magnet 1 €, mug 3 €, t-shirt 7 €,
    • 3 € to 5 € bottles of olive oil, antique statues from 4 €.

    Museums of Athens

    On average, entrance tickets to Athens museums cost about 10 €. The most expensive ticket is the entrance to the Acropolis – 12 €, but the Acropolis Museum is the cheapest – 5 €.

    A combined ticket to all 9 museums of the Benaki group (art museums, contemporary art galleries and house-museums) costs 20 €. For example, a ticket to the Museum of Greek Culture, part of the group, costs 9 €.

    How much more expensive is Athens compared to Moscow?

    Prices in Athens are higher than in Moscow. The biggest difference is transportation – it is almost twice as expensive, food in supermarkets is 42% more expensive and cafes and restaurants 34% more expensive. Read more at

    When to come to Athens?

    July is the worst time to visit Athens, although the whole period from May to September promises difficulties. Firstly, the weather – it’s hot in Athens in summer and it’s hard to walk around. Secondly, the influx of tourists. If you want to visit the Acropolis – in the summer, there is little chance in the heat to stand in line, plus if it’s extremely hot it will simply be closed for visits. Even if the Acropolis is not in the plans, to walk through the crowded streets and look for a place in a cafe is still fun. It’s better to visit in April or October, when the temperature and rainfall are optimal. In Athens it is worth to come for three or four days.

    On the other hand, there is a strong argument to visit Athens in summer – The Athens and Epidaurus Festival. The Athens Epidaurus Festival is a huge cultural festival that lasts from late May to September. It includes a variety of events: concerts, exhibitions, performances, dance and theater. There are also other festivals during the summer, as well as film screenings, concerts, and outdoor performances.

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