Holidays at sea in Russia in June 2022. Where to go

Where to go in Russia in June

Balaklava Bay - where to go in Russia in June?

Where to go in Russia in June: to relax by the sea, be cured or unwind? Weather, water temperature, prices, what to see and do? brings you the top 7 Russian places to visit in early summer.

Summer begins in June. And no matter how much you argue with this until the hoarse, giving sound reasons like meteorological statistics, in fact, this is true.

Yes: caravans of cars, trains and planes landing every five minutes will be a little later, when people warm up and realize it’s time. But right on International Children’s Day, it’s calendar summer in the northern hemisphere of the planet. And there’s nothing you can do about it – you just have to face the fact.

And let the voices around them – they say that in June in Russia and go nowhere, what kind of vacation there? After all, there – it’s cold, and here – just damp, no sun, and therefore the money – just a waste.

It is not necessary to pay attention! Because in fact it is not true. Fabricated mainly by people who have decided in advance that they will go on vacation in August.

Or, if you’re not lucky, to try to go somewhere in July. But not before – they’re not unlucky? And they won’t spend their vacation for who knows what!

Below we will try to refute this categorical, but rather frivolous point of view. As usual, giving examples and even some facts.

Someone, of course, will not stop it – a bulldozer does not need paths. But others will surely ponder – are the perennial clichés as thorough as they look?

Sea in the Crimea - where to go in Russia in June

Where to go in June?

First of all to the sea. Which in Russia theoretically there is a lot of, but practically – the one that at times it seems warm – just nothing.

Therefore, would not it be logical to visit, to bathe and to get warm before the mighty wave of holiday-makers engulfs the few kilometers of blessed shores? Moreover, it is quite easy to combine swimming with excursions and other activities, which are a part of tour packages to Sochi.

However, someone, probably, will prefer “seal” rest. And in the present circumstances, to blame him for this, well, quite wrong!

In the beginning of June it is impossible to consider the peninsula a nice beach resort. And why should it be – the air is warmed up at best till +20-24. And sometimes – in the first decade – even less.

The sea sparkles in the sun and pleases with fresh turquoise. But, alas, it is rather chilly inside: from +18 to +21. In addition it rains very persistently at times – the nature as if trying to wash away any signs of the winter, which ended not so long ago.

However, allergic people will like this weather, because it is easy to breathe in June Crimea. And the air has just intoxicating, even a little bit intoxicating taste.

In addition, starting from the middle of the month usually follows a noticeable bias towards the heat. Fortunately, it is not the heat yet – even a “round-the-world trip” to the Crimea is unlikely to exhaust you or just tire you out!

Thermometers, however, judging by the sharp movements upwards from about 9-10 in the morning, are ready for meteorological records. And from the second half of the months they should be expected any day!

After the 20s, temperatures across the peninsula easily reach levels of +28-30. Although, of course, there are some overcast days that are not too hot.

The sea water warms up not very quickly, but steadily. Because by the end of the month close to +24-25 – both on the South Coast, and located much more north beaches Evpatoria.

Further can follow failure … but it we already run ahead. On reserve for many July “territory”.

  • Where it is better to have a rest in the Crimea? On this – in detail – in our article!
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Tourists at first very little, and the prices in hotels and guest houses quite consistent with the low demand. You’ll pay from 2.5-3 thousand rubles per night and check into a decent room. Do you want a clean apartment? And there are no problems with it – from about the same amount – depending on the location.

Yalta, understandably, will be more expensive. But it is so, always a little “on the fingers”. By the way, as any peasant beauty, can afford – any good guide will tell you.

Flights from Moscow to Simferopol and back in 2022 cost about 12-13 thousand rubles per adult. Standard price for a regular Aeroflot flight: hand luggage up to 10 kg, luggage space up to 23 kg.

The train is not much inferior in price, but the duration of the rail journey is more than 40 hours. Approximately the same amount of time will be spent for a roadtourist.

And here is money, if the whole family goes on vacation, he can win. Even taking into account high gasoline prices, movement on toll highway M4 and necessity of at least one overnight stay.

What is always amazed by frantic, ant-like stubbornness, with which people go to Sochi with children in high season. And even without them!

When it is not only warm outside, but also unbearably hot and, what is worse, just as stuffy. And the prices not only for hotels – for everything – skyrocket like a fighter jet. Fast and without a glance, at times clearly breaking the ceiling of common sense.

When, despite this, it’s hard to get into the sea without bumping into someone on the way. And places on beaches – if they are not expensive, embedded in the cost of living – have to be occupied at the same time with dawn.

What about the beach and sea – you have to get there first, if you get out on vacation by car. Standing in a hellish traffic jam, contrary to all laws of the genre not wishing to resolve at half past two in the morning.

Enough apocalyptic visions, though – it’s time to stop with the bedtime meal. After all, we’re talking about June here. When the deep-seated vacationer is only figuring out what he will take to the sea with him, and is developing a plan of not boring pastime.

Mount Akhun - is it worth going to Sochi in June

So, in June, Sochi is mostly good. Not always and not necessarily, but more often yes than no. It is light, not too sultry (up to +26-28), moderately humid.

Such weather charges with energy better, than vitamins. And vacationers have enough energy not only to swim and tan, but also to have time to explore the main tourist attractions of Sochi.

What’s more, you can even take a trip to the suburbs – bolshoe-puteshestvie-po-russkoy-shveytsarii. Not everyone, of course, will go to Abkhazia, but about 90% of vacationers get to Krasnaya Polyana.

Prices for hotels make you want to scream scream. From 3.5-4 thousand for number, and not at all near coast line? And it is still inexpensive option – like popular hotel Palmira.

“A horse’s throw” – let’s look at a hotel in Adler – is habitually helpful. Since, for example, the KraMan guest house is ready to accommodate a couple of holidaymakers for a little less money. Its counterpart on the other side of the Mzymta River, the Verona Hotel, also charges not too much per night.

Airfare prices are similar to the Crimean, except that the carriers limit the luggage included in the price to 10 kilograms. And who, tell me, can cram his entire beach closet in such limits?

St. Petersburg

“Northern Venice” we pushed to the third place in the rating of places worth to go in Russia in June. Not without hesitation and not with a steady hand … Simply firmly deciding that the sea and the sun as sources of life-giving energy and health should be in priority!

But after them, of course, follows St. Petersburg. To which, as a matter of fact, one could have rolled out for a few days a little bit earlier.

Where to go on vacation without a passport

After all white nights begin in St. Petersburg not at all in summer. And all the romance that goes with it: these sunsets and sunrises, long walks at night, the opening of bridges and the scent of bird cherry trees, is in the air in May.

But here we are talking about a different month. Its peculiarities are described in details here:

To avoid repeating myself, let us briefly note that the weather in this time period can not be very good. Namely, it can be damp, dank and cold. And there are not a lot of sunny days.

This applies not only to the city, but also to the adjacent Leningrad region. And also in Karelia! However people come to feel the greatness of Valaam and Kizhi now in any weather.

One of the distinctive features of late June in St. Petersburg is high humidity – the attempts of the sun to overcome and warm all this low-lying gloom often leads to a stuffiness. And you are left to wonder how it is at only +25 in the air, your shirt can at least be wrung out.

However the excursions to the old town are going with a bang all the same – ot-nevskogo-do-kirochnoy. You can even say joyful: everyone in bright, like flowers, wet windbreakers, and enthusiastic. What is it – happy!

Just to be here, to fit into the puzzle, to become a part of this austere beauty… Let it be soaked and at times unhappy, but clearly felt at some subconscious level.

Reflection, June in Saint Petersburg

To pay for this experience, yes, you will have to – money of the Sochi level or so. If you want to stay in the center of the city – Nevsky Grand Apartments at 10, Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street, for example, a 5-minute walk from the Hermitage, will take about 5-6 thousand rubles per night.

But take a few stops away on the subway and you will find much cheaper options multiplied. A room at Sputnik Hotel, a 10 minute walk from Ploshchad Mudozhestva Station, will cost about 4,500 per night. And her slightly cheaper counterpart, Like Apart! on Kushelevka, will ask up to 4 rubles per night.

We will not spread particularly wide about airfare. Muscovites are advised to read our material on how to get to St. Petersburg cheapest. For residents of Yekaterinburg a round trip trip trip will cost 20 thousand, for residents of Novosibirsk a little less.


In June the main resort town of the Caucasus from a climatic point of view does not look too advantageous. In the eyes of active and not inclined to stay long in one place tourist.

But those who intend to heal, will find it literally ideal. After all, in theory, everything goes literally by the mould of “proper” recovery.

The air temperature slowly but surely gains day and night, at its peak reaching moderate and not disturbing +22-24. The sun appears infrequently. And mostly to encourage rather than make you wipe the sweat from your forehead.

Pressure in any case will not allow itself to jump above 700 mm of mercury column – walks up and down should load moderately and sparingly. Well, the air is very fresh and habitually drinkable – the rains regularly irrigate the local soil.

Note that only precipitation can turn away from a trip to KavMinVody in the opening month of summer. And then, perhaps, there are the prices – the local health resorts charge tangible sums for “to sleep, eat and be treated” – around 6-10 thousand per day for two people.

Is it possible to save money? As a matter of fact, yes, you can. If you book in advance (not later than March) a room in a relatively inexpensive Park Hotel or its analog.

Situated – best of all – right next to the Narzanaya Gallery and the Spa Park. It is easier and more convenient to go to the baths (e.g. Oktyabrskie), massages and walks.

By the way – vacationers who are not bound to sanatorium procedures and meals can design a much richer program of events. After all, you can go to many places in KavMinVody! Dombay is incredibly beautiful in summer months!

Rest in June 2022 in Russia: where to go

Golden Ring and…

The necklace of ancient Russian towns, embracing a vast space to the northeast of the capital for centuries, is also deliberately included in our early summer rating. It’s not generally for a long vacation, though – more of a tour trip for a few days.

Why? Quite simply: a little later, as in the case of the south, it will be too late. People will rock and will go, and you will have no place to stay.

To feel the real peace and quiet, literally quiet happiness. For which here, in fact, and go.

  • (approximate) Itinerary of the trip through the cities of the Golden Ring

Church of the Intercession on the Nerl near Suzdal

The local weather is not sunny, but it’s for the best! After all Central Russian nature is especially lyrical on a little bit cloudy, not bright day. It is warm enough in Suzdal, as well as to the north, in Yaroslavl: often +20-22, rather than +14-16.

Rains… happen. If you go on 2-3 days trip take the time to study the weather forecast. So that the rainfall peak will not fall right on “your” date.

You will have to spend a lot of money – especially if you choose Vladimir and Suzdal, rather than, for example, Kostroma. However, if you book in advance, you can keep within a tolerable amount.

For example, in Suzdal guest house Podvorye you will be given a spacious room for two people for ~ For example, in the Suzdal Podvorie you can rent a spacious room for two people for 5 000 rubles a day. And that’s one of the most unpretentious ways to save your feelings!

Let’s notice that during this period it is more pertinent to study the Golden Ring for the inhabitants of the capital and the central regions of Russia. The population of the Northwest District, perhaps, should pay more attention to the churches and Detinets of Veliky Novgorod. Or Pskov: ancient, beautiful, still not too popular.


The vast region to the northeast of St. Petersburg has become increasingly popular among tourists in recent years. And it’s not just because people suddenly remembered the monastery on Valaam or reached for the Museum of Wooden Architecture in Kizhi. Not at all – just the natural beauty and unspoiled purity of forests and lakes become one of the main factors in choosing a destination for a vacation.

No, you should not count on swimming – if only on the peak of summer. But the “wagon” of health even after a week’s rest is sure to catch on!

It is not surprising at all that during the period of white nights and till August the coast of the Ladoga Lake becomes almost more popular than the southern seas. The Onega is literally flooded with people, despite the fact that it’s as cold as it’s clean.

But nobody cares that bathing at big lakes at the isthmus is for the brave ones. After all water there warms up only to +16-17!

But you can always put up a tent, fish and make stew. Ride on kayaks or just sit with a guitar near a campfire.


This region in southern Siberia is considered one of the most expensive domestic destinations. However, we still advise you to visit this place on the map of Russia in June.

See its still undisturbed by mass tourists beauty by traveling on foot. Or even on horseback – appropriate tours are not particularly expensive today.

  • After all, a little later it will be quite different!

Because most travelers go to Altai starting from the second month of summer. So you won’t be able to roam undisturbed and mesmerized by nobody in the taiga forests of marvelous beauty. And leaning on dry and fragrant pine needles for hours to watch the hills stretching to the horizon.

By the way later the prices will be also greatly increased up to unexplainable heights. How is it possible if all the money is in Moscow? And the capital is almost 4 thousand kilometers away from here!

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Rest at the sea in June in Russia – 5 resorts

Where to go in June by the sea in Russia

Russian resorts where you can go on vacation in June 2022 and where the sea is warm at this time. Take your pick!

Useful Links:

    – search for bargain tours on all tour operators – hotels with a cashback


Adler is a well-known Black Sea resort, which needs no introduction: a huge number of Russians prefer to rest at the sea here in June. The city is a tourist destination, with good beaches and green parks, well-developed transport links, many accessible catering and a large selection of inexpensive hotels. The beaches are pebbly, well equipped, with renewed embankments and bicycle paths. The biggest number of tourists in the Imereti lowlands, where there is a well-developed infrastructure – new hotels, Sochi-Park and Olympic venues have been built.

Holidays at sea in June in Adler is good because there is still no exhausting heat. The weather in the summer is sunny and very pleasant: the average temperature is +27 ° C during the day and +16 ° C at night. The sea in June is already warm enough, about +23 ° C. There are not so many people on the beaches yet as in the high season, besides the beaches here are so long that you can find a free place without problems.

From Adler you can easily visit other resorts in Russia – for example, the bus is convenient to get to Krasnaya Polyana. From the railway station you can go to Skypark, Akhshtyrskaya cave and trout farm.

It is also possible to visit a dolphinarium or any of the children’s entertainment centers. The huge territory of the Olympic Park impresses, especially spectacular spectacle in the evening, when the night lights turn on and the show of fountains begins.

Read our detailed review about rest in Adler – there is the whole truth about the resort, a lot of photos and tips.

Holiday in Adler

Beach in Adler.


Sudak is a good option for a beach holiday in June 2022 in Russia. In June, the resort is already warm enough for sea bathing: +25 ° C during the day, +20 ° C at night, the water in the sea is about +23 ° C, often calm. Most tourists come after June 20, and in early summer the beaches are not crowded, which is good, because at the height of the season there is literally no place to fall. We recommend to go to the sea in June also because at this time there is no shortage of accommodation, but still better to book a hotel in advance. The city also has a large selection of accommodation in the private sector.

The resort offers standard beach entertainments: banana and catamaran rides, entertainment in the water park, numerous attractions. Children collect shells and catch crabs, adults enjoy fishing and strolling along the promenade. Learn more about rest in Sudak.

There are a lot of interesting places in the vicinity of Sudak and Novy Svet! The main local attraction – the Genoese fortress, as well as popular climbing the mountain Alchak-Kaya, which offers panoramic views of the city. From Sudak by bus for 15-20 minutes you can get to the village Novy Svet, which is known for its juniper groves, beautiful bays and beaches, as well as the reserve. There you can also try a locally produced sparkling drink – Novy Svet Champagne.

rest in June at the sea in Russia

A view of Cape Kapchik, Novy Svit and the suburbs of Sudak.

Golubitskaya village

The warmest sea in June in Russia – the Azov Sea, it with its gentle sandy beaches attracts holidaymakers with children. Resorts on the Sea of Azov cozy, prices for housing are lower than on the Black Sea, and vacation style is more like a village – the same quiet and unhurried. The average air temperature on the coast of +27 ° C, the water gets warm to +26 ° C, precipitation is rare and negligible.

Where to go in June 2022 by sea in Russia? We advise you to pay attention to Golubitskaya – a small resort near Temryuk, emerged on the site of the village, founded by Russian centurion in the 18th century. The nearest airport is located in Anapa. Now in Golubitskaya there is everything for a comfortable family vacation – built modern hotels, there are recreation centers and a wide range of housing in the private sector, operate Dolphinarium, water park and amusement park, operate numerous cafes. Available any water activities, developing windsurfing and kitesurfing. Learn more about rest in Golubitskaya.

Where to go in September 2022 in Russia - 8 ideas

The most famous local attraction is the lake with healing mud, popular trips to the lotus valley and mud volcano. Around the village are estuaries and small creeks with fish, so the favorite pastime of men vacationing here is fishing.

Reviews about rest on the Azov Sea

Beach “Sea Breeze” (Photo: / House on Kurortnaya 87)

Partenit .

Another resort in Russia, where you can go to rest in June 2022 by the sea – a small village Partenit, nestled at the foot of Mount Ayu-Dag in the South Coast of Crimea. In June it is very warm: day +27 ° C at night +17 ° C, sea water +22 ° C. The top and slopes of the mountain Ayu-Dag are covered with forests and there are a lot of hiking trails and wild beaches around the mountain. All beaches are pebbly with admixture of sand.

Partenit has several large sanatoriums, including the famous children’s camp “Artek”. On the coast there are many cozy cafes, created beautiful park areas for recreation. With the private sector is worse, since much of the village is built with apartment buildings, but in June there is every chance to find a suitable option.

The village itself is very cozy and quiet and all the entertainment is appropriate – water motorcycle and catamaran rides, sea and hiking. There is a beautiful park with waterfalls, pavilions, stairs and sculptures. Near Partenit are Gurzuf and Nikita, and Yalta and Alushta are easily accessible by public transport.

Take a look at our review of all Crimean resorts to choose the best one for you. And how much does it cost to get rest in the Crimea?

Where to go on vacation in June

(Photo: Khuroshvili Ilya / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Rest on the sandy shores of the Baltic coast is chosen by those who do not tolerate the bustle of southern resorts and does not complain about the heat. If in June in the south of Russia the thermometer easily gets over +30 ° C, while the temperature indicator on the Baltic is kept at +20. +22°С.

Why is it worth going to Svetlogorsk in June 2022? It is ideal for a quiet holiday by the sea: quiet streets, neat German-style houses, small cafes and long sandy beaches. Local mineral springs are successfully used for the treatment of respiratory, endocrine, and nervous system, and a wonderful cocktail of pine needles and sea air completes its healing effect.

The city itself is located on a hill and literally buried in verdure, you can go down to the beach by cable car, elevator or equipped descents. The Baltic Sea is cold even in August, so vacationers usually sunbathe here, play tennis or volleyball, stroll along the promenade. There is a lake in the center of the city, at the boat station you can rent a boat or a water bike.

The only inconvenience of traveling by land transport to Kaliningrad region is the need to pass the Russian-Lithuanian border. Because of this inconvenience, many people do not associate with road and rail travel and prefer to use the services of air travel.

City beach in Svetlogorsk. Photo: tjabeljan / / CC BY 2.0.

Rest in June by the sea in Russia has a lot of advantages: free hotels and half-empty beaches, the first fruits and berries, low prices and the absence of strong heat. However, there are also disadvantages – changeable weather and sudden cold currents, which quickly cool the ardor of vacationers. However, the latter phenomenon is typical for the Black Sea resorts. If the vacation is planned with children, it is better to choose a well-warmed Azov shallow waters.

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