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We were walking in the center of the city and enjoyed the new impressions. For Irina it was her first foreign trip and everything was new to her. I was filled with impressions, as it is always the case on my trips. I don’t understand.

The church “Saint Trinity” is situated in some distance from standard tourist paths in Izhgrev park, which is located on the place of the old cemetery. It so happened that I did not come to Burgas by shuttle bus.

The church of St. Ivan of Rylski is beautiful, located in a lively place on the corner of St. Stefano and Stefan Stambolov streets. Passing by on the bus, we noticed the temple and when we found the pedestrian street of Aleksandrovsk, by .

Once upon a time there was a small wooden church on the site of the cathedral. It was decided to build a new stone church and, without haste, during the years 1894 – 1905 the cathedral was built. The project for the cathedral was designed by an Italian.

Continuing to discover Bulgaria! We will visit the Monastery of St. George and the old town of Sozopol, take a boat trip on the Ropotamo River in a nature reserve, and see the evening Burgas and its beautiful Seaside Park. Photo and Video Notes

St. Nicholas is highly respected on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and is even the patron saint of Burgas. Let’s walk through the places dedicated to St. Nicholas

Burgas’s Seaside Park is a popular vacation spot for residents and visitors to the city. The park encloses the city from the sea, and from it you can walk down to the North Beach. The park extends for several kilometers along the sea. The first trees were planted here in 1889 and acquired.

When you travel, you break some stereotypes about countries. Bulgaria appeared to me as an Orthodox country. But it has Catholic and Armenian churches.

If you don’t have enough money to go to America to take a picture with an Indian and buy souvenirs – don’t worry. In the central square of Burgas you can make your dream come true.

There are people like a bright shooting star in the sky, which flashed and went out. A three-meter monument to the young Bulgarian poet Petya Dubarova was erected in the Seaside Park in Burgas in 2010. The creator of the monument.

The memory of World War II in Bulgaria is depicted in a number of monuments, let’s take a little drive along the coast, and at the same time take a walk on foot

Not only natives of Russia, including the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, were in Bulgaria, there was a counterflow.

The island is located in the Black Sea , church, hotel, lighthouse, museum and the nature attracts people here.

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    The fourth largest city in Bulgaria is also the tourist capital of the southeast of the country, “collecting” around itself such resorts as Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Pomorie and Sozopol. It is to Burgas that all those who will later take a rest on the beaches of these towns are flying. Someone certainly will not refuse to stay in Burgas, which is full of attractions and also has all the conditions for a beach holiday – it is enough to read reviews about holidays in Burgas to understand this. The city itself is very pleasant in terms of relaxing strolls among the houses of the early twentieth century and the seats in the cozy taverns, where you can taste the traditional Bulgarian cuisine and, of course, the wine. However, it is unthinkable to have a rest in Bulgaria without it.

    Any tourist planning his long-awaited vacation always seems to have a hotel in the center of mind, and Burgas definitely has something to offer to its many guests. From the luxurious 5-star Primoretz and wonderful 4-star hotels to simple economy class hotels and apartments for rent. Reviews of hotels in Burgas will tell you what to focus on when choosing a hotel and there is not much reason not to trust the reviews.

    Burgas travel guide

    Antalya Suite

    If you are going to vacation in Burgas, I want to warn you right away that for a beach holiday this city is not quite suitable, even more correctly to say not suitable at all. Despite the fact that there are quite a few hotels and beaches in Burgas, the sea around the resort is quite dirty and swim in it is certainly not worth it. The reason for all this is a major seaport, and the location of the city, which is located on the shores of the Burgas Bay excludes the possibility of sea water to renew under the influence of currents. It turns out that all the port pollution, as well as all the garbage that may get into the sea in the vicinity of the city limits, gets trapped in the bay until the wind blows from the shore. For this reason, even city residents, if it comes to a beach holiday, try to spend their weekends outside the city. read completely

    When is the best time to have a rest in Burgas?

    Antalya Suite

    The first vacationers on the beaches of Burgas appear in May, but this does not mean that the summer season has already started. Daytime temperatures though allow for sunbathing, the water temperature in the sea is quite low and not everyone will have a great desire to swim. In reality, the rest at this resort can be from the middle of June to the middle of September, so when planning your holiday, it is worth considering only these three months. I can not say that prices will vary significantly, depending on the period included in this interval. If you are interested in a lower price holiday, then you should pick the time before or after the period that I have written. In May or the second half of September, you can really count on some discounted prices for a tour or accommodation in the private sector.

    The climate of the Black Sea coast near Burgas is quite mild and there are no grueling high temperatures. So you can rest even in the hottest period, which lasts from mid-July to the end of August. The sea temperature from the middle of June to the middle of July is +21+25 degrees. Of course in the case of this resort which is situated on the coast of the Burgas Bay, the water temperature is largely influenced by the air temperature and the sunny days which warm up the bay. The daytime air temperature at this time is also quite high and often exceeds thirty degrees.

    Where to stay in Bourgas?


    Despite the fact that Burgas is a relatively small city, yet it is also divided into a decent number of areas. As for the prices of hotels and apartments, then of course there is very simple – the closer they are to the sea, the more expensive they are.

    As such, a clear division into some criminal or non-criminal areas in this city does not exist, because in general, there is a quiet situation.

    The central districts of the city are Centr and Vazrazhdane. They are mainly oriented towards tourists – there are most architectural and historical monuments, hotels, cafes, restaurants, small stores and so on.

    These areas are also close to the sea – for example, Center is adjacent to the park Morska Gradina, which is actually behind the beach. And a little further beyond that area is the district Vazrazhdane.

    A significant disadvantage of these areas is their popularity. They are so full of different institutions that you just can’t make a step without bumping into a cafe or a nightclub.

    Therefore, if you are a light sleeper at night, then before choosing a hotel, be sure to specify what are the entertainment facilities in the vicinity of your hotel. In these areas you can rent a hostel at a price of 8 euros per night, a hotel room at a price of 30 euros or an apartment is also on average 30 euros per night.

    Also, the areas Lazur and Bratya Miladinovi are not a bad option for settlement. The area is especially popular… read completely…

    How to get there?


    To get to the Bulgarian resort of Burgas is possible in several ways, but the best way is of course the plane. You can fly to Burgas either from Moscow or from St. Petersburg.

    Well, those travelers who like different adventures on wheels, can of course come on their own car. But with the other forms of transport is more complicated situation.

    From Moscow to Bourgas you can easily fly in 3 hours, with daily direct flights operated by the airline “S7”. In principle, if you buy a ticket in advance, it is quite possible to keep within 250 euros, and there and back.

    The airport in Burgas is in general in the suburbs, more precisely in Sarafovo area. So, from there to the city center you may either take bus number 15, which costs 2 BGN or you may hire a cab, starting from 20 BGN.

    By cab you will reach the center in 15 minutes, but by bus it will take you longer. You can also rent a car right at the airport.

    Unfortunately, you can’t get from Moscow to Burgas by train. And in general with the trains to Bulgaria is a complicated situation – they are scheduled, then canceled. In this regard if you want to go by train you will need to check the schedule on the railroad site.

    But you should also be aware of the fact that if you’ll be traveling by train, you will have to pass through… read in full…

    Food and Drink


    In this article we will consider the restaurants located in the Bulgarian city of Burgas – their brief characteristics, the cost of food and the location of establishments.

    Restaurant “New Shanghai”.

    Already based on the name of this institution, you can already make a conclusion about what kind of cuisine you will be offered here. Right from the entrance, the restaurant “New Shanghai” welcomes its guests with oriental coloring in the form of corresponding decorations like dragons, Chinese lanterns and other things in the same spirit. The interior of the restaurant is decent and its capacity is rather large. It is especially good to visit the restaurant when the weather is good. The menu is in English and includes Shanghai-style duck, pork in sweet and sour sauce, calamari in batter, and other culinary delights typical of Chinese cuisine. Portion sizes are very substantial and you can fully satisfy your hunger by ordering just one dish. Especially if you take vegetables or seaweed as a garnish.

    Everybody who comes here always emphasizes high quality of Chinese tea. In general, if you are a fan of Oriental gastronomic traditions, you will definitely like it here – no matter how wonderful local Bulgarian cuisine is, it can get boring with time. The price for the dishes is not very high. The restaurant is conveniently located near the Seaside Park. You can park your car practically near the institution – for many visitors this is a big plus. In fact the restaurant is a… read in full.

    What excursions in Burgas are worth visiting?


    Not only in Burgas itself, but also around it, there are several interesting places which are definitely worth visiting. For example, 30 kilometers from this city there is a sightseeing platform under the difficult for our ears name Bakirlka.

    If you go up there, you can admire a magnificent view of all the surroundings. In fact, it is just a mountain and it can be visited for free. But you should definitely be aware that it is not at all equipped for tourists.

    Therefore, after you climb this mountain, do not be embarrassed that your way will be blocked by some building, and do not be afraid, you just need to leave your car nearby, and walk around this structure on the right side of the path.

    Just be careful, because the cliff at the edge is not fenced in with anything. There are usually no tours and no public transportation, so you have to get to this place either by cab or by rented car. Well, at least 40 minutes you may need to get up to the site.

    There are also archeological excavations of the ancient fortress Akra near the town of Chernomorets, some 30 kilometers away from Burgas. Today a part of the walls of the fortress has been reconstructed, and the rest of the excavations are practically left the way they were found.

    The fortress of Akra itself is a tip of the peninsula with a huge… read in full

    What to see in Bourgas?


    Ethnographic Museum

    The Ethnographic Museum in Burgas is located near the famous local curiosity – the Cathedral of St. Cyril and Methodius. The museum is located in one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, which was erected in the nineteenth century and is itself an object of admiring contemplation. In the institution itself you can see unique displays of clothing and objects collected from various parts of the local area. As a result of the work carried out by the staff of the Ethnographic Museum, tourists can now learn about the life of the local population, who lived in the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

    Walking through the exhibition halls of the museum, visitors are struck by how intricate and varied the patterns are, what fine workmanship of materials, and one can particularly accentuate the exhibition of ceremonial clothing, which the locals used to use at weddings. Probably not every tourist will understand the difference between the mountaineers’, Zagorians’ and Rupians’ clothing, but they will still have an idea of the cultural traditions of the Burgas region after visiting the museum. It is also worth knowing about the courses offered by the employees of the institution during the holiday season, where visitors are taught traditional handicrafts, such as glass blowing, ceramics, textile …

    Mandra Lake

    In Bulgaria the Bulgarians have long been treated with the curative water – since ancient times the local mineral water has been used for this purpose… read in full

    How to have fun?


    Walking by bikes

    Travelers who like active leisure and sports will find something to do, thanks to the program of ecotourism promotion, which was implemented by the city. You can take advantage of a great variety of routes. Hiking along them, you will discover the natural beauties and cultural peculiarities of Bulgaria – there are short routes, which are half-day trips to the region, and long – difficult and multi-day routes, designed for people who are not new to biking. The length of the easiest route is twenty kilometers and the longest – more than two hundred and twenty.

    Whichever route you use, any of them can boast panoramic views, acquaint you with historical and cultural monuments, pleases with beautiful landscapes and wildlife. You will visit national parks and other curiosities. These tourist itineraries were specially designed to fully saturate the interest of visitors to the sights of the state. For example, using the route number one, you will see the main notable places in Burgas, then, leaving its borders, you will get to the Atanasovsko Lake, you will reach the Thracian tombs. Every tourist who rents a two-wheeler will be able to make this trip and be rewarded with some nice memories from the beauty of Bulgaria.

    ATV Safari

    What to buy?


    There are 4 big malls in Burgas – Mall Galleria, Burgas Plaza, Mall Prestige and Tria City Centre. Basically each of them has numerous stores of world brands known in our country, but there are also some that are not present in our country. But there are no outlet malls in Burgas, only boutiques of individual companies.

    As for prices, it is impossible to say whether everything here is cheap or expensive, in principle, just like in our country – you will be lucky or unlucky. In all the chain stores, as a rule, sales begin in summer – at the end of July.

    Well, in regular stores a little later – by the end of August. As a rule those tourists, who have extra money for shopping, try to buy some leather goods made in Bulgaria. It is considered that they are cheaper, but still of high quality.

    In addition to the large shopping centers, another great place for shopping in Burgas is a pedestrian street Alexandrovska. By the way there are no big noisy malls, there are just modest specialized stores in historical buildings.

    Also here there are a lot of interesting souvenir stores and boutiques, which sell only products made in Bulgaria. Economical tourists will find here a lot of inexpensive stores, which offer products made in Turkey and China.

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