Fujairah, UAE: Tourism reviews of Fujairah hotels – 2022-2021

Hotel reviews for hotels in Fujairah

Great hotel,big beautiful area,there is a small pool,large pool,children’s pool,first line,very few people,always had sunbeds,no queue for the buffet,it is very varied,everything. Read more

Holidaying alone at the end of August! 2022г. The hotel is new and it is beautiful! I did not have any problems with the food and the room service. The beach is just a fairy tale! I feel like I was born again! I can write many things! But it is better to come! Read more

We stayed from 23.08 to 02.09. Convenient location of the internal infrastructure. The hotel is ideally located for both business and pleasure. There is a staff member who helps with luggage delivery. Read more

I stayed in the UAE for the first time and the weather at the end of August was lovely. The area is small, the food is ok. Not enough snacks on the bar. I would like to mention Ahmed from reception and Mona and Wilson from the restaurant, very friendly. Read more

We had a few different hotels to choose from. We had a great stay and loved it. We did not have any problems with the food and the staff were very friendly and smiling, Abbas the animator did a great job. Read more

Hotel Rotana is at the top as always! We stayed in August 2022 and everything was great. The staff in the restaurant, bar and pool area were great. They did everything they could to make us feel good. The food in the restaurant. Read more

Everything is a comparison, willingly or not, but we all compare with previous trips (price/quality). Overall at 5. I will start with the minuses/bugs, maybe someone will find it useful.1. Read more

We chose the Emirates for vacation for the first time. No problem….Hotel does not have 5 stars. When arriving at the room not immediately put an extra bed, although it was negotiated and paid for in advance (300. Hotel is not at all the best on the market.

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I did not want to stay in a hotel on my arrival. Warned that there is no alcohol and entertainment is ok. But there is nothing at all in the hotel. No activity at all. We would have turned a blind eye to it if the beach matched. But the beach and the water. Read more

Good afternoon, we are staying at the hotel now. The hotel is small, compact and the zoning is well thought out. The greatest strength of the hotel is the staff. The hotel is in its sixth year, but it feels like 20 years. Read more

At 35 years old this is my very first trip out of the country and I can only compare it to the Black Sea coast of Russia. And on our coast I have been to almost the most elite Hotels. And of course I have. Read more

My second time coming back to this hotel. We did not regret it. Yes,something has changed in a year. But the main thing is the staff was very attentive. It made me feel very welcome. Sea of smiles and positivity, everything. Read more

Excellent food and quality drinks. Very nice staff, just loved them. I remember a few people: Achilles in the central restaurant, very cool, Uday the lifeguard by the pool, the girl in the Read more

I had a great stay at the Redisson Blue! Great staff, cozy rooms, delicious food, great beach! The reception is staffed by a wonderful Alina Marchenko, a highly qualified professional and wonderful person. Read more

I really enjoyed my stay at this hotel. I stayed with my 5 year old son. Great food, it was easy to feed a child. Excellent animation. A huge thank you to Anna, Adam, Sergey and Malena for the entertainment. More info:

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Fujairah – travel reviews

Reviews about Fujairah based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and didn’t like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (UAE) is suitable as a place for family or youth vacation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Fujairah is famous for. Tips and tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

If you want to get to a green corner of the UAE, away from the bustling civilization – welcome to Fujairah! The gentle waters of the Indian Ocean surrounded by mountains, beautiful sunsets, a variety of luxury hotels and non-artificial green oases, walking with camels and extreme diving, as well as a great number of carefully preserved historical values and astonishing colors and goods of the oriental markets – this is what you need to go to this emirate.

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Leaving our impressions of the grandiose skyscrapers in neighboring Dubai, we headed here for the long-awaited peace and tranquility. Right on the shore of the boundless Ocean, next to the legendary shark fountain monument you can find three five-star hotels, here is the legendary Heritage Village or Open-air Museum, where you can see the traditional incendiary Arabian dancing, taste genuine Arabic coffee, appreciate the life and values of the past. Near the hotel Mramar – a long public beach Sandy with clear water, fine sand and small rocks for diving enthusiasts.

The advantages of local recreation – a unique, almost pristine nature, original mountain landscapes, clean water and air, equipped beaches and gorgeous tan;) – A lot of cultural monuments – the mysterious ancient forts, mosques, iconic sculptures – a great many of them, so you have to choose.

– Water sports fans will be pleasantly surprised – all opportunities for excellent diving, high-speed motorboat races and even a dive to a pack of sharks – to your attention! Personally, I did not dare to do the latter, I hope among the readers will be more daring travelers). – For the especially keen there is a whole Sea Club, where you can not only take part in an impressive yacht race, but also hunt for a real barracuda or tuna. – The cuisine and restaurants of Fujairah – a separate bright story! Here you can try the dishes of exotic cuisine – “zereshk polou” with a hint of barberry, juicy meat kebab, taken off the grill a moment ago, or “jigar” – mutton shashlyk with basil. And all this with the finest oriental music performed live. The disadvantages of rest in Fujairah – I strongly recommend a responsible approach to the choice of hotel, preferably without saving and choosing a five-star. Pay attention to its location (that turned out to be a surprise upon arrival a nearby highway or a noisy hotel does not disturb your sleep at night). If there is a beach near it – find out all about it – there are some pretty untended ones. – In the azure water is better to be careful – here you can meet many exotic locals like sea cucumber, crabs or jellyfish, the latter do not like the invasion and therefore the meeting with them is often quite painful. Arab beach lifeguards, of course, will help with a burn or bite of the native inhabitants of these waters, but still, it is better to be careful. Especially in spring, closer to April – during the mating games of jellyfish.)

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What is a must-do while in Fujairah? – Visit a scenic place called Ain Gomur, a green spot which has natural mineral springs and cures many ailments. – Climb up into the hills beside Castle Road to uncover history at Fujairah Fort, a majestic fortress with ancient watchtowers that has stood up to local residents time and time again. – Visit the legendary Shark Island – the local underwater world is astonishing, from shoals of fish of all colors and shapes to a variety of wonder-created corals – being there you realize that the natural imagination has no limit!

– Friday Market or Suq Al Juma is full of amazing oriental items ranging from rare ceramics and copperware to famous Arabic spices and fresh fruits, but most importantly handmade carpets of different masters, textures and colors.

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