Holidays at Baikal in the summer of 2022: how to plan + prices

How to save money on vacation at Baikal and get maximum positive emotions

Lake Baikal – one of the most popular holiday destinations in our country. The natural “pearl” year-round attracts many tourists. The most visited time of the year is summer. But the trip during this period will require a decent financial investment. Careful planning of the trip and orientation in the local prices will help to save money.

How to plan a trip to Baikal saving money?

You start planning far before the trip begins. “Many tourists have tried the following money-saving money-saving tricks, when you are getting ready for the trip to Baikal in summer:

  • Decide on the number of days you want to spend on a trip to Baikal. Based on this, start looking for options for accommodation, entertainment, etc.
  • Book tickets and lodging. If the date of the vacation is set, book tickets in advance. Airlines often give discounts for early reservations. Buying train tickets before the vacation season opens will also be cheaper with seat options. Hotel rooms sell out long before summer arrives. Therefore, there is a chance to get a room at a good hotel for a reduced fee.
  • Buy your trip at the last minute. If a quick collection is not a problem, then pull to the last minute. Last minute stays 2-3 days before departure are often sold out at a discount of up to 30%. The same story with the expensive hotels. If there are spare rooms, their rates are drastically reduced.
  • Take into account the costs. When choosing a place to stay you should not be guided only by the cost of the room. Perhaps a separate meal in a cafe or buy products will cost more if you take a room with the sign “all inclusive”. If you want to travel to the lake on your own by renting a car, it makes no sense to book a hotel / apartment in the center of the resort areas. In the suburbs lodging is cheaper.
  • Do not forget about contingencies. Rental agencies and hotel complexes often include “insurance” for property damage into the fee. And traveling with children is always associated with exceeding the limit of the family vacation budget.
  • Don’t get hung up on it. If they give you a vacation only in June, and you wanted to visit Baikal in July, it’s not a reason not to go. The first month of summer on the lake also has its advantages. Imagine that it’s “reconnaissance” and next year you’ll come to the lake in another summer month.

Watching the sunset on Baikal

Olkhon Island and tourists watching the sunset

When is the best time to rest in summer?

Summer is the best time to rest in Baikal. Each warm month has its own advantages.

The pros of a trip to the lake in June:

  • There are not many tourists, an ideal time for solitude;
  • at the beginning of the month the rosemary blossoms (a very beautiful natural phenomenon);
  • The air temperature warms up to an optimum temperature for a walk (+ 23 ° C);
  • Prices for lodging and food are lower.

July is considered the beginning of the summer season in Baikal. Advantages of a trip at this time:

  • The air temperature is optimal for swimming in the lake and sunbathing on the coast (+25 … +32°C);
  • Hotels and recreation centers, located in the most colorful places, start to function.

August is considered the peak season. The advantages of rest in this month:

  • the air temperature is +33°C;
  • the water gets warm up to +24 … +27 ° C.

Despite the high temperatures, we recommend taking warm clothes to Baikal. When the sun goes below the horizon, a cold wind comes from the lake.

Do you want to have a rest inexpensively on Baikal? We advise the second half of August. At many tourist hostels low season starts, there are less tourists and the weather is still warm.

A dog at the Shamanka cliff

Baikal dogs

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Prices for vacations at Baikal in summer 2022

The cost of travel and recreation on the lake is high. Below are price variations for transportation to the place, for lodging, and for food. Familiarizing yourself with the information will help you navigate the financial component of your trip.

On tickets.

There are several ways to get to the lake. Prices vary:

  • By plane . The nearest airport to Lake Baikal is located in Irkutsk. From Moscow airplanes “Pobeda”, “S7”, “Aeroflot” fly to the main Siberian populated area. The ticket price is about 20 thousand rubles one way.

To save on flights we recommend you to use the AVIASALES service. This site offers the best deals.

  • By train. The Trans-Siberian Railway passes via Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude. From these cities you can reach Baikal. The cost of tickets is about the same. Trains leave the stations of the capital every day. One will pay from 4 thousand rubles to 4.8 thousand rubles for a coach and from 10 thousand rubles for a coupe.

For lodging

There are different types of accommodation close to the lake. It is possible to choose the best price option.

  • One-room apartments. The cost on average 2 thousand for one night.
  • Overnight stay in a boarding house or recreation center. The daily fee for a good room is about 4 thousand. A cheaper variant with old furniture, without air conditioning and with private facilities on the floor will cost 2 thousand rubles.
  • Cottage. At Baikal they cost on the average 5 thousand rubles per day. More often prefer vacationers with a group of friends.
  • Hotels. Accommodation for two people costs from 4 thousand rubles. The price includes the rent of the apartment, new furniture, TV, free internet, etc. The price includes breakfasts. If we focus on the hotels with a swimming pool, the prices start at 5 thousand rubles per day.

You can save money by booking an accommodation in advance. There are highly specialized services:

    and Hotelluk – focused on tourist bases, hotels and cottages; . helps to rent an inexpensive house in the private sector.

For catering

In large cities – Ulan-Ude and Irkutsk – there are inexpensive cafes and restaurants. Closer to Baikal everything is much more expensive:

  • Prices for food in supermarkets are 20-25% higher;
  • Average sum in the check in cafe from 900 rubles per person (for this money the menu includes a salad, one hot course and tea);
  • At a restaurant you’ll have to pay not less than 2 thousand rubles for two people.

You can also take a tasting tour at Baikal. The price for one person starts from 2 thousand rubles. You can have a chance to taste the fish caught at Baikal:

  • fish caught in Baikal waters (cooked in different ways);
  • yak cheese;
  • Yak tartar and other local delicacies.

Active tourist

The author of, rode around the whole Olkhon by bicycle

Popular summer destinations

There are quite a few resorts near the most famous lake. There are beaches, hot springs, natural attractions, etc. on the coast. Listed below are popular places for tourists to visit in the summer.


This is a large town not far from the famous lake. It’s an hour drive from Irkutsk. In summer, the climate here is similar to what tourists are used to see on the Black Sea coast.

In Listvyanka adults and children like to rest. The infrastructure is well developed here. In addition to Lake Baikal itself it is interesting to visit:

  • limnological museum (tells about the aquatic inhabitants of Baikal);
  • astrophysical observatory;
  • the sealarium (a circus, where the animals of the seals perform);
  • church, consisting of two tiers, built in the 19th century.


This is a resort area. It is referred to as a mountain-climatic and balneological resort. The city is located in the eastern part of the lake in the Tunka valley. It takes four hours by bus from Irkutsk to visit Arshan.

Travelling to Baikal by Car: Reviews and Advice

Visit the resort mostly elderly tourists, because the local resorts and sanatoriums are highly valued here. The main part of treatment in them is based on therapeutic mineral water. Doctors recommend drinking it for people with impaired

  • digestion;
  • endocrine and nervous system;
  • blood circulation.

To prevent or improve the weak health of children, doctors will also pick up procedures.


The main island of Lake Baikal. It is considered the pearl of the area. Famous for its picturesque landscapes. It takes about 7 hours to get to the place from Irkutsk.

Olkhon is included in the Baltic national park. People come here to enjoy the nature, see the Shamanka cliff and get acquainted with the traditions of the Buryats.

Children here is unlikely to be interesting. Although the island is the warmest and sunniest place around Baikal.

Small Sea

This is a part of the lake itself. Located in the western part of Lake Baikal. It is separated from the main part by the Olkhon Island and the strait. It is through this channel that ferries go to the island.

The islands in the Little Sea (Izhilhei, Zamogoi, etc.) and the settlements of the coast are often visited by families with children. There are:

  • sandy beaches with a gentle entrance to the clear, almost crystal-clear water;
  • yachting;
  • ATV rentals;
  • catamarans and kayaks.

Small sea

On the shores of the Little Sea

The best hotels and recreation centers on Lake Baikal

Comfortable accommodation is one of the components of a good holiday. There are numerous hotels and recreation centers on the lake. Below is an overview of the most sought-after accommodation areas that have positive evaluations by users.

Recreation Center Dauria

Located in Listvyanka village, 300 meters from the lake.

  • free Internet;
  • steam bath;
  • Rooms overlook the lake;
  • each room is equipped with a kettle, TV, bathroom and toilet;
  • body care products for use in the shower are given free of charge;
  • BBQ facilities are available for rent;
  • a variety of sightseeing tours can be purchased on site.

The only disadvantage are considered prices. They are quite high. Start to grow from a mark of 3800 rubles per day in a one-room house. Meals are not included.

Service at the highest level. All staff speaks two languages – Russian and English. Each cottage has a telephone connection with the staff. Booking information.

Dauria Recreation Center

Dauria Recreation Center

Eldorado Camping Site

The base is located in the village of Sakhyurt on the shore of the Small Lake. The place does not have a high level of comfort and service. But the recreation zone has its own advantages:

  • It is located right on the shore of the lake;
  • Some rooms have a view on Baikal and the mountains;
  • The rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay;
  • there are stores within walking distance.

Tourists identified the following disadvantages:

  • no cleaning schedule in the rooms;
  • no furniture for clothes storage;
  • shuttle service only for a fee.

Booking information on Bookings.

The cheapest cabin costs 2.5 thousand rubles per day.

Eldorado recreation center

Eldorado camping site

Hotel Legend of Baikal

The hotel is located on the shore of Lake Baikal in Listvyanka village. It is 3 km to the center and only 38 m to the sightseeing place (the lake). The convenient location is not the only plus of the hotel.

  • windows of the rooms overlook Lake Baikal;
  • rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay;
  • breakfast is included in the price;
  • sauna and billiards;
  • an excellent restaurant with a friendly staff;
  • high-level service.

Of the disadvantages stand out:

  • dinner and lunch are provided for an additional fee;
  • The cost of living – a minimum of 6300 rubles per day.

If you come to rest in Listvyanka in the summer evening, be sure to book the terrace. A dinner in the fresh air will be a perfect end of the evening.

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All hotel booking information and prices on Bookings.

Hotel Legend of Baikal

Hotel Legend of Baikal

Baikal Beaches

Every tourist tries to visit the beaches of Baikal. The water here is clean and has healing properties.

The following recreation areas are recommended to visit:

  • Pomegranate Beach. It is located in the town of Baikalsk. The place got its name due to the sand, which has a burgundy color and contains semi-precious metal. The size of the beach is small.
  • Ambassador’s fee. Sandy, shallow beach. Located in the south-east of Lake Baikal, belongs to Buryatia. Characterized by particularly warm waters.
  • Saraisky beach. It is practically unimproved. There is no infrastructure here. It is situated on Olkhon Island. It is very popular among tourists. It is famous for its sandy shore with a gentle entrance. The swimming season lasts long – 2 months.

Interesting places

Around Baikal there are many attractions, including natural attractions.

Frequently visited places:

  • The “Taltsy” ethnographic complex. You can get acquainted with the life of those who lived on Baikal several centuries ago at the museum. Admission to the area costs 250 rubles.
  • Nerpinarium in Listvyanka. The star of the performances is the seal – a mammal, which lives exclusively on Lake Baikal. The animals show a variety of tricks, let themselves be petted. Ticket price from 400 rubles.
  • Snake Bay. Unique place where there are no winds. Here the seals meet in their natural habitat. One can not swim in the bay (a lot of grass snakes). Entrance fee is 100 rubles.
  • Shamanka Rock. The holy place of Buryats and Mongols. Near the cape there are 13 ritual poles. One ties ribbons to them and makes wishes. It is believed that they come true. Entrance is free.
  • Baikal Museum. The “highlight” of the site is diving in a bathyscaphe into the underwater world of Baikal. The price is 300 rubles per person.

Useful pastime

There are no shortcuts to find excursions and entertainment at Baikal. There are short-term and long-term activities to choose from. The most popular:

  • Excursion trip from Listvyanka to Olkhon . It starts from Khuzhir village, includes visiting Shamanka cliff, goes deep into the island through Kharanty village to Peschanka tract, includes visiting Sagan-Khushun cape (Three Brothers) and the northern extremity of Olkhon – Khoboy cape. The final stage will be dinner outdoors (soup from Baikal omul, cooked on open fire). The tour lasts for 19 hours. Price for one person – 6500 rubles. Buy online
  • Sightseeing tour in Irkutsk. The tour includes a visit to the Church of the Savior, Epiphany Cathedral, Memorial “Eternal Flame”, the monument to Peter and Fevronia Muromski, etc. The finale will be the Museum of local history (with a visit to the Department of History of Irkutsk). The tour lasts for 3 hours. It costs 800 rubles per person. To buy a ticket you can at
  • Horseback riding tour along the Baikal coast. A long horseback ride will allow you to see all the charms of the lake, enjoy nature and get acquainted with the sights. The tour lasts for 6 days. It costs 28 thousand rubles per person. You can buy such tours at

The best time to visit Lake Baikal is in summer, in July. It is nice weather for swimming, fishing and sightseeing. The prices for your rest are high, but the positive emotions are worth it. But planning in advance will allow you to cut your expenses as much as possible.

Rest on Baikal in the summer of 2022: where to go and what to see

Baikal is always incredibly beautiful and attractive, but especially during the summer. The exuberance of nature around and transparent blue water so that you can see the pebbles at the bottom. Warm sandy beaches: you can sunbathe and swim. Rest on Baikal in summer will allow not only to see the lake, but also to go on excursions in the surrounding area. If you want – go on foot, if you want – on horses, by car, by boat, by ship or even by helicopter.

Bases of rest in Khuzhir: 7 best

If you have a couple of weeks in reserve and you want to gain some energy, plunging into the Baikal energy, don’t reject the trips. The caves of the Small Sea, the sacral Olkhon Island, the rookeries of the seals on the Ushkany Islands and the hot springs are waiting for you.

We’ll help you to make itineraries and tell you where to go and what to see on the lake in 2022. Book places at the tourist hostels in advance: there are a lot of people, who want to get here.

Popular destinations

Arshan resort

Olkhon Island

Listvyanka settlement

Small Sea

The Tunkinskaya Valley in Buryatia

The place called “Siberian Alps”. The clearest rivers flow and mighty waterfalls roar here. You want to breathe in the pine forests, breathe in the pine air and look at the beautiful panorama on the mountain for a long time. Tunkinskaya Valley is famous for its mineral springs and healing muds which are used for treatment in sanatoriums of Buryatia.

When to go


Get some Siberian sun in June

In June it is warm and sunny in Baikal, but it is too early to swim: the water is quite cool. Photo: Julia PYKHALOVA, “KP”-Irkutsk”.

June is perfect for those who like excursions, who want to visit both the south and the north of the lake, do scuba diving, go to the mountains and visit hot springs. What will not be able to do is to swim. Although in early June on the coast is at times very warm weather and +25 in the daytime will surprise nobody, and at the end of the month and the heat under +30 sometimes, the water is still cold even in the bays of the Small sea. Siberia. In the morning the thermometer column still keeps on a mark +15 degrees. But there is a lot of sun – tan and stock up on vitamin D.

Rest at Baikal in June has its own advantages. You will find a lot of places at camping sites and the cost of accommodation and flights is lower than in July by 15-20%. Warm guides vying with one another offer their services, which, as you have guessed correctly, during this period are also cheaper.

Summer vacations in Baikal in 2022 are a festival of poetry, and every two years on Olkhon Yerdynskiy Games – Olympics of national sports are held.

How to plan a dream vacation in Baikal

The most famous lake in the country is able to surprise travelers all year round. In winter – magic ice and hot springs, in summer – rich fishing and stunning views. However, you need to book tickets here in advance: we tell you how to do it profitably.

See riders and shamans in July

At the Surkharban festival one can see riders on horseback, national wrestling and shamanic rituals. Photo: Yulia Pykhalova, “KP”-Irkutsk”.

July in Baikal is always hot, it’s the best time for a beach vacation. The heat and the wind is calm, but it’s never stuffy near the water. The dry climate allows to feel comfortable both at +25, and at +30. The favorite places for beach rest in the south of the lake are traditionally the shaman island Olkhon and the Small Sea, the water in the bays of which is well warmed up.

There are amazingly interesting festivals in July. You’ll appreciate “Voice of Nomads” for those who are keen on ethnic music. It is interesting to visit the national holiday Surkharban where you will see flying arrows, riders on horses, national wrestling, shamanic ceremonies.

Holkhon Island - 2022. Best camping sites, prices and tips

Shumak Nature Park in Buryatia: how to get to the lost world

There are very few places like this left in the world. Shumak is a true protected area in the heart of Siberia: it is accessible only by air. But more and more people year after year come here to get in touch with the world, covered with legends and tales, to see wild nature, to taste healing water from mineral springs.

Get to the sailing regatta in August

In August a spectacular sailing regatta is held in Baikal. Photo:

In early August, the pilgrimage of tourists to Baikal reaches incredible proportions. The water in the bays is as warm as fresh milk. The days are almost all sunny, the daytime in the beginning of the month is guaranteed to be +30, but it’s easily bearable. It’s the best time for swimming and sunbathing.

And if you want some variety, go on excursions. On the water or on land – it does not matter, the nature is fascinating. Talking about Baikal recreation, we have already mentioned numerous festivals in summer, and in August 2022 perhaps the most spectacular one is expected. Baikal Regatta is a string of sailing ships, and it is worth seeing such beauty.

At the end of the month the art festival “Baikal-live” is held at the Little Sea, which brings together bards from all over the country. Not only songs, but also yoga and dancing are waiting for the guests.

Choose the best camping sites in Baikal

In summer, the flow of tourists to Baikal flows primarily to the most popular destinations – Olkhon Island and the Small Sea. There are about 100 tourist hostels, cottages, camping sites and yurt camps. On Olkhon you can also stay at private houses in the village of Khuzhir.

The cheapest option is just to pitch a tent on the shore. It is possible to do it too. Do you want to be as comfortable as possible? There are extra-class hotels on Listvyanka, at Maloye More and Olkhon.

If you want more exotics, stay at least for one night in a yurt camp. Photo: Yulia Pykhalova, “KP”-Irkutsk”.

All tourist camps have bathhouses, summer showers, children’s playgrounds and parking lots. And there are all kinds of excursions: walking, horseback riding, tour in the mountains and caves, by boat or by steamboat or by helicopter.

If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of shamanistic places at least for one night – stay at the yurt-camp, where you will feel a special color of steppe and nomadic life. Don’t worry about conveniences: there is a shower with hot and cold water, and beds will be placed on the planking in the yurt, which is illuminated by solar panels. There are yurt camps both in the mass recreation areas and in the distance – choose any option.

If you want to stay for a day in the high season, the price starts from 600 roubles at the private houses in Khuzhir and 1500 roubles at the yurt and up to 2000 roubles at the comfortable rest camp. The price list goes down starting from the 15th of August.

How to get there

You can get to Irkutsk airport in the city. You can get to the center in 30 minutes by bus №20, 42, 43, 80, 90 or by trolleybus №4. Site of the airport – Airport “Baikal” Ulan-Ude, 15 km to the city center. You can get there by buses №28, 55, 77. Website of the airport –

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