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Food Prices in Seoul

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How much for lunch and dinner in Seoul?

All prices in rubles are current at the time of viewing (converted from local currency at the CB RF exchange rate as of 11.09.2022).

Street food or food on the street

Mandu – reviews

Korean blood sausage made from boiled pork or cow intestines stuffed with barley, seafood, and other fillers.

Wide fish flour tortillas boiled with radish and seaweed. Served with broth boiled in them.

Food Prices in Seoul

The food in Seoul is quite often spicy and poorly understood, but you can find a suitable dish for almost any budget! And while you can find almost any cuisine in the world in Seoul, be prepared for it to be Koreanized. Another key feature of Koreans is that you will be served kimchi – spicy cabbage – with almost all dishes. In front of many establishments there are plastic models of food, by which you can understand the portion size and composition of the dish. There are plenty of coffee shops in Seoul, and Koreans are happy to spend time in them.

A vegetarian restaurant with a mix of Korean and international cuisines. There are soy dumplings, coffee, soft drinks, and lots of other things. You can take your food to go in frozen form.

The place is known for its exclusive dish: soup with giant homemade dumplings stuffed with meat or vegetable fillings.

This Korean restaurant specializes in different variations of the pibimbap dish. Very tasty and healthy.

Definitely one of the best Thai restaurants in town. Over 100 items on the menu. Stewed rice, noodle dishes, kari in pots and more.

A very good South Indian restaurant. It has a very exotic interior. Especially the chicken dishes are very good.

Great food and drinks, especially the sake. The atmosphere is very lively, and if you like Japanese food, you will definitely like it here.

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Just a moment. Going to Seoul?

Reviews from social networking sites

” And now to the most burning topic of all: food. I think that thanks to the Koreans I fell in love with spicy food. To be honest, I have no idea what all these culinary delights are called, because I order on a “poke-cook” basis. This selection will include both restaurant meals and snacks that you can buy from vendors on the street or at a 7-Eleven-type store. Warning! I’m not responsible for the authenticity of the data, sometimes it’s hard to determine what’s on your plate (Asia only, hardcore). If there are connoisseurs, connect, I would be glad.❤️ For reference: 100 rubles~1,900 WON 1. Soup with pollack, egg, and soy sprouts. Served, by standard, with panchan (read “appetizer”). A plate of white, mushy contents, actually pasta in some kind of sweet, sour creamy sauce with bits of fruit ( I think pear). Oddly enough, I liked it, and the combination is not surprising, because back in China I saw tomato-based pizza with pitaya. Also from the panchan: kimchi, refried green beans with shrimp, pickled soy sprouts. One appetizer is still unknown to me In the small metal plate on the left is boiled rice 7,000 WON 2. My love!!! Huge dumplings with pork and vegetables-the first dish I ordered in Seoul. The first, so to speak, “trial run” was a light meal-then they didn’t bring me kimchi because I said I don’t eat spicy food. Next time I didn’t underestimate myself, which is clear from the photo. 4,500 WON 3. Noodles with vegetables and noori. The soup itself is not spicy, from the appetizers – kimchi and pickled daikon. 5,000 WON 4. A waffle bought at the evening market for 1,500 WON. You usually put ice cream and honey on it. I also tried a Chinese bubble pancake for 1,000 WON which is a kind of soft cake with cinnamon and honey filling (definitely not a pancake). 5. The last two pictures-shopping at 7-Eleven and GS-25. Kit-kat with green tea is yummy Americano medium is about 1,500, bars are about 1,000 each and almond milk is 2,000 WON. “

How much does a trip to South Korea cost. Holiday Prices - 2022

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” Hi friends, today I want to share with you information about my favorite buffet. We just love it and we celebrate all birthdays, holidays there. I want to explain a little bit, the meaning of buffet in Korea is different from ours, here it is a buffet restaurant. So if the name includes the word “prepare your belly,” you’ll have a hard time limiting yourself because the choice is enormous. These kinds of cafes are very popular in Korea, so you can find buffets for all tastes and wallets. Back to MakinoChaya. Here you can try EVERYTHING from European to Asian cuisine. But they specialize in seafood, they are served both fresh and in appetizers, soups and of course sushi . From European dishes – several kinds of pizza, pasta, paella, gambas al ajillo, steak, grilled lamb (delicious), vegetables, several kinds of salads and cream soup . And the icing on the cake is the desserts. You know it’s my weakness I leave frustrated every time as I physically can’t try everything (I’ll try to upload a video in a hundred times). Talk about cost. Yes, it’s not the cheapest buffet, but still . Weekday price for an adult before 6 p.m. $29, dinner $44; all day weekend $44; high school students $28, kids $13. I recommend you definitely visit this place … . “

Where to eat and what to try in South Korea? Top 10 dishes and prices

Where to eat in Seoul


Where to eat well in South Korea and what is a must-try national cuisine? Let’s look at food prices, what products are best to buy for independent travelers, where to eat and what to order in cafes from traditional dishes, what is the average bill for two travelers in good establishments, what reviews say about gastronomic excursions in Seoul. In addition, let’s recommend some great Michelin restaurants overlooking the city.

Why we loved South Korea

When mentioning French or Italian cuisine, pizza, pasta, lasagna, foie gras, croissants, and even frog legs immediately come to mind. When we talk about Korean cuisine, however, only carrots (which really has nothing to do with Korea) and horror stories about eating dogs come to mind. In the world, however, this country is called almost the best place for vegetarians, and the most popular show here is cooking.

What do you eat in South Korea?

Traditional South Korean food is very diverse in content and spicy in taste (so if you have hyperacidity, stock up on anacid medication). You will always be served various spicy snacks and pickles to accompany the main dish. Unlike other Asian nations, Koreans use rectangular metal chopsticks and eat rice with a spoon. If you visit Seoul, you won’t go hungry!

Important: If your mouth burns from spices, milk, yogurt, or sour cream, some alcohol, but not beer, a spoonful of olive oil, sour juice (orange, lemon), bread, potatoes, and rice are excellent.

What to try in South Korea?

Koreans are great masters at making soups, grilled dishes, snacks, and street food. Here are 10 national dishes that tourists are usually recommended to try.

  • Kimchi . The most famous and very popular dish consisting of Peking cabbage sauteed in red peppers. There are many varieties of this dish: from radish, kohlrabi, cucumber, eggplant, radish, seasoned with garlic, ginger, onion juice, etc. Kimchi is used to make soups, wrap it in pancakes, etc.
  • Kalbi . Slices of marinated beef fried in sauce and served with seasonings. This dish requires a certain skill to prepare, so it is prepared by experienced chefs for various holidays and feasts.
  • Pibimbap . A very easy to prepare and very popular dish of rice with vegetables, herbs, eggs and various sauces. This dish is on the menu of airlines flying to South Korea.
  • Pulkogi . Slightly sweet veal cooked like a barbecue. Very easy to prepare and enjoyed by children.
  • Hanjongsik . It is a complex of dishes served at the same time. It refers to the imperial cuisine of the Joseon era. The best chefs came to the ruler and prepared various dishes using the freshest products. Recipes for such dishes became the basis of hanjeongsik.
  • Chapeche . Starchy noodles with meat, roasted vegetables, and sesame oil. Can have different names depending on the main ingredient (Korean bell, chives, red hot peppers, mushrooms). No meal in Korea is complete without this dish.
  • Samgyeopsal . A fried cut of pork served with vegetables and a variety of appetizers. A very popular dish. So much so that Korea lacks its own pork and imports it into the country.
  • Miek-kuk . A soup made of seaweed, beef, and soy sauce. It is made for birthdays or for mothers who have just given birth. It is a low-calorie food that helps you lose weight and relieve swelling.
  • Seafood dishes . Since Korea is a seafood country, there is a lot of seafood: fish in batter, seafood pancakes, tripe soups, raw fish slices.
  • Ttok . Rice dessert with fruits, nuts, chocolate, etc. In Korea they can offer you 100 kinds of this sweet. It is abundant in any supermarket.
Why we loved South Korea

Food prices in South Korea in 2022 are low by local standards, many products are cheaper than in other popular Asian countries. But this is for Koreans with their income of $3,000, for them going to a restaurant is as common as for us to a canteen. For a Russian, Seoul’s price policy is high. For example, an ordinary noodle soup can cost a tourist $7. Inexpensive lunch in the dining areas of shopping malls. There, one portion is enough for two.

What to try from the street food?

A separate attraction is the street food in Seoul . In the evenings the streets in the city are full of vendors of all kinds of food. There’s crunch and sizzle, there’s boiling and steaming. You will see real culinary shows.

Be sure to try these dishes, you will get an indescribable pleasure and emotion of taste:

  • Pondegi – fried silkworm larvae,
  • kimbap – various ingredients wrapped in sheets of nori,
  • sundae, a dish of blood sausage,
  • chimek, spicy chicken,
  • keranppan – patties with egg.

Cheap cafes for locals are the places where everyone can eat in Seoul inexpensively. There are no menus in English, but quite democratic prices and large portions. For dinner for two you will pay about 10 thousand won. Many spices and sauces are free.

where to eat out in south Korea

Chimek – chicken with spices

Food Prices in Seoul

South Korea is considered an expensive country for a Russian. Prices for food in Seoul in cafes and restaurants start at about 7-8 thousand won, very rarely 4-5 thousand won. Street food prices range from 1,000-4,000 won. The cheapest food, of course, is instant noodles priced between 700 and 2,500 won.

If you are interested in the question, “Where can I get cheap seafood in Seoul? Come here in the morning (better in the morning before it opens), then you will see what the local fishermen bring in. All the products can be bought and cooked in the small cafes on the second floor.

How much does a trip to South Korea cost. Holiday Prices - 2022

The supermarkets constantly have 1+1, 2+1 promotions and attractive discounts on large quantities of goods. Here are approximate supermarket food prices in Seoul in the local currency won:

  • Eggs, 1 dozen – 3 thousand.
  • Milk 2,000-2,500.
  • pork, 1 kg – 5,000.
  • chicken breasts (1 kg) – 9-10 ths.
  • beef (1 kg) – 34 thsd.
  • potatoes, 1 kg – 5 ths.
  • carrots, 1 kg – 3 thsd.
  • onions, 1 kg – 3 thsd.
  • apples, 1 kg – 3.4 ths.
  • banana (1 kg) – 4 600 th.
  • oranges (1 kg) – 7 ths.
  • tomato (1 kg) – 7 ths.
  • bread, 0.5 kg – 2 ths.
  • rice (white) (1 kg) – 4 728 thousand
  • local cheese (1 kg) – 24 579 thsd.

Alcohol prices

  • local beer 0.5 l – 3.19 ths.
  • imported beer 0.5l – 3.8 thsd.
  • wine 0.75 l – 7.8 thsd.
  • coca-cola 0.5 l – 4.3 thsd.
  • soju (rice vodka) – 2,700.

How much does it cost to eat in a cafe or restaurant in Seoul?

  • Meal at a cheap cafe with three meals per tourist – 8,000.
  • 3-course meal for 2 tourists at a mid-priced restaurant: 45,000.
  • a burger in a cafe – 6 500 thousand.
  • domestic beer (0.5 l. draft) – 4 thousand.
  • imported beer (0.33 liter bottle) – 6 thousand.
  • cappuccino coffee – 5 thousand.
  • pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) – 1,726 thousand rubles
  • still water (0.33-liter bottle) – 923,000.

Where to eat well in Seoul?

  • Let’s start with where to go to eat national food? Start with Pulhyanggi – Hannam Branch. The address is 146, Hannam-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Get there by subway line 6 to Hangangjin station, exit 2. It is a traditional restaurant with a home-like atmosphere and quality customer service. Sesame soup, mushrooms in sauce, rice cakes, and acorn jelly can be ordered here. The average bill for two people is 18,000-25,000 won.

  • One of the best restaurants in Seoul is “Mingles” at 757 Seolleung-ro in Gangnam-gu.

The food is excellent and the service is excellent. If you are interested in ethnic dishes we recommend ordering a set consisting of small portions of these dishes. The prices are high but you get to try a little bit of everything. Dinner for two will cost about $100.

  • Where to eat European food in Seoul? The most famous restaurant “L’impasse81” is located at 17-1, Donggyo-ro 30-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul 03985.

There is excellent French cuisine: lamb steak, lamb tail, pates, sausages, desserts. Average bill for two people is $110.

Where to go for a nice dinner?

A special bonus to those who have read this article to the end. We recommend visiting Michelin-starred restaurants in Seoul with a view of the city.

  • The first is Pierre Gagnaire, which receives three Michelin stars almost every year. It is located on the 35th floor of the Lotte Hotel Seoul Executive (daily rate starts from 440,000 won, approximately 23,000 rubles). The view from the windows of the restaurant is absolutely breathtaking during the evening meal.
  • The second restaurant is Gotgan located in western Seoul, in the Yeoui-daero District, on the 50th floor, at 24 Yeoui-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu. If you have enough money, you will never forget these places and the experience. The service, the service, the food – everything is at a high level. The staff speaks English.
Why we loved South Korea

Reviews of tourists about the food in South Korea is that the food here is hearty, tasty, unusual, varied. You will never go hungry here, and the number of dishes or products that you try, you will not try anywhere else.

Michelin restaurants in Seoul with a view of the city

Pierre Gagnaire Restaurant

Russian Tours of Seoul

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