Free on the beach hotels in Azerbaijan – 2022. Prices and reviews

Hotels with own beach in Azerbaijan

This is a really nice hotel! but the room was very small for a 5 star hotel, the pool and the beach were closed. – This was not mentioned when we booked it.

Worked at Buddha Bar Beach as a hookah master, the place is awesome. The hotel itself isn’t bad either, but not up to 5 stars.

The hotel is very well received by our staff and the receptionists are very friendly, they speak English, Russian, Spanish, and German. Breakfast was a really good value 5, always fresh fruit, choice of 5 cereals, 10 types of cereals, coffee and over a dozen types of tea.

Rooms had a large dressing room, TV, wifi, dark curtains if the room overlooks the sea (remote control!), heated floors, cleaning at 5+, 24 hour room service (help with any questions)

Decent hotel on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Spacious rooms with stunning views, panoramic windows in the rooms and bathroom, air conditioning throughout the hotel, restaurant and terrace saves you in the 45-degree heat.

Came to relax on the beach and the hotel grounds. Great service, polite and attentive staff. The beach and pool area are clean and tidy. Fitness and Spa with several pools.

The bottom is not deep – in the area of the buoys you can safely stand. Scenery: ship’s crane and oil derricks. (Crane on the last day sailed away). On the beach itself, only 4 umbrellas (mid-September and +30 outside-a single cloud).

On the territory of the hotel umbrellas 6. On request to add – the answer: ‘net umbrella’ :) a beach from a mix of sand and shells – without flip-flops to walk at least uncomfortably. For 5 days I have not seen once that it was cleaned.

Even with a good signal level can not load anything. But it is true, sometimes even on the beach signal did not get for a long time. Restaurant – a separate song: not tasty and expensive.

Large comfortable beds. Clean. Breakfast was varied. Ten minutes from the historical center of Baku.

We stayed in June 2016, the hotel is being repaired. A lot of things have already been changed and renovated. The hotel has been renovated, a lot of things have been changed and upgraded, but the service suffers.

Breakfasts go well! Excellent food, four pools on the territory of the hotel (one of them VIP, VIP rooms have free access, otherwise the entrance fee is 10 Azn), the beach has sun beds, and arbors, cottages.

The place is picturesque, right on the shore of the Caspian Sea. Everything is neat and tidy inside, the staff is attentive and polite. A great option for a summer vacation on a budget!

We were given a large room and a wide balcony overlooking the water park. Worked quickly and without a hitch. Included breakfast and entertainment at the water park including more billiards and ping pong. Cons: Faulty plumbing.

Terrible place, open paid changing rooms, no showers, dirty pool, pool waiter tried to cheat us by adding 10% to each item on the menu, not giving us a check, not giving us change

Used to be a great place, only now the amenities are not the same, service is weak, old furniture, weak breakfast.

Very hospitable and attentive staff. The staff were friendly and helpful. If you want to rent a room with a sea view, be prepared for music from 11am to 12am. In the evenings there are all sorts of banquets, from birthdays to weddings.

Going to Novkhany! Reviews about rest, beaches, best hotels

Other rooms face the highway. The hotel is small with only 30 rooms. Bathrobes, slippers, fridge, safe, hairdryer, kettle, tea, coffee, water. The prices in the restaurant are a bit high for Baku, but the portions are big and very tasty.

One portion can be taken for two. The sea is a little shallow, as in Catalonia, in September is warm and very gentle. Smooth in the morning, in the evening with a wave. To the city 10 minutes by cab 5-8 manat or bus 0,25 manat.

The hotel is decent, a real 4 stars, the rooms are good, frankollernoe air conditioning, the staff is friendly kind,

We bought fish from fishermen once and we cooked it ourselves. The sea is shallow, sandy, very suitable for small children. Umbrellas, sun loungers, towels are included in the cost, the beach are spacious, however at times unfortunately the garbage catches.

Many, where rested and never left a review, but such hospitality simply cannot leave without attention! I would like to express my thanks, respect and appreciation to Nusrat, the owner of Del mar hotel! Thank you for the cozy room, attentive staff, delicious food in the restaurant, clean beach and a great time. Despite the fact that the hotel has just opened, you can see that people are investing.

Also, the playground is very small and right under the sun. This is a small thing and I think over time, the problems will be solved. The staff is friendly and diligent. I give 4 points only for the lack of internet on those days.

Just opened, several cabins are ready, but most are unfinished, the area is not complete. Rooms are very spacious and quite comfortable, although there are some loose ends. The internet worked intermittently.

The staff is very friendly and helpful. Hotel restaurant: breakfast was good, included in the price. Lunch and dinner were a bit on the expensive side, portions were small and many items were off the menu.

I did not have an alternative, because neighbouring cafes Seeside and Beluga are even more expensive and farther away. You can take a bus or a cab to the supermarket and cook yourself, but it’s too far and inconvenient.

Leisure at the sea in Azerbaijan

Baku sea vacations

Where to spend your vacations in Azerbaijan? The best and most famous resorts for sea vacations, active sports and treatments. Find current 2022 prices for tours, hotels, food, entertainment and read travel tips. Map of Azerbaijan resorts and beaches in Baku.

Rest on the Caspian Sea is not as popular as the Black Sea, although the sea water in the Caspian Sea is much warmer and due to the increased salinity has a curative effect. Thanks to the sandy beaches and clear sea, a vacation in Azerbaijan leaves a very pleasant impression. In addition to sea bathing tourists can visit the ancient temples and fortresses, get acquainted with the ancient history of Azerbaijan.

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Food prices in Baku - 2022


When it’s best to rest on the sea in Azerbaijan

The climate on the territory of Azerbaijan is not the same. In the mountainous area, which occupies most of the country, there is snow during the cold season. The Caspian Sea coast is in a zone of humid subtropics.

The beach season in the Caspian Sea starts in May and ends in late October. By the end of spring, the sea warms up to +19°C, in June – up to +24°C, and in the second half of summer – up to +28°C. With the onset of autumn, the sea cools down not immediately. In September, its temperature reaches +26 ° C, and by the end of October, the water temperature in the Caspian Sea is +21. +22°С. The most comfortable period for swimming is from early June to late September.

Beach recreation in Azerbaijan

(Photo: Karl Lowe / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The best resorts

Most tourists prefer to vacation by the sea in Azerbaijan in 2022 near the capital of this country – Baku . Travelers are placed in suburban resorts, as in the city itself the beaches are not suitable for bathing. On the coastal strip of the Apsheron Peninsula, which is part of Greater Baku, many comfortable modern hotels with swimming pools and private beach areas are built. They have created excellent conditions for swimming and sunbathing. In addition to beach holidays, tourists can go scuba diving, water scooters and water skiing.

What coastal resorts around Baku are the most popular among tourists? In the village of Bilgah, 40 km from the capital of Azerbaijan, parents with children like to stay. The sea here is shallow and next to the municipal beach you can relax at the luxury beach area – Amburan Beach Club. Entrance to it costs from 16 to 25 AZN. Prices for recreation at paid beaches in Azerbaijan depend on the day of the week. They are slightly lower on weekdays and higher on weekends.

Zagulba resort is located 70 km from Baku. It is famous for its crystal clear water and rocky seabed. There are three paid beaches in Zagulba – Mirvani, Heather and Sherlock. You have to pay from 20 to 30 AZN to enter them. All beaches are equipped with changing cabins and showers, you can rent deck chairs and sun umbrellas. The beaches have swimming pools, free Wi-Fi, cafes, bars, children’s play areas and tents selling oriental sweets.

Video tour of Azerbaijan (Baku)

In the coastal village of Mardakan, located 35 km from Baku, 10 zones for recreation by the sea have been created. Some of them are paid zones. In addition to beach recreation, tourists can visit the local water park, swimming pool and nightclubs.

Even closer to the capital of Azerbaijan is a resort village Novkhana. It is only 21 km from Baku. Novkhana attracts many vacationers thanks to its long coastline, clean sea, gentle approach to the water, lots of beach attractions and a water park.

The nearest beach area to Baku is arranged in the village of Shikhovo, 12 km from the city. The entrance to the most expensive beach of this resort costs 30 AZN and the cheapest – only 2 AZN.

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To the north of the Apsheron Peninsula, not far from Derbent, there is the coastal village of Nabran. A large piece of relict forest grows around it so the air in the resort is very clean and fresh. The beach strip of the village is covered with soft fine sand.

Tourists who come to rest by the sea in Azerbaijan love to stay in the coastal town of Lankaran. It has the status of a balneological resort. Lankaran has its own airport that receives flights from major Russian cities. Lankaran beaches are covered with healing black sand.

Many vacationers like the beaches and resort infrastructure in the city of Sumgait, located 30 km from the capital of Azerbaijan. It is equipped with about two dozen beach areas. The beaches of Sumgait consist of small shell rock and are considered some of the best in the country.

Map of resorts and beaches in Azerbaijan

Prices for tours to Azerbaijan in 2022

Prices for holidays by the sea in Azerbaijan in 2022 are higher than on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, the Crimea or Turkey. However, tourists believe that it is more profitable to rest on the Caspian Sea, buying a ready-made tour, rather than on their own. Let’s see how much a trip for two with a flight from Moscow will cost.

month 7 nights 11 nights 14 nights
July 57000 ₽ 65000 ₽ 69000 ₽
August 39000 ₽ 48000 ₽ 52000 ₽
September 38000 ₽ 43000 ₽ 47000 ₽
October 37000 ₽ 42000 ₽ 44000 ₽

Prices peak in July and August, the hottest months of the year. During the height of the tourist season, the Caspian Sea is visited by the most tourists. With the beginning of the velvet season, the number of vacationers decreases and the prices of tours to rest by the sea in Azerbaijan fall noticeably.

Hotel prices

The tourism business in the country is a relatively recent development, so comfortable hotels are only in Baku, other major cities and the most popular resorts.

Lodging for two in a decent mansion costs from 1900₽, and in a modern 3* hotel by the sea – from 5000₽ per night. It is more expensive to stay in hotels of world famous chains. However, on the Caspian Sea coast there are always many offers of private accommodation – you can stay there on a budget.

Here are the prices for holidays in resorts in Azerbaijan in July and August 2022:

A hostel by the sea in Nabran. From 1,900 ₽. Deniz Guest House.
3* Hotel by the Sea in Mardakan from 5,000 ₽ Kaspi Beach Resort
4* Hotel by the Sea in Sabail from 6,500 ₽ Aysberq Resort
5* Hotel by the sea in Bilgah from 7,600 ₽ Bilgah Beach Hotel

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Prices of vacations by the sea in Azerbaijan

Food prices in Azerbaijan in 2022

Exchange rate: 1 Azerbaijani manat (AZN) ≈ 44 RUB.

You can have a meal for 8-16 AZN at a cafe in a resort for two, in a budget restaurant for 40-50 AZN. A cup of coffee will cost 1.6-5.2 AZN, and a kettle at a cafe 3-4 AZN.

Let's go to Zagulba! Reviews about rest, beaches, best hotels.

While vacationing in Azerbaijan in 2022, tourists can try a variety of local dishes. Particularly popular are:

  • shawarma – 1.5 AZN
  • crumpets – 0.1 AZN
  • kutab, similar to cheburek – 0,4 AZN
  • Shashlik portion – 4-6 AZN
  • baklava or parvarda – 3 AZN
  • ayran – 1 AZN.

Here are the prices of products sold in stores and supermarkets in Azerbaijani resorts:

  • a bottle of water, 0.5 l – 0.8 AZN;
  • Coca-Cola, 0.33 l – 1.1 AZN;
  • white bread, 0,4 kg – 0,8 AZN
  • soft ice-cream – 1 AZN;
  • cheese, 1 kg – 5,5 AZN
  • Sausage, 1 kg – 5-6 AZN
  • eggs, 10 eggs – 1,6 AZN
  • apples, 1 kg – 4 AZN
  • oranges – 4 AZN;
  • tomatoes – 2-4 AZN;
  • pomegranates – 2,45 AZN;
  • grapes – 3 – 4 AZN
  • bananas – 2-3 AZN;
  • cashews, 1 kg – 10,8 AZN
  • walnuts – 14,4 AZN
  • pistachios – 11,8 AZN
  • dried fruits – 3,8-6,25 AZN
  • beer, 0,5 l – 2,5 AZN
  • wine, 0,75 l – 7,25 AZN.

Stores in towns are open from 9:00 to late evening, and in small resort towns – until 19:00-20:00. Especially do not expect to pay by card, because most places accept only cash.

Food prices in Azerbaijan

(Photo: UNWTO / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Entertainment Prices

Almost everyone who comes to Azerbaijan for a vacation by the sea tries to visit Baku. Recently, so many new neighborhoods have grown in Baku that the city has been talked about as the Eastern Dubai. Tourists enjoy visiting Baku Necropolis, Maiden Tower, Juma Mosque and the ancient Palace of Shirvanshahs. The Old City, the Mountain Park and the Flame Towers can be easily explored in 1 day.

During vacations in Lankaran tourists visit the ancient fortress, historical quarters and mosques. Excursions to medieval mosques and mausoleums located on the banks of the Pirsagat River are especially popular.

Tourists who come to Azerbaijan for a holiday at sea go to nightclubs, water parks and entertainment centers. Here are the approximate prices for the most popular entertainments in 2022:

  • a diving course of 10 lessons, including equipment rental – 350 AZN;
  • visiting the water park – 13-35 AZN;
  • Baku Zoo – 3 AZN for adults and 2 AZN for children;
  • boat trip to Baku Crystal Hall, 30 min – 3 AZN
  • Trip on Baku promenade by steam train – 2 AZN for adults and 1 AZN for children;
  • Baku sightseeing tour – 40 AZN;
  • Maiden Tower visit – 8 AZN;
  • Visit to Heydar Aliyev Center – 15 AZN;
  • Shirvanshahs Palace – 4 AZN;
  • Yanardag burning mountain – 2 AZN;
  • Carpet Museum – 4.8 AZN; audio guide in Russian – 7 AZN;
  • museum of petroglyphs in Gobustan – 2 AZN;
  • funicular ride to the observation point – 1 AZN.

Keep in mind that parking near attractions costs 1 AZN.

Tourists prefer not to take excursions as the prices are high. For example, a sightseeing tour of evening Baku costs $90, and a trip to Yanardag, Gala and the temple of fire worshippers costs $140. You can see it all on your own.

Holidays at sea with children in Azerbaijan – 2022

Many parents who want to vacation with children at the sea in Azerbaijan in 2022 choose an all-inclusive vacation. Comfortable accommodation for families with children is offered by 5* hotels – Bilgah Beach, Hilton Baku, Four Seasons Hotel Baku, Fairmont Baku Flame Towers and Homebridge, as well as 4* Winter Park Hotel and Shah Palace. They all have private beach areas, comfortable pools and children’s menus in their restaurants.

What to see in Baku in 1, 2, 3 and 5 days?

The beaches of the Caspian coast are ideal for babies and children who have not yet learned to swim well. Entrance to the water is gentle, there are no potholes, holes and rocks at the bottom, and the sea is perfectly warm in shallow water. Almost all equipped beaches Apsheronsky created play areas for children, and most coastal resorts are modern water parks.

In addition to beach holidays, it is interesting with children to go on excursions in the capital of Azerbaijan Baku. With a child it is worth a walk along the picturesque Seaside Boulevard and admire the beautiful illumination of the musical fountains. Children of all ages love the performances at the Baku Dolphinarium. There is the Luna Park and the Olimpik Star entertainment center for kids.

Holiday in Azerbaijan with children

(Photo: Alaakam /

Reviews of tourists about the rest at the sea in Azerbaijan

Beach recreation in Azerbaijan has significant advantages :

  • This country has a more developed tourist infrastructure – hotels and service is better than in the Astrakhan region, Dagestan or Kazakhstan.
  • There is a good bus service between the suitable beach resorts and Baku. The cost of the ticket ranges from 3 to 15 AZN and depends on the distance of the trip. Buses run strictly on schedule. There are also shuttle buses along the coast – they leave as they fill up.

An undeniable plus for many tourists is good shopping. Holidaymakers advise to bring from Azerbaijan carpets, beautiful bags, tablecloths and carpet holders for dishes. As gifts, tourists also bring Armud glasses, jewelry, wooden carved backgammon, local embossing, samovars, oil lamps and items of national clothing. Of food and drink popular are jam, oriental sweets, honey, quince paste, Azerbaijani wines and liquors. Any souvenirs are more profitable to buy in the markets, for example, the Baku indoor market Sharg Bazary.

According to tourists, holidays in Azerbaijan by the sea is not deprived of drawbacks:

  • The only convenient way to the Caspian resorts is by plane. It takes too long to go by train. The road from Moscow takes more than two days.
  • Practically all the well-appointed beaches are paid, and the prices can’t be called low. In addition, you are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks on the beaches.
  • On many beaches of Caspian coast of sand is mixed with shell, and it is uncomfortable for small children to walk on it. In some places, there is a lot of algae in the water.
  • The main religion in the country is Islam. This imposes restrictions on the behavior of tourists on the beaches and in resort areas. Girls are expected to wear modest clothing. Smoking and drinking alcohol in public places is not welcomed. At many resorts in Azerbaijan created separate beaches for women and men.

Despite the minuses, the rest at the sea in Azerbaijan in 2022 will leave you with pleasant impressions. It is only important to plan a trip in advance and choose the right resort.

Reviews about rest by the sea in Azerbaijan

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