Going to Hammamet! Reviews, Tips & Prices for your vacations – 2022

Hammamet Hotels Reviews

The hotel is very well located. It is within walking distance of all the entertainment of Hamamet. The hotel is very nice and the rooms are very spacious. The hotel is old. It can feel it is very old. The hotel is very old and the welcoming atmosphere is nice. The pool is huge. Read more

Bungalow Noisy both day and night, animation and renovations. The staff is responsive, trying, but not doing a good job. Queues in dining room, lack of dishes, towels. Bar only at reception and from pool or bungalow. Read more

Wonderful 4 star hotel, with all the conditions for a normal seaside holiday.PLUS. close shallow clean sea, a shallow flat bottom at 100-150 m from the shore, fine sandy beach; beautiful. Read more

I travel a lot for work and stay in different hotels. But this place was traumatic. The room was incredibly old. And that is half the problem. In addition to the oldness added to the unbearable stench of smoky. Read more

Horrible food, old rooms, dirty linens, safe did not work, no toothbrush or toothpaste. The room was clean and they took away old towels and did not put new ones in until you asked for them. Read more

The hotel lives up to its 3 stars. The hotel is very peaceful and welcoming and the welcoming atmosphere is that of a welcoming environment. It means that you are welcome here. He also solves all problems that arise during the holidays. I did not have any problems with him. Read more

Our room facilities, immaculate cleanliness on the beach, light music for dinner, excellent work by all staff. The beach was very clean and the sun loungers and umbrellas were new and the towels were extra large and clean. Read more

The staff were very good, special thanks to the manager Amin who was very helpful for us and for all the clients, solved all problems. We had a lot of fun with the animation, they are very good people to work with and always give their best. Read more at

It was not our first time in Tunisia. I like everything, the sea, the beach with the beautiful white sand, the weather is always great! We stayed in this hotel before when it belonged to the Riu chain. Yes…many things have changed. The room stock is old. Read more

Holidays in Tunisia - 2022. Prices for all inclusive tours

I cannot immagine a better location to visit this hotel. What did not like : The hotel is not very new, the food is monotonous and all are spicy. Read more

I stayed at this hotel from the 17th of June till the 22nd of June. My boyfriend was very happy he worked as a chef. I will come again =)) and by the way medical insurance (phew phew… everybody have a good vacation) but everything worked very fast and responsive. Read more

Good, cozy hotel. Evening animation takes place in a nearby hotel, which for us was a big plus as it was quiet in the evenings. The food is very tasty and varied, the sea is beautiful, the staff is very. Read more

One of the best hotels in Tunisia! Located in a nice and quiet area of Hammamet on the beachfront. The hotel has a large green area among palm trees, flowering trees and flowers. On the territory of the hotel. Read more

The location, food, evening program, reception staff. Read more

The staff at the reception were very nice, food was really good, rooms were clean, the restaurant workers always served us in time and were very polite, overall the hotel was very nice and i was very happy with. Read more at

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Hammamet: thalassotherapy and great beaches

Holidays in Hammamet

Tourist reviews about vacationing in Hammamet – the most respectable resort in Tunisia. What do they write about the beaches, sea, weather and excursions? How do they rate popular hotels? Tips for tourists on holidays in 2022.

Hammamet was founded by the Phoenicians, it is located 75 km south of the capital, Tunis. Europeans vacation in Hammamet since the beginning of the last century. Quiet and conservative resort is loved for its sandy beaches and excellent thalassotherapy centers. Old Hammamet stretches east from the Medina to Nabelles. On the opposite side of the center is the modern tourist area of Yasmine-Hammamet.


Pros and cons of vacationing in Hammamet

Tunisian resort is loved for the soft fine sand, crystal clear sea, attractions and well-developed tourist infrastructure.

The pros of vacationing in Hammamet in 2022, according to tourists’ reviews:

  • Sandy beaches.
  • Warm sea
  • Excellent conditions for recreation with children
  • Great choice of restaurants and cafes
  • Lots of shopping malls
  • World famous thalassotherapy centers
  • Colorful celebrations and festivals.
  • Excursions to the Sahara Desert and Tunisian places of worship.
  • Cleanliness in the streets.

FireFox: “The resort areas in all parts of Hammamet are extensive and well maintained. I was surprised by the large number of urns on the sidewalks. The local janitors clean in the morning.”

Cons :

  • No international airport.
  • For those who like to swim, the sea is shallow.
  • Algae and trash are washed ashore.
  • Prices for food, souvenirs and excursions are overpriced.

Pulhie: “The sea is shallow at all: you go, you go, and everything is up to your chest. I had to pretend to be a whale, thrown on the shore, and the children were free”.

Holidays in Tunisia with children - 2022. Best hotels. Prices. Reviews

Tourist reviews of Hammamet

Quay in Hammamet. Photo: LuidmilaKot / pixabay.com.

Reviews of the beaches and sea in Hammamet

Hammamet beachfront stretches for several kilometers and has a width of 50 to 100 meters. A smooth entrance to the water, a smooth soft bottom, fine white sand and warm water are just perfect for a holiday with children. Strong waves are very rare.

On the shore everything is traditional for the resorts: bars and restaurants are open, there are jet ski rentals. There are offices that organize boat trips, fishing and diving. Rent a sun lounger and an umbrella from the sun costs 2 TND a day.

According to reviews by tourists, the best beaches are in Yasmine-Hammamet. In the central part of the city, on the promontory, the coast is much worse.

Ekaterina Vinogradova: “I do not recommend the beach in the center of the city. In summer the locals gather there, so there’s nowhere to fall. It’s better to use what hotels offer”.

Hammamet Beach Reviews

A beach in Hammamet. Photo: Sek Keung Lo / flickr.com / CC BY-NC 2.0.

Reviews of the best hotels in Hammamet

Hammamet is almost the main resort of Tunisia, so there are plenty of hotels for every taste and purse. They are scattered evenly along the coast. In the resort area of Hammamet most of the hotels on the 1st line of the sea have direct access to the beach, but in Yasmine the road separates the hotel zone and beaches.

Of the luxury hotels with thalassotherapy centers tourists warmly recommend resting in Alhambra Thalasso Hotel 5*, Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Yasmine Hammamet 5* and Le Royal Hammamet 5*.

Read tourist reviews of the most popular hotels in Hammamet, which we found on the sites OnlineTours and Travelate.

Houda Yasmin Hammamet 4*. A nice hotel for families stands on the 2nd line, 10 km from the center of Hammamet. A road runs between the 4-story building and the beach. Nearby are a golf club and a promenade with restaurants, cafes and stores. Some guests complained about the unclean hammam and the poor quality of room cleaning.

Zodiac 4*. A good hotel near the Golfe de Hammamet bay is located in the resort area of Yasmine. “Zodiac” in Hammamet is famous for the excellent water park, clean pools and spacious rooms. Tourists like good animation, delicious food in the restaurant and helpful staff. The bar closes at 0:00. The sea is 5-7 minutes walking distance.

Where to rest in Tunisia - 11 resorts

Le Hammamet Hotel & Spa 4*. This is a large hotel with 400 rooms, located in the north of the bay, on the 2nd line from the sea. It is close to supermarkets, pharmacies, an aquapark and the Carthage Land amusement park. The hotel is good, was renovated in 2015. Tourists are happy with the beautiful green area, swimming pools for adults and children, children’s playground and mini-club.

Hammamet Hotel Reviews

Hotel Oceana Hammamet. Photo: Citizen59 / flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Hammamet weather reviews

Beach recreation at the resort begins in mid-April and lasts until the end of October. For swimming in the sea with children, tourists are advised to come in May and June or in September, when it is not so hot.

For recovery in thalassotherapy centers, sightseeing tours, trips to the Sahara and to ancient cities will suit any season. In winter, the temperature in Tunisia does not drop below +7. +10°С. The rains in the north of Africa do not cause much inconvenience. According to statistics, the annual rainfall in Tunisia is only 370 mm. See when it is better to holiday in Tunisia.

Vera: “I was in late September. The daytime temperature was a maximum of +30°С, which was perfect. Bathing without problems, the sea is very warm. The only thing – a couple of days there were very strong waves, I had to stay on the beach.

Anna: “Holidays at the end of July – beginning of August. Three days out of 10 was fairly strong wind at the sea and waves, no one swam. Precipitation was not once.

Hammamet Beach Reviews

The beach in Hammamet. Photo: LuidmilaKot / pixabay.com.

Reviews of excursions in Hammamet

Tourists are offered a large selection of trips around the country with guides who speak Russian. According to reviews, excursions from Hammamet are popular:

  • Sidi Bou Said – Carthage
  • Sahara Desert
  • the port city of Bizerte
  • Two-day tour in the north of Tunisia “The green hills of Africa
  • Tunis, the capital of the country
  • amusement park Carthage Land
  • Historical Sousse.
Weather and seasons in Djerba by month. When it is better to have a rest?

Tourists are not advised to spend money on a sightseeing tour of Hammamet. Walk around the colorful medieval Medina on your own and enjoy the view of the bay from the ramparts of the old fort. The botanical gardens of the Hammamet Cultural Center are a great place to take your children for a walk.

MarinaRafailova: “Carthage Land Park consists of several parts. It is necessary to decide which ones you are ready to visit. If you take several at once, it will be cheaper than buying them separately.

Holidays in Hammamet

Sidi Bou Said. Photo: ropbo / flickr.com / CC BY-ND 2.0 license.

Tips for vacations in Hammamet

After the terrorist attacks, Tunisians have increased security measures for tourists. Police officers patrol the entrances to Hammamet resort areas. They let tour buses, cabs and cars with strangers through. Policemen can be seen at major intersections and beaches.

The exchange rate in the country is the same. It is convenient to change money at the hotel reception.

In the resort areas, menus are almost everywhere in French. The portions in cafes and restaurants are large. Do not hurry to order much! They always bring free fresh bread to the order. In addition can bring snacks and sauces. In establishments where there is no surcharge on the bill, it is customary to leave a tip for the waiters – from 1 TND.

Hammamet is tourist-oriented, so handicrafts are 20-30% more expensive than in smaller towns. Before buying souvenirs in the shops, we advise to look at the stores with price tags. So you can better navigate the cost of goods and will not overpay sellers. Learn how much money to take in Tunisia.

On the beaches specifically for holidaymakers walk camels. After the animals are left manure, and no one removes it. They just cover it with sand. Be careful yourself and warn your children about it!

Vladislav and Olga: “What distinguishes Hammamet from other Mediterranean resort towns is the characteristic smell of horse-drawn vehicles. The feeling that you come to some Caucasian village. But in this, perhaps, hides its own Tunisian flavor.

Vacationers swimming in the sea, Hammamet. Photo: LuidmilaKot / pixabay.com. Hotels along the beachfront in Hammamet. Photo: crosathorian / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0.

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