Going to Nabran! Holidays, beaches, prices, and the best hotels

Going to Nabran! Holidays, beaches, prices, and the best hotels

Sandy coast, perfect climate, relict forests and warm Caspian Sea – what else attracts tourists to Nabran? Learn about recreation at a small resort in Azerbaijan.


About the resort

The resort on the shores of the Caspian Sea is a favorite vacation spot for Baku residents and other Azerbaijanis. The place got its name from the Russian settlers who used to fish here for the tsar’s table. From the word “nabrat” came the name “Nabran”. Today the settlement has about 1300 inhabitants. In Soviet times the locals were engaged in industrial fishing of sturgeon, and now cater to tourists.

According to reviews, the rest in the resort Nabran in Azerbaijan is quite comfortable. The main value of the village is the amazingly beautiful nature. Visitors like the nice sandy beach, centuries-old elms and beeches. The green forests around the resort are inhabited by raccoons, wild boars and deer.

Not far from Nabrani is the famous Isti-su spring. To the north-west of the resort stretches the territory of Samur-Yalama National Park, famous for its springs of thermal and mineral water. Khachmaz region of the republic, where Nabran is located, is rich in historical sights. If you enjoy excursions, visit ancient mounds, ancient mosques, ruins of medieval fortresses and settlements!

Near Nabran. Photo: Gulustan / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0

The best hotels in Nabran

There are no problems with accommodation at the resort. Vacationers stay in bungalows, guest houses, recreation centers and hotels. The most comfortable of them have 3-4 stars. Look for accommodation in Nabran on Hotelluk.

The best hotels in the resort of Nabran, according to tourist reviews:

Rey is a cozy guesthouse with a vine-covered courtyard, outdoor pool and garden. During the high season a double room costs from 1200 rubles per night.

Hotel Bulag is a modern hotel with an outdoor pool and playground near the beach. A room for two with breakfast costs from 3700 rubles.

Atlant Holiday Village 4 * is the most comfortable hotel in Nabran. It is 500 meters to the sea. There are water park, night club and entertainment programs. Double room with breakfast costs from 5500 rubles.

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Caspian Sea Resort in Nabran. Photo: SibFreak / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Nabran’s beaches.

The small rivers that flow into the Caspian Sea divide the coast into several parts. Nabran Resort has excellent free sand and pebble beaches with comfortable infrastructure for recreation. Tourists use benches, umbrellas and changing rooms. They like to hide from the hot sun in the shade of sprawling endemic oaks that grow on the shore.

The entrance to the Caspian Sea is gentle. The depth does not begin immediately. In order to take a dip you need to walk at least 100 meters.

Despite the fact that Nabran is in the north of Azerbaijan, the sea water is pleasant for swimming. It gets warm in the second half of May and stays warm until the end of October.

Panorama of the beach in Nabran

When to go

The resort of Nabran in Azerbaijan is located in a zone of dry subtropical climate. In winter on the Caspian coast it is humid and not too frosty. The beach season starts in May and ends in October. In summer, it is dry during the day. It rains only at night.

The best time to rest in Nabran is considered the period from June to September. During these months, Azerbaijanis themselves and tourists from different countries come to the shore of the Caspian Sea. At the height of summer at the resort the air temperature is +32. +34 ° C, and sea water +26. +28°С.

Conclusions: is it worth to go to Nabran?

Nabran is not a bad place for a summer vacation in Azerbaijan. A small resort on the coast of the Caspian Sea is suitable for parents with children and older tourists. They come here to relax, sunbathe, swim in the sea, fish, taste fresh tasty fruits and go for a walk in the surrounding woods. Local brand – the amazing beauty of sunrises. There is no noisy entertainment, so young people in Nabran may be bored.

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First photo: Rəşad İsgəndəroğlu (Isr Obvius) / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Nabran – Azerbaijani Antalya on the shores of the Caspian Sea

Hotel Atlant

Nabran is one of the many places in Azerbaijan with access to the sea, where you can spend a good time in the summer season. The resort is a small village located in the foothills of the Caucasus, attracts tourists with its warm sea, sandy beaches, beautiful nature with relict thickets and incredible scenery. Many vacationers consider it the most beautiful place on the shore of the Caspian Sea, buried in the greenery of vineyards, orchards and forests.

Nabran resort on the map

Nabran is favorably located. The village has direct access to the beaches with soft sand, and in some places the paths lead to relict thickets. In some places the beach area is separated from the settlement by rivers and swamps, full of fish and turtles.

The nearest large settlement to the resort is Khudat (Khachmaz region). In relation to the capital, Baku, it is located far away, at a distance of nearly 200 km. Tourists arriving in the country by plane will need about 3-4 hours to get from the airport to the destination, the distance is about 224 km. Russian citizens don’t need a visa and will need a passport to enter the country provided they stay in Azerbaijan for 90 days. The currency is local – the Azerbaijani manat. It can be exchanged in any ATM or in the territory of the airport.

Today Nabran is considered a major tourist base and climatic resort of the republic – its natural unique factors improve the health and overall condition of the organism. The climate is temperate, salubrious with warm humid winters and dry hot summers, favorable for recreation from the first days of May to the second half of September.

The town’s infrastructure is well developed. There are bars, restaurants, discos that help make your vacation bright and excursion bureaus that organize trips to fascinating places and medieval settlements – memorable. A fair number of hotels and tourist bases have been built here, ready to comfortably accommodate all holidaymakers. In stores and markets throughout the season trading fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, and souvenirs, traditional for this country.

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Beach Holiday

Nabran beach

The beach of the village stretches for about 8 kilometers in length, and the width of some sections reaches a hundred meters. All of it is covered with soft sand of dark yellow color, which in the sunlight casts red shades, and at sunset it becomes almost ashy. The sea in these places is warm, relatively clean, near the shore is shallow, but the depth increases rapidly, so while recreation with children should be extremely careful and do not lose sight of them. Bathing season here usually begins with the last days of May and lasts until the second half of September. The water temperature can reach +26 degrees on hot days, but usually it stays at the level of +24 degrees.

Arrangement of a coastline where there are hotels, excellent. In the surrounding areas there are playgrounds, parks, pools, including mini-akvaparkami, installed awnings from the sun, there are sunbeds. Along all coast are placed tents in which in rent various water tools, and also trips on a sea on bananas, tablets, scooters are organized.


River Inn Resort & SPA

Hotel River Inn Resort & SPA

Nabran is famous for an abundance of tourist bases and hotel complexes right on the shore.

Among the most famous are:

  1. Atlant is an excellent hotel with wonderful landscapes, beautiful scenery and good service. Its territory has everything for a great vacation: comfortable rooms, high level of service, a large water park with slides for visitors of different ages, children’s playgrounds.
  2. River Inn Resort & SPA is a boutique hotel with beautifully landscaped grounds and friendly staff.
  3. Pavilion Guest House is a beachside mini-hotel with unobtrusive service.

The most demanding guests will definitely like five-star hotel Caspian Sea, which is considered one of the best on the Caspian Sea coast. It is the first on the shoreline, 30 meters from the clean beach, has a tennis court, fitness center, swimming pools, hammocks. It always has a team of fun animators, held discos and entertainment evenings.

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You can also choose a place to stay in the private sector. Local residents lend to guests of the village both rooms and entire cottages.

Entertainment program

park at the Vogue Hotel

Park at the Vogue Hotel

Nabran is not a particularly fun place to relax. It is more suited for a relaxing pastime, walking and enjoying nature. There are many parks and alleys, around a wild forest with different inhabitants, vineyards. When not on a beach holiday, tourists can walk through heirloom plantations or flower alleys, go fishing, go on an excursion into the countryside to see the nearest attractions, or visit one of several mineral springs. You can also have fun at the beach discos.

Sightseeing and interesting places

Samur-Yalama National Park

Samur-Yalama National Park

The Nabran area has plenty of sights, both natural and historical. Travelers should visit medieval settlements created back in the Bronze Age, ancient mosques, ancient mounds and fortress ruins, drive to springs with mineral and thermal water.

First of all, guests of the country visit such excursions as:

  1. Istisu mineral spring, famous far beyond Azerbaijan, which has cured and brought back to life millions of people with its waters. It springs with a fountain of about 8 meters high directly from the ground.
  2. The old town of Khudat . In ancient times, it served as a defensive fortress, in the 18th century it was the capital of Guba Khanate, but later lost its power. Nowadays, tourists come here to see ancient buildings, remnants of powerful defensive walls, mosques and madrassahs (Shah Abbas, Sheikh Yusif).
  3. Khachmaz . City, which is visited for the sake of carpets and excursions to the places where they are produced.
  4. Samur-Yalama National Reserve . It is a wonderful place, where walking is a real pleasure not only for adults, but for children as well. There is an opportunity to observe the life of various animals and birds: deer, raccoons, pheasants, grouse. It is also famous for springs, from which mineral and thermal water runs.
  5. Shollar . Small village is also famous for its springs, which supplied even Baku with water in the 19th century.
  6. Galadag Mountain . On its top, not badly preserved ruins of the citadel of Gaurgal.
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Shopping and food

Ulduz Istirahet Merkezi restaurant

At the restaurant Ulduz Istirahet Merkezi

Fans of the great shopping will hardly be able to appreciate this destination, because the local stores sell only basic necessities, and souvenirs are presented in a meager assortment. The most commonly purchased products here are usually fresh and very tasty fruits, vegetables, tea. Some tourists during a tour in Khachmaz buy themselves carpets.

As for food, despite the fact that the village is small, it has enough places where you can satisfy your hunger. Operate beach cafes with stunning views of the sea smooth surface and chic restaurants with a menu that includes both national dishes and dishes from other cuisines of the world.

The greatest number of positive reviews received:

  • Atlant restaurant;
  • cafe Fortuna;
  • A place called Ulduz Istirahet Merkezi;
  • Fountain restaurant.

Pros and cons

Atlant Holiday Village

Water park at Atlant Holiday Village

If you objectively assess the merits of the resort area, in the first place it is worth highlighting the natural landscapes, clean beaches, well-developed infrastructure. Rest here is very versatile, there is a choice of excursions, a lot of museums and cultural treasures, there are a couple of discos.

Of the drawbacks many indicate a tedious road from the airport to the village, the sea is muddy because of the waves and dark sand, rapidly growing depth. Young people and children here often lack active entertainment.

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Judging by the numerous reviews, Nabran is quite a comfortable tourist destination, whose main value is considered a sandy shore and amazingly beautiful nature. Most often it is chosen by young people and mature travelers. For vacationers with small children the village is not particularly suitable because of the deep sea.

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