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Travel Guide for Elenite

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If you’ve decided to spend your vacation on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, then considering Elenite as one of the options is definitely worthwhile. Firstly, it is quite young and not yet spoiled of the resorts. About ten years ago nobody even heard about it, unlike the neighboring Sunny Beach and Nesebar, which gained their popularity back in the days of socialism. That is why the infrastructure in Elenite is of a modern character and meets all the necessary requirements for a full beach holiday. This and swimming pools, and water parks, spas, restaurants and other facilities that make your vacation more interesting and diverse. All enumerate, I think, makes no sense, because everyone understands for himself what a modern resort should have.

But of course, what plays a big role when choosing a resort, so it is a natural feature and ecological condition.

I can say at once that the nature in Elenite is just fine. First of all, these are the Balkan Mountains, which in this place come to the seashore and cover the resort, as if pinning it to the sea. The mountains practically have their end here and the neighboring Sunny Beach, which can be said to be at arm’s length, is already on a level, as it is in visual distance. Therefore, the combination of sea and mountains gives Elenite an advantage over its neighbors. It is necessary to mention the beach and the flat beach, which is ideal for children, even the smallest ones. The resort is geographically situated on the ledge, which… read in full.

When is the best time to have a rest in Elenite?

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The first tourists in Elenite open the summer season back in late May, but it is hard to consider this period suitable for a proper beach holiday. Of course, the sun is shining quite well during the day and you can even get a tan, if the sky is not covered with clouds, which are often in May. But the sea temperature is still too low to swim and enjoy this activity, and the big waves at this time are not uncommon. Especially this fact must be taken into account if you’re going to come with children. You can use the hotel pool and that only if the water is heated. And if we are talking about the May holidays, which are so fond of our compatriots at sea resorts, so Bulgaria, I think, is not worth considering, because for the rest will be too cool, and the weather can spoil all your plans. So it is better to choose for such a case Turkey or Egypt, where in May you can not only sunbathe, but also swim.

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Where to stay in Elenite?

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Elenite itself is a small village, so there is no question about the choice of area. The only difference may be the location of the hotel or accommodation during the vacation, in relation to the coastline.

The choice for this resort is pretty decent, as hotels of different categories and villas.

Let me start with the hotels. Of the five star hotels can be noted two Royal Castle and Royal Bay.

The first Royal Castle looks really chic. And not only outside, but also inside. In general, those who are familiar with the hotels of the Royal group, probably have an idea what they are.

Going on holiday with children


The small resort of Elenite neighbors with the popular Sunny Beach and a little distant, interesting in terms of sightseeing Nessebar. Thanks to its favorable geographical location Elenite has become famous as a good place for family vacations. And it is justified, because apart from the wonderful nature around Elenite, it has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. The village is a complex of resorts, consisting of star hotels and beautiful villas. In Elenite there is everything you need for a comfortable and exciting vacation with children.

Climate and nature in Elenite

During the summer months the weather is sunny and windless. There are practically no strong winds in this region of Bulgaria. All this is due to the Stara Planina Mountain that protects the resort from bad weather. During the summer the air temperature ranges from 23-29⁰C and the water temperature reaches 25 degrees. All this together creates ideal conditions for recreation of young tourists who can frolic all day long on the sandy beaches of the resort. And the Black Sea coast in Elenite is characterized by slowly deepening sandy bottom, which is ideal for the youngest bathers.

Beneficial to the children’s body and clean air, filled with pine scent. Healing smells of pine exude forests, covering the slopes of mountains and reaching almost to the edge of the sea. Coniferous forests are not the only vegetation in Elenite. The whole resort is densely populated with a variety of… read in full

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How to get there?


To get to the Bulgarian resort of Elenite you have to fly to the nearest airport, which is situated in Burgas. There are flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. Of course, the cheapest way is to fly here from the capital of our country.

The distance from Bourgas to Elenite is only 47 kilometers and the buses between the two cities are running literally every hour. Alternatively you can fly to Varna, but it is further from Elenite – 99 kilometers. There are also buses that leave every 3 hours.

Food and drinks


There are a lot of restaurants for those who like good food in the Bulgarian resort Elenite. There you can taste mostly traditional Bulgarian dishes and drinks. In some special restaurants in the resort, for example Sozopol, it is also customary to have theme dinners in different national styles.

Perhaps, among all establishments, especially distinguished restaurant “At Paco”, which is considered one of the most inexpensive, and besides, there is a very good food. At the first sight you will be pleasantly surprised by its atmosphere, which somehow reminds the interior of a pub in England or a fisherman’s hut. All dishes are prepared only from fresh products, and the highlight of the place is definitely considered to be lamb grill with wine.

Another restaurant of the resort, Jack Sparrow, is also very liked by visitors with its good menu. However, perhaps the highlight of this place is the hot dishes and salads, and you can eat here for a very small price.

The restaurant can be even called a family restaurant because the friendliness and friendliness are always present here. Waiters serving customers speak both Russian and English. If you wish, you can taste the wonderful Bulgarian dishes here.

On the beach itself, not far from the Royal Park Hotel, there is a luxurious “Talyana” restaurant with 320 seats. Even outside the restaurant looks amazing, because it is a unique… read more

What excursions in Elenite are worth visiting?


In general there are no historical places in Elenite. But you will definitely not get bored here, because you can go on an excursion to the ancient Nessebar for a relatively small fee at any time, or to Bourgas – the two places are situated not far from Elenite.

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You can even take a sea cab to the ancient town of Nessebar. You will find them at the central pier, and the cabs leave on schedule. You will have to pay only 20 levs for the ride, but you will have a lot of fun.

Then at any time you can also take a trip to Rylski monastery as a part of a two day tour, during which you will also visit Sofia and get acquainted with the ancient monastery. Such a trip will cost you about 200 levs, in addition, children under 12 years of age have a very big discount on this tour.

Also, be sure to visit the Emona Fortress, which is located on the outskirts of one of the most picturesque Bulgarian villages on the eastern tip of Mount Emon. There you can see the ancient fortress, and next to it you can see the Herakli beach and a NATO military facility nearby.

But mostly, of course, the fortress itself attracts tourists, because it is more than a thousand years old. In general, according to legends, in ancient times there was a monastery and only later appeared a fortress. The tour offers you the opportunity to get here by rented vehicles, by bus, by… read more

Elenite: tips for vacations

Rest in Elenite

The picturesque Bulgarian resort is like a little box. In Elenite there are many amenities, and everything is at hand. Find out tourist reviews about holidays in Elenite in 2022: how they rate the beach and hotels, whether you should go with children and what to see at the resort.


Impressions of the resort

Elenite – that’s the correct name of the resort – lies where the mountains meet the sea, 10 km from the famous Sunny Beach. The closed resort complex was designed and built by the specialists from Finland in 1980s.

Elenite has a beautiful beach, modern hotels, villas, bungalows, swimming pools with sea water, Aldo supermarket, water park, stores, cafes, bars and restaurants. The resort is situated on the brink of the road to St. Vlas, so there are no casual tourists. The people who come to Elenite are those who know and love this place very well.

Alena O: “We liked everything very much, just chic. The nature is very beautiful, the territory is big, there is a place to walk around, the sea is clean and warm.”

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Tourist Reviews on Elenite

The resort is considered elite in Bulgaria. Photo: Mietek Ł / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Best hotels in Elenite

All hotels of the resort stand near the beach, many of them operate on an all-inclusive system. After reconstruction in 2003, resort hotels, villas and apartments have become even more comfortable. Search for tours in Elenite on Travelate and Online Tours, hotels on Hotelluk.

The best hotels in Elenite, according to tourist reviews:

    – family hotel with swimming pool, 150 m from the beach. Rooms for two people cost from 39 €. – Hotel between Elenite and Sunny Beach, in the quiet bay “Robinson”. A double room costs from 44 €. – A comfortable all-inclusive hotel. A room for two costs from 137 €. – A cozy hotel on the first line with a private beach. During the high season, a double room costs from 147 €. – It is a design hotel in a quiet and closed complex in the resort of Elenite. A room for two with breakfast and dinner costs from 94 €. – A wonderful option for all-inclusive lovers. The resort club in a beautiful sandy bay has a spa center and two swimming pools. A double room costs from 131 €.

Hotel reviews for hotels in Elenite

Hotel Royal Castle Design & SPA, in front of it – slides of water park “Atlantida”. Photo: Mietek Ł / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

The beaches of Elenite

Elenite’s sandy beach stretches for 800 meters and is divided among the hotels. For lovers of active recreation there are water rides, riding “bananas” and “tubing”. In reviews, tourists have complained about algae in the sea.

Antalya Suite: “The beach itself and the gentle shore are ideal for a holiday with children, even the smallest ones. The water here is one of the cleanest among Bulgarian resorts.

A panorama of the beach in Elenite

Attractions in Elenite

In Elenite there are no sights, except the sea and the green mountains. To see the interesting places in Bulgaria, you need to rent a car or go on excursions. From Elenite there are popular tours to Nesebar, Sozopol, Bourgas, Varna, Shumen, Plovdiv, Shipka Memorial and the Valley of Roses.

Vetato: “In the evening you can walk around the territory. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to walk around and the area is very small, but if you go back and forth, you’ll see that you can wander there for a long time.

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Panorama of Cape Emine, lying to the east of Elenite

Holidays with children

Elenite is a green resort by the warm sea and the foothills of the mountains. The combination of sea and coniferous air is very good for health. The sandy beach and gently sloping sea entrance are perfect for kids, who do not know how to swim yet. The hotels in Elenite are aimed at families with children. In reviews vacationers praise animation, club “Aladdin” and a small water park “Atlantis”.

KseniyaPeer: “Optimal for a holiday with a child, got a tan, swim in the pools and the sea. The supermarkets and stores are accessible. We were able to find baby food on the shelves and that was not unimportant for us”.

Panorama of the water park “Atlantis”.

When it’s better to go

The climate at the resort is mild. The Stara Planina Mountains protect the coast from northern winds. The first tourists arrive in Elenite in April, but even in May it’s still cool to swim – the Black Sea is heated to +18 … +20 ° C. The real bathing season begins in June and ends in October.

Tourists say that there is no exhausting heat in Elenite resort in Bulgaria. The average temperature in July and August is +28 ° C. Sometimes the thermometer rises above +30 ° C. For parents with children and older tourists we recommend to spend their holidays in Elenite in June or September.

Inna: “In July the weather was quite comfortable – a pleasant hot sun, without stuffiness and exhausting heat. Above +30 ° C the temperature did not rise. In the evenings the air is fresh and cool.

Conclusions: is it worth to go to Elenite?

A small Bulgarian resort on the Black Sea – a place where life is measured and quiet. The territory is closed, so the security is at the highest level. Prices are slightly lower than in Sunny Beach and Nessebar.

Holidays in Elenite is suitable for families with children and tourists in age. Lovers of entertainment and discos will be bored at this resort. If you like parties and night clubs, go to Bourgas or Varna!

The main disadvantages of Elenite are the lack of attractions and public transport. There is only one bus in the season. The prices for travel are high. The road to Sunny Beach one way will cost 2.5 €.

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