Going to Porto Cervo! Holiday tips and reviews

Porto Cervo – fashionable resort of Sardinia

Holidays in Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is the main resort of the legendary Costa Smeralda on the island of Sardinia. Learn from the reviews about the peculiarities of holidays in Porto Cervo: where the best beaches, how much it costs to live in a villa, what to do and when to come to the island.


Impressions of the resort

The fashionable resort was created in the 1960s for the rest of the richest people in the world. Porto Cervo is a delightful nature, excellent villas, impeccable service and a lot of sea entertainment. According to tourists, the beaches of Porto Cervo are some of the best in the world. In the seaside town, the beauty of Sardinia becomes even more fabulous!

Natalya_ufa: “Complete serenity, incredible and intoxicating aromas of fragrant gardens, gentle sun, walking barefoot on the soft, as sugar powder, white-pink sand. The beaches are all hidden in coves, the sea is calm.

Holidays in Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is a delightful nature, excellent villas, impeccable service and a lot of sea entertainment. Photo: porto cervo / Depositphotos.com.

The best villas and houses of Porto Cervo

If you are traveling with a group of friends or family, it is reasonable to rent separate accommodation at the resort. Porto Cervo vacation villas are expensive, but worth it! For example, the Porto Cervo Garden Villa is a cozy villa with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a pool. It can sleep 6 people and costs from 610 € per night.

Villa Oleandra al Pevero is 2 km from the Grande Pevero beach. The comfortable house in the garden corresponds to a 4* hotel. The four-bedroom villa has its own swimming pool, sun terrace and private parking. Accommodation for seven guests costs from 3290 € per night.

Budget vacation homes for 2-4 people look not in Porto Cervo itself, but in the resort villages nearby – in San Pantaleo, Cannigione, Arcacena, La Maddalena, Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Rotondo. One inexpensive option is the small house La Suara Tolta 2 in San Pantaleo. It is 30 square meters, sleeps three people and costs 94€ per night.

Look for hotels in Porto Cervo on Hotelluc, houses and villas on Airbnb.

Beaches of Porto Cervo

The Emerald Coast, or Costa Smeralda, is a recognized paradise for beach lovers! The beaches of Porto Cervo are covered with fine white sand, the entrance to the sea is gentle, so the resort is very liked by families with children. In reviews, tourists note the wonderful beach Pevero, which is located 3 km from the center of the resort. Divers love the beach with coarse sand La Celvia, which is framed by granite rocks.

Diana: “Spiaggia del Pevero is a cool beach, a good place. In relation to other beaches – adequate prices! There’s a cafe, they make delicious cocktails.”

Tourist reviews of Porto Cervo

Turquoise water on the beach of La Celvia. Photo: AlKan32 / Depositphotos.com.

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What to do

The resort is loved for its green hills and colorful architecture. Many of the villas are built in authentic Sardinian style. Hotel buildings, restaurants and the temple of Chiesa Stella Maris are in harmony with the surrounding nature.

According to reviews, while vacationing in Porto Cervo, tourists enjoy going to the cape of Capo Ferro. From the high rock ledge with the lighthouse there are delightful views of the Emerald Coast. Connoisseurs of local cuisine go to the small town of Santa Teresa Gallura. Excursions to the protected archipelago of La Maddalena and other resorts in Sardinia are also popular.

Maria : “We didn’t plan the tour in advance, we decided spontaneously and we were very satisfied! We drove along the entire Costa Smeralda. The guide showed us the most beautiful places and historical sites, told us the interesting centuries-old history of the island and the stories of its life today – which of our oligarchs have villas in Sardinia and where you can meet George Clooney”. Find out about the tour “

What to see in Porto Cervo

Many of the villas are built in authentic Sardinian style. Photo: AlKan32 / Depositphotos.com.

Yacht rentals in Porto Cervo

The resort’s yacht club is well known among celebrities. Porto Cervo harbor hosts up to 700 boats. You can rent a yacht for a day, a few days, a week or a month. Newcomers are offered to rent a boat with a skipper and a trained crew.

There are a lot of rental companies, and the rental conditions are described in detail on the sites. For active walks in the open sea sailing yachts are suitable, and for a comfortable sea voyage – motor boats. Prices for inflatable boats start from 500-1000 € per day. Motor yacht with a crew costs 180-195 thousand € per week. It is cheaper to rent a yacht in May and June, which is the low season for yachtsmen.

Tatiana: “What I saw and did on this trip was incomparable. They taught us a lot, we went through a lot together and became friends for a long time. Gorgeous sunsets, big waves, beautiful scenery, turquoise coves. Thanks for everything! It’s awesome.”

Tourist reviews of Porto Cervo

Participants at the Rolex Swan Cup Porto Cervo. Photo: ilfede / Depositphotos.com.

When it’s best to go

The high tourist season in Sardinia lasts from April to November. In May in Porto Cervo it’s +22 ° C, but the sea is still cool +17 … +19 ° C. In summer, the island is dry and hot. If you can’t stand the summer heat, visit the resort in June or fall.

In July and August the thermometer rises to +30 ° C, and some days up to +40 ° C. To get a break from the heat, tourists go to the mountains. In late August, the sea water is heated to +25 ° C.

In September, the heat subsides. You can swim in the sea until the first half of November. In October, it rains in Porto Cervo and in the evenings the temperature drops to +13 … +15°С. The swimming season is nearly over!

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Ilona Polyanskaia: “June is sunny and hot on the Mediterranean coast. The heat is pleasant, not exhausting. During the day I quietly went on excursions, walked around, studied archaeological sites and was not afraid to overheat”.

Weather in Porto Cervo

If you can’t stand the summer heat, come to the resort in June or fall. Photo: CAHKT / Depositphotos.com.

Conclusions: is it worth going to Porto Cervo

The Italian resort in northeastern Sardinia is famous for its excellent beaches and clean sea. People come here to enjoy the beautiful nature, breathtaking views, go yachting and relax in good hotels. According to reviews, Porto Cervo is made for a royal vacation by the sea.

Ambiguous Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is usually written about as the most fashionable resort of Sardinia – they say that on the streets there are only millionaires, the stores are filled with diamonds no smaller than Cochinura, the harbor is full of the most expensive boats of our time. I tell you how things are in reality.

1. Sardinia was a poor Italian province where the population had not had safe and easy access to the sea for centuries because of swamps, malaria and pirates. In the sixties, Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, owner of a Swiss passport and millions, passed by the northeastern coast of the island on a yacht, who came to admire the emerald water, christened the coast Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) and decided to build a prestigious resort here, signing out several not the least Italian architects, among them Luigi Vietti, author of the Genoese port.

2. Costa Smeralda (this coastline west of Olbia) is one of the most beautiful and prestigious yachting destinations, which since the sixties not only did not lose but also strengthened its position. So the marine part of Porto Cervo, i.e. the marina itself and the repair dock, is much bigger than the onshore part.

3. Modest boats that are embarrassing to talk about.

4. The boat on the left was of an Arabian prince and on the side of the beach were five or six executive cars with Arab license plates. If the boat is owned, then it is easy to determine who owns it and who, respectively, in the area, simply by the name written on the side. The locals, of which there are about two hundred in Porto Cervo, as well as those who work at the resort season after season, know all the boats and their owners by name. Wanting to show you Putin’s villa (or villa as if belonging to Putin) – every second, probably believing that you, the holder of a Russian passport, should be genuinely interested in seeing it.

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6. There is no beach in the village of Porto Cervo itself. In general, when they talk about Porto Cervo, we can speak either about the settlement you see in the photo, which was laid out by the Aga Khan, or about the surrounding area as a whole.

7. Porto Cervo itself as a settlement is tiny, there are almost no locals here, no signs of normal life, respectively, either. Even if you get out into town in the morning, you won’t meet anyone but tourists in running shoes out for exercise – no elderly signor drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

8. Most of the buildings in Porto Cervo are occupied by stores, restaurants and apartments offered for rent. The hotel in the village itself, in my opinion, is the only one, the Sheraton, which I personally do not see the point of staying in.

10. The main attraction of Porto Cervo is the church of Stella Maris, built in the sixties (like almost everything in Cervo) by architect Michele Busiri Vici. The view from it to the marina is spectacular!

11. In fact, Luigi Vietti, Michele Busiri Vici and Jacques Cuell, who built the Costa Smeralda, invented a new Mediterranean style with its rounded, natural forms, which eventually became a design icon.

12. There are virtually no straight lines, all silhouettes are streamlined and natural.

13. As a result, Porto Cervo looks like a cute toy village. Artificial! Perhaps the main thing I love about Italy is the opportunity to be part of normal Italian life, to communicate in Italian (in Porto Cervo they speak English to you by default), to observe Italians… all that is not here.

16. To have a boutique in Porto Cervo is considered prestigious for many brands. There are Valentino, Prada, Hermes, Versace, Miu Miu, Cavalli, Bvlgari and many other fashion and jewellery brands. And of course, there are no sales, not only in Porto Cervo, but also in the surrounding areas. But in every boutique you will find something exclusive, made in a single copy just for this store or coming straight from the catwalk. While traditional brands are concentrated in Cervo around the piazza, the more fashionable, niche brands are in the Promenade du Port, a promenade with restaurants and stores. It’s a three-minute walk from one zone to the other. My morning run from my apartment across from the marina to all of Cervo and back was rarely longer than 6 km, which means the village is really very small.

17. In Promenade du Port, the stores already have Balenciaga, niche perfumes, limited edition sneakers, designer home items…

18. The main square of Porto Cervo, which offers a beautiful view of the port. Pictured here is the Sheraton Hotel bar, where an aperol or glass of champagne costs 35 euros. Snacks, of course, are included, but on the square below, where the view is the same, only less panoramic, for the same thing they charge 10 euros.

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Most of the people you meet on the streets of Porto Cervo are foreign tourists, vacationing nearby and who come in the evening to walk and gawk at the millionaires (as if the man has written on his face how much money he has in the bank). From the point of view of pathos any Moscow restaurant like “Turandot” will give Porto Cervo a head start, so you can leave all your tags at home. Interesting people and interesting clothes can be found, for example, in hotel bars outside the village – from more modest Le Ginestre to more expensive Cala di Volpe. For 2 weeks I got a feeling that Italians themselves avoid Porto Cervo, preferring not to go shopping and have dinner in local restaurants. We’ve been out to Cervo, despite the fact that we live 10 minutes away, only a handful of times. They say there’s some life in the local clubs, but I, for one, am not a club person, and, secondly, Muscovites are… how should I say it… ridiculous these barns.

20. In summary: if you’re in the area – stop by, but only in the evening and in season. Before you sit down at the bar, look at the menu (in case you have 35 euros extra), and go to the restaurant to Italo Bassi Confusion. There are not many star chefs in Sardinia, but Bassi, who got 3 stars with Enoteca Pincchiori in Florence, opens his summer restaurant in Cervo for the second year. The rest of the establishments in the village are probably not worth eating at.

21. The local Rolls Royce dealer is the sales leader in Europe.

22. Who does not have money for a Rolls Royce, can buy himself a Vespa.

23. All the normal guys in normal boats stand in the surrounding bays without going into the marina. They have helicopters or, at the very least, a smaller boat to get to shore.

25. If you do not live in a hotel (and most people on the Costa Smeralda rent villas or apartments), then you can not do without a car, because how do you get to, say, the beach? Choosing a beach – a matter no less responsible than the selection of villas, and be prepared for the fact that in July and August, places on the beach may not be, the Internet is not in vain the question “how to book a chair on the Costa Smeralda by phone. The first day I went to several beaches – there was no room, the shore was not cleaned well, there were heavy waves, and in the end I chose Liscia Ruja beach, which you can see on the photo. It is one of the longest on the coast, the water at the end of July-beginning of August was above +25 degrees, there are bars and restaurants on the beach. The sand is snow-white!

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26. The water is the cleanest. In the Mediterranean this year a lot of jellyfish, but in Porto Cervo they were not. The sea is normal depth (in Alghero, for example, awfully shallow).

27. From Porto Cervo – about 15-20 minutes away. By the way, the Costa Smeralda – the only place in Italy, where I saw the check the documents on the roads, in addition, in the season there is an active police, writing out fines for parking along the beach. In a case with Liscia Ruja to cost of umbrellas and sun beds (30-50 euros for 2 sun beds and an umbrella, depending on a line) add parking cost – 2.5 euros per hour or 18 euros a day.

28. I eventually negotiated with Angelo beach boy and got the necessary three morning hours a set of beach furniture for four people for 30 euros on the first line.

29. So bargain by all means! However, to buy a deck chair and an umbrella in a supermarket and come to the beach with his own no one will prevent you.

32. I wrote about the Italian beach life in the previous article. Masseurs, sellers of selfie sticks, sellers of coconuts and mangoes, swimsuits and glasses, singers and dancers – all earn as they can. This guy was a mango and coconut vendor.

33. And Mustapha sang and danced. A week later I met him in Alghero. “Yes, I always travel,” he told me.

Even though Porto Cervo most of all resembles an outlet, which for some reason has no sales, it is convenient to vacation here. First of all, there is a direct flight to Olbia from Moscow and the airport itself is 30 minutes away. Secondly, the sea here is amazing. Thirdly, leisure in Smeralda is varied – you can walk the lace in Porto Cervo, you can look at the more natural Italian resort life in Porto Rotondo, go to the charming Thursday market in the beautiful village of San Pantaleo, stop at a couple of wineries or cheese farms, take a ride in Palau, master the local agriturismo and rural food. Fourth, Porto Cervo and the surrounding area has food – in Rhodes, where I was last year, a sun lounger and umbrella certainly cost 5 euros, but there was nothing but rotten apples and yogurt in the stores. Cervo has great supermarkets with lots of fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, cheeses and meats, wine and generally anything you might need. Do you know how wonderful it is to buy 2 kg of mussels for 8 euros, cook them yourself, open a bottle of vermentino and devour it all on your own terrace overlooking the city and port? Wonderful! That’s why I think my family and I will return to the Costa Smeralda more than once.

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