Hainan Excursions – 2022: prices, description, reviews

10 best excursions in Hainan

Excursions in Hainan

Spice up your Hainan beach vacation! Discover the 10 best excursions to do on your Hainan vacation in 2022. Descriptions, prices and tips for tourists.

Sanya city sightseeing tour

Description . Many tourists prefer to explore the sights of the resort Sanya on a tour with a Russian-speaking guide. During the two-hour walk, you will take the cable car up Mount Phoenix and get a bird’s-eye view of Sanya. Appreciate performers in national costume in Romantic Park and visit the Chinese stores on Jefan Pedestrian Street!

Цена . Для взрослого — 32$. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . According to participants, it is easier to navigate the city after such a tour. Many like the guide’s stories about Chinese culture, the tea ceremony and the opportunity to buy souvenirs – pearl jewelry, silk and bamboo products.

Shidao Island

Description . The protected island is famous for its beautiful coral reefs and water activities. People come here to admire the underwater world from a boat with a transparent bottom, ride jet skis and water skis, go scuba diving and fishing. There is a restaurant on the shore that serves delicious seafood dishes.

Цена . Для взрослого — 27$. Уточнить цену >>

Nantian Thermal Spring

Description . The name of the popular Nantian resort complex translates as “the valley of longevity”. There are 36 swimming pools of varying water temperature, there are baths with hydro-massage and herbal medicine additives, spa and phish-peeling. The healing properties of the local water are known far beyond the Chinese island.

Цена . Для взрослого — 64$. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . Families with children like the fact that the thermal springs are perfectly adapted for recreation with little ones. The resort has a shallow pool with slides and fountains for children.

Li-Miao Folklore Village

Description . If you want to learn more about the indigenous people who have inhabited the island long before the Chinese, visit the colorful folklore village. You will be told about the history of the Miao, Li and Hui national minorities, show an ethnographic show and acrobatic numbers with torches.

Цена . Для взрослого — 30-40$. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . According to tourists, the three-hour trip leaves a vivid impression and allows you to better understand the character of modern Chinese. During the tour you can take spectacular photos of local residents in national costumes.

Excursions in Russian on Hainan

A ritual in a village. Photo: Johnnie_Losev / Depositphotos.com.

Haikou Safari Zoo

Description . A Haikou tour is in demand in Hainan. Like a safari, some of the animals tourists see from the car window. During the walking tour, one can get to know the animals and birds kept in spacious aviaries.

Цена . Для взрослого — 93$, для ребенка — 50$. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . It is very interesting to feed elephants and watch rare animals – pandas and ligers. The trip from Sanya to Haikou takes 7-9 hours, so for young children such an excursion is tiring.

Phoenix Park

Description . A group tour for 2-7 people takes place in the heart of Sanya. The picturesque park is located on a high hill, 400m above sea level. It offers wonderful views of the main bays and beaches. You can appreciate the scale of the Chinese resort and admire the tropical butterflies and flowering plants. The perfect place to experience mental harmony and peace!

Price . For an adult, $40.

Reviews . Tour participants were happy to spend time in nature, breathe crystal-clear air and take spectacular photos from the vantage points.

Excursions in Russian in Sanya Hainan

Panoramic view of Sanya. Photo: juliza03 / Depositphotos.com.

Valley of Roses

Description . In the sprawling Yaluwan Bay, near Sanya, there is a large park where luxurious flowers are grown. The fields near Bohou village are an eco-tourism lover’s paradise! There are more than two thousand species of roses on an area of 180 hectares.

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Цена . Для взрослого — 20$. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . During a 2-3 hour walk through the park, you will admire the beautiful landscapes, the reservoir, the forested peaks and enjoy the fragrance of flowers in a huge rose plantation.

Pirate Island

Description . A small stretch of land of 48 square kilometers is famous for its tropical greenery and white sand beaches. Excursions here appeal to tourists who are tired of the noise of resort towns. You can have a great sunbathing, swim in the clear sea, see the giant stones, do water sports and scuba diving. For those who want to stay overnight, there is a hotel with bungalows.

Цена . Для взрослого — 42-52$. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . The drive to Pirate Island is suitable even for those who can’t tolerate rocking. A pleasant boat ride takes only 15-20 minutes.

Beach on the Island

Monkey Island and thermal springs

Description . According to tourist reviews, an excursion to the green sanctuary in Xinjun Harbor is popular in Hainan. The place, where 2,000 Guanxin macaques live, is reached by boat and cable car cabins. You will see the animals in the wild and watch an amusing circus show. After Monkey Island, tourists are taken to the local market and Nantian thermal springs .

Цена . Для взрослого — 76$. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . When the monkeys see food in their hands, they try to snatch the bags, and at the same time take away the tourists’ sunglasses and hats from the gaping tourists. For this reason, tour participants are advised to carry all things in backpacks.

Taoist Park Dong Tian

Description . The Heavenly Grottoes Religious Center is located from the southwest of Nanshan Mountain, on the picturesque seashore. It was founded in the mid-13th century and is considered one of the oldest temple complexes in China. Dong Tien is home to the endemics of Hainan Island, the dracaena cambodiana dragon palms. You will see giant boulders, grottoes, temples, stone slabs with sacred texts and visit the Natural History Museum.

Цена . Для взрослого — 35-44$. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . From the guide you can learn a lot about the traditions of Taoism, local shrines and ancient beliefs of the islanders.

Excursions in Russian on Hainan

Taoist park Dong Tian. Photo: Tanya Dedyukhina / wikimedia.org / CC BY 3.0.

Tips for tourists

If the place is far away and it’s a long and expensive way to get there, buy tours from tour operators. Tickets to local shows and entertainment are better purchased from local guides or tea shops. Be sure to bargain, especially if you plan to take several excursions in Hainan.

For independent travel around the island, buy a guide map or download an offline map to your smartphone.

Don’t be afraid to travel around the island on your own! From any part of Hainan, it’s easy to get to the Niangshan Buddhism Center, the Deer Turned His Head and the Edge of the World parks. If you vacation in Sanya, visit the new Crocodile and Tiger Zoo, the Oceanarium, the Bird Park, the Crown of Beauty Theater, the Pearl and Crystal Museums.

What to see in Hainan – All Sights

What to see in Hainan? Where to go and what to do in Hainan? How much do excursions cost and what to see for free? Where to go with children on the island? Hainan’s main attractions and more. Read on our Tour Calendar!

What to see and where to go in Hainan - a list of the main attractions with reviews (Photo © Matthew Stinson / flickr.com)

What to see and where to go in Hainan – list of top attractions with reviews (Photo © Matthew Stinson / flickr.com)

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Where to rest in Hainan - 7 resorts

Top 18 Sights in Hainan

The main attractions in Hainan are mainly related to the natural treasures of the island. These are picturesque beaches, extinct volcanoes, rainforests, botanical gardens and landscaped parks for walking. Many will be interested in visiting the Buddhist complexes, themed museums, a zoo.

1. Nanshan Buddhist Center

One of the iconic and recognizable sights of the island is considered a white statue of the three-faced Goddess of Mercy, whose height reaches 108 meters. This monument can already be seen when landing on the island! The statue is part of the Nanshan Buddhist Center, the largest Buddhist center in Asia, which covers about 50 square kilometers. The center includes a temple, meditation parks and a longevity alley. There is also a famous gold statue of Buddha adorned with jewels in a special pagoda.

Nanshan Buddhism Center in Hainan (Photo © WabbitWanderer / flickr.com)

Testimonial, Anatoly-Cita: You may take bus #25 which connects all the bays (18 CNY or 180 rub) to the center. You should take a short walk to see the Buddhist temple on the train to visit it. This place by the way has long been a Buddhist temple. The entrance fee is 150 CNY (1500 rub). You can go to the park by special electric buses for 20 CNY (200 rubles). The most interesting thing: the gold statue which is 3.8 m high is decorated with 140 kg of pure gold and about 400 ct of precious stones! A visit to the golden statue, which is in the pagoda, is paid separately – 30 yuan (300 rubles). One more place you should pay 10 RMB (100 rub) for: the Bell of Happiness. You should strike it three times (the first strike for prosperity, the second one for wealth, and the third one for good luck). But the most impressive thing in this park is the 108m statue of three-faced Guanyin, which you can see even from the plane when landing on the island!

2. Monkey Island

The largest reserve in Hainan where primates are bred is called Monkey Island. A total of a thousand hectares is home to over 2,000 monkeys. The trip here can bring great pleasure to both adults and children, if, of course, you like monkeys. But the reviews about the trip here are very diverse and sometimes diametrically opposed, the evaluation of the excursion to the reserve ranges from “delight” to “total disappointment”.

Feedback, 2002: Welcome to the kingdom of wild monkeys. very nice creatures, but when they are full, so it is probably better to go there after dinner and in a group. One there was a little creepy, especially when the cheeky monkey climbed right on top of me and snatched a bag of apples, and there was a whole flock watching this. So we threw all the food away and ran away :) The monkey show itself only made us feel sorry for the animals, doing tricks under pain of punishment. Only for the dogs it looks like a game and they happily wag their tails, and the poor monkeys have sadness and fear in their eyes.

Video: trip to the thermal springs and Monkey Island

3: Zhujiang Nantian Hot Springs

Zhujiang Nantian Hot Springs is located in the vicinity of Sanya, the island’s main resort. The springs have been popular with the Chinese for hundreds of years, and now tourists from other countries come here as well. Here there is a modern health center with 36 swimming pools of varying composition and water temperature. In addition, there is a spa, a lot of national tea houses, restaurants and cafes with traditional cuisine and a small hotel at the center.

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4. Hainan Museum

If you want to not only sightsee, but also learn something interesting about the rich history of China or the island, then be sure to visit this museum. It is located in an ancient building designed by talented Chinese architects of earlier centuries. In the museum you can find exhibits of neurite, ceramics, pearls and other jewelry, fine porcelain or bronze statuettes. Also among the museum specimens are items made of bamboo or bone, ancient clothing and scrolls from different eras. The museum is located in Haikou, the capital of the island, so it is convenient to visit just when you arrive in Hainan or before you leave.

Haikou Historical Museum (Photo © David Schroeter / flickr.com)

The museum is located in Haikou, the capital of Hainan, so it was worth a visit. This was a great experience. The site is worth a visit, by the way, free of charge, but you must have a passport.

5. ethnographic village of Li and Miao

For those who want to learn more about the culture and life of the aborigines, we recommend visiting the ethnic complex, located just 40 minutes from Sanya in Benlan Valley. The village is not residential – it is just a popular tourist attraction. Here you will be told about the life of the peoples who lived here in former times, offered to taste the local national cuisine. Near the center of ethnography is a beautiful park.

6. the elite Phoenix Island – only luxury!

Let’s say at once that the rest on the island – is an expensive pleasure that not everyone can afford. What is Phoenix? It is a territory stuffed with modern high-rises, yacht clubs, prestigious sports complexes, elite restaurants and boutiques.

We got to the island with a tour. It is a must-see island. The skyline is not huge and there is nothing to see there. Skyscrapers are nice to look at from a distance (beautiful views) or as a panoramic platform – also beautiful. We liked it, but it’s not exactly wow:)

7. Deer Turned Head Park.

The beautiful Deer Turned His Head park complex is located on the high Luheitou Mountain near Dadunhai Bay. There are viewing platforms with bridges and balconies, restaurants with local and European cuisine, and souvenir shops. Here you can take picturesque panoramas or order a caricature or portrait artists. Park residents birds and monkeys fearlessly approach holidaymakers for a treat.

8. Museum of pearls

About 20 years ago, the Jingjun Group, a pearl mining and manufacturing concern, established its own pearl museum. Here you can see the pearls on display, or even buy something in the store. Pearls are of the highest quality and beauty, and the prices are relatively affordable. Located museum in the city of Sanya.

Feedback, evgor: Were at the factory for the production and manufacture of pearls. The tour is usually included in the tour package as a free guided tour. I visited the factory of pearl production.

9. Taoist Park “Heavenly Grottoes”.

A large landscaped area with interesting grottos, winding caves, and sacred Chinese trees. As you may know, according to Taoist philosophers, grottos are nothing but gates to another universe. In the park you can visit the Temple complex in honor of the lord of the world – the Dragon. Please note that the place is sacred to the local population, so you should take care beforehand about your appearance. The complex is located 50 kilometers from the main resort town of Sanya.

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10. Crystal Museum

The largest museum on the island covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters. In a huge pavilion you can see a variety of mineralogical displays of semi-precious stones and shining crystal.

11. Dongshan Safari Park

Like many attractions in Hainan, the park was founded in the late 20th century. On a large territory you can see a variety of animals: crocodiles and lions, monkeys and parrots, exotic ostriches and rare black swans . Many people like to visit this park with their whole family.

This was a great experience at the zoo. The tour was very tedious, drove to the other end of Hainan from Sanya 4 hours one way and we were disappointed with what we had seen. Tigers were not met, and the same lions and birds, and so on, all seen in the Moscow zoo. In general, as it seemed to us, nothing particularly interesting, and a waste of money decent, about 6000 rubles per person for the excursion.

12. Butterfly park

This park is located in the picturesque bay Yalunwan and is a unique collection of butterflies from around the world. After visiting the exposition we recommend to look into the gorge itself where you can see a variety of butterflies and valuable plants.

Response, alehanders2017: I stayed at the Cactus Hotel, which is very close to the park, entrance was free for us. I would not have stayed at the Cactus Hotel, it’s very close to this park and the entrance was free for us. Also keep in mind that sometimes the park is closed. Just find out in advance!

13. Birdwatching World Park.

The largest bird park in all of China. There are about 200 species of talking and singing inhabitants. Visitors can walk next to birds living in their natural habitat through lanes arranged among tropical bushes. The park is located in the interior of Hainan Island in Dingang County, 34 kilometers from Haikou.

Hainan Island Bird World Park (Photo © C.K. Koay / flickr.com)

14. Xinglong Botanical Garden

The Xinglong Botanical Garden covers about 80 hectares and in addition to ornamental plantings you can see growing vegetables and fruits, vanilla, black pepper, and coffee trees in the garden. Guests can buy local products in the shop, both for themselves and as a gift.

Xinglong Botanical Garden (Photo © shizhao / flickr.com)

Testimonial, OLGA D: Hainan has a well maintained botanical garden an hour away from Sanya. The garden is divided into 5 thematic parts by plant species. There is a lake where you can take a boat ride. As should be in such places, there are cafes and restaurants where you can sit and have a meal.

15. Water parks in Sanya

There are several decent water parks in Hainan, such as Aquaventure Waterpark Atlantis Sanya, Amazon Jungle Water Park, Sanya Water park Waterpark and Sanya Dream Water park. The average cost of a visit is 300-350 CNY (3000 rub) for an adult and 220-270 CNY (2200 rub) for a child. You should also take into account that many attractions don’t allow children under 120cm, so there will be no reason to visit the water park with small children.

Review, nelenav: The water park and oceanarium at Atlantis is probably what our kids really needed the most. It was a great experience and not a problem to get them out. And night disco in the pool with DJ and acrobat show! And once again we were surprised by the Chinese lifeguards standing in the pool knee-deep in life jackets.

16. Park “The End of the World”.

As the ancient story goes, once a young girl and a young man in love turned into stones on the coast, later there were other boulders. As a result, a beautiful park was formed in which each stone has its own name. The Edge of Light Park is a great place to meditate amidst mesmerizing views and panoramas.

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Hainan Island's Edge of the World Park (Photo © David Schroeter / flickr.com)

17. Natural Attractions

Hainan has a number of natural attractions to visit. For example, the mountain Uzhishan (height of almost 2 thousand meters), with many trails for trekking to the top of the mountain. You may also be interested in Volcano Ma An with a small platform and crater, densely overgrown with lush vegetation. The unique forest of Yanoda, whose peculiarity is that the roots of the trees are above the surface of the soil, is great for hiking.

18. Picturesque Beaches

Hainan has many beautiful bays and beaches to visit. Among the most popular of them include the beach “Jade Belt”, its coastline width of several tens of meters covered with pure white sand. Also popular are the beaches in Yalunwan Bay, Shimei Bay, and beaches on the islands of Sidao or Wuzhizhu.

Yalunwang is the most respectable and picturesque vacation spot in Hainan

How much do excursions in Hainan cost?

Since 2013, tour agencies in Hainan are strictly controlled by the state and their work requires licensing. Therefore, there are no too intrusive salesmen offering cheap trips. Of course, it is tempting to buy tours from a Chinese operator and save up to 20-30%, but in this case most likely there will be problems with the language barrier, because in Hainan, not only in Russian, English is spoken by few people. If you are not afraid of this, then it is worth considering this option. And for those who would like to listen and understand what they are talking about on the tour, we suggest to know the price for tours with Russian-speaking guide on the example of the most popular routes:

  • Center of Buddhism “Nanshan” – 350 CNY
  • Popular Monkey Island Reserve – 250 CNY
  • “Nantian” Thermal Springs – 280 CNY
  • Dragon of Asia Bay (with butterfly ravine and shell museum) – 250 CNY
  • Park “End of the World” – 210 CNY

What to see on your own in Hainan

If you are planning to visit something on your own, it makes practical sense as long as the attraction is close to your hotel. Otherwise, it’s cheaper to go along with an organized tour.

If nevertheless there is a desire to see something on their own, then by and large you can get to almost any point of interest described by us without a tour. Because Hainan has excellent public transportation, you can get to almost any part of the island. You can also take a local cab or rent a car with a driver.

Where to go and what to do with the kids in Hainan

There are a lot of interesting places in Hainan, but not all of them are suitable for visits with children. Many tours are too long and tedious. Of the attractions we listed in this article, the most popular for visiting with a child are “Monkey Island”, water parks, park “The World of Light”, “World of Birds,” Safari Zoo in Dongshan, “Valley of Butterflies and Xinglong Botanical Gardens.

What are the prices for vacations in Hainan?

To learn the latest prices for vacations in Hainan, you can use the leading sites to find out the best tours, excursions and airline tickets.

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