Holiday in Tenerife – 2022: traveler reviews, prices, tips

Tenerife. Tourist reviews

I have always liked books and movies with some elements of fantasy, especially if their plot is related to the metamorphosis of time: for example, with the overlapping of eras or with the characters falling into the past or future. That’s probably why.

Carnival, held annually in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is the second in the world after the Brazilian one in scale and popularity. On the day of the main procession, the streets are filled with thousands of participants and tens of thousands of guests. The event is very spectacular. I would say that spectacle and sensuality are the main features.

The silence, the charm of the colonial style and the sounds of a noisy celebration in the streets of La Orotava, the oldest of the cities of the island of Tenerife.

Tenerife is struck by the variety of landscapes and scenery. Plantations of palm trees and banana plantations, steep cliffs, mist-cloaked valleys, relict forests, volcanic and sandy beaches, and to all this the blue of the sea waves…

After spending a week on Gran Canaria, then we went to the island of Tenerife. Well we love islands, what can you do:) We were afraid that because of the coronavirus we could not be allowed to the ferry, but nothing happened – a few days before the trip authorities of Canary Islands lowered the danger level both on Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

Tenerife, where the temperature does not drop below +10 and does not rise above +29, is great for beach and for outdoor activities.

An island where you get a thrill from the mesmerizing views, adrenaline from the serpentines, the emotion from playing dolphins and authentic villages.

Mountains with snow-white caps, tropical forests, deserts, fields of frozen lava, a year-round riot of greenery and flowers – all this about the island of Tenerife.

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We liked everything, at the time of stay the hotel was undergoing renovation and bad reviews were formed by people apparently after staying in the old stock. The new rooms were super.

Tenerife is a corner of Spain off the coast of Africa. Travelers are attracted by the unusual nature of the island, long beaches, volcanoes and unruly waters of the Atlantic. But despite the availability of direct flights, Tenerife is not a top destination for Russian travelers. Many tourists think that.

We prepared for this trip well in advance. We took an airplane and bought tickets 8 months before the trip. By the way, during this time there was no action, and the price of tickets was only increasing. It took a long time to choose a hotel. We chose Barcelo hotel located right in front of the famous rocks.

I’ll try to describe our trip to Tenerife during the New Year vacations. Maybe someone will find it useful. Adult couple without kids (left students at home to pass the session:) a lazy holiday in an apartment on the oceanfront

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Reading reviews about holidays in Tenerife, many tourists realize that they themselves would not mind going to this friendly island with a warm climate and hospitable inhabitants. Spain is convenient because in any region of this country you can always count on a decent level of service. This is evidenced by the positive reviews about the hotels in Tenerife. By the way, on this island there is the highest mountain in Spain and the world famous man-made pyramids, which is definitely worth a traveler to see. Check out traveler reviews of Tenerife and plot your own itinerary.

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Tenerife reviews

Reviews about Tenerife based on personal experience. Which cities in Tenerife are worth visiting and why, general pros and cons. What to pay attention to those who are going to visit Tenerife for the first time. Which cities should be chosen for a family vacation and which ones for a youth vacation, and why? What is of most interest to tourists, recommendations from my travel experience.

I was in Tenerife on a corporate trip. We earned a little extra money in our company, and we decided we should go somewhere to rest for a week. We took a few people who were part of the top-management and rushed away.

It was March – in my opinion, a very good month for travel to warm countries: at that point everybody was already a bit fed up with the winter and wanted sun and swimming. So that we could swim for sure (in case the ocean brings a cold current), we rented a villa near Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the mountains. The villa came with a pool and sun loungers. Since we traveled by car, with transport was not a problem.

Speaking of which. The most convenient way to travel around the island – is a car. Public transport walks, but it does it relaxed; cab prices are average. Therefore, if you have a driver, it is best to rent a car (it is not very expensive, for the sensible money you can even get a convertible) and drive it in the serpentine.

The roads are different here. I mean the pavement is very good everywhere, but the curvature may sometimes throw an unprepared driver into shock. Therefore, try to allow more time for the road, if you go to the mountains. On some sharp turns you have to split up with tour buses, and it’s a real quest. And now I’ll point out a few things you can’t miss on Tenerife.

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Volcano Zone.

The island has a fairly large dormant volcano – Teide. It takes tours, and you can get there on your own. I advise you to choose a clear day, but if there are some clouds in the sky, it is not too bad, as long as it is not a solid veil. Then, when you get above the clouds, the views will be memorable forever.

Before you reach Teide, you will have time to admire the real Martian plains. Once lava was bubbling here, rocks were falling from the sky with a dashing whistle and ash was rampant, but now tourists roam and make pyramids of cobblestones. The walk evokes mixed feelings. First of them is creepy somehow, what if it all erupts again right now? Second – wow, I’m on another planet! No, not yet on this planet, but the scenery is really not familiar to our eyes.

At the foot of Teide is a small tourist village. It has a couple of restaurants, an info center, ticket offices, and the lower station of the cable car. The mountain is 3,718 meters high and 7,500 meters above the ocean floor, and it is clear that no one will make you climb it on foot. However, the cable car ride does make you shudder! If you’re afraid of heights and swinging cabins, you’d better take a sedative, seriously.

You have to be more careful at the top, especially if you don’t live in the mountains and came to Teide straight from the plains. There is a big chance to get “mountain sickness” from the altitude and thin air. It is also recommended to drink alcohol very carefully after the visit: you can get drunk in a moment.

And the summit itself. Yes, it is worth it! When you stand, under you is a cloudy layer, and above you is such an amazing sky, and breathe a little strange, and the wind is clean and pure, and the volcano is sleeping under your feet – it’s a great tourist happiness.

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After visiting Teide, we still drove under the local plains, along black roads and between piles of former lava. When the pine forests start on the slopes, they even look strange at first.

Loro Park

Second on the list of impressions was Loro Park, located in the suburb of Puerto de la Cruz. All of our top management turned out to be animal lovers, so we had a great time there.

A unique thing the park boasts is a killer whale show. Dolphins are familiar to people here, they perform tricks, jump over the ring and play with a ball. But orcas are a separate pleasure. Most of them were picked up small or injured at sea, raised and tamed. Now these cute creatures also show tricks, toothed smile and pour water on viewers. Tourists are even given raincoats for the front rows, but, be warned, these capes do not save, so take care of your cameras.

In addition, several times a day there are shows with sea lions (they are very funny) and parrots. There is a small zoo with rare white tigers, jaguars, sharks, gorillas and angry crocodiles.

A little more detail

Tenerife is a mountainous island, and you can see everything here. In addition to volcanic zones, you can breathe well in the vast pine forests, you can admire the palm trees and long wide beaches. By the way, the latter are beautiful. Only here the ocean, and you have to take it into account: there are waves almost always, so children should be strictly watched.

The food is very tasty. I particularly remember the potatoes boiled in salt, which were served right in the peel. Of course, a lot of seafood, the local “sea” soups are definitely worth trying.

One morning, while all our friends were asleep, my girlfriend and I went for coffee on the promenade in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. While we were sitting there, a fishing boat came up and the fishermen took their catch to tables near the pier and started selling fresh fish. Hmm, why not, we thought, and after finishing our coffee, we headed toward them. The fishermen did not speak English, but gestures are decisive. So we became the owners of a dozen absolutely fresh fish – as the almighty Internet later helped us to find out, it was one of the varieties of mackerel. In the afternoon we grilled this fish with rosemary and drizzled with lemon juice. I highly recommend doing the same. It turned out divine.

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And the coffee in Tenerife is great! As a lover of it, I drank a lot of cups.

About accommodations I’ve already told a little bit. Then, on arrival, for the sake of interest searched the question of hotels and came to the conclusion: on average across the hospital – very expensive. That is the main expense goes on airfare, and to relax on the most famous island of the Canary Islands is possible, without climbing into any loans.

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