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Varna – traveler reviews

Reviews about Varna, based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and did not like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Bulgaria) is suitable as a place for family or youth vacation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Varna is famous for. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

Many people complain about Bulgaria. that the sun beds on the beaches are paid, that everyone is trying to squeeze money out of tourists, that everyone is unfriendly to the Russians. Having been in Bulgaria for a total of 10 ordinary Russian vacations, I can tell you for sure – all this is not true. Our people come by themselves, all of themselves are cool, although they choose one of the cheapest resorts in the world because they have no money. 300 rubles for a day on the stunningly beautiful beach – it’s a lot for them, 300 rubles for a hearty meal – a lot, 1800 rubles for a room – a lot, we need a suite and a view of the sea.

In general, those who write all sorts of crap about Varna and similar resorts, they just think that everything should be provided to them for free. If you buy a trip for 10 thousand rubles to Bulgaria (with airfare!) You can hardly expect any luxury. After all, in fact seven days in a hotel per person costs rubles 300 per day.

Bulgaria, like many other Mediterranean countries, is rich in other things. On the hospitable, kind people, great dining room with incredibly tasty home cooking, which is often prepared by the father of the family, and his wife and daughter help in the kitchen and in the hall, on the large and clean beaches, inexpensive hotels and apartments for rent and even for sale. For example, here you can buy an apartment on the sea up to 1.2 million rubles with furniture and repair, in a house with a swimming pool (fee per year – 500 euros for utilities, excluding meters). Well, isn’t it a paradise?

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In contrast to our resorts here is more relaxed, the beaches are cleaner, warmer, and generally feel Europe. It may not be rich, but it is still Europe. Authorities are trying hard to give it a luster, make a decent appearance, each year here is reconstructed myriad historic buildings and attractions. You just have to sacrifice something to be able to give you a 10 thousand ruble per person ticket. Here a lot of things are repaired – apartments, houses, streets, restaurants, trails. Believe me, Bulgarians try very hard and do it heartily.

On the one hand, if you go away from the main streets of Varna, you see the poverty of the local people. On the other hand, this poor family can still afford to have lunch in a cafe, drink great local wine, swim in the sea 5 months a year and raise children in such a beautiful place.

What to see in Varna

  • The Boulevard of Prince Boris I is the central pedestrian street of Varna. Here you can walk peacefully through the stores and restaurants, it is convenient that there are no cars and mopeds, which interfere with the peace of walking on many other streets.
  • Roman Baths are Roman baths which are still preserved on the territory of modern Varna. This amazing structure is now mothballed, research work is not carried out.
  • The beautiful Armenian church of St. Sarkis stands on a small picturesque street near the center of Varna. In general, there is something to see on each of the main streets here and in general it is quite neat and pretty.
  • There is also a very beautiful Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary. It has recently opened after many years of restoration, and still masters something extra plastered, painted. At least for the two times I’ve been to Varna, something was always done to this church.

Are There Many Poor People in Varna

It is interesting that many people complain about the number of poor dormitories in Varna. But what are you comparing with? With Monaco, where the minimum wage has skyrocketed? Or to Switzerland or Norway (by the way, the latter also has some not very nice houses on every corner). And what about the bedroom communities in Chelyabinsk?

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Yes, the people there are not rich, but it is easier, easier and even cheaper to live in Varna!

To go or not to go.

If you have a very limited budget for everything – definitely go. It is you will get the best impressions from the inexpensive hotels, cafes and beaches. There are also beaches without sun beds, where you can relax for free. No one has ever charged for the sand and the sea here. Sun beds and umbrellas, yes, can be expensive, but only compared with the level of prices for hotels, which are extremely low.

Bulgaria or Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

I think it is better for you to go to Bulgaria. Moreover, the cost of a vacation from Moscow is absolutely identical, whether you fly to Burgas or to Krasnodar region, and often it is even cheaper. Bulgaria is generally one of the cheapest countries to visit, after Ukraine, perhaps. So if you do not have a lot of money for the trip, you will love it.

Should I go with children?

In Bulgaria everything is comfortable enough for children – there are lots of beaches and water parks. Varna – no exception, the city is designed specifically for families with children, there are many promenade alleys, there are parks. However, in Anapa and Gelendzhik in this respect is also not bad.

Bulgaria is often called the land of roses and sun. And there is the cleanest sea, which is sure to please children, and the opportunity to take a hotel “all inclusive” or “half board”, which will greatly facilitate the vacation.

Disadvantages of Varna

Among the disadvantages of Varna there is none really worthwhile or real. The fact that the country is not rich is evident in the prices. To reproach Varna for the lack of expensive restaurants, which no one would go to anyway, at least, silly. Everything is made so that to please, but not to force tourists to spend money. No one thinks you have it or that you have a lot of it, no one bothers or tries to sell you something.

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Varna is a big resort with sandy beaches

Vacation in Varna

Why does a major port city in Bulgaria attract so many tourists? Find out from the reviews, what is a good holiday in Varna, what are the beaches there, where to stay and what to see.


Impressions of the resort.

The third-largest city in Bulgaria – not only a modern port, but also a find for lovers of shopping, ancient architecture, excursions and gastronomic tourism. The cozy streets, pleasant promenade and nice sandy beaches made Varna famous as a colorful southern resort. According to reports of vacationers, the local health resorts, curative mud from Lake Varna and water from mineral springs help gain strength and get rid of chronic ailments.

Gerastikez: “The first impression was deceptive. Seeing the port and the huge number of ships, I thought it wasn’t the city for me. However, despite its cool exterior, Varna was very friendly and I would love to come here again.

Reviews of tourists about Varna

Varna is the third-largest city in Bulgaria. Photo: alexeys / Depositphotos.com.

Best hotels in Varna

There are guest houses, villas and bungalows for tourists at the resort, but most of all there are hotels and apartments in Varna. According to reviews, the cost of living does not depend much on the place. Most hotels 3-5* include breakfast in the room price. Search for hotels in Varna on Hotelluk.

The best hotels in Varna, according to tourist reviews:

Hi 3* is a nice boutique hotel 5 minutes walk from the Sea Garden. A room for two with breakfast costs from 55 €.

Reverence 3* is a great option in the city center, 400 m from the coast. A double room with breakfast costs from 79 €.

City Boutique Inn 4* – a guest house with a history, 500 m from Varna Opera House. The building was built in 1925. Rooms for two people cost from 70 €.

mOdus 4* – hotel in a modern stylish building. They use energy-saving technologies for lighting and air conditioning, and only 100% recycled paper for the reception. During the high season a double room with breakfast costs from 90 €.

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Graffit Gallery 5* – a modern hotel in the center, 400 m from the beaches. A room for two costs from 73 €.

The Dallas Residence 5* – a luxurious hotel in the heart of beautiful gardens at 300 m from the sea. For double room with breakfast the price starts from 110 €.

Beaches in Varna

The beach near the city is sandy and the entrance to the water is smooth, without stones. It is very pleasant to swim! All beaches in Varna are municipal and the entrance is free. Holidaymakers pay only for sun beds and umbrellas. The infrastructure on the beaches is very good – you can easily find a changing room, shower, toilet, massage, buy water, snacks, fruit and ice cream.

According to reviews, the best beaches in Varna are in the northern part of the resort. The Black Sea is not as popular as the Red or Mediterranean Sea, but Varna has some interesting dive sites for scuba divers.

LeoPhut: “Nirvana Beach is a small, cozy beach far away from the noisy downtown discos and bars. Part of it is given to nudists of all genders, orientations and ages. Surprisingly, the water is much cleaner and clearer than in the central part of the resort.

Reviews about the beaches in Varna

The beach in Varna. Photo: Złota Bułgaria / flickr.com.


There’s plenty to see in the city itself! Take a walk through the Sea Garden, the Eco Park and the main pedestrian street, Prince Boris I Boulevard. Visit the Cathedral of the Assumption and the city’s archaeological museum.

According to reviews, there are many excursions in Russian in Varna. The vacationers popular city tours, trips to the “Stone Forest”, the residence of the Bulgarian kings Euxinograd, the reserve “Kamchiya”, the fortress Ovech and the monastery Aladzha. Tourists enjoy traveling to Nesebar, Sozopol, Balchik, Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv.

Natalia: “The Sea Garden is wonderful, large and well maintained park! It is located along the sea. It is 3 km long. There are cycling paths, sports simulators, fountains, zoo, dolphinarium, planetarium. I recommend it for walks with or without children.

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What to see in Varna

Sculpture by the Bulgarian architect Dabko Dabkov. Photo: valio84sl / Depositphotos.com.

Holidays with children

Families with children speak positively about Varna. The Bulgarian resort has comfortable beaches and infrastructure, and the Sea Park has attractions and trampolines. During your vacation, take your child to the dolphinarium, the aquarium and the zoo!

Veronica: “We’ve been going to the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria for the third year in a row. Varna has beautiful nature and many historical and cultural attractions. The most favorite place is the sandy beach. During this period, the Black Sea is great. The water gets well warmed up. There are many entertainments for children and adults on the coast”.

Holidays with children in Varna

Families with children speak positively about Varna. Photo: RadaRani / Depositphotos.com.

When to go

Varna has a mild maritime climate. The beach season begins in May. Summer is long and warm, there are no stifling heat, strong winds and storms. In June, the temperature of the sea water is +20. +22 ° C, and in July and August +24. +26°С.

In September, it is still warm +22. +24 ° C, and it is pleasant to swim – the water temperature is +21 ° C. In October it gets cooler, but finally the resort is empty only by November.

Andrey_87: “My impression from vacation in August. I will say right away that I did not miss a chance, because the vacation was just fabulous. It was warm sea, fine weather and simply wonderful impressions. Precipitation was almost not, only once at night passed a little rain.

Weather in Varna

The beach season begins in May. Summer is long and warm, there is no stifling heat, strong winds and storms. Photo: vital1969 / unsplash.com.

Conclusions: is it worth to go to Varna

According to reviews, Varna is a great resort in Bulgaria for a family vacation. Older tourists come to improve their health, while young people come to have fun in bars, nightclubs and beach discos. The city has large sandy beaches, but in the peak summer season there are so many people that it is difficult to find a place to sunbathe on the beach.

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