Going to Albena! Tips for recreation, reviews and prices.

Albena is a children’s resort in Bulgaria.

Reviews about Albena

The resort in the north of the Bulgarian Riviera is specially created for rest by the sea. How do tourists rate Albena? We collected reviews about beaches and interesting places and selected the best hotels. Find out if you should go to Albena.


Impressions of Albena

The popular resort is located in the Baltata Reserve, so Albena is often called the green capital of Bulgaria. According to the reviews of tourists, hotels just drown in greenery. Here grow firs, larches and wild plums, and next to the beach the fragrant rose garden spreads out. Green splendor has another side – the mosquitoes. Particularly annoying insects in the evenings!

In beach recreation Albena is in no way inferior to the famous Golden Sands Bulgaria – the same spacious and clean beaches and modern hotels. Tourists are happy with the prices for accommodation. For all-inclusive service in the hotel 3-4 * in Albena you will pay the same money as for the “three” with breakfasts in Spain.

We were on the beach and the water was clean, there were no empty bottles, cigarette butts or other waste. My husband and I were in July, so the weather was very good and the sea was warm. Have had a rest on hurrah, in silence. The truth 7 days for us it was not enough, it was not desirable to leave”.

barsuk: “The prices for food and in restaurants horse. Ice cream for a child is the cheapest – 150 rubles. A bun is 200 rubles, a shish kebab is 700 rubles. Pizza – 500 rubles.

Reviews about Albena

Hotels in Albena are just immersed in greenery. Here grow firs, larches and wild plums. Photo: naskopi / Depositphotos.com.

The best hotels in Albena

In Albena there are about three dozen hotels 2-5*. Many are located on the first line and have their own beach. Sometimes one beach is assigned to several hotels at once. Most hotels 3-5* offer all-inclusive service. Look for hotels in Albena on Hotelluk.

The best hotels in Albena, according to tourist reviews:

Primasol Ralitsa Superior 3* – a cozy hotel in a quiet park area, 900 m from the beach. A room for two costs from 107 €.

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Mura 3* is a comfortable hotel near the beach. A double room for two costs from 107 €.

Laguna Garden 4* is a hotel 150 m from the beach. It is all inclusive. A room for two people costs from 119 €.

Laguna Beach Hotel 4* is an excellent all-inclusive hotel on the first line to the sea. During high season, a double room costs from 135 €.

Flamingo Grand Hotel & SPA 5* is a comfortable spa hotel in the central part of the resort. A room for two will cost you from 129 €.

Maritim Paradise Blue Hotel & Spa 5* is a wonderful hotel on the beach with three swimming pools and a spa center. A double room with breakfast costs from 151 €.

Innasis: “Walking along the promenade in the evening, on one side you look at the beach and the sea, and on the other side of you begins at once the territory of the hotels with well-kept greenery, trimmed bushes, flowerbeds and lawns with a permanent watering system.

Reviews of Albena Hotels

Many hotels are located on the first line and have their own beach. Photo: dechevm / Depositphotos.com.

Beaches of Albena

Developed beach strip resort stretches for 5 km and has a width of up to 150 meters. According to tourists’ reviews, the beaches of Albena are so nice that they remind pictures from brochures. The soft golden sand, shallow entrance to the sea and large areas of well-heated shallow waters are perfect for holidays with children! At the end of the sandy beach, in a secluded area is the nudist beach of Albena.

Entrance to all beaches is free. Tourists pay only for the use of sun beds and umbrellas, and for the guests of some hotels it is free. There is a free shuttle service along the coast from 10:00 to 17:00.

Innasis: “The beaches of Albena resort have clean yellow sand with shells. The sand is really clean, no trash, because every day the beaches are cleaned by machinery. A large machine several times with a bucket and raises the top layer of sand, collects all the debris, while also loosening the sand. We were really surprised by the cleanliness of the beach, the children were quietly picking at the sand and did not find any trash there.

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Albena Beaches

The beach in Albena. Photo: Balcon del Mundo / flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Albena sights

The Bulgarian resort was built in 1969, so there are no ancient monuments in Albena. Tourists enjoy visiting the Icon Gallery and the Historical Museum of the resort.

The Nature reserve Baltata occupies 205 hectares near Albena. In the reserve one can see forests of elm and ash, rare species of amphibians and reptiles, pheasants, herons and storks. Especially for vacationers on the territory laid trails, there are viewing platforms.

According to tourist reviews, in Albena popular excursions to the town of Balchik and to the ruins of the dervish monastery Arat Teke. We advise to visit the village Obrochishte, where a well-preserved fortress of the Ottoman Empire.

Rina: “My son went on an excursion to Istanbul from our guide. We picked him up from the hotel and brought him back the same way. He was very pleased with it. We took a shuttle bus to the rock monastery, but it was hard to get back. Only hitchhikers, and ask enormous money.

Rest with children

In Albena there are a lot of playgrounds for children. You can always use the services of a babysitter, take your child to the day care center or club. There are water slides, an archery range, a mini railroad, go-karting, skateboarding, pony and donkey rides, and an amusement park.

Innasis: “It’s not going to be fun for party-goers and young couples, everything is designed for a relaxed family holiday: no loud parties and discos at night, all the entertainment and attractions are located in the main street and are mainly designed for children.

Holidays with kids in Albena

Children on the beach in Albena. Photo: esvetleishaya / Depositphotos.com.

When to go

Albena’s climate allows swimming in the sea from May to September. Many tourists come to the resort in June, when the air warms up to +24 ° C, and the water in the Black Sea – up to +20 ° C. In July and August it is hot in Albena. During the day the thermometer rises to 26. +30°С. By the end of summer, the sea water heats up to +24. +26°С. It is very pleasant to swim!

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The velvet season is short. In September Albena enjoys warm and sunny weather, and in October it gets cooler +17 ° C, and it rains more often. In November, the sea cools down to +13. +15°С. On the coast it is windy, you can’t do without warm clothes!

Elenakristovska: “We stayed in June. It rained, and for two days it was so steaming, that going out in the street, in a few seconds you covered with sweat and in such a condition you walk until you go into an air-conditioned room”.

Conclusions: is it worth to go to Albena?

According to reviews, Albena is one of the best resorts in Bulgaria for parents with children and tourists who focus on beach holidays. On the shore there are water attractions, you can find an instructor for surfing. Young people like nightclubs, discos and bars, beach volleyball tournaments and diving. There are no historical landmarks in the resort.

Reviews about Albena hotels

Do not even think to go to this hotel, the conditions are rustic, just bumnya.One thing you can call the positive is the sea.The rest is money thrown away.If you do not want to ruin your health and mood. Read more

We liked everything very much. Everything was very good. The location of the hotel near the sea. The food was delicious. Very friendly staff. Special thanks to the manager, Mr. Milen, for his responsiveness and. Read more

Maximum enjoyment from the vacation in an atmosphere of quality service and an abundance of entertainment …Also an unforgettable taste from the exquisite dishes prepared with amazing culinary flavor.Excellent. Read more

The hotel is very well located near the sea, at 8-9 am you can still take a sun lounger Did not like it: the hotel is miserable, old, hi from the soviet union. elevator glitched, with air conditioning condensate dripped directly onto the floor on the balcony, under the feet of the puddle. Read more

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I will start by saying that Albena is a quiet, comfortable, natural, heavenly place, where the body and soul have a rest. The hotel had 10 unforgettable nights with the family, two adults and a child 13 years from 25.06-05.07. Everything was. Read more

Breakfast and dinner were great, for all tastes and ages! Did not like : To inform guests about the therapeutic properties of the mineral water, not only the one in the pool, but also the one served in the restaurant. Read more

Good pools, great breakfast Disliked : Hotel needs updating. rooms are tired. completely inadequate for the price asked. Read more

Good afternoon! Our family stayed at Arabella for 2.5 months. We remember these days with great appreciation, always greeted with a smile, kind words, to the kitchen staff thank you for the delicious food. Thank you for everything. Read more

By the will of fate I ended up at the Kaliakra Hotel. It was a great hotel! Located on the coast of the sea. The place is very picturesque. On one side of the sea and sandy beach, on the other side of the mountain covered with forest. The location is perfect. Read more

We loved the hotel, the location, food, and staff all made a great stay. The hotel has an animation for children, English, Russian, Bulgarian, varied menu in the restaurant, and the chef is a professional. Read more

Of course a big plus was the proximity of the Aquapark, because of that we chose this hotel. There are several pools on the territory of the hotel. There was a sufficient amount of food, hungry will not go hungry. Read more

The staff were friendly managers Kliment Kolev and Jordan Stoyanovo especially friendly Kliment Kolevotel on the beach in the evenings entertainment at the pool Gherganatam you can use the bar at the hotel. Read more

I liked the room, with a complete set (iron, kitchenette, microwave was not working, 2 bathrooms) Did not like: It is obvious that a long time there is no good manager, dirty area, not well maintained, it is. Read more

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I am very surprised that the chefs in Bulgaria can NOT cook like this. Now at the hotel, the feeling is that they cook from frozen food. There is almost no meat, vegetables are impossible to eat.It takes 10 minutes to walk to the beach. Read more

The hotel lived up to all our expectations. Rooms are as they should be. The rooms are as described. The staff was friendly and helpful and made sure the room was clean and the towels were spotless. Read more

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