Going to Costa Dorada! Holiday tips and reviews – 2022

Costa Dorada – tourist reviews

Reviews about Costa Dorada, based on personal experience. Which cities in Costa Dorada are worth visiting and why, general pros and cons. What to pay attention to those who are going to visit Costa Dorada for the first time. Which cities should be chosen for a family vacation and which ones for a youth vacation and why? What is of most interest to tourists, recommendations from the experience of their journey.

Costa Dorada , mmm, how many sunny and rainbow in this word. Very warm and very resort-like place on the coast of Spain. For me, it is the best place for a good measured and lazy vacation.

What is good in the Costa Dorada?

  • In this region there are all my favorite cities, where I enjoyed a vacation, and it is a vacation, not endless sightseeing. The most comfortable places in this regard, in my opinion, are Salou and La Pineda. In addition to super-comfortable vacation, you can also claim to very good prices for accommodation and meals. Having traveled, for example, in Italy, you realize that prices in the Spanish Costa Dorada just great and take care of your wallet. Just kidding, a glass of wine for one euro, or a whole pitcher of sangria and topaz for five and a half.
  • Plus, the legendary theme park PortAventura is definitely worth a trip to the Costa Dorada. Personally, I started wanting to go to Spain at all not so much because of Gaudi, but because of the park and its attractions. Too much I’ve seen and heard about the Dragon or Shambhala, and that’s why I wanted to feel the unforgettable adrenaline emotions! I even think that after PortAventura I got addicted to the rides, well, the fear disappeared for sure:)
  • And also on the Costa Dorada chic beaches, with golden and very clean sand. No wonder the name of the area is translated as “Gold Coast”! So it is very pleasant to lie in the sun here. On most beaches of good infrastructure, which is accompanied by excellent clean sea. And what can be more pleasant than that?)
  • If you still want to see something old, with history, then in the Costa Dorada is found and this entertainment. To do this you need to go to Tarragona or Reus, where there are a lot of interesting places of this kind. Tarragona is considered to be more rich in attractions, but personally I like a small and cozy Reus.
  • If you have not got the idea of a lazy vacation in Costa Dorada, I will add a couple of cherries on the cake. There’s an excellent public transport network, it’s very convenient to travel between towns by bus or regional trains. In fact, even Barcelona is easy to get to. For car enthusiasts all conditions have been created here too. There are a lot of car rentals, with a large fleet of cars and reasonable prices. The Spaniards drive much more carefully than the Italians, so it’s not so scary to drive here. Well, for those who like active rest, there is a joy of its own – there are also enough bike rentals. And in many places, such as Salou and Cambrils are handy bike lanes, on which you can ride along the coast.
2022 Salou Holiday Reviews

Holidays with children

I think there are great conditions here for travelers with children. Many hotels have children’s areas, and in the cities themselves there are playgrounds for children. On the beaches there are often special slides for kids, and clean sand contributes to the effective building of castles:) With food, too, should not be a problem, if you do not meet the children’s menu in institutions, then you can almost certainly find something appropriate. In addition, there are good supermarkets in all towns, with a large assortment (e.g. Mercadonna). Well, PortAventura is definitely a paradise for children, there is a separate themed area for them where you can hang for a day. So you can buy a ticket for two days – the first will ride yourself, and the second will be given to children, or vice versa.

So if you choose an area for a pleasant and measured vacation in Spain, the Costa Dorada will also be to your liking. Especially if you are traveling in the company of your young children.

Hola, Hola! And we are back in Spain! This time (I think the last time) we chose Costa Dorada, Salou. Yes, there is a lot to compare. Honestly Costa Brava towns were more to our liking. Let them and cooler. But, of course, if you’re here for the first time, in any case, you will fall into a frenzy at the mere thought that you are on Spanish soil.

We vacation as a family. Lying all day on the beach – it’s not about us. As much as possible to get acquainted with the country, explore its culture, cuisine, history – that’s what comes first. And combined with a good beach holiday – our ideal!

Why Salou did not become our favorite? It is pretty noisy, crowded, on the beach is often not an apple to fall down, everywhere you hear Russian. Even recalls our Sochi. The Port Aventura and the water park, which is located nearby, are to blame. Blanes, for example, on the Costa Brava, is the exact opposite. Life here flows steadily, everywhere reigns an atmosphere of silence and calmness.

Barcelona - Salou: How to get there

So, there is not much to do on Salou. But there is a great opportunity to visit the neighboring small towns and that’s what we did. The nearest town is Tarragona, with ancient streets and coliseum almost on the seashore. Valencia is a majestic city, not worse than Barcelona. Peniscola is a different little town with white little houses.

The conclusion is: in Salou we only bathed in the morning and went back for dinner, the rest of the time we spent walking around the other historic towns, thanks to the convenient location of Salou gives to get to them easily.

A paradise on the Costa Dorada

Knock-knock. “Who’s there?” I asked in English with a Russian accent. I was politely answered and invited to breakfast. Such a good night’s sleep hasn’t happened in a long time and the reason shows itself, on the way to a cup of real Spanish specialty coffee and a fresh morning salad. I’m on the Costa Dorada!

The local atmosphere pleased me, not everywhere you meet smiling passers-by, so friendly. Upon arrival, I immediately rushed to the coast (this is my point) to look and compare it with other places. Costa Dorada translates from Spanish and means “Gold Coast”, and it really is. Pleasant, soft sand of the coast allows you to lounge for hours, forgetting about the hustle and bustle of the world, and the clean, azure water allows with pleasure to dive and swim.

But the whole vacation to lie on the beach is very difficult for me, so on the first day I managed to visit the legendary, Europe’s largest amusement park – PortAventura. I’ve been there almost on all the rides, and when I went down in a round boat with boards and a round handrail in the middle in the company of unknown people (also tourists), I met a charming girl from the north of Spain. So I can call this place romantic. But nowadays you won’t be surprised by merry-go-rounds, but the evening performances, shows in true Spanish style (beautifully dressed burning brunettes with genuine charm), will not leave anyone without emotions. About this, of course, should be written separately.

What to see in Tenerife?

And yet what are the comforts of this wonderful region:

  • This, of course, nature, its beauty and diversity. The entire coast is lined with coastal sand, palm trees and beautiful, unusual plants.
  • There are many restaurants, cafes, and hotels on the Costa Dorada. I once wandered into a small shop where an elderly Spaniard made patatas bravas. It’s a very tasty dish, but, watch out, it’s very spicy! It was to my liking, and some will find it incredibly spicy.
  • Of course, this is PortAventura, which I wrote about above.
  • A lot of variety of beaches (by population, etc.), you can do as I did: first rested on the lively, then – on less populated, so to speak, to relax spiritually.
  • Incredible number of attractions. National Reserve, caves, temples and monasteries. All very beautiful and interesting.
  • Various excursions on yachts, quad bikes.

In general, it’s a great place to relax both alone and in the family. Have a nice rest!

Reviews of hotels on the Costa Dorada

Convenient location – close to the sea, train station, stores and in general to all the city attractions. there is a kitchen that covered all our needs. very clean, cozy and friendly. What. Read more

The hotel is very well located, not far from the city, the beach is close to the city but the water is very muddy. For more info see

If you never been to Turkey, Egypt or other countries where there is an all inclusive system you may like it. If you have had any positive experiences in other countries and hotels. Read more

Breakfast and dinner were great. Did not like: safe did not work and did not like towels (old and dirty). Read more

Very good complimentary breakfast and dinner. The sea is not too far away, a 7 minute walk. Cons : Room was too basic and not really comfortable. Port Aventura theme park is much further than the hotel advertised. Read more

Food Prices in Tenerife - 2022

Great hotel location, the hotel itself is very cozy. The staff at the front desk were so polite and helpful I have not seen them anywhere. The hotel owns 6 umbrellas on the shoreline, for a sun lounger if you wish. Read more

The water slides were a delight for the child. The range of food was varied and everything was delicious. What we did not like : A certain woman in the food area was negative, communicated in rude gestures. Saw. Read more

– Unique location on the first line by the sea, cafe with a view of the sea – friendly attentive staff – pine trees around the hotel – delicious dishes for lunch (paella, fried fish, meat), fried eggs omelette on Read more

Wonderful location. Very positive polite staff. Cleanliness. Excellent cuisine. Variety of cultural options. There were concerts or entertainment every night. No need to be bored. Read more

It’s a great hotel if you want to relax without the hustle and bustle, loud evening shows by the pool. It’s a great hotel if you want to relax without the hustle and bustle and loud evening shows by the pool. Comfortable beds and pillows, not bad noise isolation, except for the front door – noise from the neighbors. Read more

Wonderful staff – instant problem solving (small) found at check in and due to our fault during the stay, very friendly and professional. Just not really rich. Read more

Speed and ease of checking in/receiving/receiving the keys. Quick and easy, no questions here at all, well done! Plus, location. Not close to the beach but close to transportation, entertainment, and more. Read more

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