Going to Liguria! Holiday tips and reviews

Liguria – a crazy beautiful region of Italy

Where to vacation in Liguria

The Ligurian coast of Italy is a wonderful succession of ancient towns, villages and picturesque seaside resorts. Learn from tourist reviews about the peculiarities of holidays in Liguria! What they write about the beaches and attractions, where you can rent a yacht and when it’s best to come.


Impressions of the region

Italian Liguria is the sea, cliffs, serpentines and medieval buildings. The heir to the powerful Republic of Genoa, it’s beautiful landscapes, historic monuments and colorful traditions. Picturesque mountain villages and cities of Liguria give you an insight into the true beauty of Italy.

Genoa is the capital of Liguria region. It is a small Italian city, which has a special charm and charm. Almost all the streets of the historic center are very narrow, climbing up the slopes of hills. There are no wide sidewalks and straight avenues, and all the houses are decorated with quaint green shutters.

Holidays in Liguria

Almost all the streets of the historic center of Genoa are very narrow, climbing up the slopes of the hills.

Where to vacation in Liguria

Italy’s smallest region stretches in the northwest of the country and is washed by the waters of the Ligurian Sea. Vacationers delight in the seaside towns of the Ligurian Riviera. From spring to fall crowds of tourists come to Liguria, and the resorts do not quiet down with beach parties.

According to reviews from tourists, vacation in Liguria meets any needs. Choose to your liking – floral and musical Sanremo, chic palaces of Genoa, historical sites of Albenga, colorful Five Lands – Cinque Terre, immersed in the green Bordighera, a paradise for beach holidays Alassio or Portofino, loved by millionaires.

Lidia: “My walk through the old part of the city, which is called the Upper Ventimiglia, was unhurried and very pleasant. The picturesque narrow streets went up the hill. You can see citrus trees in the small gardens, There are very few tourists, so it’s a pleasure to walk around.”

Where to vacation in Liguria

The town of Portofino. Above is the Church of San Pietro and the Doria Castle. Photo: catalby / Depositphotos.com.

Best hotels

The Ligurian coast has a large selection of luxury hotels, budget apartments and accommodations for agritourism enthusiasts.

The best hotels in Liguria, according to tourist reviews:

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Genova 3*, an apartment hotel in a historic building, a 10-minute walk from the Doge’s Palace in Genoa. A double room with breakfast costs from 78 €.

Hotel Le Nuvole Residenza d’Epoca 3* is a cozy hotel 5 minutes walk from Genoa Harbor. A room for two with breakfast costs from 94 €.

NH Savona Darsena 4* is a comfortable hotel in the central seaside area of Savona. Tourists pay from 88 € for a double room with breakfast.

Cinque Terre Gateway 4* is a comfortable mini-hotel for a pleasant stay in the center of La Spezia. A room for two costs from 94 €.

Miramare The Palace Resort 5* was built in 1873. The hotel is 1.3 km from the center of Sanremo and 150 m from the beach. Double room costs from 393 €.

Royal Hotel Sanremo 5* is a luxury hotel with a tropical park, 5 minutes walk from the Casino of Sanremo. A room for two costs from 365 €.

Beaches of Liguria

Liguria’s coastline is rugged and rocky. South of Genoa, the coast has a mountainous terrain. On the Riviera di Levante quality beaches for swimming are not easy to find.

According to tourist reviews, the northern part of Liguria, the Riviera di Ponente, has enough sandbanks and secluded coves for a beach holiday. There are beaches that everyone writes about, but the most valuable are the hidden gems, such as Albana, Guvano, San Fruttuoso or Canneto.

Some beaches in Liguria belong to the hotels, and entrance to them is paid. Most of the beach areas are free. There are no industries and large cities on the coast, so Ligurian sea is clean and clear.

However almost all beaches in Liguria have one huge minus – congestion. If you like secluded beach vacation, you should not go to Liguria. Of course, this does not apply to all places – only the most popular. Choose small and little-known towns, there you can relax on the beach quietly.

Savl1: “From what I have seen, we can recommend Pietra Ligure and Loano: there are still quite a lot of undeveloped coastal space in them and between them. Or the same Varigotti – there the “organized” beaches at least reasonably alternate with free ones and there’s plenty of space. Most of all I liked Noli – probably the absolute winner in the joint “complex” category “beach town – beautiful town”.

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Tatiana: “We traveled with the company on the Riviera di Ponente. We remembered a small town Varigotti. Clean sea, for 5 euros – shower, toilet, spacious changing room, towel.

Hotels in Liguria

Varigotti beach. Photo: C_Palazzini / Depositphotos.com.


The Italian region is rich in architectural monuments and museums. There are 8 national parks in Liguria, the most famous of which is Cinque Terre. In Genoa, visit Port Atico, the cathedral and home of Christopher Columbus, in San Remo – the Russian church, and in Portofino – the medieval fortress Castello Brown.

menkova585: “Le Grazie is colorful houses and narrow streets. One must see St. Peter’s Cathedral, which looks like a medieval castle. On the right side of the road don’t miss the descent to the sea. There you can clearly see Byron’s grotto. Go up to the fortress. Admission is 5 euros. The pictures of the poets’ bay and the city are stunning.”

What to see in Liguria

Cinque Terre Park includes man-made terraces and five small settlements on the coast of the Gulf of Genoa: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. On the photo: Manarola.

Yacht charter in Liguria

According to tourist reviews, the beauties of Liguria are pleasant to admire from the sea. At any resort you can rent a sailing yacht, catamaran or motorboat. Beginner sailors prefer to travel with a skipper and an experienced crew. Many sea cruises start in Genoa.

The rental price depends on the time and the type of yacht. Renting a 38 foot sailboat with three double cabins costs from 1800 € per week. You can rent on the spot or online – there are plenty of internet sites where you can do it. For example, it’s convenient to choose a yacht on the Click&boat site because there are reviews.

LouiseLouise84: “The sailboat is comfortable. The skipper is wonderful, he is from Cinque Terre so he was able to tell us a lot about the area. We stopped twice to swim in the sea and go snorkeling.”

Yacht Charter in Liguria

Many sea cruises start in Genoa. Pictured is website editor Alexei Sinitsyn before boarding the Costa Favolosa liner from Savona, Italy, to the Caribbean.

When it’s best to go

Tourists arrive at Liguria’s resorts beginning in May. In late spring, the coast is full of flowers and green grass. The sea is still cool, so vacationers only stroll along the surf line.

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In July and August, the bathing season is in full swing, and many foreigners come to Liguria. Italians pull up in August when the vacation season begins. In late summer, the weather is sunny and hot, and the Tyrrhenian Sea gets up to +25 ° C.

In September and October the sea water cools down slowly, so the bathing season lasts until mid-autumn. The winter in Liguria is rains, storms, fog and half-empty cities. There are few tourists, and those who vacation at the resorts devote time to excursions, local restaurants and bars.

Savl1: “Of course, we do not live in an ideal world and Liguria is not exactly “white and fluffy”, it also has its problems. First of all – unstable weather. Forecasts not just for the week, but even a couple of days in advance can not be taken seriously here, and sometimes what they promise in the evening for tomorrow, in the morning can be easily refuted “in fact” by a look out the window.

Tatiana Shilova: “From experience of previous years I would not advise to come between November and February – it was quite dank. At other times I was always lucky with the weather”.

Weather in Liguria

Tourists come to the resorts of Liguria from May. In late spring, the coast is full of flowers and green grass. Photo: daniilvnoutchkov / unsplash.com.

Conclusions: is it worth going to Liguria

Tiny administrative area of Italy is a godsend for tourists. Holidays in Liguria are suitable for absolutely everyone: fans of excursions, nightlife, shopping, gambling, active tourism, yachtsmen, parents with children and those who want to learn about the culinary traditions of Italians. Picturesque beaches of Liguria are considered a national treasure of Italy.

You can combine relaxation by the sea with hiking in the mountains and trips to colorful towns. Liguria is easy to travel with a guide and on your own. Plan your itinerary and enjoy the Ligurian Riviera!

Going to Liguria! Holiday tips and reviews

Ventimiglia. Old Town. My walk through the old town, called the Upper Ventimiglia, was leisurely and very pleasant. The picturesque narrow streets went up a hill. In the small gardens you could see citrus trees hung with lemons or mandarins. The density of buildings is of course astounding. You can go to the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is the main temple of the city. There’s a little café right next to it, where I decided to have lunch. There are very few tourists, so it’s a pleasure to walk around. St. Michael’s Church is closed for restoration, as evidenced by a handwritten message on a school padded sheet of paper and pinned on the door. It’s simple as that. The humidity is high, so the best way to dry laundry is to hang it outside: on the balcony or outside the window. The laundry needs to be dried, that’s all! And the locals don’t care what tourists who drop in for an hour or two think about it.

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The market in Ventimiglia is popular! A fact for which Ventimiglia is well known among residents of the Ligurian coast of Italy and the Cote d’Azur of France is the Friday market. All week the city lives a fairly quiet measured life, solving everyday problems, enjoying a small cup of perfectly brewed coffee or other inconspicuous little things. And every Friday, there’s a traditional market with a variety of industrial and grocery items. Hundreds of shoppers come to town on local trains and cars

Just arrived from San Remo on September 28. We stayed in the hotel “Paradiso” 4*. We liked the hotel very much. It is small, old, very calm and well worth it. It was clean, comfortable and nice. Bathroom linen was changed every 2 days, cleaned daily and towels changed daily. Rooms were very clean and the staff were friendly, we were friendly in our own language but at the reception desk we had no problems explaining what our room was like. Reception staff will always explain and advise us if we have any questions or doubts as Massimo was extremely helpful. He tried to explain in Russian. Separately want to mention

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach

Ligure Residence family apart-hotel Ligure Residence is located in the resort of Pietra Ligure at 100 m from the Ligurian Sea, but the road to the beach takes about 5 minutes. Although the hotel is located near the coast, you must cross the railway tracks (the crossing is slightly away and you have to walk to it). The hotel itself is small, but there is a pool with children’s slide, though there is no children’s section, the depth everywhere is 1.60m. At siesta time from 13:30 to 15:00 pool closed. Also on site there is a cafe where you can have breakfast, children’s room and children’s

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach
  • rent villas and apartments
  • vacation for the elderly
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Tranquility in Pietra-Ligure The first thing you notice when you get into this small town is that there are many elderly people and families with children. That’s why I recommend this place for a quiet, measured vacation. For young people and for those who like noisy parties in Pietra-Ligure will be boring. There are no nightclubs, bars, working till morning here. However, there’s a good choice of restaurants, cozy cafes and pizzerias. We had a baby, so it was quite comfortable, at 22-23 everybody was asleep! The prices in the institutions are not high, for example,

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach
  • vacation for the elderly

My beautiful Genoa My tour of Genoa began at the port, where the Coast Guard submarine was moored, and the oceanarium was located on the next pier. During the warm season, pleasure boats and yachts depart from the pier, from which you can watch a sightseeing tour of the coves around Genoa. On the left side of the port, near the lighthouse, opened its doors to the ArteGenova, a museum of contemporary art, on its floors are the works of contemporary Italian artists and sculptors, if you want to work

Another beautiful corner of Italy. If you go travelling in Liguria you should visit the biggest city of Cinque Terre National Park, namely the city of Monterosso-al-Mare. This city has amazingly clean coastal air and a lot of interesting sights. Among the must-see places to visit is the beach of Fedjina, which has the cleanest water in the region. The beach is divided into a paid section and a free section. On the paid section of the beach you can relax, on average, from 5 euros. The free beach on the territory is much smaller,

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