Going to Sumgait! Reviews about rest, beaches, best hotels.

Sumgait – tourist reviews

Reviews about Sumgait based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and what you didn’t like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Azerbaijan) as a place for family or youth recreation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Sumgait is famous for. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

Flying to Azerbaijan was a little scary for me on the one hand, but on the other, it was incredibly interesting. I do not like the intrusiveness of the nation, when they violate personal space and have to say over and over again what you really want, not what they need. The only thing I realized is that you have to be tougher and not even smile, if you let your guard down – that’s it, you’ll have to “dance to someone else’s tune”, whether you’re a man or a woman.

This time I was lucky enough to visit the city of Sumgayit. A little later, I will tell you what it is and what it is all about.


We arrived at the airport of Heydar Aliyev, and you will be surprised, but there were no tickets for a public bus, so we had to take a hitchhiker cab, by the way, there is a popular program for finding hitchhikers, we actively use it in our city too. But first, I really wanted to get acquainted with the capital.

When you drive through the city, everything around begins to freeze up, I was so caught up in the infrastructure that at first I thought I was in Dubai. Wait, but I haven’t been there, only dreaming of the journey in pictures. Some sections of roadway lined with cobblestones, and the buildings of some cosmic shapes, glass shimmering in the sun high-rise. There are people who live! The only thing we had time for was the Seaside Boulevard. If you do not have money or time to travel a lot – fly to Baku, here on the embankment depicted several cultures in parts, like islands. A very cool idea!

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Well, we have to go to our planned city of Sumgait.


Sumgayit is not so far from Baku, only 36-38 kilometers away. By the way, the money there is manat, and you can exchange it in any bank of the city. While we were getting to the point, I was just admiring the scenery.

It is both beautiful and terrifying: mountains, mountains and mountains again, high rocks strata are towering above you, and it is even scary to shout something, so that not to shake something, below is precipice on the other side of the road, and below is a river that winds in gorges. After such beauty, you can start writing poetry, like Lermontov.


There are McDonalds and KFC in Sumgait, but don’t waste your time and money on it, go to the national authentic oriental cuisine. Azerbaijani cuisine cannot be compared with Russian, of course, there are some dishes that are similar, but only in name. It is not that nourishing, but very greasy food, but unreal tasty, only plov here a million recipes. Here I also learned what is “Piti”, it is a dish two in one, order it exactly in pots – so there remains the same taste and smell of the recipe.

First, you eat the broth as a soup (you can eat it on a separate plate to get a taste of it), and then as a second course. Some people cook it with potatoes, some with peas, but I preferred the first option. And the prices in the stores and cafes are not particularly different from ours, you can eat very well for 250-300 rubles. By the way, often inside the cafe is divided into separate rooms, because even the usual feasts are very noisy, and not to disturb the rest, so it was thought up. And some restaurants even reflect the culture and streets, literally, of ancient Azerbaijan.

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A big tip to go to Azerbaijan in the fall, after the end of the Velvet season here are discounts on accommodation up to 50 percent, that’s fantastic! We took off for 20 manats (this is about 800 rubles) a double room in a hotel with, attention, 4 stars!


Bathing in Sumgait is not only possible but also necessary, because in Baku due to oil production the water can be polluted, everyone goes either to Sumgait or to cities nearby. In autumn, you can still swim, though the water is cool, but bearable. The beach itself is not very familiar to everyone – made of shells, but we had to walk in flip-flops to the sea and back, as we still hurt our feet a couple of times. And there were no people handing out churcheli or hot corn, you know what I mean! But near the beach the locals were selling fur hats, like the threesome in the movie “Captive of the Caucasus”, remember? The sea was of greenish color, but it was clean.


Sumgait is a beautiful and picturesque city, but not old, there are no historical sites as such, but luring places abound.

For example, one of the central parks named after Nasimi, the most important symbol there is the sculpture “Peace Dove”, a symbol of peace, friendship and family well-being, which is in great demand among tourists.

It feels like a town square: a large space that is paved with paving stones in delicate colors – gray and pink, flowerbeds with shrubs and flowers. Down a huge wide staircase you can walk down to the promenade, there are fountains between the passageways, lawns on the sides – and everything is very large-scale. From the monument you can also walk to the park itself, a favorite place for both locals and visitors. The park has a very pleasant atmosphere: an endless number of benches in the shade of trees, colorful flowerbeds, which smelled very nice.

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The promenade is also spacious and seemed to me very bright, all the benches, lots of lanterns all in a single ensemble and color.

Nearby you can see the Flag Museum, which again is surrounded by fountains.

In contrast to Baku the houses are quite standard and ordinary, as in many cities. There was also a Museum of History, but we decided not to go there and to get acquainted with the city personally. It has an incredible amount of vegetation, even an ordinary street passes through the alley, and it feels like you’re in a park.

To live here is very pleasant, perfect cleanliness, as if the city was built right in the forest. We did not find any special entertainment in the city, so we had to go to other areas, such as Gobustan, which is famous for its mud baths on a volcano. It looks like a little lake that is constantly bubbling, trying to push you back out. It’s not very pleasant to be there, as the mud is quite cool, and it’s scary to dive into the unknown.

Interesting fact

Oriental folk medicine is very much in demand, as in every country in the world, even China and India, trying to activate the nerve endings.

Sumgayit is a very picturesque city, it’s easy to breathe here. I think I would like to come here again!

Sumgait: vacation tips

Rest in Sumgait

The leader of Azerbaijan’s petrochemical industry is turning into a popular tourist center. Learn about the new beach resort on the Caspian Sea: what beaches in Sumgait, whether there are good hotels and how tourists respond to rest by the sea.


About the resort

Sumgait grew out of a small settlement. The city was rebuilt immediately after the war, and it became the center of the petrochemical industry in Azerbaijan. The development of tourism was not thought of then, but in the 2000s the situation changed. Many enterprises, which polluted the environment for a long time, were closed.

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Today 340 thousand people live in Sumgait. There are no historical sights here, but there are enough natural ones! The resort in Azerbaijan is famous for its warm Caspian Sea, mild climate, luxurious greenery, squares, the sculpture “Dove of Peace” and wonderful beaches of white shell rock. We suggest that you take a walk through the picturesque Nasimi Park, visit the City History Museum and the Sumgait Puppet Theater!

If you like excursions and want to get acquainted with the architectural monuments of the past, go to Baku. From Sumgait, not far from the village of Jorat, where a Muslim temple from the 17th century and ancient baths have been preserved. Another ancient mosque is located in the village of Salari.

Rest in Sumgait

The sea in Sumgait. Photo: Tərxan Paşazadə / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Best hotels in Sumgait

There are about 50 hotels and guest houses in Sumgait that can be found on Hotelluk. Many have swimming pools.

The best hotels in Sumgait, according to tourist reviews:

Sumgait Olimpik SportComplex 4* is a good hotel with an indoor pool, fitness center, restaurant and common lounge. In high season a double room with breakfast costs from 2500 rubles.

Guest House is a guest house with a private beach. Apartments for two with a kitchen cost from 2900 rubles per day.

Sumgayit Plaza 4* is a stylish hotel with a fitness center, terrace, indoor pool and Turkish bath. A double room with breakfast costs from 4900 rubles.

If you plan to visit Baku, look for the best place to stay in the center.

Reviews of hotels in Sumgait

A view of the city, in the center is Hotel Sumgayit Plaza. Photo: Sumgayit Plaza.

Sumgayit beaches

The beach strip near Sumgayit stretches for 34 km and surprises everyone who comes to this resort. The Caspian Sea coastline is covered not with pebbles and sand but with sun-whitened seashells. There are more than 20 beaches in Sumgait. In recent years, they have become even more comfortable for recreation at sea.

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There are cafes and restaurants along the coast. Active recreation lovers can ride “bananas”, water skis and rent a jet ski. All popular beaches have sun loungers, umbrellas, toilets and changing rooms. The turquoise blue color of the sea delights the eye!

The best beach in Sumgait is in the center of the city. The Seaside Boulevard, which is decorated by a huge staircase with terraces, leads to it. The green street by the sea stretches for 4.2 km. Every evening the locals and tourists come to the shore of the Caspian Sea to admire the colorful sunset.

Parents with their children enjoy spending time in the water amusement center at the AF Hotel in Novkhani village. This water park has several slides, children’s recreation area, swimming pools, private beach and bars by the water.

Panorama of the beach in Sumgait

When to go

Sumgait has a mild and dry climate. The rainiest month is April and the driest is July. The holiday season starts in May and ends in October. Most people come to the Azerbaijani resort from June to August. It is the end of summer that is considered the most comfortable time to rest on the Caspian Sea.

In winter in Azerbaijan rest at ski resorts.

Conclusions: is it worth going to Sumgait

If you have already seen everything in Baku, it is worth to go on vacation to the sea. Sumgait is not far from the capital of Azerbaijan. It takes 40 minutes by train to Baku, and about an hour by bus. The resort has many advantages: Sumgait has mild and warm climate, not bad sea and beautiful beaches with shells. Fans of excursions enjoy trips to historical sites in the vicinity of the city.

There are enough places where you can eat well at the resort. The average check for lunch in cafes and restaurants in Sumgait is 350 rubles.

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