Going to Monastir! Reviews, Tips & Prices for Monastir Holidays 2022

Hotel reviews for Monastir

Bad. August-September 2022. No glasses in the rooms, electricity, only with a card from the room, in the room and only 2 outlets. Charge phones, batteries and other only in your presence. Read more

I stayed at the hotel at the end of July 2022. The hotel is extremely well located, there is not much to do but to walk around and talk to some people on the phone. Read more at .

Old hotel, Arabic culture and cuisine, not many children. The kids playground is old, mini club is very weak. Queues for food and forks and everywhere else. The drinks are peculiar, very sweet, water from the cooler. Read more

Traveling in Tunisia. Stayed in this hotel for two weeks. Made our reservation on the hotel website. Very comfortable. Rooms were issued quickly. Lived in a bungalow. No complaints about the rooms. Rooms are spacious, everything. Read more

We had a family vacation in July. The animation team liked it very much in the hotel. Every day a different show, a very diverse program. The animators are very friendly. They are very friendly and very helpful. The food is unsalted and very. Read more

Hotel “Le Soleil Bella Vista” was warmly welcomed by the staff and the local people. The hotel is very clean and the whole area is very clean. Read more

Dear friends, we are glad to inform you of the opening of hotels of our chain Le Soleil in the season 2022! Le Soleil Bella Vista Hotel opens its doors on June 01, 2022. Le Soleil Hotel Abou Sofian. Our. Read more

I love everything: the “common areas” of the hotel, the comfortable spacious rooms, the cleanliness, the attentive and welcoming staff, the bars and the restaurant. We are very . Read more

Pretty hotel. The animation is on the level. Food was sparse at the end of the season, but as I understand it was not a problem of the hotel as a whole season, because there was a lack of food and drink. Read more

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Rooms are very nicely furnished and the layout of the room is very nice. Very nicely decorated rooms and the restaurant. Great hotel location with a beautiful view from the window. What was not to like : Very disappointing that the spa center of the hotel did not work. Read more

The beach is dirty, glass, cigarette butts, etc. We had a lot of things to do on the beach. The staff were very friendly and helpful, there was no staff on the tables. The attitude to Russians leaves much to be desired. The food is not clean and the dishes are very expensive, the table is not clean and the dishes are very expensive. Read more

Yes, I liked it very much. Did not like it : We could improve the bar by the pool. I would have liked it if there had been a SPA center. Read more

Food was not so good, not much fruit, all the same menu all the time the same. Rooms ala USSR, the furniture is old forged, the air conditioner does not work, the chandelier is one of 4, in the bathroom tap is broken, the shower leaks on the floor, safe in the room. Read more

First of all the administrator, Irina, who in any situation that you do not like offers to calm down! The problem is not solved! All on the floor, the door does not open, very much jams! No one cares. Read more

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Going to Monastir! Reviews, Tips & Prices for Monastir Holidays 2022

A vacation in Tunisia can safely be given the title “learning to travel again.” Vacations in Tunisia can be called “re-learn how to travel. For two years we sat in one place, without the sea, without traveling abroad. For a vacation at our resorts, I could not pay as much as they were worth in those years. We almost decided on Turkey, but that too was shut down just before we bought the tour. And so July 2021 and we bought a tour to Tunisia a few days before departure. It cost us a week of rest at the hotel Royall Nalasso Monastir – 38 650 rubles per person.

When we got to the hotel, I saw the sea and drank

“Monastir center” – I have not seen worse! July 2018 Monastir hotel “Monastir center” Rating – fat stake. Good to be on a business trip – not at my own expense! The hotel is old! The rooms are old-fashioned “air conditioners”, gray linens that are changed only at your urgent request! The window handles are broken – do not close. The refrigerators do not work (in my room changed 3 times, working and have not found) Elevator is always broken. Wi-Fi only in the lobby and not stable. Food was unpalatable and monotonous. Intrusive animators every day with the same program 4 times a day, because of which staying at the pool turns into an ordeal. At sea, the hotel beach – four sun beds, fenced with a rope. And the advertising photos on the internet all so beautiful.

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Sawdust instead of spices! Were in May in Monastir, the hotel is impeccable!!! But we were shocked by the people living outside. Greedy, impudent, they’ll fool you in a minute!!! Like gypsies!!! But what killed me were the souvenirs I brought home, spices to be exact! We took several packages of spices, of different kinds, and in them, would you believe it – sawdust.

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach

For me I choose Monastir It was my first holiday on the Mediterranean coast! Guys, I will tell honestly: there very much! The first thing that has impressed me very much is activity of animators! Nobody was left without their attention! All day long guys arrange the excellent show dancing, water gymnastics and simply lift spirit thus all unobtrusively, easily! B Very pleased with the nature! The azure color of the sea combines with the sparkling sand and bright sunny skies, the beach is always clean. The hotel is clean and neat, beautifully towel wrap in the form of animals! Chicest excursions and sociable local people!

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach

I would like to leave a review, unfortunately not the most favorable one about the hotel in Monastir (Tunisia) – “Nerolia”. From 08.09.17 to 18.09.17 I went there for the first time and bought it as a present on my birthday. Upon arrival nobody even noticed that I had a significant day, moreover the bar attendants were rude to me. On the third day my phone was stolen from my room. On the same day in another building a phone was also stolen from a tourist who had just arrived. The phone, I think everyone will understand,

Tunisia 2013: How it was Hello Everyone, I am writing my opus about our vacation. A part of it will become a commentary on the activities of travel agencies, and part – a letter with a detailed report to loved ones. In general, our vacation was a success: we will remember it for a long time, will be what to tell his grandchildren. I saved all the admission tickets, so I will buy a new photo album and start compiling my memoirs. The start of the trip promised to be good. We got on the plane without any problems and upon arrival in Tunisia we were greeted not by the September cold in Kiev, but by +30, sunshine and palm trees. In Tunisia there are several

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Holiday in Tunisia Dessole Garlen Bich Club I and my girlfriend were in Tunisia from 6 – 16 June 2014 Two days of rest as always stole from us by Pegasturistik. We arrived in the evening of June 6, left the hotel in the evening of June 15. We stayed at the hotel on the evening of the 6th and checked out on the evening of the 15th July. Bathroom was clean and the room was very clean, bathrooms were clean and we had plenty of linen, water and soap. Food was very good, we liked the local wine, there was enough meat, vegetables and fruit in the restaurant.

A good place to stay for the whole family. Travel agencies recommend Monastir for family holidays. We were there with my niece and husband. The beach vacation was very nice. The water in the sea is warm, calm and the shore is flat, without cliffs, but in August there were a lot of jellyfish, which I am a little afraid of. The beach is sandy, but not very clean. The climate is very comfortable – not hot, but pleasantly warm. The cuisine is good, especially we were pleased with an abundance of fruit and seafood. But be careful with the local spices. They are so abundant here that to check out the local spices.

In addition to the airport, there is a beautiful promenade and yacht anchorage Monastir is known as a city where most visitors to rest in Tunisia for the first time set foot on African soil (because here is the international airport of the same name), and as a resort city with an Arabian flavor, which has excellent modern hotels. We, resting in Tunisia, also landed here, and because we rested nearby, we came to the city to explore it a little and make a promenade through its streets, explore the waterfront. Liked the local Marina, that is, the yacht

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At the Afro-Port of Monastir

  • go on excursions
  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach
  • Do shopping.

Holidays are good! I visited this hotel with my wife in autumn 2011. At first we had a bad story. Upon arrival, we were checked into another hotel next door, as this hotel allegedly had no room. We were told that we were lucky and this hotel was much better. After a couple of days we decided to go to the Royal Miramar, to see if it was worth the move. Going into the area we realized that we were deceived. It was cleaner, the area is better maintained, although not as large. Next we went into the restaurant and our doubts were finally

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