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Villasimius – traveler reviews

Reviews about Villasimius based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and didn’t like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Italy) is suitable as a place for family or youth vacation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Villasimiuse is famous for. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

Near the wonderful little town of Villasimius, we once vacationed in a four-star hotel.

Sardinia is generally a gorgeous place for a beach vacation. Very, very leisurely. In general, the first impression of the island – no one runs anywhere. And in the resort villages along the coast, and even the rhythm of life is unhurried, as well as eats sour cream kitty. Lying upside down and enjoying the gentle rays of the sun is the best thing you can do here.

But not when you have an awl in one place. During our couple of days under Villasimius, we managed to scour all the surrounding hills, take a walk near the shallow salt lake, and rent bikes from the hotel and ride into town. Twice.

What I liked about Villasimius.

I actually flattered this settlement by calling it a town. Rather, Villasimius is exactly a township, as leisurely as many others. Taking our bikes, we reached it from our hotel in about half an hour. The road went uphill, so if you decide to repeat our exploits (and once we went there in the afternoon, in the heat) – do not forget the cap, sunscreen and a bottle of water. The unquestionable advantage of Villasimius is that it is only 35 km away from Cagliari, the island’s capital. So it is not far from the airport, and from civilization itself. However, Villasimius itself is also almost a bastion of civilization. Well, almost.

Did I mention the slowness? Yes, during the day it is. Normal life goes on in the village, banks and restaurants work, people stroll, in the supermarkets locals and tourists thoughtfully buy products. But in the evening. Villasimius is considered a stronghold of nightlife on this side of the island, and young people come here to party at discos and talk to the bartender about their hard life. So people with families live mostly not in town, but in hotels scattered around, where no “youtz, youtz, youtz” does not interfere with indulge in a well-deserved vacation.

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The busiest place in Villasimius is the harbor. Numerous boats depart from here – take tourists around the islands, ride just for fun, as well as with the purpose (you can go fishing, for example). In general, boat rides are a must here – a form of pastime. If you did not go on the boat, consider, Villasimius did not enjoy. We were taken out for a sea barbecue – captain and crew steer, we drink champagne; captain and crew catch fish, we drink champagne; captain and crew grill fish and serve it to us, we. obviously eat and drink champagne. It was a good trip, no one even got carsick, which is weird.

This yachting variety is also good because, apart from it, diving and nightlife, there’s basically nothing to do in Villasimius. All right, you can go for a walk. The town is very nice, and although it’s not very dense with attractions (the remains of medieval fortresses are located outside of Villasimius), it still has a certain charm. White houses, tiled roofs, a mixture of modernity and history, a nice square, next to which we drank “aperol” in an open cafe.

Yes, by the way, the cafes are a particular plus of Villasimius: there are plenty of them, and they are great to sit in. We parked our bikes somewhere nearby and sat for a long time, discussing topics of eternal concern to mankind: who’s to blame, what to do and where to go for dinner tonight.

The beaches are a separate plus. Sardinian beaches in general ah, and near Villasimius they are just beautiful. White sand, turquoise sea, not a lot of people (in the high season, probably adds up, but I’ve been both times in June, and the crowd has not yet stormed the beds). When I first swam in early June, the water was still pretty cool, but in the middle – great.

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What I did not like about Villasimius.

Still, this town is a bit boring. This is probably not a misfortune, but an advantage, if you run away from the stormy continental life. Here you can simply relax. The lack of significant attractions – to the same piggy bank. Most nice hotels are located not in the city, but close to it, along the coastline, in the embrace of nature. The hotels are really good! But if you want a taste of city life you will have to walk or pedal on a bicycle. Sometimes it’s not long, 15-20 minutes, and yet if in the evening you want to go to a city cafe, laziness can overpower, and the cafe can’t wait.

Practical issues.

I’ll start by frantically praising the hotel we stayed at in Villasimius. It was the Pullman Timi Ama, which at the time had four stars painted on it, but not too long ago it got a fifth. A luxurious place, simply luxurious, worth all the money!

In addition to the beautiful spacious rooms with a fancy bath, a huge balcony and a comfortable bed, there is its own SPA center. And it is cool. They do all sorts of treatments there, there’s a great relaxation area, and their cosmetics, though expensive as an Elon Musk rocket, is worth all the money spent on it.

At the hotel we had a buffet breakfast and a buffet dinner every day. How they imagine it. A big room full of tables; one table has cheeses, I didn’t even know half of them; another has sausages and meats; a third has salads. and so on. Several hot food outlets. A sea of seafood, pardon the tautology. And – ta-da! – an oyster table! Take as many as you want! My coworkers, who had put a plate of slices and some kind of potatoes on their plates, were surprised when I came back with only oysters. “Aren’t you going to eat anything else?” – they asked. “I will,” I said cheerfully, “if there’s room left. And I made sure it stayed, though the oysters had survived a couple of my forays that evening. Or rather, they didn’t.

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At the hotel, a beautiful pool, the sea is not quite next door, but it every 15 minutes walks a hotel shuttle. The beach there – just a sweet. In general, if you think, where to spend money. everything is clear. About the cafes and restaurants in Villasimius itself I can say that drinks and snacks were served quickly and well, I liked it.

Bottom line

You have to go to Villasimius for the seal recreation plus civilization nearby. Small, but active. One of the best places on the south coast of the island.

Villasimius Sardinia.

While studying the wind rose in Sardinia on the weather map, I noticed the narrow cape of Capo Carbonara . Its location is such that, according to my calculations, it was supposed to close the beaches of the east coast of the island from the waves and wind. And so it turned out.

Costa Rei Sardinia

If in the west, near the marina Villasimius, a cold wind blew and the dark sea wrinkled with the waves. Then, 800 meters away – in the eastern part of Villasimius, the sea was calm and turquoise. Therefore, it is better to choose sheltered bays on the east coast.

Villasimius Sardinia reviews

Villasimius beach review

In Villasimius to the east of the peninsula are the beaches Timi Ama , Cava Usai , Simius , Porto Luna , Accu is Prezzus and Punta Molentis .

The largest and widest beach is Simius beach, so I will start with it. But first we have to tell you where we are staying in Villasimius.

Villasimius on the map

Villasimius Hotels

At Villasimius there are a lot of package hotels and beach clubs. But at the same time there are apartment complexes, bungalows and villas.

As we were about to leave Cala Gonone in the morning (where we spent two days exploring the secluded beaches of the Bay of Orosea) for Cagliari, I booked an apartment at Residence Le Bouganville. I can recommend this place. Not far from the beach (400 meters), lots of greenery in the area, good bungalows with living room and bedrooms.

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Other accommodation in Villasimius can be found on bookings.

Simius beach

Simius is the widest beach here. There is enough space for everyone. There are sections of the beach with umbrellas and sunbeds and wild sections where you can throw a towel and sunbathe on the sand. The sand is fine and pleasant. Not white, but very close to it – not heated in the sun.

Simius beach

Simius beach Sardinia

Simius beach Sardinia

Simius beach Sardinia

Entering the water is very smooth and comfortable. The bottom is sandy and silvery – grains of sand in the suspension glisten silver in the sun. This beach is suitable for everyone – both adults and children.

The sea is clean and quiet – no waves, as the bay is sheltered cape Capo Carbonara and small islands.

A great place, in addition, next to the beach is a large parking lot (on the Google map is designated as parcheggio di Via degli Asparagi). The exit to the beach is in the area of Il Faro Simius .

Parking is offered to pay using a mobile app (3 euros/day), but we ourselves are not local, so we did not pay anything.

Simius beach Sardinia

Beach Simius Villasimius

Timi Ama and Notteri beach

Timi Ama is a beach connected with Simius to the south. They are separated by a small pile of rocks. In fact it’s the same beach with the same sand and the same sea.

Beach Timi Ama Villasimius

Timi Ama is a small beach and is used by those who live nearby. For example, in Porto Giunco Residence.

Villasimius reviews

A few steps away is the lagoon Stagno di Notteri with pink flamingos. At the end of September, there were no flamingos in the lagoon. Probably flew away to spend the winter in the south or have not arrived yet.

The reverse side of the lagoon beach Notteri beach – in fact a sandy spit. Russian tourists call it as the beach with flamingo Sardinia.

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Lagoon Stagno di Notteri with pink flamingos

Notteri beach Villasimius

Notteri beach

To come to the beach Notteri can not – you have to park the car on the side and walk along wooden bridges. This is the least crowded part of the beach area Simius.

Porto Giunco beach

This is a very small beach in a bay looking north. It is guaranteed that there are no waves at any time. You can find it under the nuraghe Torre di Porto Giunco.

Beach Porto Giunco Villasimius

The beach of Traias

The beach Traias is located in a neighboring cove with the beach Simius to the north. I can’t say anything about it. From the photos it’s the same as the beach of Simius. It is used by the inhabitants of the nearby residences.

Traias beach in Villasimius.

Porto Luna beach

The next bay to the north and another beach is Porto Luna. Here you have stones on the bottom and not a very comfortable entrance to the sea. On the shore you find coarse sand.

Porto Luna Sardinia beach

I can suggest that you can go octopus hunting here in the early morning, it’s their place. But we were here in the evening and under the rocks was empty.

Porto Luna Sardinia beach

There is a lot of grass on the bottom of the bay. Could be some good fishing. For swimming, I still choose Simius beach.

Villasimius lighthouse

Villasimius reviews

Villasimius is a good place in Sardinia to vacation in late September. It’s not hot, the water is warm, the land is protected from the mistral from the northwest. The only thing is that there are a lot of flies during the day. But we in Australia are used to and no longer pay attention to them.

From Cagliari airport to Villasimius about an hour away. I recommend renting a car – it’s convenient to go shopping, to the beach and around you can drive: north of Villasimius is the Costa Rei (the first photo in the article – from there). There are also good beaches, though the sand is not as white as in Simius.

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