Hainan Island vacations in China – 2022: travel reviews

Hainan Island vacations in China – 2022: travel reviews

I liked it very, very much. All my reviews (already wrote two) somewhere dropped, I write the third. Definitely in January, fly and relax. Bathing in the sea, sunbathing, to hang out in the magnificent city. Eat fruit, which you see for the first time, and seafood, which is a lot, and you want to try everything. I hope to come back for sure.

  • Bathing-sunning on the beach.

Everything is fine, just the food is a problem (for me) Hello dear friends! We were recently in Sanya city, went on vacation with friends. At that time the weather was very hot, even being in the water were sweating)). Went to the beach, town, atmosphere we liked it all but as we didn’t really like chinese food we had problems finding normal european food but luckily we found on the third day a wonderful place where we went every day and it was not boring at all. In general I had very good impressions from the trip, I plan to go again next year.

  • Bathing-sunning on the beach.
  • Get medical treatment and relieve stress.

Sanya is paradise on earth. :) I came on 22.10.19. I went for 10 days to Sanya, Palm Beach Resort Spa Hotel 5 *. Ochenee loved everything. Rooms are clean, and the hotel and beach are Paradise on earth. Only had breakfast, lunch on the beach with fruit, and dinner at the “Tush” (foot court) in Dadunhai. Tasty and varied. I recommend checking out Yanodu and NyanShan. I am delighted with our trip. I recommend.

  • Bathing-sunning on the beach.
  • Get medical treatment and relieve stress.

We went to the sea and swam in the pool. We were together with my 12 year old son. We stayed at the Intime 5 star hotel, but I would rate it at 4. The furniture in the room was old, painted for some reason all white paint. Breakfast was very varied, the sea was nearby, across the hotel. But. The sea is very calm, not for a swim, you stand on your knee and wait for a wave to hit you. Often warnings that you can not swim, but people did not stop it, all went into the incessant waves. Except us. I was scared of such waves. But it is warm and clean, beautiful small stones-shells. Weather sunny every day. Swimming, mostly in the pool, there are inflatable circles from the hotel. The streets are clean, wide, spacious, not like in Thailand, wires do not hang. Stores in the area are few, prices are not cheap, no shopping. Excursions are expensive. In Thailand for such money you can visit 3 excursions, as here 1 costs. Lunch at Moscow inn. Tasty and inexpensive. Every night at the sea, music and dancing. In general, if to have a rest the company, it is not boring. Summary: I am closer to Thai))

  • Leisure time for children and young people.
Where to rest in Hainan - 7 resorts

Hainan, a modern resort We went for the first time in February 2018, everyone was delighted, the island is clean, green, the sea for 3 days were waves, the Chinese in the water almost never go in, residents are neat, well-mannered, I blonde, tired with all the photographers, and run with the cameras to take pictures of Russian women. I was staying at Harman Bay Hotel, which was a nice restaurant with a menu and an excellent restaurant with Japanese cuisine. I stayed at Harman Hotel in Dodunhai Bay. I stayed in our hotel every day and our room was clean and the bathrobe, towels, shampoo, everything was clean and the hotel had a great buffet. I liked it, I stayed 10 days, it was not enough, we will come again.

  • We stayed for a short time and then went on excursions.
  • Bathing-sunning on the beach.

I want more information. How much money to take to Hainan, to have a normal vacation (8 days)? What are the prices for food and entertainment?

China is. Hainan, fishing March 2019 I wish everyone a good rest well and myself will tell you about only one excursion on the island is fishing) rather show on video

  • We stayed for a short time and then went on excursions.
  • Bathing-sunning on the beach.
  • Get medical treatment and relieve stress.
  • Leisure time for children and young people.
  • have a rest on an individual basis
  • do scuba diving

Miracle Island! Hello! Let me ask you, do you see colored dreams? They are very positive, colorful, soulful and you really want them to come true. Yes – it was a wonderful dream in reality! We are a group of 56 people waiting for permission for the first visa-free travel from Ukraine to Hainan island for a year after submitting documents. The tropical exotic Hainan is located in Southeast Asia, it is called the “Sea South”, the “Chinese Hawaii”. Charming island.

Prices in China - 2022. How much does it cost to travel?

What tourists think about vacations in Hainan

Holiday in Hainan island in China

Explore the reviews of tourists vacationing in Hainan. Reviews about the weather, beaches, attractions and entertainment.

China doesn’t accept tourists from Russia yet. Take a look at the list of open countries. For convenience, we give pre-dedicated prices for trips and flights. Information about visas and flights may not be up to date, check with official resources.

Hainan Island, according to tourists, is not like mainland China: the title of the main resort of the country has left its mark on the way of life and atmosphere of the place. Because of the peculiarities of its geographical location, it is often called the Eastern Hawaii. Most of the time it’s sunny, and even on the harshest winter days the temperature doesn’t drop below +20°C. Due to its climate and well-developed infrastructure Hainan Island in China has become a popular holiday destination not only for locals but also for foreign tourists.

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About vacations in Hainan

Vacation in Hainan island is a good opportunity to dive and surf, try out effective methods of Chinese medicine, learn cultural traditions of the country. According to reviews, treatment in Hainan is considered inexpensive by the standards of South-East Asia.

Reviews of Chinese tourists note that the weather allows vacationing in Hainan all year round. The coastal strip is well-maintained and wide, with fine, light-colored sand. But the beaches on the island are municipal and almost always crowded. In the Chinese New Year on the beaches just can not be crowded, besides, some tourists are annoyed by the noise and inconsiderateness of the Chinese, although avoid contact with the local population can be settled in the tourist area Yalunwan . There holiday is secluded, but its cost is also quite high.

Weather in Hainan by month. Seasons. When best to relax?

The food in cafes is delicious and of good quality, there are many restaurants specializing in cooking seafood, but everything costs a decent amount of money, so in Hainan the price for a dish is better to specify when ordering. Based on the reviews, in Hainan there is a risk of disappointment for shopping lovers as well: you can buy anything you want here, but it is hardly profitable, even the prices in duty free are not happy at all.

Reviews of holidays in Hainan

Yalunwang Bay (Photo: wikimedia.org / Jie Yang)

Hainan Weather

The average annual temperature is around +24°C. The lowest temperatures are in January (+20°C. +22°C) and the highest are in July from +32°C and higher.

The most suitable time for recreation is from November to May. At this time in Hainan, according to the reviews of tourists, the weather is warm and dry. In the winter the rainfall is minimal – no more than 34 mm per month, the temperature is unstable, there may be cold currents near the coast, strong winds and night frosts to +14 ° C. The water temperature in the sea is usually higher than the ambient air, and it can be quite chilly when you get out of the water.

Air and Water Temperature in Hainan

Dragon of Asia Bay (Yalunwan) is the most prestigious of the three bays in Hainan (Photo: alekskai52 / flickr.com)

The best beach season on the island is in November and from March to June: +29. +30°C, the water +26. +28°C. From the end of May, the temperature rises above +30 ° C, and all summer until the end of September, the heat is accompanied by heavy tropical showers. Because of this on the island of Hainan, according to reviews, the weather is wet and hot as a steam room.

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Hainan Excursions - 2022: prices, description, reviews

Tour Prices in Hainan

Tiania Haijiao Beach in Sanya (Photo: Mark 爱生活 / flickr.com)

Entertainment and attractions.

Diving enthusiasts can have a great time on the island. A luxurious coral reserve is located near the city of Sanya: more than half a thousand flora and fauna, as well as underwater caves and grottos with sunken ships. Good dive sites can be found around Yalunwang Bay, as well as on West Island and Pirates Island. Both of these islands are located near Hainan – 40-50 minutes by sea. Here tourists can take a training course, rent equipment and go to explore the underwater depths of the South China Sea. Surfers usually prefer the bay Dadunhay.

Besides the traditional beach activities, underwater hunting, fishing, surfing and diving, the island offers tourists a rich program of excursions. Most of the attractions are natural, so the most suitable period for excursions in Hainan, according to tourist reviews – this is the dry season. Learn about the best excursions in Hainan.

Popular are volcano climbing, visits to a botanical garden, oceanarium, zoos and monkey island, the park “The End of the World” and other interesting sites. Hainan is also a major supplier of pearls in the region. Visiting a pearl plantation, you can buy any product or stone you like.

What to do in Hainan

Cruise ship in Sanya Harbor (Photo: 12019 / pixabay.com)

If the trip falls in the cool winter season, when bathing in the sea is not too comfortable, you can visit the local thermal springs. Thus, a kind of balneotherapy center on Hainan Island has become Xinglong, a valley of thermal springs located 1.5 hours drive from the city of Sanya.

There are several hotels in the valley, each equipped with its own wellness center. The centers use various therapy methods: acupuncture, bamboo jars, bathing with fish, etc. Popularly used are bleaching and purifying spa procedures applying coffee, coconut, and pineapple pulp, wraps with seaweed and minerals, massages applying essential oils and stones, herbal and pearl masks, Chinese and Indonesian traditional massage. Judging by the reviews, the prices for such services in Hainan are quite acceptable.

How much money to take in China - 2022

During the winter, the island hosts several colorful and noisy events: the wedding festival, beer festival, Christmas festival and orchid festival. Tourists interested in ancient culture can visit the temple complex Dong Tien, the center of Buddhism Nanshan and the village Li Miao – the aborigines who inhabited the island before the arrival of the Chinese.

The island also grows several elite varieties of Chinese tea, and after experiencing the tea ceremony, you can buy any of the varieties you like.

(Photo: llee_wu / flickr.com / CC BY-ND 2.0 license)


Which beach to choose for your vacation in 2022? All of the island’s beaches are sandy and well-equipped. Dadunhai Cove is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. Palm trees and mangroves create saving shade, and the bay itself is shaped like a crescent. The whole coastal strip is dotted with cafes and stores, so it’s always crowded and lively. Local beaches are mega-popular, and the people here at times even more than one would want on vacation.

Best Beaches in Hainan

Dadunhai Bay in Hainan (Photo: wikimedia.org / Anna Frodesiak)

Sanyavan Bay is located near Sanya. Infrastructure here is only being developed: judging by the reviews of tourists who have visited Hainan, it is mostly hotels of 4* and 5* category. All the beaches are across the street, so the place has not gained much popularity among our compatriots.

Best Beaches in Hainan

Sanyavan Bay in Sanya (Photo: wikimedia.org / Tanya Dedyukhina)

If you are going to vacation in Hainan in 2022, choose the beaches of Yalunwan Bay – according to reviews, they are the best. Here is the most transparent water and the longest coastline – nearly 20 kilometers of dazzling sand. This is also where the largest dive centers and the most expensive hotels in Hainan are located. This area is a prestigious tourist zone, although a bit distant from all the urban entertainment – to the city of Sanya is almost 30 km.

Best Beaches in Hainan

Yalunwan Bay (Photo: alekskai52 / flickr.com)

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