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Reviews about Bilgah Beach Hotel 5*

Bilgah Beach Hotel 5* reviews that you can trust. Bilgah Beach Hotel 5* has many negative and positive tourist reviews.

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– 5 , Elena

Pros: Food service
Cons: Improve cleaning in the water park
Review: Great hotel by the sea. We stayed at this hotel with a 2.4 year old child. Booked a deluxe room with a sea view (710). The room is clean, very comfortable beds, they brought a crib for the baby. The hotel is gorgeous, very nice! Courteous staff, the service was above and beyond, from the reception to the waiters in the restaurant. Lightning quick response to any of our requests. Evening room service surprised us, even made our bed :-)). We had dinner in the room in the evening, quick and very tasty. We had breakfast and lunch in the main restaurant. Breakfast and lunch at the main restaurant was very tasty with lots of local dishes. One day grilled meat and fish for lunch. We had a lot of fruit. The child was always something to feed. A big water park, there is an area for kids. Sun loungers free can always be found. To the sea you can go down the stairs, you can take the elevator. The beach is clean enough, gentle entrance, shallow. For children a great option. Umbrellas and sun loungers naturally free of charge. Beach towels give out both at the sea and at the pools. The hotel area is not large, but very green, there is a playground, playroom, spa complex (included in the price, except for massage). You can smoke hookah in the bar by the sea. There is a transfer to the airport. Special thanks to Gunar Mamedov – health and safety manager – for his help with the child (I put my hand on the door).

– 4, Roman

Pros: Food location
Cons: Surprises when checking out of the hotel with increasing price of stay high price for everything
Review: Good hotel for a lot of money. We stayed in this hotel in April 2017 as a family. We bought it from bookings. When checking in they gave us the room that we ordered. The hotel area is great for walks, you can walk freely in all Jumeirah hotels which are in the neighborhood. The beach at all hotels is the same and barely makes it to 4 points because of the fact that the sand is full of small sharp barnacles and garbage from tourists, which is removed slowly. Also if you order something on the beach, it costs a lot of money, for example half a watermelon will cost about 2 thousand rubles. There are no complaints about the food in the entire chain of hotels. But if you do not include lunch or dinner, prepare for the cost of at least 4-5 thousand rubles per person at a time. Beside the hotel on foot outside cafes no. We left the hotel as if after a great vacation, but there was a nasty surprise on the way out. The cost of our stay for the room, for which we paid upon arrival, increased by 20 thousand rubles. At the reception answered that they have their own rate, literally: it differs from the exchange offices. My questions as to why there is not the right rate in booking and tourists are not warned that the hotel chain has its own rate, and the price on booking does not correspond to reality, no one gave a sensible answer. The answer was not clear. Later we wrote to the hotel from home several times, each time the hotel staff stated that they took the money correctly according to their internal rate, and the sum was different from the reservation on booking on the boeking, in response silence. Although even if I take the amount in dirhams and converted into dollars and then converted into rubles, then again there is no difference in 20 thousand even close. I.e. the hotel has its own exchange rate – deceptive – rate. This is the first time we have met this kind of thing anywhere. Now when you calculate the trip to Dubai in Jumeirah hotels will have to put either 5% on top of the amount for the hotel or take in advance at an ATM the required amount in Dirhams, which is not very convenient. I was upset by the fact that with such a good service while staying at the hotel the reception staff are completely unable to clearly explain all the items and no one wants to communicate after checkout.
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– 5 , Sergey011984

Cons: did not find
Review: Great hotel on the shore of the Caspian Sea. I recommend the hotel for all categories of tourists. The staff was extremely helpful and always willing to help (changed my room to a higher category for free, went to the airport at 18:00, prolonged my room for free, helped call a cab, etc.). ) Rooms – large bright, has everything you need, minibar only an empty, very large and comfortable beds, high speed internet in the room, the view from the room at the sea in almost all rooms. Breakfast is available, everything you need is good, if you stay 10-14 days maybe at the end of the holidays a little fed up. for lunch and dinner we went to a restaurant nearby, at the hotel did not have lunch and dinner, I do not know how they are.

– 5 , Irina

Pros: Proximity to the airport kitchen staff
Cons: far from the city
Review: Great hotel. Great hotel. I had a room with a bathtub with an amazing view of the sea. I had a room with a bathtub and the view over the sea was amazing. This is one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in. The room has both a bath and separate shower. It was a great room, big bed and helpful staff. Great grounds for a walk along the beach.

– Top 5 , Alexey

Pros: Service in general not bad good food beautiful building chic rooms bilgia – the best beach of apsheron
Cons: I had a lot of problems with the hotel.)
Review: Best beach hotel in Apsheron. Bilgia is the best beach in Apsheron. The rooms are amazing. Beautiful building. Good food. Service in general is not bad, the guys are trying, but still there is some “roughness” of the staff. Far from Baku – if you need to be in the city choose a hotel in Baku, ideally on the Boulevard.
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Next settled in this hotel in the room flooded the shower and hallway, because all the water from the shower when the door closed went into the bathroom on the floor. And we by the way was boiling with almost no possibility of regulation))). The situation was solved by Roman, who mostly drags this hotel, kindly answering all questions, he offered us to move to a higher category room. Further on the room is fine. After taking it easy, we decided to have dinner in a restaurant “ASIAN Cuisine” on the top floor of the hotel, at the price of a good restaurant in the center of Moscow, we ordered rolls with shrimp and crab, and received crab sticks in rice. ) Thank you, top notch!

Next we decided to have a hookah and a bite to eat in the restaurant on the promenade, which also belongs to the hotel. We were woken up by the fact that all tables are booked. Although most of these tables and were empty until the close of the restaurant. So, by the way, in many establishments of Baku. Apparently, they hope for a miracle in the form of a full house in the evening. Miracles do not happen in Azerbaijan! That is, when you pay for a stay at a five-star hotel you will not get the proper treatment. You will be pushed around with everything you can get).

Breakfast was sour fruit in the fruit salad, and the same vegetables in the vegetable salad, chili pepper instead of sweet. We had a lot of fun.

The hotel has its own beach, but if you want to swim in the sea, you will get it only crawling on the bottom because the buoys are stretched where the depth is almost waist deep. Going down on wet ceramic tiles from the showers on the beach you can safely give this hotel all your teeth. Absolutely not thought out.

The laundry room is ridiculous. Ridiculous because the accidentally caught in the wash sock costs 350 rubles. go buy new ones.

The last two days spent on the sun beds near the pool with water park, it somehow smoothed the overall impression.

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– 5, Eugene Frolov

Review: Chic, glitter, beauty. The hotel is located 30 minutes from Baku. The lobby is decorated with marble. It feels like the palace of some sheikh (we found out later that there is a presidential suite on the top floor of the hotel which serves as a residence of Ilham Aliyev, the current president of Azerbaijan). Between the hotel and the sea there is a swimming pool and a nice green garden. Down to the sea by the stairs. The room had almost everything for staying: ironing facilities, hairdryer, bath products, capsule coffee machine, kettle, mini bar, balcony with a view of the sea. The restaurant and food are very decent. The choice of dishes is very wide. The service is very good. There is a Turkish bath, sauna, indoor pool, gym. We did not go to the beach, but from afar it is sandy. If you have any questions, please contact us.

– 5 , taleo

Review: Loved it. liked the hotel, traveled as part of a business trip. The hotel was very well located, there were a lot of things to keep us from getting too tired. They have a wide range of wines, beer, soft drinks, and liquors, excellent food, pastries, meat and desserts, and also a lot of aromas and flavours.

– 4 , Adrei

Review: The hotel made a mixed impression. The hotel was very well located, it was very close to the beach, a lot of restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops. The area is a beautiful landscape, from the hotel to the sea 5 minutes on foot, you can take a golf cart. The beach is sandy, the water is 28-29 degrees. As for the food, there is ahovye situation. National cuisine no (promise to open), but that offer cooked specifically (pizza is not a pizza, ice cream can bring another, or even forget about this or that order). If you want to try national cuisine, then you are definitely not in this hotel. The food at the restaurant “Retro” was 3 minutes by car from the hotel.

– Excellent value for money!

Review: The hotel is wonderful. and all because this hotel has. the hotel is wonderful. and all because this hotel has the president of the country’s apartment. there can not be anything bad. only all the most: the biggest chandelier ( see photo), in the sauna huge plasma ( TV). staff responsive, attentive. all super. the city itself also very impressed. were in Baku for the first time, sorry if more unlucky.

– 5 , Irina Lynge

Review: If you haven’t been to Baku, I suggest you do. For ours. If you have not been to Baku, then I advise to visit. For our family – lovers of emirates and expensive Turkey, this city was a wonderful discovery, and the newest Jumeirah struck by the beauty of design and luxury. I recommend a visit to the spa. Of course, not the Tunisian level, but the massages and cosmetology are magical. In general, the staff is very diligent, there are few tourists. We thought a lot about building a hotel of this level on the Caspian Sea, because the sea is dirty, always in storms, and the locals say that the winds are always here. We wish the owners of the hotel more guests and prosperity and we wish those who go to Baku for work to visit this hotel and combine Azerbaijanis’ hospitality with Emirati service!
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Bilgah Beach Hotel 5* reviews:

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Bilgah: vacation tips

Rest in Bilgia

One of the best places for recreation on the Caspian Sea is famous for its good beaches, mild climate and comfortable hotels. Why tourists love Bilgia? Learn about the best hotels, local beaches and spa treatments at the resort.


About the resort

The seaside village 30 km north of Baku is one of the most visited on the Apsheron Peninsula. “Bilgia” translates to Russian as “swampy place”. The resort received this name because of the therapeutic mud. Many tourists from Azerbaijan and abroad come to the local beach in summer. Sanatorium “Bilgia” receives tourists all year round.

There is a mosque called Khanum Leyla in the village. According to reviews, excursions to Old Baku, Shikhovo beach resort and to the temple complex of fire worshippers in Surakhani village are popular with tourists from Bilgah.

The best hotels in Bilgah

Vacationers can stay in sanatoriums, guest houses, villas and luxury hotels. See accommodations in Bilgia on Bookings.

The best hotels in Bilgia Resort, according to tourist reviews:

Summer Home Just Second Floor is a two-story vacation home near the sea that can accommodate 6 guests. There is a children’s playground on the property. During the high season the rent costs from 5000 rubles per day.

Bilgah Beach 5* is a modern stylish hotel with its own beach and two swimming pools. A double room costs from 9300 rubles.

Sea Breeze White Villas 5* is a resort complex of designer villas with a swimming pool and a fitness center. A room for two with breakfast costs from 13 300 rubles.

If you plan to visit Baku, see where it is best to stay in the center.

Rest in Bilgia

Bilgah Beach Hotel. Photo: The Presidential Press and Information Office of Azerbaijan / CC BY 4.0.

Bilgah Sanatorium

The popular Bilgah Sanatorium is located in a green park just north of the village. Many tourists choose it as an alternative to hotels and guest houses. Prices for accommodation in the sanatorium start from 2600 rubles per day. You will live in a comfortable room, eat in the dining room and deal with their health under the guidance of professional physicians.

Sanatorium in Bilgah in Azerbaijan specializes in cardiology. Doctors help everyone who suffers from hypertension, coronary heart disease, rheumatism and chronic heart failure. In addition, the sanatorium accepts patients with endocrine disorders, diabetes mellitus, diseases of the urogenital system, gastrointestinal tract and gynecological diseases.

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In addition to medication and physiotherapy, Bilgia uses physical exercises, swimming in the sea, balneotherapy, diet therapy and climatotherapy. There are swimming pool, fitness room, pump room with mineral water, billiards and tennis court on the territory of the medical establishment.

If you plan to visit Baku, see where it is best to stay in the center.

Beaches in Bilgah

The sandy beach near the resort village stretches for almost a kilometer and is divided into several sections. On the coast there are several cafes, where you can have a nice lunch or snack. From May to October, lifeguards work on the coast, and they do not allow tourists to swim beyond the restrictive buoys. During the high season, Bilgia is crowded. If you want a good spot, get there early!

The free beach of the cardiology sanatorium “Bilgia” is considered the best. It is covered with fine clean sand and equipped with sun beds, straw umbrellas, toilets and cabins for changing clothes. The Caspian Sea is shallow here, so parents with small children like to rest on the sanatorium beach.

Another free section of the beach of Bilgea resort is jokingly called “the sea of dacha owners” by tourists. Almost immediately it becomes deep near the shore, and the Caspian Sea has waves. Those who can’t swim try to stay away from this beach. But fans of surfing and kite surfing love the “sea of dachniks”.

The third beach of the resort is 300 meters long. It is paid and is located near the hotel Bilgah Beach 5 *, water park, spa center, sports fields and night discos. It is shallow and very convenient for children. The beach is covered with a mixture of shell rock and sand, and because of this the sea water is particularly transparent. On the coast there are filters that purify all the water flowing into the sea from the village.

Tourist reviews of Bilgia

The beach of sanatorium “Bilgya”. Photo: Sanatorium Bilgya.

When to go

Bilgia resort in Azerbaijan has a dry and mild climate. The tourist season lasts from April to the end of October. You can swim in the Caspian Sea when the sea warms up to +20°С – in May. June and September are the best time for a vacation with children.

In July and August it is hot at the resort. During the day the temperature does not drop below +30°С, and the water in the sea is warm up to +26. +28°С. Despite the scorching weather in the summer months the greatest number of tourists arrives in Bilgah.

In winter, in Azerbaijan people vacation at ski resorts.

Conclusions: is it worth to go to Bilgä?

Of course you should! Generous southern sun, good beaches and the warm Caspian Sea attract families with children, elderly tourists, beach lovers, young people and everyone who wants to improve their health. Fans of excursions go to Baku and surrounding villages, where there are preserved ancient mosques, fortresses and interesting museums. There are enough facilities in Bilgia, but the prices for housing are higher than average.

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