Going to Zarzis! Reviews, Prices, and Travel Advice – 2022

Zarzis in Tunisia – the southernmost resort

The southernmost resort of Tunisia attracts many tourists with quality beach holidays, reasonable prices and amazing nature. Zarzis became popular among Russian tourists only a couple of years ago, when the number of charter flights to Djerba Island was increased.

Where is it located?

The resort town is located in the southeastern part of Tunisia, on the mainland, 60 km from Djerba Airport. The Roman Road, which is an embankment with a highway and a pipeline, leads to the island.

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Who should go?

Zarzis is preferred mainly by families with children, couples in love and older tourists who like to enjoy nature and tranquility. The resort is not suitable for fans of nightlife and discos, because such entertainment at the resort is practically not presented. Not recommended Zarzis and self-traveling women without male escorts.

Profitable Tours

Prices can be viewed on the website of a hypermarket tours Travelata and buy tickets online. The tour price includes: airfare, transfers from the airport to the hotel and back, accommodation and meals at the hotel and medical insurance.

Weather at the resort

The resort is the southernmost and warmest in the country – the air temperature differs from the other resorts by 2-4 degrees and the water gets warm faster. Precipitation in this part of the country is very rare because of the proximity of the desert. Except for the winter months, Zarzis is always sunny and hot.

The tourist season lasts from April to November. The average daytime air temperature in the spring is +18°C to +24°C, nighttime temperatures range from +16°C to 24°C, the water temperature rises to +24 … 25°C in May.

The spring is followed by a hot summer. The temperature in June is from +26 to +29 ° C, and in August the thermometer rises to a maximum of +34 ° C. The water temperature in the sea at the height of the holiday season is about +30 ° C.

In autumn, the air cools down to +30 ° C in September and to +24 … 25 ° C in November. The average water temperature during the autumn months drops from +29°C to +24°C by the end of November.

How to reach?

You can travel from Russia to Zarzis with connections in European cities. Flight time varies from 6h to 13h and round trip tickets cost from 19000r.

There are no direct buses or trains to the resort, so the best way is to take a minibus or “louage” and change on the island of Djerba or Gabes.

The ticket price is about 900 rubles. Airport transfer will cost at least 5,500 rubles.

For tourists who prefer to travel independently, we recommend renting a car. It is best to use the services of international agencies that have offices at Djerba Island Airport. To rent a car requires an international driver’s license and a deposit.

The cost of renting a car of economy class is from 4000 r. per day.

Actual prices

Zarzis has a large number of catering establishments where you can try Mediterranean cuisine. A dinner at a cheap restaurant costs from 250 rubles (not including alcohol), in popular expensive establishments it starts from 1000 rubles. For fast food (sandwiches or shawarma), usual for Europeans, you can have a snack at a price starting from 65 rubles.

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All the chain stores of Tunisia are represented in the city:

  • “General. General, where you can buy groceries, alcoholic beverages and household chemicals,
  • “Carrefour” – stores offering groceries, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, etc. Alcohol and souvenirs are not on sale.
  • “Monoprix” with a wide range of food products.

Prices of goods in chain stores Zarzis practically the same as in other resorts in the country.

Current prices:

  • Bread (0.5 kg) – from 7 p,
  • Water (1,5 l.) – from 13 p,
  • Milk (1.5 l) – from 25 p,
  • Rice – from 35 p,
  • Beef – from 420 p,
  • Chicken Breast – from 185 p,
  • Potatoes, tomatoes, onions – from 20 p,
  • Bananas – from 65 p.,
  • Apples – from 80 p.

Best hotels

The resort’s hotel base is considered the smallest in the country. There are no 5* hotels in the resort. Most of the hotels in Zarzis are located in the tourist zone Sango on the first coast line and are 3* and 4* all-inclusive.

We recommend renting accommodation on safe sites:

    – The world’s leading hotel rentals – compare hotel rates at 70 booking agencies

Odyssee Resort & Thalasso 4*

Thalasso hotel with a large green area is located 10 km from the central part of the city. Among its features: comfortable and spacious rooms with terraces, balconies and access to the garden, a wide beach, spa center, outdoor pool with thermal water, volleyball court, playground, children’s pool and mini-club. Tourists described the hotel as suitable for family holidays and noted the excellent service.

Club Oasis Marine 4*.

The hotel has an extensive territory with a green palm garden. It offers comfortable rooms, a public sandy beach 150 meters away, SPA-center, swimming pool, mini-club, children’s playground, fitness center, night club, bars, restaurants, cafes and pizzerias. Popular activities include miniature golf, water sports, and tennis.

The hotel is located 13 km from Zarzis and consists of comfortable villas and bungalows. Tourists say that the hotel is quiet and comfortable and has a good value for money.

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Eden Star Zarzis 4*

Hotel, oriented to romantic and family vacation, is located 10 km from the city. There are spacious rooms, 50m long private beach, fitness center, bars, restaurants, 3 swimming pools, thalassotherapy center, SPA center, sauna, Turkish bath. As entertainment, guests are offered water sports, beach volleyball, tennis, entertainment programs, disco, etc. According to reviews of holidaymakers – the hotel is quiet, quiet and inexpensive.


The beaches of the resort deserve the highest assessment of vacationers. Their feature is a fine light beige sand, clear water and shallow entrance to the sea . The total length of the beach area is 8 km.

The main drawback of public beaches is the untimely removal of algae from the coast. The sections of beaches, allocated to hotels are not only equipped with everything you need for a comfortable holiday, but also regularly cleaned.

For vacationers with children beaches with public access are popular: Soniya, Amira and Casino with shallow water and shallow entrance. Entertainment and equipment rentals are not available here. The clean beach of Sihel is protected from the waves by embankment breakwaters.

L’Abatoir beach, in the heart of Zarzis, is characterized by tourists as a non-ideal beach. In this place, where locals prefer to spend time, a seasonal riverbed comes out to the sea, the area is not very clean.


There are very few sights in the city. One of the key ones is considered to be the archaeological museum with a small collection of ancient mosaics, amphorae, models of the old city, etc. The museum is located in the building of the former Catholic church of Notre Dame de la Girde.

The cost of the entrance ticket is about 150 rubles.

Worth seeing is the city’s mosque with 20-meter minarets, the most beautiful and tallest building, lined with turquoise-colored ceramic tiles, and the synagogue. The center of the city is the square in front of the City Hall, which is of little interest to tourists.

Entertainment – what to do?

All entertainment is concentrated in the hotels and do not vary. Vacationers prefer to spend time going on a variety of excursions.


Zarzis is a good starting point for excursions.

We advise to buy excursions here: Tripster.co.uk, a service of unusual tours from locals and guides who can tell you the most interesting things about their cities.

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Popular tours include:

  • A trip to the Sahara with camel, ATV or jeep rides and an overnight stay in the open air (7100 p. for children, 8400 p. for adults)
  • Trip to Matmatu and Duz – “gates to the Sahara,” with visits to unusual dwellings of troglodytes (2800 $ / 5500 $).
  • Journey to Tatooine known to the fans of “Star Wars” ($ 1600 / $ 3200).
  • Recreational tours: quadro safari (for 3100 rubles / 2000 rubles), boat trip to the island of Ras el Mar (1200 rubles / 2400 rubles) should be also mentioned.

Djerba Explore

Djerba Explore is an amusement park on the island of Djerbra. The park is divided into 5 parts: a tourist market, a small apart-hotel housing complex, Lalla Hadria Museum, the largest crocodile farm in the Mediterranean and Heritage Park Village. The Heritage Park Village, which allows tourists to get acquainted with the traditions and life of local people.

Location: Park Djerba Explore, Route Touristique Midoun, Djerba. Tickets cost 260 p. for children, about 440 p. for adults.

Zarzis – the southernmost and hottest resort in Tunisia

Rest in Zarzis

We tell you about Zarzis, the southernmost resort in Tunisia! How does a small town like Zarzis, right next to the Sahara, attract tourists? The most interesting things about Zarzis are the hotels to stay in, the best beaches to visit, and the best time to go. Tips for holidays with children.


Zarzis reviews

Zarzis – moderately quiet, secluded and relatively inexpensive resort. Parents with children, romantic couples and older tourists like to come here. Most of the resort hotels are not in the town itself but in the tourist zone, which is located 7 km north of Zarzis. There is virtually no entertainment outside the hotels, so it is important to choose a good hotel.

The resort on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea is famous for an excellent beach holiday. Even fastidious connoisseurs of beach pleasures put the beaches of Zarzis a solid five. In reviews, tourists wrote that were very pleased with the cleanliness of the sea, wide beaches and fine sand.

-Regina-1452: “The sea is excellent. Clean and warm, it pulled the whole vacation.”

JuliaMore: “The most favorable time to go is late August – early September, the sea is usually calm at this time, the weather is stable.

Zarzis Holiday Reviews

The beach in Zarziza. Photo: SQFP info / wikimedia.org / CC BY 2.0.

The best hotels in Zarziz.

There are only about two dozen hotels in and around the resort itself. Most of them are all-inclusive. There are no luxurious 5* hotels, look for 2-4* hotels on Travelate or OnlineTours.

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The best hotels in Zarzis, according to tourist reviews:

Dar Nesma 3* is a cozy hotel with a garden. A room for two people costs from $56 per night.

Dar Mamina 3* is a popular bed and breakfast in Sidhi Al Shammayah, 15 km from Zarzis. A double room with breakfast costs from $99 – find tour.

Zephir Hôtel & Spa 4* is a comfortable all-inclusive spa hotel. There is a private beach. Room for two costs from $126 – find tour.

Vincci Safira Palms 4* is a resort hotel by the sea on the coast of Ras Marmour, 12 km from the center of Zarzis. During high season, a double room with breakfast and dinner costs from $184.

Odyssée Resort and Thalasso 4* – A comfortable all-inclusive hotel on the beach, 10 minutes from town. A room for two costs from $174.

Zarzis Beaches

Zarzis has 8 kilometers of spacious beaches. The fine sandy shore, gentle descent into the water, calm sea and sandy bottom are great for families with children. The sea water is clear, but after storms throws algae on the shore.

According to tourists, the beaches of Zarzis wide 30-50 meters, so all have enough room. The best are called Plage Sidi Kbir and Casino. There are cafes and bars in the area of beach hotels. At the equipped areas you can rent sun beds and equipment for water sports.

_T2045ZI: “Sangho Beach is not bad. There is seaweed, but it does not interfere with swimming.

Michael: “The beach at Zarzis is clean and neat. I have been on it 2 seasons in a row and have never seen garbage. People are usually not much, but even if the influx, there is enough room, especially if you come with kids.

Panorama of Sangho Beach

Zarzis sights

On a holiday in Zarzis, visit the local museum on Avenue de l’Eglise. Admire the tall mosque, the walls of which are lined with bright turquoise tiles. In addition to fishing boats, the resort’s harbor is docked with “pirate” ships that are made to entertain tourists. There is a picturesque oasis of date palms and olive trees on the outskirts of the city.

According to reviews, excursions to authentic Berber villages are popular with vacationers in Zarzis. A trip there allows you to learn about the culture and traditions of the indigenous people of North Africa. We advise you to take a two-day tour of the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains!

From Zarzis it is only 20km to the popular tourist island of Djerba. Pink flamingos like to visit the picturesque shallow lagoon of Djerba. Take a trip to see the fortress of Gazi Mustafa and the ancient El-Griba synagogue.

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In Zarzis you can visit the city center; there are several museums and a crocodile park on the neighboring island of Djerba. You can go to Sousse, where there is a beautiful old town, to Douz, where there is an old fortress and beautiful mosaic houses, or to the ancient city of Carthage, destroyed by the Romans.

What to see in Zarzis

Berber village. Photo: alkainel / wikimedia.org / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Holidays with kids

Comfortable beaches and inexpensive hotels attract parents with children to Zarzis. Besides swimming in the sea, there are no other activities at the resort. You should go to Djerba, where children will be interested in the amusement park Djerba Explore, a crocodile farm and the Museum of Folk Traditions. For a comfortable holiday with a child we advise to choose June or September.

klimoshka89: “We went with children. The beach is clean, there is some litter, but it is removed immediately. The sea – chic, I personally have what to compare. The entrance to the sea is ideal for children.

Holidays with children in Zarzis

A crocodile farm on Djerba. Photo: wikimedia.ru / Ad Meskens.

When to go

The southeastern coast of Tunisia has a hot climate. Zarzis is on the border of the subtropics and tropics. The beach season starts in May and ends in late October. During this time, the coast is dry and sunny, and storms are rare.

July and August are very hot in Zarzis. The air temperature is +40°C and above, and the sea water is +27 … +29°C. If you can not stand the summer heat, come to the resort in May, June, September or October.

tnik0808: “In May there is a noticeable difference between day and night temperatures. This should be taken into account if you’re going on excursions and return late at night. Be sure to stock up on sunscreen and warm jackets. See when it’s better to rest in Tunisia.

Weather in Zarzis

The desert near Zarzis. Photo: alkainel / flickr.com / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Conclusions: is it worth a vacation in Zarzis

According to reviews, Zarzis is a wonderful place to relax by the sea in Tunisia, sunbathe, enjoy the silence and beautiful nature. Tourists from Western Europe love to vacation here, but not many Russians.

At the resort you can stay at a hotel with meals “all inclusive”, but the choice of hotels is small and no 5 * hotels. For attractions will have to go to other cities in Tunisia or the island of Djerba.

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