Going to Sozopol! Reviews and prices for vacations – 2022

Sozopol – tourists reviews

Reviews about Sozopol, based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and did not like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Bulgaria) is suitable as a place for family or youth recreation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Sozopol is famous for. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

Our Latvian people are drawn to Bulgaria, tired of the grayness and pining for a real beach season. So, in my opinion, nowadays Bulgaria is, first of all, beaches and nearby cities. Certainly, there is a lot of interesting things in the mountains (for example, monasteries – I really, really recommend it!), but if the Latvian is tired of our long spring, he would like to lie on a beach umbrella. With Russian tourists, I believe, all the same.

So one day we rushed to the coast. And we didn’t regret it. We lived in several places, and, although they are all similar to each other (resort areas in general are very similar), about each there is something to tell. Sozopol is one of these places. Remembered, liked, and the mistakes of the past will be taken into account on your next trip.

Advantages of a trip to Sozopol

The main plus – inexpensive, and very comfortable for Russian tourists. You will not need to speak English anywhere. Russian is everywhere. That is, if your goal is, on the contrary, to change the language environment, Bulgaria is not about you. We did not care, we wanted the beach, and the fact that we did not have to strain our brains in English was an additional bonus. Of course, the menu is in Russian everywhere, the service staff are often Russian, not locals. They come here to earn money.

In Sozopol there is a very nice old town, the exit from which is directly to the sea. And no wonder it’s so nice. Actually Sozopol is the oldest city on the Black Sea coast and it shows it in every possible way, carefully preserving the pieces of history that time has left it inexorable. And here these stone and a little bit wooden (who saw, he will understand) houses are extremely grasped in my soul! They do not look like those I’m used to seeing in the old cities, though here too – gray stone, red tiles. And bright sunshine.

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In the city itself there are few attractions, the entire old town can be bypassed in an hour or two. The town is just a resort. From it, you can go on your own or with an excursion to Burgas and Nessebar – the road only takes a couple of hours. You can also go to Sofia, but the road will be long.

In the city there are many currency exchange offices, an abundance of souvenir shops with typical Bulgarian joys. It happens that along the street stretches a string of such shops. Of course, a lot of Chinese consumer goods, but you can also find the original fantasy of local craftsmen. A lot of paintings (and many beautiful, of course, prevails marine themes, all kinds of boats on the turquoise waves, and other nice). There are also a lot of icons. Bulgarian ceramics reminded me of similar works from Crete – the colors are similar, the patterns are different, but the overall style. In general, the pottery is good. A lot of wooden things (jewelry, figurines), Bulgarian cosmetics (cheap and not bad), national costumes, crafts from seashells and seashells themselves in packs, towels and much, much more. I particularly remember the Bulgarian rose cosmetics and pink Turkish Turkish delight.

The prices in the restaurants, as well as throughout the city, are very pleased. You can have a snack with pancakes with different fillings or ice cream, which are sold on the streets – I liked it. We ate at a lot of restaurants and there were no bad experiences. The portions are large. My favourite were fish in different variations and of course fresh vegetables. We stayed in a decent three star hotel called “Hera”. Cozy clean rooms, swimming pool, breakfasts and dinners tasty. We had no complaints either. And also in Sozopol it is quiet, no night parties and loud music. Therefore – a very convenient city to go there with small children.

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Disadvantages of going to Sozopol

We lived in a hotel without a beach of our own and went to the nearest beach to bathe. And it was very dirty, alas. The sea itself is clean and comfortable for swimming, but the beaches in town are heavily littered. Besides, in a season there are really a lot of people, sun beds and umbrellas – solid structure, and if not to settle down on the first line of these sun beds, the sea can not be visible. It was a little stressful, so we eventually picked the most sparsely populated beach (unfortunately, I do not remember its name). Another minus – very few places where you can pay by card, I think, even nowhere. It is necessary to have cash.


You should go to Sozopol for beach rest. In a season, of course, crowds, and what you wanted. But in the evening there are no partying and it’s good with children.

Sozopol is an old picturesque town.

Rest in Sozopol

The old town and a small resort in the south-east of Bulgaria is loved by lovers of a quiet vacation by the sea! Find out from the reviews of tourists, what they like Sozopol, what beaches there, what to see at the resort and in what hotels is better to stay.


Impressions of the resort

The picturesque Sozopol is located on a small peninsula that juts into the Black Sea. Despite its small size, the resort has good beaches, comfortable hotels, interesting bus tours, boat tours and diving courses.

Most of all, tourists love the colorful historical part of town, well-kept cottages and cozy cafes. However some tourists think the resort loses out to Nessebar.

According to the reviews the holidays in Sozopol are rather budget-friendly:

Vetochka19: “In Sozopol restaurants you can always try fish. The prices for seafood here are slightly lower than in other resorts. The average bill for lunch is about $7.”

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Yanvarika: “After Nesebar Sozopol seemed to me quiet and provincial. In this there is, certainly, the appeal, but the scale, alas, is not that. And why be surprised, because Nessebar is under the aegis of the UN, money goes there and it affects the general impression. There is underfunding in Sozopol and it is noticeable too”.

Holidays at Sea in Sozopol

Sozopol. Photo: Nikolai Karaneschev / wikimedia.org / CC BY 3.0.

The best hotels in Sozopol

For vacationers at the resort there are hotels 2-5*, guest houses, small cottages with 2-3 rooms and campsites. According to tourist reviews, accommodation in Sozopol is inexpensive. Look for hotels in Sozopol on Hotelluk.

The best hotels in Sozopol in 2022, according to tourist reviews:

Duni Belleville Hotel 3* is a super cheap all-inclusive vacation. A room for two costs from 47 €.

More 3* is a wonderful hotel 250m from the center of the resort. A double room costs from 38 €.

Blue Orange 4* is a resort hotel 3 minutes walk from the beach. A room for two with breakfast costs from 118 €.

Duni Holiday Village 4* – a stylish hotel 450 m away from the sandy beach. For high season, an all-inclusive double room costs from 176 €.

Blu Bay Hotel Sozopol 5 * – A comfortable hotel 700 meters from the center of Sozopol. Double room with breakfast costs from 157 €.

Duni Marina Beach Hotel 5* – is a luxurious tourist complex near the sea. A room for two with all-inclusive meals costs from 207 €.

Beaches of Sozopol

The central sandy beach of Sozopol is located in the old part of the resort. To the north is the beach “Golden Fish”, and to the south – Harmani Beach. Between them and on the outskirts of Sozopol there are wild beaches that are great for a secluded vacation by the sea.

Nevskaya Tatiana: “The beaches are clean and well-groomed. Smooth entrance to the water. They offer a variety of water entertainment: jet skis, pillows, tablets, flyboard and the like.”

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Roman: “Harmani Beach is a beach on the outskirts of town. There are a lot of people, but the beach is clean. Convenient – there are a lot of cafes, souvenir stores nearby. Nothing outstanding, but nothing bad to say either.”

The best beaches in Sozopol

Harmani Beach. Photo: markovskiy / Depositphotos.com.


The resort of Sozopol has a very impressive history. The settlement of Apolonia was founded in the VI century B.C. The old town of Sozopol is extremely picturesque. Walk through the narrow streets, admire the old houses, churches and look into the cozy courtyards.

Not far from the resort, at the mouth of the river Ropotamo is a nature reserve. According to tourist reviews, from Sozopol popular excursions to the island of St. Ivan, Nessebar, Rila Monastery, Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo and Turkish Istanbul.

Elena: “This town is extremely nice at any time. You can endlessly wander its narrow cobblestone streets, among the old houses, stone underneath and clad with wood on top, to protect the dwellings from the salty sea winds.

Tatiana-Tatiana: “A very good excursion. We like to swim for two or three days and then go out on excursions. We walked around old Sozopol, went to Nesebar. We took a two-day excursion across Bulgaria. We liked very much the old town of Plovdiv.

What to see in Sozopol

A view of the old town of Sozopol. Photo: stoyanh / Depositphotos.com.

Holidays with children

Cozy Sozopol is loved by parents with toddlers and school-age children. The resort has a green park and good sandy beaches with a gentle entrance to the water. Nearby are three water parks – WakeParkGradina, Neptun and Duni.

Sergey1212: “There are a lot of playgrounds, a lot of entertainment, a park, squares, rides and a lot of things that are sure to please children.

Holidays with children in Sozopol

Cozy Sozopol is loved by parents with toddlers and school-age children. Photo: olga_simonova_ph / Depositphotos.com.

When to go

The climate in Sozopol is close to the Mediterranean. Winter is moderately cold – the average temperature in January – 6 ° C. The beach season begins in May, but for a comfortable bathing the sea warms up by mid-June.

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Summers are hot, almost without rain. In July and August the thermometer rises to +29. +33°С. The sea water is warm +24. +26°С.

The velvet season lasts until early October. According to tourists’ reviews, in September in Sozopol the weather is mild and sunny. The air and sea temperature is the same +24 ° C. In October, the sea is still warm, but it is not comfortable to swim, because it becomes cooler – the temperature drops to +18 ° C. From November to April the resort is in low season.

Kseniya Lovskaya: “June is the best month for the vacation in Sozopol. There are not so many people yet, the prices are not sky-high and the beaches are free and you can lay a chair there”.

Conclusions: is it worth to go to Sozopol?

According to tourist reviews, Sozopol is good for a family vacation in Bulgaria, vacations with children and older tourists. In the seaside town there are no noisy hangouts, the streets are quiet and calm. Especially impressive is the old town – a real architectural reserve of Sozopol!

People come to this resort to relax, bathe in the sea and sunbathe. Spend a pleasant evening in a cafe with a marvelous view of the Black Sea and buy a special jam made of green figs from the local women!

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