Going to Ibiza! Holidays & Prices in 2022. Reviews of Tourists

Going to Ibiza! Holidays & Prices in 2022. Reviews of Tourists

Ibiza for everyone has always dreamed of going to Ibiza. The rich and famous rush here from all over the world, young people come here to relax on the beaches and, relax in nightclubs and restaurants.

From May to late October, you can enjoy delicious Mediterranean nature, warm sea and clean sand.

The coolest beach, Platja d En Bossa, is the most famous and expensive recreation area framed by bars and restaurants. Visit the bar Bora Bora, the club Space, it’s really worth your money.

I did not have a chance to go to Ibiza, I read a lot of reviews, but I did not have an opinion. We went to Ibiza on a ferry from Barcelona, the cost was 2500r, we sailed overnight. So 8 am, we were docked in a hangar, not a lot of people, I do not understand(( We took a bus to Ibiza town, then changed to another bus and drove to our place of residence. The town of San Antonio. A little town, but fun))) We didn’t get bored at night.) From Ibiza to San Antonio by bus takes 30-40 minutes,

Old TownBora Bora.

  • Play a wedding or celebrate its anniversary
  • Sail
  • rent villas and apartments
  • Attend interesting events
  • Take pictures of everything.

Wonderful boat trips in San Antonio We were in Ibiza in San Antonio at the end of June and beginning of August. Nice town, but because of the huge influx of tourists, some streets in the evening and at night turn into a dump. But I must say that the Spaniards clean up by morning. On the waterfront near the port area with fountains, there are a lot of stores with different souvenirs with symbols of the island, city and discos. The average price for a T-shirt is 10-15 euros, with many of them of dubious quality. There are also many bars, restaurants and various

Sunset next to Café del MarThe Egg Monument to Columbus and the symbol of the city.San AntonioYacht

  • swim, sunbathe on the beach.

Recreation for the young, bold and active. On the island, my husband and I spent three days of a two-week vacation in Spain. I will immediately list all the positive and negative aspects of a vacation in Ibiza. The nature is wonderful, the sea is warm, a lot of entertainment, beaches with soft gentle sand, delicious cuisine with a variety of seafood. From minuses, first of all a lot of people on the beach and expensive prices for alcohol and cigarettes, they say a lot of addicts in the clubs, so we did not go there, although I love to dance. Right on the street a man came up to us

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  • swim, sunbathe on the beach.

I happened to visit Ibiza in September 2012. We stayed at Ibiza Corso Hotel & Spa. I liked the location of the hotel, there was a mini market with reasonable prices near the hotel, 5-7 minutes walk from the hotel there was a wonderful beach, opposite the hotel you can buy a ticket (round trip) on the boat and sail to the historic part of town, where the old fortress is. While in Ibiza, it is unwise to ignore a visit to at least one nightclub. We visited

  • swim, sunbathe on the beach.
  • To relax for children and young people
  • rent villas and apartments

Ibiza is the capital of club life. Ibiza is the hub of all kinds of clubs. In summer the island is completely conquered by young people from all countries. A special attraction of Ibiza is the legendary Cafe del mare. The main characteristic of this place is to order and own cafe music. This cafe is famous throughout the White World, the Spaniards are proud that they have such a place, while others enjoy the atmosphere. But! It must be said that the cafe is not cheap. Prices for drinks start from 12 euros, for example, is the price for mojito. If you order

Ibiza Island Ibiza is a club capital of the world, synonymous with nightlife, disco, alcohol, and going out. During summer months the island undividedly belongs to the youth, carefree, sunburned and free. People in Ibiza are not concerned about status, what matters is not how much money you have, but how cool party animal you are. From the airport to the hotel is not a short way of about 30 kilometers. The population of the island is 100 thousand people, but in the summer here from all over the world comes another million tourists. In the evening there are open

  • swim, sunbathe on the beach.
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Ibiza: Money can not be much Rest here is not cheap, so if you decide to go here, take more green eurikas. About the status of Ibiza speaks a parking lot of yachts in the bays, from just beautiful to luxurious. The beauty on the island is incredible! Blue lagoons, turquoise sea, white sandy beaches, combined with pine trees, then with palm trees! Fabulous beautiful nature! Ibiza is an island of party-goers, clubbers, and people with unconventional sexual orientation! The abundance of all sorts of freaks shocking only on the first day, then you get used to it and feel like

  • swim, sunbathe on the beach.
  • go on a cruise
  • Sail
  • rent villas and apartments

Ibiza: land of hippies, sun and pines For a long time thinking where to go on vacation, I could not even imagine that fate would take me to the Balearic Islands, and more precisely to Ibiza. They say that the great Nostradamus predicted that this island would be the only place suitable for life, when a nuclear catastrophe would destroy almost all life on Earth. I don’t know if he was right or not, time will tell, but the feeling that this paradise, which simply must exist forever, appeared as soon as I set foot on this land.

Ibiza – tourist reviews

Reviews of Ibiza, based on personal experience. Which Ibiza cities are worth visiting and why, the general pros and cons. What to pay attention to those who are going to visit Ibiza for the first time. Which cities should be chosen for a family vacation and which ones for a youth vacation and why? What is the most interesting for tourists, recommendations from the experience of their journey.

Ibiza is a family


What do we know about Ibiza? A place with constant parties, alcohol and other entertainment for 18+ audience. I heard about the high cost of the island. That’s why it was even a little scary to go there. The only thing that pushed me to get to this phenomenon – having a friend who worked there in season. Speaking of seasonality. The main mass of clubbers starts arriving on the island from May, and the tour flow ends around the end of September.

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In which area to stay?

The first thing to know when arriving on the island – Ibiza is both the name of the island as a whole, and the name of the city in the south of the island. So you have to be careful when booking accommodation, be guided not only by price and comfort, but also by the geographical location. And what city to choose to stay in – it depends on your goals and interests. Clubs and bars are scattered throughout the island. Some of the more famous and expensive clubs are located in the southern part of Ibiza (Pacha, Hi, Ushuaia, etc). Amnesia in the middle of the island, Café Del Mar in the north, and DC10 near the airport. Democratic and more youthful bars and mini-clubs in the north, in the city of San Antonio. It’s also where the largest concentration of young (18-25) drunken Germans and Englishmen is. The beaches, too, are scattered all over the island. Therefore, if the important thing is the beach component of the holiday – it is better to decide on the beach. From myself I can say that I stopped my choice on the city of Ibiza. The historical part of the island is located here, but the nearby beach Platja d’en Bossa – is frankly so-so. For a few days I lived near the town of San Jose, where there is practically nothing nearby, except one of the best beaches on the island, in my opinion – Cala Tarida. But, since I prefer walking to lying on the beach, Ibiza City suited me better. The situation with public transport, as you can guess, is not very good here. For example, from San Jose to Ibiza there are only 3 buses a day.

Since Ibiza, after all, means a beach vacation, I’ll describe a few beaches, which I managed to visit:

1. Cala Tarida.

A small bay surrounded by rocks on the west side of the island. The water is clean, the sand is fine and there are not too many people. But the most amazing thing about this place is the indescribable sunset. The atmosphere is really magical. And since it is not so easy to get by public transport (especially in the evening), the beach is almost empty during the sunset.

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2. Cala Bassa.

Pretty famous beach in the northwest of the island. A large complex with a parking lot, cafes, restaurants. In the summer there are water attractions. The crowd is quite large. The beach is remembered for the fact that after walking a little distance you can find a part of the rock – a rocky part of the beach, on which you can walk, climb a little bit up (do not repeat my mistakes – do not go there barefoot), and below find a small cove, where many people dive from these stones.

3. Cala Benirras.

Cala Benirras is a small and cozy beach with good sand and views, but it is famous for something else. It is safe to call this beach a haven of hippies, freedom and friendliness. The thing worth going to the northernmost part of the island for is the drummers’ show at sunset. As the sun begins to set, several drummers pick up the rhythm and beat of their playing to match the mood of the sunset view. It is on this beach that you can truly feel that the real Ibiza is one big family of optimists.

4. Port de Sant Miquel.

A quiet and comfortable beach in a bay among the green hills in the north of the island. Easy to come here with both children and parents. Entrance to the water here, by the way, is very gradual. From the pluses – here, nearby, there are caves and an observation deck with a view of the sea and the ships.

5. Platja d’en Bossa.

Perhaps the most famous beach de Bossa in the southern part of the island. The beach is narrow and long. It stretches almost from the center of Ibiza to the airport (almost). Bossa is a real hangout with a string of clubs and bars. The water and sand are not very good, compared to other beaches. But Bossa is chosen clearly not because of the beach (but because of the good location, at least).

Club life

A detailed description of the nightclubs I’ll intentionally skip, because I want to dispel the stereotype about the typical vacation in Ibiza. And in general, if you spend all the nights in nightclubs, there is a risk not to see the true beauty of the island. But I can say one thing, if you came to Ibiza and spent all days in budget bars and clubs in San Antonio – this is not Ibiza. Real sound and good djs arrivals all the same in the island’s promoted clubs (entrance ranges around 30-40 euros). On some days you can get for free or with a discount with a wristband from the promoter, coming before midnight, for example. But without visiting at least 1 such club, the rhythm of life in Ibiza is impossible to understand.

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The historical part of the island

As I said before, the most interesting part of the island for me was the city of Ibiza and its historical part. First of all the port itself and its surroundings are not bad for sitting on the square in front of it, watching the ships and the tourists. And in the old town (Dalt Vila) you can admire the narrow streets, cobblestones and houses. And, after climbing to the very top of the hill, admire the fortress of Ibiza and the fantastic view from it. I advise you to walk around the fortress from all sides to enjoy properly the views of the sea and the city.

So, to go or not to go?

Ibiza can fall in love with maximum, and can disappoint 100%. The first few days it is difficult to shrink into such a relaxed lifestyle. But, having understood the philosophy of the island, to leave strongly will not want. In my opinion, the first time you should come here for 4-5 days. Less than that, you risk not having enough time to adapt, and more than that – the island may not be just your nature, and you’ll waste your money on accommodation. Another important tip – buy a local SIM card, wifi is not all good here.

P.S. What NOT to buy in Ibiza?

Bracelets, rings, flip-flops, hats, T-shirts I LOVE IBIZA and other Chinese stuff, which on the island you will seem extremely necessary, and upon return home – a misunderstanding.

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