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Antalya Lux

St. Vlas is a young and rapidly developing small town on the Black Sea coast next to the famous Sunny Beach, which is only five kilometers away. But in terms of their distinctive features, these are completely different resorts. If Sunny Beach is a bustling and lively place for youth recreation, with night entertainments and discos, then Saint Vlas is its exact opposite. This is just the perfect place for a relaxing family vacation. And if you have small children, then you are right here. The neighboring Elenite, which is within walking distance, is also quite suitable for a family vacation, but St. Vlas has its advantages. Firstly, it is much bigger than its tiny neighbor and it is pleasant to wander in the evenings through the streets of the town. And the farther away from the coast you go deep into the town, the cheaper cafes and restaurants will come across on your way. But don’t think that if I say farther you go, it means going straight into the mountains that surround the town. St. Vlas is not big enough to go that far. I meant cross the main street of St. Vlasius and end up in the city quarters, around the Laguna Hotel and beyond. There are quite decent cafes and restaurants here, which are much cheaper than those on the coast, and the range and the food itself is not a bit worse. Just do not think that.

When is the best time to relax in St. Vlas?

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The tourist season in St. Vlas begins in May and lasts until September, because in October the weather is spoiled by the rains. The climate is the same as in the greater part of Europe, so the maximum temperature in July is twenty eight degrees plus.

Sveti Vlas is a relatively young resort, but has already established itself as the best resort for family holidays. And it is not surprising, because St. Vlas has terrific air, for the reason that it is surrounded on one side by pine forests and on the other by the sea. Since the resort is still young, the vacationers can observe in some places unfinished construction projects, which in summer time are at a standstill. The construction will be resumed as soon as the vacation season ends in October.

There are only three beaches in St. Vlas, but they are all free. Pay only for the rent of sun loungers and umbrellas. Since St. Vlas has European climate, the prices are appropriate. At the peak of the holiday season, there is a price increase, and when it ends, prices fall to a normal and affordable.

Where to stay in St. Vlas?

Antalya Lux

Although St. Vlas can be called a relatively small Bulgarian resort, there are more than a hundred and fifty properties of various categories and types for holiday accommodation. These are hotels, hotel complexes, complexes with apartments, family hotels, villas and other real estate. In short, we can say that there is a lot to choose from, as they say, for every taste and purse. About some of them I’ll tell you now, so you have a general idea of the resort.

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One of the good hotels is the Moonlight Hotel. It is located on the coastline, almost in the center of the resort, more precisely in the central part of the beach area. The hotel works on the all-inclusive system. On its territory there are two swimming pools, one open and one indoor, which is important for those who come in the early season, when the sea is still quite cool. The rooms are equipped with good furniture, read in full

How to get there?


Sveti Vlas is a small Bulgarian resort located on the Black Sea coast, about 5 kilometers away from the other big resort Sunny Beach.

Transport connection with this resort is pretty good so it’s not that hard to get there. Naturally, the fastest way would be to fly, but as an option, you can get there by train.

The nearest airport to the resort is certainly Burgas. Quite a number of airlines fly to Burgas, so there are no problems with the tickets. But during unseasonal time all the flights are operated only by S7 Airlines.

The flight from Moscow to Burgas takes about 3 hours, and from St. Petersburg is about half an hour longer. Basically there are direct flights without any changes and it is of course very convenient.

During the season, prices range from 250 to 350 dollars. Well, do not forget the golden rule – the earlier we buy tickets, the less we pay.

St. Vlas resort is located 40 km away from Burgas airport. There are a few ways to get to the resort. The first one is by bus. First of all, you need to get out of the airport and walk to the bus stop for about 5-7 minutes.

That is, you go out of the airport building and cross the parking lot, then turn right and there is a bus stop. You will have to wait for the bus number 15.

Food and Drink


St. Vlas is a self-sufficient resort and in summer time there are a lot of restaurants and cafes. One of the best establishments of catering right in the center of the town is undoubtedly “Central Pizzeria”.

This is also the oldest place in the resort. There is very tasty food and incredibly friendly staff, and also this cafe certainly boasts a great view of the central square of the resort.

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By the way, this pizzeria usually opens in May, and closes in early November, which for a resort town is quite a long period and certainly speaks about the success of this institution. Basically, all the food establishments are closed somewhere in the second or third week of September, as the tourist season is ending and the influx of people decreases.

The menu in this cafe consists mainly of Italian cuisine, but there is also Bulgarian cuisine. Be sure to order pizza here, because it is one of the best in the country in general. Then there is amazingly delicious risotto with seafood.

In addition, the dishes here are not too greasy in contrast to those served in other cafes. Do not forget that in general Bulgarian cuisine is very, very caloric and hearty. And the prices are not expensive – for two people a large pizza will cost you 10 lev, and you can order a beer or juice for 3 lev to go with it.

Then for some inexpensive dessert you’ll need to pay 5-6 lev.

What excursions in St. Vlas are worth visiting?


St. Vlas town itself might not have many attractions, but it is possible to see some of the neighboring towns from here. For example, 30 kilometers from the resort of Burgas is a very nice and lovely Bulgarian village of Bata.

It is essentially inhabited by ordinary villagers, leading the usual rustic way of life. Of course, after the mass arrival of tourists, there is little left of a natural life here, but still there is something to see.

In general, Bata is not even a village, but more like a tiny cozy town with paved old streets, “gingerbread houses” and even a miracle preserved small watermill.

When you walk around the local streets, then be sure to look at the houses where the potter works, such as woodcarvers and women weavers.

Then there are a lot of souvenir shops that sell a variety of soaps, Bulgarian cosmetics and of course the products of local craftsmen. At the entrance of the village in the evening all guests are treated to rakija, but in general this place definitely deserves special attention.

Not far from Varna you will find the Evksinograd Castle. It is a majestic structure in itself, which includes the castle itself, and the slopes with vineyards, then the winery and a huge park.

Here, in general, you can wander for a very long time through the shady alleys and at the same time admire the… read in full

Sveti Vlas – the Bulgarian Monaco

Holidays in St. Vlas

Why is the satellite resort of Sunny Beach called the Bulgarian St. Tropez, San Remo and Monaco? Learn all about vacations in St. Vlas! What tourists like about the resort, where the best hotels and beaches, when to go and what to see in the seaside town.

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Impressions of the resort.

The picturesque town 5 km north of Sunny Beach is divided into tourist and residential parts. The resort is a modern neighborhood of new buildings. The sidewalks are paved, the asphalt everywhere, playgrounds, stores, and neat buildings. Although the city is old, there are almost no sights.

According to reviews from tourists in St. Vlas few places where you can get some shade. Large trees grow only on the northern outskirts, where the protected mountains begin.

The modern yacht port is very beautiful. It is a special part of St. Vlas, which is designed for vacationers with high income. Absolutely everybody likes the local coffee. The Bulgarians make an excellent drink, and the smell of coffee can be picked up in all the streets of the resort.

NataliaLev1987: “I just love St. Vlas! I think this place really captures the essence of Bulgarian color! Most of the buildings are built in the Bulgarian style with tiled roofs. The marina deserves special attention”.

nastenka59: “There is no diversity of hotels “who goes to the woods, who gets the wood,” the construction is strictly in a certain style, the resort does not resemble the Soviet era; there are no old, slovenly hotels (at least on the coastline and the main streets).

Reviews of vacations in St. Vlas

A view of the marina in St. Vlas. Photo: bdmundo.com / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Best hotels

In recent years, many modern hotels have been built in the resort of St. Vlas in Bulgaria. You can stay in apartments, budget hotels 2-3*, boarding houses or choose a comfortable stay in a 4-5* hotel. Prices in the center of the resort are lower than on the outskirts. Look for hotels in St. Vlas on Hotelluk.

The best hotels in St. Vlas, according to tourist reviews:

Hotel Eden 3* is a cozy hotel with a seasonal pool. In high season a room for two with breakfast costs from 36 €.

Berlin Beach 3* – budget hotel near the beach. A double room costs from 37 €.

Premier Fort Beach Resort 4* – a stylish hotel on the first line. A room for two with a kitchenette costs from 70 €.

Olymp 4* – A comfortable and inexpensive hotel on the beach with an outdoor pool. A double room costs from 33 €.

Palace Marina Dinevi 5* is a comfortable hotel with a spa and wellness center. An elegant room for two with breakfast costs from 111 €.

Paradise Beach Hotel 5* – a resort club in a beautiful sandy bay. An all-inclusive double room costs from €131.

If you want to save money, do not stay in hotels on the first line, but a little further – on the hill stretches part of town, where the locals live, and they often rent apartments and apartments for cheap. However, from the sea will have to stomp up the hill.

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Beaches of St. Vlas

The resort has several free beaches, some of which are marked by the Blue Flag. The central beach is quite narrow, covered with a mixture of sand and pebbles. During the season there is not much room.

According to tourist reviews, the most popular beach of St. Vlas is near the resort complex Dinevi Resort. On a wide coastline there are changing rooms, rental sun loungers, beach cafes and bars.

There is also a nice beach between St. Vlas and Elenite. Here you can easily find everything you need for a comfortable holiday at the sea. But be careful! There are snakes on the rocky parts of the beach!

On Dinevi beach you can sunbathe not only on the chaise lounges, but also on swings with canopies. A little secret – after 6 pm the beach closes and all the infrastructure in the form of sunbeds and swings is free.”

Amelia Bazilenko: “Even on paid beaches there are no changing rooms and toilets. You have to walk halfway to the toilet”.

The best beaches in Saint Vlas

The beach near Dinevi Resort. Photo: nenovbrothers / Depositphotos.com.


The main attraction of St. Vlas is the modern Marina Dinevi port, where up to 300 yachts can moor. There used to be many monasteries in the vicinity of the town, but only some hermitages and temples have survived.

Since 2007, there has been the St. Vlasija Cathedral in the resort. Local holidays and festivals are held in the original Arena amphitheater. That is all the attractions!

But, according to what tourists say, you can take a trip from St. Vlas to Nesebar, Bourgas, Rila Monastery, Sofia and Istanbul. In general, you can get to Greece by regular bus.

ELANSE: “Every year we visit the church of St. Blaise. The room is new, spacious and bright. The painting of the temple and the interior decoration is solemn, and there are armchairs for the convenience of the parishioners”.

What to do in St. Vlas

Orthodox Church of St. Blasius. Photo: vicspacewalker / Depositphotos.com.

Holidays with children

Unlike Sunny Beach, St. Vlas is more suitable for holidays with children. According to tourists, this resort is very quiet. There is no water park, but large hotels have water slides. Parents with children go on excursions, visit the motorcycle museum and travel on ecological trails in the protected area to the north of the resort. See where to vacation with kids in Bulgaria.

Prices for medicines are high. We advise to take a first aid kit with you!

Constantly eat the whole family in restaurants and cafes is also not cheap, so parents with children often dilute the meal by cooking on their own. Learn what to try in Bulgaria.

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nastenka59: “You can buy products in supermarkets or grocery stores and cook on your own (we lived in an apartment, in a studio, we had a kitchen). For us, this option was the most convenient, because we rested with children: and the savings, and children to feed more easily proven products. The biggest supermarket at the resort – Mercury hypermarket – there is really everything, the prices are moderate.

Tourism reviews for Saint Vlas

According to the reviews of tourists in Sveti Vlas is very quiet. Photo: nenovbrothers / Depositphotos.com.

When to go

The climate in St. Vlas is mild. You can sunbathe from late April till early May, but it is comfortable to swim only in June, when the sea warms up to +20 … +21 ° C.

According to the tourists’ feedback, the whole summer season in St. Vlas is sunny. From May to September, the sun shines for more than 1700 hours. Because of the proximity to the mountains, the temperature rarely rises above +28 ° C in July and August. By the end of the summer the sea is very nice for swimming +24 … +26 ° C.

In September in St. Vlas is still warm. The air temperature is +20 … +24 ° C, and the water in the Black Sea +22 … +23 ° C. Usually the swimming season lasts until mid-October. Then it gets cooler, and in the Bulgarian resort the real autumn comes.

In July, in the thirty-degree heat we didn’t feel like walking around and exploring the local sights, we spent all our time on the beach. The sea is very warm and not very clean. You should bathe carefully, trying not to get water in your mouth. There were cases of rotavirus infection.

Conclusions: is it worth to go to St. Vlas?

According to tourist reviews, the vacation in St. Vlas has many advantages. This Bulgarian resort has clean mountain-sea air, a large selection of inexpensive hotels, cheap cafes, and there are good sandy beaches. Young people are attracted by the excellent Marina Dinevi and the popular disco “Planet of the Yachts”. The local restaurants serve delicious Bulgarian cuisine. Nearby are the famous Sunny Beach and the ancient town of Nessebar.

The disadvantages are few – the sea in St. Vlas is not too clean and not much greenery.

St. Vlas is not a town you fall in love with at first sight. The feelings for it appear gradually. There are a lot of small imperfections, but with time you stop paying attention to them. But the most important thing is the nature: the sea, the forest, the rose bushes. St. Vlas has a different contingent – people who go out for jogs in the morning and evening, ride bikes and sail their yachts.

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