Going to Dubrovnik! Holiday tips and reviews

Dubrovnik – Slavic Athens

Holidays in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of the most popular resorts in Croatia, many people like it. Find out what tourists say about the resort, its beaches and attractions. A selection of the best hotels 3-5* and tips for holidays with children.


Impression of the resort.

Tourists joke that whoever has been to Dubrovnik is well acquainted with Croatia. In the ancient city you can see everything the Balkan country is proud of: picturesque landscapes, clean beaches, stunning architecture, great hotels and restaurants that cook delicious Croatian cuisine. Dubrovnik is a place we want to return to again and again!

Natali: “Dubrovnik is Slavic Athens. I was struck by the view of the old town, the powerful citadel towers and forts. The fortress walls surprised us from afar. And when we were already under the walls, the medieval power took my breath away.

Vladimir: “Dubrovnik is a very beautiful and peaceful city on the Adriatic coast. It has many historical monuments and buildings with old European architecture. We walked around this city up and down.”

Dubrovnik traveler reviews

View of Dubrovnik. Photo: amitesler / unsplash.com.

Best Hotels

Dubrovnik has the best hotel base in the country. Here you can easily find budget apartments and luxurious 5* hotels. All-inclusive lovers will be disappointed, because in Croatia it is a great rarity.

Prices vary depending on the area. Most expensive are rooms in hotels near the Old Town, in Ploce and Pila. Cheaper hotels are in Boninovo, Montovierna and Gruz. Look for accommodation in Dubrovnik on Hotelluk and tours on Travelate.

The best hotels in Dubrovnik, according to tourist reviews:

Villa Sigurata 3*, a lovely hotel in a restored 15th-century house. A great start for exploring the city and its surroundings. In high season a room for two costs from 66 €.

Guesthouse S&L 3* – A cozy guesthouse within walking distance of the ferry and main bus station. You’ll pay from 93 € for a double room.

Villa Curic 4* – a well-kept hotel 3 km from the city center. The upper floors have a wonderful view of the harbor. A room for two costs from 124 €.

Rooms Klarisa Palace 4* is a great option for anyone who wants to live in the center of the resort. The guest house is a few steps away from the Onofrio fountain and the Franciscan monastery. A double room costs from 160 €.

Boutique Hotel Kazbek 5* is an elegant hotel in a restored 16th century mansion. The historic center of Dubrovnik is 10 minutes away. A room for two costs from 164 €.

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Hotel More 5* is a popular boutique hotel near the beach on the Lapad peninsula, 3,5 km from the old town. A double room costs from 167 €.

Dubrovnik Beaches

Croatian resort is washed by the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Most of the beaches in Dubrovnik are pebbly and platform beaches. There are no completely sandy beaches in Dubrovnik. The most popular is in the beautiful bay Lapad. There are fine pebbles on the shore and sand at the bottom of the sea.

Infrastructure on the beaches is excellent. For lovers of active recreation there is a rental of kayaks, catamarans and jet skis, parachute flights, yachting, diving and sea fishing.

Veronica: “Lapad Beach is a beautiful beach. The water is clear, the beach is pebbly. There may be sea urchins on the large stones. Mask, snorkel and slippers do not hurt. Swimming, you can observe different fish.”

Popular Beaches in Dubrovnik

The most popular beach is located in the beautiful Lapad Bay. There are fine pebbles on the shore and sand at the bottom of the sea. Photo: sarahfiltered / unsplash.com.

What to see

Dubrovnik is one of the oldest cities in Croatia. According to UNESCO, it is one of the three most beautiful Renaissance cities.

Unique monuments of architecture are located in the Old Town and around the resort. The colorful street Stradun, the Princely Palace, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Franciscan monastery, the Minceta Tower, the Fort of St. Lawrence, the fountain Onofrio… It is impossible to walk around in a day!

According to reviews of tourists, excursions to Croatia from Dubrovnik are popular. Vacationers with pleasure go to the national parks Krka and Plitvice Lakes, in Split and Ston, on the island of Korcula and in neighboring Montenegro.

j_voronina: “There is an unbelievably beautiful view as you drive up. The Old Town seems to be carved out of a single piece of stone, and the fortress walls grow out of the rocks. The streets and squares are polished to a shine by the feet of millions of people who have walked on them for many hundreds of years.”

What to see in Dubrovnik

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Photo: vchoiii / unsplash.com.

Holidays with children

Dubrovnik is one of the best places in Croatia to vacation with kids. Take a walk along the coast and you’ll easily find a beach to your liking – with sand, coarse or fine pebbles. Families with toddlers love the Lapad and Copacabana recreation areas. We advise to take a sun lounger under the pine trees, where you can not feel the heat. Take your child to the aquarium, feed the peacocks on Locrum Island and take the funicular up Mount Srge!

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Before your trip, find out where the hotel is located. There are accommodations in town that are hard to get up to from the sea with little ones.

CherishedDream: “The location was inconvenient. To get to the beach, you have to cross two roads where there is no crosswalk and go down two stairs. Along the road there is not a sidewalk everywhere. In the heat of the afternoon it was hard for me to go up with a baby in my arms, my husband carried the stroller. Better to choose an apartment lower down, closer to the beach.”

Holidays with children in Dubrovnik

Take a walk along the coast and you can easily find a beach to your liking – with sand, coarse or fine pebbles. Photo: hansjuergen / unsplash.com.

When to go

Dubrovnik, like the rest of Croatia, has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. The city is located in the very south of the country. Winter in this area is relatively warm. Tourist season begins in May, but really nice sea water in June, when it gets up to +22 ° C.

In July and August the coast is hot and dry. It rains rarely. Very good holiday in Dubrovnik in the Indian summer. It is comfortable to swim in the sea in September and October. In November, the beach season ends and rainy autumn comes to Dubrovnik.

Ludmila Puchkova: “I spent June vacation in Dubrovnik. I was satisfied with the trip. The only thing, to visit sights is already too hot. Ideally, to get acquainted with the beauties of the resort in April and May, when there is still no heat and stuffiness.

When to go on vacation in Dubrovnik

Tourist season starts in May. Photo: pinchebesu / unsplash.com.

Conclusions: is it worth to go to Dubrovnik

Holidays in Dubrovnik everyone likes – families with children, fans of ancient architecture, beach lovers and shoppers. It is a perfect mix of historical sightseeing and beach relaxation! Tourists are attracted by the well-maintained coast, attractions and a huge choice of hotels. The only disadvantage of Dubrovnik is higher prices for accommodation than in smaller Croatian coastal villages.

Dubrovnik travel guide


The city of Dubrovnik, according to many tourists, is one of the three must-see cities in Europe. In addition to all its cultural values, the city is famous for its ecology and is perhaps the cleanest resort on the entire Adriatic coast.

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Due to its Mediterranean climate, or more precisely the subtropical climate, beach lovers can enjoy all the charms of this type of recreation from mid-May to October. The average summer air temperature is +28 degrees and the sea warms up to + 25

The most famous and perhaps the most well-appointed beach in Dubrovnik is Lapad Beach. Every whim, i.e. beach umbrellas or cabins for changing and much more, is at your disposal. Not only that, tourists can choose beaches to their taste – sand, pebbles, cliffs, all of it are available.

The resort is also famous for its nightlife, it is full of discos and nightclubs.

Let me give you a little advice. Before you plunge into this full of temptations of nightlife check out the sights! There is a lot to see here!

First of all of course is the old town. That includes the church of St. Blasius and the picturesque island of Locum, as well as the famous fountains built by the Italian architect Onofrio de la Cavi.

The cathedral, built in the 17th century, is stunningly beautiful.

And only after that you will be on a street which consists almost entirely of bars and restaurants, called Burbon street!

Where to stay in Dubrovnik?

Oksana Aleksandrova

Dubrovnik is the most visited city in Croatia, a huge number of people come here all year round. The main tourist area of the city is Old Town, this place is the main sightseeing routes, here are the main historical sites. It’s possible to settle in this area, even within the fortress walls, but in my opinion, it’s completely uncomfortable – noisy, crowded, not quiet and very expensive. Life here is boiling even after dark – musicians, circus performers, numerous bars and restaurants are open almost all night. Although, if you are not confused by such an atmosphere, and the price does not matter, then comfortable five-star The Pucic Palace, where the price of rooms in the season from 300 – at your service. You can, of course, find in the Old Town and two or three stars, but even for a place in a common bedroom hostel, to give at least 35 euros. There is an option of lodging nearby, on the east side, where the Ploce neighborhood is located. The Old Town is very close to the hotel and there are some nice luxury hotels, such as Hilton or Excelsior. But, as in the Old Town, for proximity to the attractions will have to pay extra, lodging is not cheap.

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The hotels in Lapad and Babin Kuk are very popular with tourists. Both areas are divided into two parts by a peninsula, the shape remotely resembling a butterfly, the larger wing is Lapad (district and peninsula), the smaller wing is Babin Kuk. Prices for housing here are more… read completely

How to get there?


It is not possible to get to Dubrovnik by direct scheduled flight from Russia or Ukraine. In high season tourist companies offer a tour together with a charter flight. At the beginning of tourist season in Croatia (mid-May) or at its end (October) you can try to buy tickets for one of these charter flights. At this time flow of tourists drops and companies are interested to earn at least on the sale of tickets. However, in this case there is almost no guarantee of warm weather, much less a gentle sea. The weather on the Balkan Peninsula is unpredictable at these times of year: rain and storms change into heat in a few days and vice versa.

If the prospect of a flight with 1-2 changes does not scare you, you can buy tickets for a flight with one of the low-cost companies in Europe and get to Split or Zagreb. Then go to Dubrovnik by bus or by rented car.

Bus is a comfortable, inexpensive and common way to travel. You need to buy a ticket at special cash desks at bus stations or from the driver. Renting a car requires a deposit block on a bank card, a driving license of international standard and a minimum fee of 50-60 euros per day.

Food and drinks

Oksana Aleksandrova

In Dubrovnik is not that not bad, but simply a huge choice of cafes, restaurants and patisseries. There are whole “restaurant” streets, where on the sides of the pedestrian road, under awnings are tables. There is no problem “where to eat” – but the prices are not cheap. As in other resorts, in the main places frequented by tourists, prices are much higher. In the Old Town, lunch will cost at least 30 euros. Here are some “winter” figures from the menu of local restaurant “Dolmatino”: salad with vegetables and cheese – 65 kuna, spaghetti – from 160 kuna, ear – 35 kuna, meat dishes – from 100 kuna, a glass of beer – 16 kuna, wine (0,75l) – from 110 to 940 kuna, in summer, prices may rise by 20 – 30%. Against the background of general expensiveness, the prices of seafood and fish menus of “Peskarija Lokanda” konoba look very attractive – it has a wonderful octopus salad, garlic mussels and black risotto. But during the season there are huge queues and sometimes when you order you are told that you have to vacate the table by a certain time. It’s much easier to find cheaper establishments frequented by locals in the port district of Gruges. Here there is a pizzeria “La Luna,” where you can not only try a very decent pizza, pasta and lasagna, but also to order at home, two large pizzas with delivery cost 125 Croatian kuna or 16 euros. In the areas of Lapad and Babin Kuk, if you move away from the waterfront area, you can find a place where you will be well fed and the bill will not upset you. Croatian dishes are simple but very tasty. The famous soup Minister, which… read in full

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What to see in Dubrovnik?


City walls

The city walls in Dubrovnik are the visiting card of the resort. They were built in the tenth century, and sometimes the thickness of these fortifications is up to 6 meters. The walls are 1949 meters long. They reliably defended the city until the fourteenth century. The Dubrovnik city wall complex consists of the Minceta Tower, Bokar Tower, Revelin and Lovrenac Fortresses, which offer an excellent view of the surrounding countryside.

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

This Italian Baroque building was erected in the twelfth century. Before that, there was an older cathedral, which was built in the eighth century. The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was designed by the Roman architect Andrea Bufalini. Inside, the cathedral is decorated with works of Italian painters, who worked in the sixteenth-eighteenth centuries, especially worth mentioning “The Assumption of Mary” by Titian. The treasury of the Cathedral holds sacred relics such as a fragment of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified, relics of the local patron Saint Vlach and gold and silver tombs brought here from all over the world.

Franciscan Monastery

It was built in 1317 and is located on the west side of Dubrovnik. It is surrounded by a fortress wall with the round Minceta Tower, the tallest in the old city. It took about one hundred years to build the monastery. In 1667, it was destroyed by a powerful earthquake, but soon the structure was reconstructed. Today, the appearance of… read in full…

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