Going to Amalfi! Holiday tips and reviews

Amalfi – traveler reviews

Reviews about Amalfi, based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and didn’t like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Italy) is suitable as a place for family or youth vacation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Amalfi is famous for. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

A Swedish tourist told me in Amalfi, “The best things here are the mountains. The worst is also the mountains.” After that, he told me about how he couldn’t get away from the serpentine conditions here for 7 days and still only went to the restaurant and the beach, not even walking the streets. Seven days! Who has a longer vacation?

Amalfi is very beautiful, fabulously beautiful. Taking pictures here, you can even think of yourself as a professional photographer. In Amalfi the sea is amazingly beautiful – when viewed from a height, with the boats and the mountain chain. But the beach is quite ordinary, if not to say dull gray, the water is warm, but not transparent.

Disadvantages of a holiday in Amalfi.

Among the disadvantages of rest in Amalfi you can name a lot, but the main ones I have listed below.

  • The high cost of renting a room or a villa. In my case, we were talking about a room for two, for which I had to pay 150 euros a day, which is atypical for me personally. Although it is still Amalfi – an amazing place where people come from all over the world. Next door were rooms in a hotel with a pool and panoramic view, here the prices were about 1000 euros a day for a suite for two. And the hotel (or rather the villa) externally from the street was not that much different from mine.
  • The difficulty for those who do not like serpentine roads or boat rides, because you can get here only one of these ways. The road usually lies from Naples to Salerno (near the Tyrrhenian Sea), and then by bus or boat to Amalfi.
  • There is no traditional resort walking area here. There are just endless little streets, winding and going uphill. It’s hard to walk through them for more than an hour, even stopping for a coffee in a cafe and looking at the stores.

The pros of vacationing in Amalfi

  • Very beautiful views, mountains, houses and streets. The best view is the scenery of the city from the pier, and another one from above from one of the hotels. Some of them have pools, the view then is mind-blowing!
  • There is a wide choice of hotels. It is possible to take in the city, near the square with a fountain, with a patio, you can have a view of the sea, with a pool, as if going into the sea and is part of it. It is possible to rent a villa or a room far in the mountains, high up, which is also very interesting. But then it will be a problem to get to the sea without a car or a moped.
  • The hotels are all very nice. Even if you take a relatively cheap, you will be impressed by the atmosphere of the place. Even if the windows face the next house, you’ll love the view of the street and the balconies. Even if you’re given the first floor, you’ll enjoy the flavor of local life and the passing mopeds won’t be a hardship. It’s more of a joy because they’re so colorful and happy tourists ride them!
  • Friendly attitude to Russians, as, however, all over Italy, especially in Southern Italy. The measured life disposes to hospitality, even if you actually work in a busy tourist industry (I speak from experience).
  • The sea is warm. Maybe it was just me, but I was expecting a much cooler sea than what I got. The sea was really warm, you could swim for a very long time without going out at all. In the Aegean Sea, where I traveled a long time before, I did not see such joy. The sea even in July was cool, and if it rained, it was as cold as in May!
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To go or not to go.

Definitely go! The Amalfi Coast is worth seeing, and even living here. I would put it in my personal TOP-20 of places I would like to spend another vacation. It wouldn’t top the list (because of the price and the schengen first!), but it would still be firmly in the 18th position. I travel a lot and study all the regions very thoroughly. I always want to find the best (and cheapest) and I almost always succeed. Unfortunately, in Amalfi there is no choice – cheap or expensive, in the season everything is very expensive, and to come here in December did not really want to.

Decide for yourself if you are sorry for the extra 100 thousand rubles, which will certainly add up compared to a trip to Turkish Marmaris or Oludeniz. You will overpay 10 thousand for visas, another 10-20 thousand for tickets, another 30-50 thousand for hotel rooms, and the rest will be in restaurants and clothes, souvenirs, transportation and entertainment. In total, the price difference for three people will be just about 100 thousand rubles, which is surprising, because the nature and climate, and even the atmosphere is very similar.

I also could not resist going to Italy (even several times and for a long time), because everyone goes, and I also want to. But in the end it was a pity for the money spent, the constant overpayment for basic services or the simplest meals. Europe in general is expensive, and Italy is still not the most expensive place to stay. But the Amalfi Coast is not cheap (it’s not some Rimini with cheap flights and hotels and regular beach!).

In the end, I’ve been to a lot of places in Italy. And if where to go, it’s just here, in Amalfi and Positano, in Salerno and Sorrento. It is very beautiful here, the mountains, greenery, beautiful houses and in general there is something to see, to enjoy with your soul.

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Should you go with children?

Here is whether to go with children, a very important question. Because there are many pitfalls – literally and figuratively. For example, there is a serpentine or mandatory sea walk to Amalfi. Otherwise you just can’t get there – there’s no train, no regular road either. Here everything is in the mountains, and every turn is quite sharp and not very pleasant.

Secondly, the beaches are small. They are more suitable for quiet sunbathing, not for active children’s games. People in the season are strongly pressed against each other (not as in the Krasnodar region, but still). In addition, the water in the places where I bathed, quickly goes to depth, i.e. a cozy shoal for a child is almost absent.

Amalfi – the most picturesque part of Italy.

Otdfh in Amalfi

Charming town in southwestern Italy captivates the heart of everyone who sees it! Learn from the reviews of tourists about holiday in Amalfi: where the best beaches, in what hotel to stay, what to do on vacation and whether to go with children.


Impression of the resort

The city of Amalfi is located in the heart of the Gulf of Salerno coast, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The popular Italian resort is an hour from Naples and three hours from Rome.

Tourists love the clear blue sea, the lemon orchards, the olive groves, the cozy coves in the rocks, the red and white houses, the staircase streets and the elegant ancient temples. Amalfi is a harmony of nature and what is created by human hands. When you see this magnificence, you can’t believe your eyes!

Oksana Sh: “The number of beauties on the picturesque Amalfi coast is so high that you can not look for any special attractions. It’s enough to drive slowly along the seaside road, stop from time to time at this or that observation terrace or cafe, exhale “Ah!” and continue to do the most appropriate thing for the area – that is, to contemplate”.

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Holidays in Amalfi

The city of Amalfi is located in the heart of the Gulf of Salerno, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Photo: ripato / unsplash.com.

Best hotels

The seaside town, which has about 6,000 inhabitants, has a dozen and a half first-class hotels. Some hotels in Amalfi occupy modern buildings, others are housed in historical monuments and look like medieval castles. Look for hotels in Amalfi on Hotelluca and apartments on Airbnb.

The best hotels in Amalfi, according to tourist reviews:

Hotel Floridiana 3* is a charming hotel in the center of town. During high season, a double room with breakfast costs from 155 €.

Albergo L’Antico Convitto 3* – A cozy hotel near the cathedral of Amalfi. A room for two costs from 136 €.

Hotel Residence 4* is across the road from the coastline. From the rooms you can hear the sound of the surf. A double room with breakfast costs from 262 €.

Hotel Marina Riviera 4* is a comfortable hotel in the center of the resort. For double room with breakfast you will pay from 587 €.

NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi 5* – A grand hotel on the top of a cliff, in a former 13th century monastery. A double room with breakfast costs from 436 €.

Hotel Santa Caterina 5* – an excellent hotel in an Art Nouveau villa with a private beach. A room for two with breakfast costs from 1077 €.

Cheap hotels in Amalfi

Some hotels in Amalfi are modern buildings, others are located in historic monuments and look like medieval castles. Photo: alessiobachetti / unsplash.com.

Beaches of Amalfi

According to tourist reviews, in Amalfi it is nice not only to admire the beauty of the coast, but also to relax on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Local beaches are covered with pebbles. The resort is popular with foreigners and Italians, so it is difficult to find a secluded place. Some beaches are free, others belong to restaurants, and you have to pay to enter. There is a bonus – you can order food directly to the sunbeds!

Capuchin Catacombs

Anya Gladysheva: “The bright blue water is the main attraction of Amalfi.

Photos of Amalfi beaches

The resort is popular with foreigners and Italians, so it’s hard to find a secluded place. Photo: jeancarloemer / unsplash.com.


The jewel of Amalfi is St. Andrew’s Cathedral, which was built in the 11th century by the Normans. According to one legend, the relics of St. Andrew rest beneath the altar of this temple. Higher on the mountainside is the medieval monastery of the Capuchins. See the Emerald Grotto, the monument to Captain Flavio Gioia, the Torre dello Ziro watchtower and the Basilica of the Holy Crucifix.

We recommend to visit the “Courtyard of Eden” Chiostro del Paradiso, a unique architectural complex, which was built in the XIII century for the burial of noble citizens. The museum-memorial is filled with fragments of old buildings, mosaics, frescoes, tombstones and obelisks.

From Amalfi tourists go on excursions to Naples, Sorrento, Salerno, Positano and Rome. Tours to the islands of Ischia and Capri are popular.

Yana Khabirova: “Amalfi Coast is a world heritage! I liked the tour very much, everything was easy, beautiful and positive. The kids of 5 and 12 years old were also very happy. Lots of beautiful photos and impressions.”

What to see in Amalfi

The pearl of Amalfi – St. Andrew’s Cathedral, which was built in the 11th century by the Normans. Photo: sterlinglanier / unsplash.com.

Holidays with children

A trip to Amalfi with little ones can be quite a hassle. The city is built on the slopes of the mountain, so you have to go up and down a lot of stairs. The older kids can enjoy the beautiful seaside parks, the boat tours, the boat ride and the visit of the Paper Museum.

Julianna Monic: “There are a lot of pitfalls – literally and figuratively. The beaches are not very big. They are more suitable for a quiet sunbathing rather than for active children’s games. The water in the places where I bathed, quickly goes to depth, that is a cozy shoal for a child is almost absent.

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Where to go with children in Amalfi

With older children it is interesting to visit the picturesque seaside parks or go on a boat trip. Photo: louisekrause / unsplash.com.

When to go

Thanks to the mild climate of the Mediterranean Sea, winters in Amalfi are warm +13 … +17°C and summers are hot. In July and August the thermometer rarely falls below +26 ° C. Beach recreation begins in May and ends in October. For a trip with children we recommend the second half of June – the beginning of June, when the sea is already warm, but there’s still no heat.

August is vacation time for Italians, the small beaches in the bays are filled to capacity. If you do not like the heat of summer and want to relax without the crowds of tourists, come to Amalfi during the velvet season. In September and October the resort is very comfortable!

Alice: “I liked staying in Amalfi in September. We spent 10 days in Amalfi and the weather was just fine! On average it was +25 … +28 °С. It was warm to swim in the sea, the water had not yet had time to cool down after the summer. At the same time there is no excruciating heat, you can walk around the city and the neighborhood.

Weather in Amalfi

If you do not like the summer heat and want to relax without the crowds of tourists, come to Amalfi during the velvet season. Photo: CeriBreeze / Depositphotos.com.

Conclusions: is it worth going to Amalfi

The picturesque resort on the Amalfi coast is the epitome of Italian beauty! The town by the sea looks like an outlandish park. Amalfi is often visited by wealthy tourists, couples, parents with children, lovers of architecture, Italian cuisine, homemade wine and the famous limoncello. It is here that the pleasant-tasting lemon liqueur is made.

According to reviews from tourists, beach holidays in Amalfi excellent, large waves do not happen. Local beaches are pebbly. If you like sand – choose another resort in Italy!

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