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Pomorie travel guide


Pomorie is a small town in Bulgaria, between Burgas and Nessebar. Holidays here are quite specific, because the resort is famous for its therapeutic mud and this imposes its mark on everything.

Almost every hotel has a mud cure clinic where procedures are monitored by doctors. You can cure yourself if you walk along the spit to Pomorie Lake and get the mud on your own or buy it from private mud extractors. And if you are not afraid of the naked elderly, you can also smear and then rinse the mud in the lake.

Many people do things differently, they buy mud and smear themselves on the beach. It has become customary to see people completely covered with black mud, calmly go into the sea and wash this mud off there.

By the way, the sea here is constantly rolling in the surf. The waves are often very strong. It is not worth it to go with children. The southern coast of the city all is encased in concrete. It’s not very nice to sunbathe there, besides there are few descents to the water and the depth is too deep for children.

A good holiday in Pomorie is possible only if you combine it with medical treatment.

When is the best time to have a rest in Pomorie?

Antalya Suite

A small but very popular resort of Pomorie, which is located between Burgas and Nessebar, stretches immediately on the two shores, the Black Sea and Lake Pomorie. Its popularity lies in the fact that here you can combine beach vacation with mud treatment. Healing mud is rich in mud lake Pomorie, so most hotels, especially those located closer to the lake have their own mud baths. The season in Pomorie, as well as in other resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast begins in late May when the air temperature allows you to get a suntan, even though the sea is still quite cold. But it can be compensated by the Pomorie lake, the water of which is much warmer and where you can take a mud bath. But the beginning of the season has its advantages. Firstly, the price of packages, and in the case of independent travel, the price of accommodation, which at this time is lower than in high summer. And secondly it is a relative quietness, both in the hotels and on the beach as a result of the fact that the number of tourists is still small.

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What money to bring?

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Going to any resort, whether it is an individual trip or a purchased tour, you will need finances for various expenses, and Pomorie is no exception. Although Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, for the time being it uses its own currency – Bulgarian lev. Ideal option would be to carry Bulgarian levs. Of course at home you are unlikely to find such currency, so it is best to take the Euro. Firstly, the Euro can be exchanged at any currency office in Bulgaria, and secondly, if necessary, where they can be used to pay. If you’re traveling by personal transport, a little currency can be exchanged at a border crossing point at the entrance to Bulgaria. I say a little, because the rate at the ticket offices at the entrance to the country is not usually quite profitable. First of all you’ll need money for payment of road tax that needs to be purchased at the entrance to Bulgaria and its absence can lead to a fairly large fine, and secondly you’ll need to fill up with gas and most gas stations can only be paid in local currency. In principle, if you have a bank card, you can pay with it at the gas station. In the case of arrival by plane you can exchange money at the airport in Burgas. But again, you should not change much, because of the low rate Read more…

How to get there?


The easiest way to get to the Bulgarian resort of Pomorie is of course to fly into Burgas airport. There are regular flights and charter flights from many big Russian cities. It will be a little harder to get to Varna, because you have to drive about 3 hours by bus.

Also, there are some interesting options for a combined route “plane + bus” through Chisinau or Istanbul. And those who don’t like air travel can easily go to Pomorie by train or by car for a long time, but at the same time not cheap.

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The nearest airport to the resort of Pomorie is located in Burgas, about 10 kilometers away. Afterwards you will have to go to the bus stop, where the suburban buses to Pomorie stop. It is on the far side of the traffic circle itself literally before you enter the airport.

The buses “Burgas-Sunny Beach” and “Burgas-Nesebar”, which stop in Pomorie, pass through it. The interval between buses is from 20 to 30 minutes and they are operated from 7 am till 11 pm. It takes you just 15 minutes to get to the bus station, which is situated on the outskirts of Pomorie. The ticket costs 3.5 lev and you can pay it directly to the conductor.

Another way to get there is to take bus number 15 from the bus stop before the entrance to the airport terminal. It will take you to the bus station Southern in Burgas. These buses are also… read more…

Pomorie – Balneological and Sea Resort

Tourist reviews of Pomorie

The Bulgarian city with a taste of the sea and a rich history is a place for inexpensive, quality recreation and health tourism. Find out from tourist reviews what they liked about Pomorie, what hotels and beaches of the resort are considered the best and what to see during your vacation.

Table of contents:

Impressions of the resort

The seaside town is located 20 km from Burgas on a narrow peninsula that juts out into the Black Sea. Pomorie is loved for its inexpressible resort atmosphere, fantastic scenery, interesting sights and low prices.

The local salt lakes and healing muds were used by the ancient Thracians. The first mud baths were opened on the peninsula at the beginning of the last century. Today, Pomorie is a popular balneological resort in Bulgaria, where diseases of the musculoskeletal system, upper respiratory tract, nervous system, gynecological ailments and skin diseases are treated.

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Lana 1958: “Pomorie is a favorite sea town in Bulgaria. There are sanatoriums where you can always be treated if you have health problems. I think the main advantage of Pomorie is the mud lake”.

Tourist reviews of Pomorie

The seaside town is situated 20 km away from Burgas on a narrow peninsula that juts out into the Black Sea. Photo: Dormouse_a / Depositphotos.com.

Best hotels

The popular resort has a modern hotel base. All hotels – from 2* to 5* stars, they are located on the first line or near the coast. There are many good sanatoriums and resorts. Look for accommodation in Pomorie on Hotelluk.

The best hotels in Pomorie, according to tourist reviews:

Paradise 3* is a great option for anyone who wants to stay in the Old Town. A room for two with breakfast costs from 49 €.

Apart Hotel Iglika 3* is a great hotel a stone’s throw from the beach. A double room-studio with a sea view costs from 50 €.

Salt Lake 4* – a good value hotel in the Old Town, a 2-minute walk from the central beach of the resort. Room for two costs from 36 €.

Hotel & Spa Saint George 4* – a comfortable hotel in the historic center, between the waterfront and the main street of Pomorie. During the high season a double room with breakfast costs from 45 €.

Penelope Palace 4* – a cosy apart-hotel with a sauna and a spa near the beach. A room for two with a terrace costs from 69 €.

Sunset Resort 5* is one of the most presentable hotels in the resort. The hotel is located on the beach, a 15-minute drive from the Paradise Water Park. A double room with breakfast costs from 114 €.

Hotels in Pomorie

Hotel on the beach in Pomorie. Photo: Dormouse_a / Depositphotos.com.

Beaches of Pomorie.

The sea in Pomorie is clean, the beaches of the Bulgarian resort have been awarded the honorary Blue Flag. The coastline is 4 km long and has a gentle descent into the water. The sand contains a lot of iron, and thus it has a brownish-gray to black color.

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Apart from the sandy beaches in Pomorie there are also stony areas and iron platforms. According to reviews from tourists, popular with holidaymakers South, American, East and Central beaches. The cleanest and most secluded beach is on the spit, on the outskirts of the city.

Galena: “There is no question how to get to the beach – the sea is on all sides. You won’t hear the roar of the music and discos on the seafront, only the sound of the waves”.

Reviews of Pomorie

Beach strip in Pomorie. Photo: Pz.IStP / wikimedia.org.


The old town is liked by lovers of narrow streets and elegant mansions. Tourists visit the monastery of St. George and the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. We advise to get acquainted with the exhibits of the historical museum, which is located on the street of Prince Boris I. If you want to see pelicans, herons, swans and cormorants in the wild, go to the unique Lake Pomorie!

According to tourist reviews, one of the iconic sights of Pomorie is the Thracian tomb.

MESHKALEX: “In the city of Pomorie there is a Thracian domed tomb – one of the ancient tombs found on the territory of Bulgaria. There are five niches in the walls, which formerly housed urns with the remains of buried people. There are vineyards and fruit trees around the tomb and it looks quite picturesque.

What to see in Pomorie

Monastery of St. George in Pomorie. Photo: oliveshadow / Depositphotos.com.

Holidays with children

For babies is very beneficial mild climate, and warm clean sea with smooth sandy bottom is ideal for bathing babies. According to reviews, in Pomorie there are comfortable family hotels and good places for walks. If you can’t find enough entertainment, you can take your child to the neighboring town of Bourgas! See where to vacation with children in Bulgaria.

yevgeniabess: “Having seen once this sea of extraordinary beauty, which is only at this resort in Bulgaria, we couldn’t help but come back here again with my husband and, of course, took our baby with us, because the first time to see the sea it’s worth it.

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Holidays in Pomorie

The mild climate is very beneficial for babies, and the warm clean sea with a smooth sandy bottom is ideal for bathing babies. Photo: nenovbrothers / Depositphotos.com.

When to go

Pomorie is a sunny place on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. The swimming season starts in May. In June, the sea water warms up to +22 ° C. The average temperature in July and August is +25 … +33 ° C.

By the end of summer, the sea is very warm at +26 ° C. In the fall it cools down slowly: in September the water temperature is +23 ° C and in October it is about +19 ° C. Then it gets cooler in Pomorie. At night the thermometer column falls to +12 ° C.

In November it rains more and the humidity increases to 85%. There comes a long low season, when Pomorie takes a break from tourists.

Asya: “The weather in July is very warm, but there was no unbearable heat like in Turkey. However, the sea often stormed and threw on the shore a lot of seaweed, and sometimes even garbage.

Conclusions: is it worth to go to Pomorie?

Pomorie is suitable for families with children and older tourists. Here rests more respectable audience and it is difficult to meet the noisy young people. Hospitable Bulgarian city falls in love with you from the first time! Many tourists like the resort so much that they spend their vacations in Pomorie from year to year.

They come to Pomorie for the health procedures and for the famous all over the country wine cellars. There is a lot to do for lovers of sailing, divers, fans of windsurfing and sea fishing.

However, according to tourist reviews, the beach holiday in Pomorie is slightly inferior to other resorts in Bulgaria: such as Golden Sands and Sunny Beach.

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