Helsinki Airport: How to get there

How to get to Helsinki Airport from Helsinki

How to get to Helsinki Airport from Helsinki

Finland’s main international airport Helsinki-Vantaa is located 17 kilometers from the center of the capital and 5 km from its satellite city Vantaa. Its name in Finnish is Helsinki-Vantaan Lentoasema, international code: HEL. The airport is the largest in the country and the fourth busiest in Scandinavia. It is always crowded here, especially from 06:00 to 08:30, from 14:00 to 17:00 and during the Christmas and Easter holidays, the period of school vacations. It is advisable to arrive here well in advance to have time to spare before the flight. Waiting for boarding at Helsinki airport, you can spend a few hours in one of the restaurants, cafes and bars. There are duty free stores and playgrounds for children. From 10:00 to 20:00 in the terminal building operates a spa with saunas and swimming pool with mineral water.

All ways to get to Helsinki Airport

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is conventionally divided into two terminals. Walking from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 is a corridor of about 250 meters. Russian passengers use terminal 2, which serves flights from countries outside the Schengen zone.

Near the main entrance to Terminal 2 is a stop for buses arriving from the Finnish capital. Until recently, the cheapest way to get to Helsinki Airport from Helsinki was by this means of transport. But after the city and the airport connected by rail, trains have become the best way to travel economically. Go from the airport to Helsinki and back by train will be convenient for transit passengers who are waiting for a connecting flight and have a few hours. Most of the day trains leave the platform every 10 minutes, they are not delayed on the way and arrive at your destination strictly on time. The way from the city to the airport by rail takes half an hour. Passengers will need approximately the same amount of time to get here by cab. However, the latter option, as well as the transfer, will require significantly higher financial expenses than public transport services. Do not forget about possible traffic jams.

By bus

Bus service between the Finnish capital and the airport is represented by city public transport and Finnair express trains. Most buses leave from the city center. Some go non-stop, others with stops. Travel time can range from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the route, time of day and number of stops.

City buses

It is convenient to get to Helsinki Airport by bus number 615. It is the most popular among tourists. Transport departs from the station square in front of the Central Railway Station (stop “Rautatientori”), starting at 04:10, the last trip – at 03:40. The interval of movement is from 15 to 30 minutes depending on time of day.

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From the bus station on Hakaniemi Square (near the subway station of the same name), bus number 617 goes to the airport from Monday to Friday. The route is served from 04:10 to 14:45. Transport runs at 20-30 minute intervals.

From Eliel Square, located near the Central Railway Station, bus no. 415 goes to the airport from 04:55 to 23:05. Frequency of movement is 30-60 minutes. From 24:00 to 04:00 buses № 415 N (“N” stands for night route) leave at 60-minute intervals.

You can get to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport from the bus station located near the Itäkeskus subway station (there is a large shopping center with the same name nearby). Bus number 561 runs from 04:03 to 01:20 every 20-35 minutes.

From the metro station “Mellunmäki”, in the east of the city, the night bus number 562 N runs to the airport. Hours of operation are from 23:30 to 04:30. From 01:00 to 03:00 transport leaves at intervals of an hour, at other times – every 20-30 minutes.

The fare between the city and the airport during the daytime is 5,50 € from the driver and 5 € in the ticket machines (select a regional ticket). For passengers 7 to 16 years old the ticket costs 3 €. An overnight ticket costs 7€. Drivers do not accept bills over 20 €.

Finnair Buses

A quick trip to Helsinki Airport from the city is possible on the City Bus, Finnair’s own transport company. White buses marked “Finnair” on board take off from the Eliel (platform number 30). After 3 minutes there is a stop at Gasperia Park, where you can also take this bus. The number of the stop is 1911. Then the transport follows non-stop along the most convenient route at the moment, avoiding congested sections of the road.

The first bus leaves from Eliel Square at 05:00 and the next one at 05:30. After that the first bus leaves every 20 minutes until 18:10. From that time until 24:00, the interval in traffic is 25-35 minutes. The trip lasts about 30 minutes.

Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver in cash or with the most common credit cards. They cost 6,90 € for adults and 3,50 € for passengers aged 6 to 16. For young children, the fare is free. Passes for public transport are not valid here.

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Finnair buses are very comfortable and free Wi-Fi is available in the cabin.

On the train

The trains linking the city and the airport run on a circular route Helsinki – airport – Helsinki. The line is called the Ring Rail Line. Trains marked “I” (I-junan), run counterclockwise on the ring, marked with the letter “P” (P-junan), respectively, in a clockwise direction. Trip from Central Station to the airport takes 30 minutes. On the way the train makes stops in some areas of Helsinki and the suburbs.

The Central Station is located in the historic part of the city. This spectacular Art Nouveau building is an architectural landmark. Built in 1914, the station impresses not only by its external appearance, but also by its beautiful interior design. The waiting rooms are bright, spacious and comfortable. At the back of the room is an escalator that connects the ground level to the subway (Rautatientori station) and to the underpasses stretching under the central part of the city.

It is convenient to get to the capital’s main railway station by metro, streetcar and bus. Buses, city and regional, arrive at the bus station Kamppi. It is a grand multifunctional complex, combining a shopping center and transport area – bus station, bus terminals, metro station. From Kamppi to the railway station you can walk – cross the central Mannerheim Avenue, go to the station square and enter the station building. It takes about 10 minutes.

P and I trains

The P trains run from 04:18 to 00:48. Until 05:38 a.m. the interval is 20-30 minutes. Then, until 9:00 p.m., trains depart every 10 minutes, after which the intervals increase from 15 to 30 minutes.

Trains I serve the route from 04:36 to 00:06. The first four trips are at 15-minute intervals. From 05:36 to 19:06 trains run every 10 minutes, then every 10-15 minutes.

Going to the airport, trains P and I stop at the major train station Pasila, 3.5 km from the center, then their routes diverge. The train P passes through the urban station Ilmala, Uopalahti, the next stops are in remote areas of Helsinki and its suburbs. You can take train I in city boundaries stations Kapyula, Oulunkilä, Pukinmäki, Malmi, Tapanila.

Russian passengers of trains “Allegro” and “Leo Tolstoy”, who do not need to get to the Finnish capital and directly to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, can get off at the station “Tikkurila. Here, having saved the ticket, you can transfer to the train going to the airport for free. The desired path is marked with the letter “I” and an airplane icon. The trip will not require payment if no more than 80 minutes have elapsed from the time of disembarkation to boarding time.

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The train station of the air terminal, where the trains arrive, is under Terminal 1 and 2.

The cost of the train ticket – 5.50 €, you can not buy them in the cabin of the car. Tickets are sold at HSL vending machines (you can find them at bus stations, train station platforms) or at kiosks belonging to the R-kioski network that sell books, magazines, cigarettes, soft drinks.


At any time of the day from Helsinki to the airport you can take a cab. It is convenient to order a car by phone (a call costs 1.17 €, booking more than half an hour before departure – 7.10 €). A total trip to the airport from various parts of the city costs 45-60 €. The cost is calculated according to the distance and an additional fee is charged for boarding.


It is possible to book a transfer in advance by selecting a vehicle of a suitable class and capacity. The driver will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby with a nameplate, but no longer than 15 minutes. Get acquainted with the prices for this service and order it conveniently on the website KiwiTaxi.

By car

Tourists who have rented a car can drive it to Helsinki Airport on their own and, by agreement with the rental company, leave it in the parking lot. From the center take highway 45, from the western and eastern districts take the Keha III ring road (highway E18 or highway 50), following the signs for Vantaa airport.

When entering the airport territory, pay attention to the information board, where there is an operational information about the number of free spaces in all parking areas of the airport terminal. Since the beginning of 2019, parking zones P1 and P2 are not functioning. For now, you can leave your car in zones P3 and P5. The minimum daily parking fee is 19 €. For short-term parking is allocated part of zone P3.

Free buses Finavia Parking Bus run between parking lots and terminals at intervals of 15 minutes. They serve passengers from 03:30 to 01:30. At night from Saturday to Sunday the service runs non-stop.

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Helsinki Vantaa Airport

Helsinki Vantaa Airport

Helsinki Vantaa International Airport is the main air gateway of Finland, serves about 16 million people annually – more than 80% of air passenger traffic in the country.

The airport is located in Vantaa, 17 km from the center of Helsinki. It is a hub for Finland’s largest airline Finnair and the base for carriers Blue1, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Nordic Regional Airlines.

Near the airport there are several hotels and a museum of Finnish aviation. The airport was built for the Summer Olympic Games in 1952.

Hotels in Helsinki Airport

    4*. On the territory of the 2nd terminal 4*

Hotels near Helsinki airport

    3*. 2 km from airport. 3*. 4*. 4*. 3 km.

Board of Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport schedule, flight status updates online from Yandex. Timetables:

Helsinki Airport Terminals

Two passenger terminals of Vantaa Airport are located at a distance of 250 meters from each other, connected with a common passage and a common control area.

The terminals have no specialization, but Terminal 2, expanded in 2009, receives more international flights to non-Schengen and transcontinental destinations.

At the same time Terminal 1 (formerly domestic lines terminal) mainly serves flights within the Schengen area (to Denmark, Germany, Latvia and other EU countries).

Terminal 1

Helsinki Airport scheme

Map of Helsinki Airport on the airport website

How to get to Helsinki Airport

Regular transport links with the airport are provided by city and special buses and trains. You can order a cab, or drive a private / rented car on the highway 45.

Bus to Helsinki Airport

Regular buses number 615 allow you to get to the airport from the Central Railway Station in Helsinki. From the city center on the route buses HSL: the average interval is 20 minutes, travel time – 35 minutes. The fare on the HSL is 5.70 euros.

See the city bus schedule on the website. Learn more about public transport to Helsinki airport on the page.

Buses of Matkahuolto provide access to Vantaa International Airport from other Helsinki cities.

Bus stops are located at the main entrance T1 and at the entrance to T2 (terminal).

Train to Helsinki Airport

Vantaa Airport railway station

The railway line from the center of Helsinki to Vantaa Airport, Ring Rail Line, opened in July 2015. New trains with low-floor cars depart the route every 10-20 minutes, the interval depends on the day of the week and time of day. Throughout the line there are trains I and P: the I train runs counterclockwise (Helsinki-Tikkurila-Airport-Myrmäki-Helsinki), the P train – clockwise (Helsinki-Myrmäki-Airport-Tikkurila-Helsinki). The road from the airport to the central railway station through Tikkurila takes 27 minutes, through Myyrmäki – 32 minutes. Stations along the route, information about the temporary bus transfer – on the site.

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Train ticket from the airport can be purchased at ticket terminals on the platform, buy a daily pass at R-kioski at the airport building or use the HSL Travel Card.

The line also connects the center of Helsinki, the airport with the rest of the country. Line is one of the most significant public transport projects in the history of the region.

Cab to Helsinki Airport

A trip by cab from central Helsinki to the airport (similarly – in the opposite direction) will cost about 45-50 euros.

Parking lots are located near both terminals, at the exit from the arrival area. The car to the city can be ordered upon arrival.

Transfer from Helsinki Airport

Search for a transfer through the service

Transfer to Helsinki Airport from St. Petersburg

Transfer is a quick and comfortable way to get from St. Petersburg to Helsinki Airport. For large groups you can choose to ride on a minibus – more convenient than a shuttle bus to Helsinki Airport from private entrepreneurs.

Transfer options from

Parking at Helsinki Airport Vantaa

Map of parking spaces

For passengers departing from Helsinki, there are several parking lots, including business parking and economy parking for the vacations.

The lowest rates are at the P4 open-air long-term (vacation) parking lot. The two parking lots P4A and P4B are located at a distance of 750 meters from Terminal 1 and 950 meters from Terminal 2. The cost of placing a passenger car for 7 days is 50 euros. To park a car for 24 hours you can cost 14 euros.

From parking lot P4 to the terminals passengers are free of charge Airport Bus buses, which run daily from 03:30 to 1:30 at 15 minute intervals and on Saturday and Sunday – around the clock. The stops are No. 10 before T1 and No. 21 before T2.

Parking lots P3 and P5 are located in the buildings next to the terminals: only 100-350 meters from T1 and 400-450 meters from T2. Parking costs €26 per day per car, €79 per week at P3 and €79 per week at P5. There is also a special parking lot for electric cars in the building.

Short Term Parking is 50 meters from T1 and 300 meters from T2. Price: 2 euros for every 20 minutes.

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