Going to Capri! Holiday tips, reviews & prices – 2022

Capri – tourist reviews

Reviews about Capri, based on personal experience. Which cities in Capri are worth visiting and why, common pros and cons. What to pay attention to those who are going to visit Capri for the first time. Which cities should be chosen for a family vacation and which ones for a youth vacation and why? What is of most interest to tourists, recommendations from the experience of his journey.

Capri is a special place. Many islands in the Mediterranean, believe me, do not look like islands and do not always boast something special. They are good for vacation and tourism, but let’s just say they are not the wonders of the world, because here on the mainland there is almost exactly the same beauty.

But Capri. of Capri were composed legends, books were written, until now. It’s amazing that Capri combines the proximity of the metropolis (Naples) and the stunning nature. Therefore, the island seems very cozy, modern and very Mediterranean. To get here, you can take a ferry from Naples – 16 Euros each way. If from Amalfi or Salerno, it’s 20 euros one way.

Small buses take tourists all over the island, so you don’t need a car for a full trip here. It’s already hot in April, so you can enjoy a real summer from April until mid-November.

Bitter wrote about Capri: “It’s amazingly beautiful here, some kind of endless fairy tale unfolds before you. Capri – a piece of tiny, but delicious!” And I absolutely agree with him!

So, Capri is:

  • Stunning cliffs, stunning seaside walks, villas on a slope, an unreal green island completely planted (by nature itself!) with shrubs, pines and bougainvillea. All the paths and parks here are clean and neat, nice, and in the evening lit up every nook and cranny of the land. It’s breathtaking!
  • San Giacomo monastery (admission 4 euros) with a museum of the German painter Diefenbach (who lived here in Capri). To visit this place is a must, there is a lot to see and do.
  • A huge number of shops of spices, paintings, spices, perfumes, unreal beautiful small desserts, jewelry stores with products in the Mediterranean style (that is rather in the style of ancient Rome and ancient Greece, etc.).
  • Stunning sea and mountain scenery, which can be compared to the Amalfi coast. It is always a little windy, but fresh and cool.
  • The town of Capri is the main on the island of Capri, it is interesting and has a yacht marina. Whereas the village of Anacapri, solidly composed of white-washed houses and winding streets, is much quieter, almost tiny.
  • The Blue Grotto of Capri is a very beautiful landmark of the island. You have to come here by bus, then take a boat, the water here is as blue as sapphire. The cave itself is very large, about 50 meters long, with a height of about 1.5 meters. There is one entrance, a boat sails through it, and you end up with all the other tourists on a boat in this cave. It looks amazing! But the pictures don’t come out, it is too dark.
  • The cable car with the funicular, from which you can see the whole island (well, almost). From above it looks a bit like Hawaii, you’ll see small private villas scattered in the middle of incredibly bright greenery.
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The disadvantages of Capri

It’s worth saying right away that I don’t think Capri has any disadvantages. It’s a beautiful place, perfect for a vacation, you can easily spend the happiest week of your life here. The various “buts” only come up because of a lot of travel experience.

  • The water here is beautiful, the beaches are clean, but. on Menorca is much better! And in general many places are better, like Mykonos or Oludeniz (not an island). Capri is more rocks than beaches, be prepared for that.
  • Italy is more expensive than Spain, Turkey and many other countries like Bulgaria or Greece. At first it seems quite normal, but in the end of the vacation from somewhere runs up 100 thousand rubles. Not very nice, you must agree.
  • Capri is not intended for a beach holiday. There are not many beaches, there are rocks and sharp stones everywhere, it’s painful and offensive. Here you won’t lie on the beach from morning till evening, the rock often takes away so much sun, that here the sun segment for a real sunburn is very small.
  • There are no big buildings, chain stores, anything big and modern. There is none in principle, which is always a big minus for me. I want to have civilization nearby, too, all the same.

To go or not to go.

Definitely go! I do not think there is anyone who has been to Capri and thought “I went there for nothing! ☺ Capri is a piece of earthly paradise, stunning and very atmospheric. Many people come here from other cities in Italy just for a day, since there’s not much time for everything, because a typical vacation with a tour is only 7-11 days.

So if you think, go or not – go. You will be on a marvelous island, you’re unlikely to get sick, the boats here are modern, you’ll see the beauty of this stunning place. Capri is very popular among the exorbitantly rich people – Hollywood actors and representatives of all kinds of bohemia. It’s beautiful, the scenery is unreal and the bays are incredibly atmospheric.

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Should you go with children?

No. It’s not convenient at all. The streets, the heat, all the rooms everywhere for some reason even smaller than the average in Italy, and they are small here. There are no beaches. The walking area is essentially one in every town. Of course, there are beautiful villas and gardens, but the topography spoils everything. Constantly going up and down, even for such unreal beauty, strains.

In general, with children, it is better to choose a resort with a more comfortable and spacious beach. In Italy it is Amalfi, which also has to get there, but it’s still better (as in Positano, by the way, and in general on the Amalfi coast).

Bottom line

Capri is a great island. Especially if you come here just for one day. Visit two places – Capri and Anacapri, if you have time, the Blue Grotto (well, everyone has time here!), take a look at the villas, walk the streets with historic buildings. For a couple of days, Capri could surely be your true paradise.

Holidays in Capri Island

Holidays in Capri

A small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea falls in love at once! Find out all about vacationing in Capri. The beaches, hotels and tourist attractions. When is the best time to go to Capri? Is it worth to plan a trip with children?


Tourist reviews of Capri

The island of 10 square kilometers makes a strong impression. Many celebrities have been here, and the beauty of Capri in Italy has been praised by famous poets.

Modern island is a symbol of luxury, success, and a real paradise for the rich. In luxury hotels and comfortable villas love to rest stars of Hollywood and wealthy people from around the world. Hotels and restaurants on the island are expensive, so most tourists come here for a day.

Semyon and Galina: “We went to Capri for the first time. We were impressed by the nature of this amazing island. It looks a bit like Crimea, the same mountains, pine trees, cliffs by the sea. The island struck us with an abundance of green, which can not be said about the mainland Italy.

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Tourist reviews of Capri

The rocks around the island. Photo: pixgonzalezprieto / unsplash.com.

The best hotels in Capri

Holidaymakers stay in hotels 3-5*, villas, apartments and private mini-hotels. Compared with other Italian resorts, prices for accommodation in Capri are high. From all hotels on the island, you can easily get to the city center in half an hour maximum. Look for great deals on Travelate and OnlineTours.

The best hotels on the island of Capri, according to tourist reviews:

Casa Gaia 3* is a cozy guesthouse 500 meters from Piazzetta di Capri. During high season a double room costs from 103 €.

Suite Time Capri Villa La Pergola 3* – a beautiful hotel 300 m from the house of Axel Munte. A room for two with breakfast costs from €149.

Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco 4* – an Art Nouveau hotel 500 m from the port of Marina Grande. The center of the resort is a 15 minute walk away. A double room costs from €350.

Hotel Syrene 4* is a comfortable hotel a few steps away from the main square of Capri. The balcony offers an excellent view over the Old Town and the sea. For two people, a room costs from €360.

The Capri Tiberio Palace 5* is a luxurious hotel in a 19th-century building that is a 2-minute walk from the resort’s main square. A double room costs from 636€.

The Hotel Punta Tragara 5* is a wonderful hotel with a panoramic view over Marina Piccola Bay. It offers two outdoor pools and a spa center. A room for two costs from 659€ per night.

Hotels in Capri

Authentic cabins in Capri. Photo: pom’ / flickr.com.

Capri Beaches.

The small island is not considered too suitable for a beach vacation, but Capri’s pebbly and rocky beaches attract many tourists. The sea here is very clean. The beaches are well developed infrastructure. The best beaches of Capri, according to reviews: Bagni Tiberio, Marina Grande, Lido del Faro, Luigi ai Faraglioni and La Fontelina.

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Each beach on the island has a free and paid area. Entrance to the pay zone costs 20-25 € and rent an umbrella from the sun 5 €.

Marina Piccola: “The island is great. The beauty is extraordinary. Keep in mind that the entrance to the beach is paid, 20-25 EUR per person. You will not regret it.

Panorama of Bagni Tiberio beach

Attractions of Capri

While vacationing in Capri, you can explore the island in different ways: on foot, by bicycle, by boat, by cab, by small buses and by cable car. To see more of the sights, get a good map and comfortable shoes.

Climb up to the observation deck at the top of Solaro! One of the main attractions on the island is the legendary Scorlio delle Siren cliff, where, according to the text of Homer’s “Odyssey”, the treacherous sirens lived. It is interesting to walk through the old town, Anacapri. From there we advise to go to the magnificent gardens of Augustus.

By boat tourists are taken to three picturesque rocks Faralioni and sea cave – “Blue Grotto. A place on a passenger boat costs 10€.

peter2206: “There are many signs on the island indicating the route, kilometers and travel time. The streets are very narrow. I recommend visiting Villa Lysis (Fersen). Truly unforgettable place.

Holidays in Capri, Italy

View from the top of Solaro. Photo: zophyia / unsplash.com.

Holidays with children

If you want to come to Capri with a child, choose the “little harbor” Marina Piccola. The cozy cove is much quieter than the harbor and has the best beach in Capri. The cove is ideal for holidays during the cold season. It faces south, so in winter it is the warmest place on the island.

Angelica: “I took my 6-year-old son and went on vacation to Italy. We got to Capri on a large and comfortable ferry, the trip took about an hour, the sea was cool and there was a strong wind. We spent about five hours on the island, but it was enough to enjoy the beauty of Capri and have an unforgettable experience.

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Julianna Monic: “Do I go to Capri with kids? No. It is not comfortable. The heat, all the rooms are even smaller than the Italian average and they are small here as it is. There are no beaches. There are beautiful villas and gardens, but the topography spoils everything. Constantly going up and down, even for such unreal beauty, is stressful.”

Reviews about Capri

Port in Capri. Photo: pom’ / flickr.com.

When it’s best to go

The kind of winter to which we are accustomed in Russia, the island does not happen. From December to February, the daytime temperature is +12 … +13 ° C. Tourists come to Capri for beach vacation from May to October. In June, the Tyrrhenian Sea is heated to +21 … +23 ° C.

In July and August in Capri, as well as in the rest of Italy, it is very hot. During these months, the sea temperature rises to +24 … +26 ° C. Swimming and sunbathing is nice, but hiking and sightseeing in the heat is difficult!

In September and October it’s the velvet season on the island. Tourists become less, the weather is warm and sunny. Holidaymakers swim until early November.

Inga: “What can I say about the weather at the end of August. it’s great! It wasn’t too hot for me. There was a cool breeze from the sea. The water in the sea is pleasant in every way, both in color and transparency and temperature. I sincerely recommend August in Capri.

Weather in Capri

The clearest water in Capri. Photo: mariadoloresvazquez / unsplash.com.

Conclusions: is it worth vacationing in Capri

The island in southern Italy is famous for its legendary history, postcard views, the clearest sea and sights. According to tourist reviews, vacation in Capri is suitable for those who do not spare money and want to spend vacations in luxury and comfort. Everything in Capri is expensive – hotels, food and cabs.

Regular tourists prefer day trips to the island. An excursion or an independent day trip allows you to get vivid impressions and take beautiful pictures. There are several interesting diving sites near Capri, where fans of scuba diving love to dive.

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