Holidays in Belek with children – 2022. Best hotels and beaches

All-inclusive hotels for holidays with children in Belek (Turkey)

We stayed in this wonderful hotel in early November! We were very pleased with the rest starting with the arrival: we were welcomed and offered champagne, despite the early 11 am arrival, we were accommodated almost immediately, and the category of rooms for free raised, (the guy at the reception was very nice and to the same extent we are graduates of a university – ONMU) As a result we got a beautiful room with a sea view and a large.

The children’s club – a good all that it is possible to think up, works from 10 am till 23:00, there also children are fed by a dinner of their choice, it is a lot of circles, learn to cook, model, draw, very good sports activities in the air for children of all ages, in the evening a children’s disco and various shows.

Especially my daughter became friends with a girl from the children’s club – Dusha was her name )) SPA – very large and beautiful, there are all types of saunas and hammam, but the opening for us was an infrared sauna in conjunction with the hammam – it is super relax


We loved the food: huge selection of fruits, vegetables, seafood, etc. The heated pool made our winter vacation very warm :)

We had a rest in a 5 star hotel with something to occupy and entertain ourselves, we could go to the gym, the machines were all new, we could do yoga or swim in the spa and not worry about the baby, knowing that he will be fine.

For children: water park, water slide, animation, children’s club, children’s playground, children’s menu, buffet for children, game room

Excellent hotel rooms and exterior very beautiful, it is possible to settle in villas they are separately placed he main building, just for those who like to relax away from prying eyes, villas from 6 to 10 people, each with its own pool, kitchen and office, many activities on the territory of the hotel tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball courts, there is archery and pneumatic weapons.

The beach is well maintained and very clean. The rooms are well furnished and very luxurious. And not forgetting the fantastic bar on the pier, which was our favorite place to have a drink and watch the sunset

The staff is helpful and courteous. Still found one drawback. Weak lighting near the bathroom mirror. Not enough light for a woman to see the beauty.

Passes: Large rooms, lots of greenery and trees on the property, large swimming pool, heated pool, first line with a sandy beach, very tasty cuisine and a VERY large selection of dishes, many staff speak Russian.

Disadvantages: while only one has found and that not archival – no cold (even a small) pool in a spa complex, we have to run out into the street and the first on the way heated pool which is also not suitable

For children: water park, water slide, animation, children’s club, children’s playground, children’s menu, buffet for children, game room

The big minus is the tiny playground on the street. The pools are good, the water in all is very warm, the children liked the water slides

It was a great hotel, I liked it very much. But what really impressed me was the work of the animation. The guys and girls are working from early morning till late at night. Muhammad is just the best)))) Thank you, friends, we will miss you.

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The hotel is beautiful, large area, animation is rousing and super fun, friendly, welcoming and very atmospheric. For children also everything is very fun and intense. The hotel is great for kids in general.

The water was cool, although the air temperature was 39, probably because of the river flowing into the sea not far away. Animation is very weak, can be because of the pandemic. Miniclub works, a little play with children and do crafts.

Bathroom we had a family room consisting of two rooms, nice and cosy but we were confused by the bathroom facilities, sink in the hallway and a glass door next to the shower and WC, although they are two different rooms.

The hotel is nice and not too big, the area is compact and the pools are warm. The a la carte concept did not meet our expectations, the waiters did not have enough time, the menu was poor and sometimes the dishes were served cold.

For children: water park, water slide, animation, children’s club, children’s playground, children’s menu, buffet for children, game room

I stayed in this hotel for a long time and I would say this hotel is a great value for money.

The flight 2021, the flight was very early, we were very well met, quickly taken to our room and fed, the appearance of the staff, the condition of the rooms and the food were all top notch

I would especially like to mention the bartender Vitaly Volkov he is very communicative, makes very tasty cocktails and is very quick to approach

V the villa has literally everything, but separately liked the presence of 2 saunas on the ground floor-Finnish, the second Turkish, and its own private pool) Good own water park on the beach floor grass, the beach floor sand

We were offered to have a rest in Freezone (area with a very comfortable sofas, mini-bars with drinks and showers) and to have breakfast in Azure restaurant 7/24 (a la carte), which we did.

Maxx Royal gave us a wonderful stay and all our expectations were 100% fulfilled. We enjoyed the amazing nature, elite service and comfortable atmosphere.

For children: water park, water slide, animation, kids club, kids menu, kids buffet, games room

Lovely hotel. Worth the money! Location is excellent, both on coastline and remoteness from the airport All decently clean, beautiful area, kitchen, lobby, reception, other halls and the hotel lobby – beauty Coastline, pantone, shizlongs on the beach all ok The room stock all decently Large hotel area But it is not a problem at all it is beautiful and pleasant there is a Golf Zone individual.

Good sensible Turkish olinclusive with 5 stars. Children have something to do with the animators. Heated swimming pool with sea water.

Mask do not make (only in the restaurant) Park Legends nearby – within walking distance (about 30 minutes on foot) In golf you can play, and if not then chikarno on it to run/walk Drinks normal, fed to death

Beautiful hotel! It’s beautiful! Clean and well maintained beach! Staff are very nice and welcoming! The menu is very good and varied! We enjoyed our stay!

My glasses were missing, a colleague’s paverbank one, aikos the second, and a T-shirt the third! In the Lost and Found their hands and the hotel load well oooooh very small! People almost no! And in general all is beautiful!) Take care of things!)

I was recently on a business trip to this wonderful hotel!) Hotel is really cool! Rooms, cosmetics, everything is top notch! But not so good with the staff, English is not understandable, things go missing.

For children: water park, water slide, animation, children’s club, children’s playground, children’s menu, buffet for children, game room

They put it on through and through. I would like to praise the a la carte restaurants, for some reason I was only in 2, the Turkish and the Japanese. Very tasty! The chefs and waiters are cheerful and helpful.

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We can tell you a lot about the benefits of this type of aqua-aerobics, I recommend it. The shuttles constantly take guests around the hotel, no queues and delays. Our grandson ran there without a backward glance, and it was not easy to pick him up.

I loved staying at the Regnum Hotel. Nice music in the evenings, lots of unexplored locations throughout the hotel (and the area is large). The only thing that was not pleasant.

Only, in the hall where you wait for a massage, the stairs were always dirty glass. Liked that the pools have no creepy amount of chlorine What struck me is that for 2 weeks I did not see any downside

Everything is top notch, shows for adults and kids, kids club that you couldn’t get my kid out of, the kids club staff is always playing with the kids, well supervised, very friendly

They have a small café-like place downstairs where you can sit and have a cup of coffee and ice cream)) and when you take the sweets (and they are tasty there ) different ones, you could run your eyes off them and have the feeling that you were taking the last one away from them.

For children: water park, water slide, animation, kids club, playground, buffet for children, game room

Especially pleased with the water slides for both adults and water slides for kids with a pool, the bottom of which is covered with sand (artificial). Therefore, the water in it is ideally clean.

All inclusive system which includes decent alcohol such as Hennessy, Chivas and the like. Holidays in it in early October weather good, the sea is warm, but the pools are not heated.

My three grandchildren (9*6*4) had it in high demand. The water slides for both adults and children are located next to each other, separated by a small wooden fence

It has a terrace with a Jacuzzi and a table) and after all tried double rooms (in principle not bad, but that’s a minus one bathroom for 4 people and a balcony with no light, uncomfortable, but so prnentspely not bad) want to emphasize that in the hotels hard to move around, need a buggy, but it does not give residents rooms, not convenient (need to think of a solution to this problem, but so all.

The hotel is located in a golden cage), were in villas, in the serenity of the rooms. I had a villa in Serenity (plenty of room, 1 villa sleeps 5 people, everything is fine, but in my opinion, the first floor is useless, all the time you spend in the blood and bathtub).

All this can be eaten in this bar in the shade on comfy sofas at the table. There is a pier with comfortable soft sunbeds under awnings. Towels can be changed on the pier without going back to the beach. There is water in bottles on the pier.

For children: water park, water slide, animation, children’s club, children’s playground, children’s menu, buffet for children, game room

It was a pleasure to stay at Paloma with my family from April 20 to 28, we were very pleased with everything, but the hotel is more European and family oriented, there are a lot of couples with children for whom it is a paradise, especially the pools with Aqua Zona.

It was a pleasure to stay at this hotel, but I think it’s more of a European, family hotel, lots of couples who want kids there as they are in paradise, especially the pools and the aqua zone. The hotel has its own beach, several pools including a children’s pool and a waterslide. Cook tasty and varied.

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Animation is great, fun, there is a disco every night, which had excellent security, thanks to Okan who, by the way, speaks Russian and is always ready to help everyone with any questions.

It is a great hotel, nice areas, a lot of pools, waterslides, clean beach, good entrance to the sea, lots of bars, but there is a small “but”.

Istanbul, a young man named Dogukan from Antalya, a very fun aqua-aerobics and all sorts of themed evenings, I would highly recommend this hotel as a trip with children and just an adult company.

My boyfriend was restored and my wife was very happy with my new boyfriend. I thanked the manager at the reception, Elena and the manager of the hotel, Ahmet.

For children: water park, water slide, animation, children’s club, children’s playground, children’s menu, buffet for children, game room

We had a wonderful family hotel in Belek. We had a rest in the first half of October, weather at this time is excellent, the sea is warm! The hotel has a large, well-groomed area, a wide, clean beach, excellent evening shows and live music, active, but at the same time not intrusive animation.

Adults, too, interesting pools, bars and unobtrusive animation. Food was above all praise, – very tasty, varied and all very fresh! We would especially like to mention the work of the Sea food restaurant.

On the huge green area there is ALL the entertainment for children, and the water park, and the lunapark, lots of pools and slides. Rock climbing, and other things.

Thank you very much for your hospitality, especially in the current situation in Ukraine, we were treated with understanding and concern, our special thanks for that. I hope we will stay at this hotel again.

Especially liked the mini club – it’s a whole city for kids! With rides, water slides and great kids animators.

The staff is very helpful and diligent. Clean pools, sun loungers, towels, entertainment! Well done! Keep it up ! RECOMMENDED!

For children: water park, water slide, animation, children’s club, children’s playground, children’s menu, buffet for children, game room

We had a wonderful stay at our hotel. It was a great hotel with a small amphitheatre and not a lot of seats. Breakfast was a great experience and my wife was resting comfortably.

I would love to say thank you for the excellent entertainment program and the warmth of the spa at 7pm the beach is good but not Dominican Republic of course if the price tag is equal, take the Caribbean my advice but in the offseason is a good choice hotel, ☎️7169713 my number in Peter call, will tell more details and advise ?

I would like to mention service, everyone is friendly and there is Russian speaking staff (this is nice), the sea is clean but with waves, there are always sun beds, exciting animation, played volleyball every day and found friends

The guys at the bar are professionals. I want to note that regardless of the season, there is always a lot of staff, it proves the level of the hotel. The Hamam, indoor pool and gym are great.

This is something, super nice place. Lots of pools, bars on the beach, the beach area – everything is comfortable and well thought out.

I like all of them and we have a sushi restaurant which is open every day. I have a very good sushi chef and sushi restaurant. mm is a separate subject, you can go here if you like We have a wide range of good European brands, excellent equipment, super cocktails and all kinds of drinks.

Pools are clean, beach is great, clean, food is well made, chef is trying. I would also suggest going to the a la carte a la italian, we had a great time. The hotel is very well worth the money.

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The hotel is very well worth it in every way, very cool entertainment system, mostly just young beautiful people, no inadequate contingent – this is a huge plus!!! There were no children, which was a huge plus for me, the food was of the highest level, the choice of seafood, meat, fruit and everything else was plentiful.

Hello, I stayed in my room at Adam and Eve for a very long time and i chose Adam and Eve. i stayed in room 3140 and now i have a really fantastic hotel, the rooms are fantastic but my room does not have a working hamam but i hope so, the service is top notch, food and service 5+, many places i have been but here really is heaven, so many things to see, later will do a full review of the hotel, if someone is interested write to me.

I will make a full review later if anyone is interested. In my friends room did not work hammam, not all the lights, although their room was more expensive

The public toilets are dirty, need more checks or cleaners. In general it is worth to go, you will not regret it)

Already from the name it is possible to assume, that the specificity of hotel provides rest for romantic couples. The whole design is developed with this purpose and everything here predisposes to it.

Rest in Belek with children

Rest with children in Belek

We tell you about family vacations with children in Belek in 2022. The best beaches and hotels 5 stars. The nuances of children’s holiday at the resort and reviews of tourists.

Turkish resort Belek, despite its young age, has already earned a reputation as the most expensive and prestigious place to rest in Turkey. The proximity to the airport of Antalya, the magnificent nature and luxurious five-star hotels, working on an “all inclusive”, played a significant role in its popularity and among holidaymakers with children.

Features vacation with children in Belek

Most often in Belek rest wealthy people – businessmen or families looking for a quiet comfortable holiday without the fuss. The infrastructure of some hotels is so well thought out that guests are happy to spend all their time in the hotel.

However, if you want a holiday in Belek with children can vary the trip to the ancient ruins of ancient cities (Aspendos, Perge) or a visit to the water park “Troy”, walk in the park under pine and eucalyptus trees growing in the region. It is also interesting for children to visit the dolphinarium or the zoo.

Many family hotels offer a children’s menu, usually European cuisine, fresh pastries, milk, fruit and juice. For parents of the youngest travelers are organized special corners, equipped with a sterilizer, microwave and blender. Baby formula and porridge in this case can be taken with you.

Inexpensive hotels in Belek for recreation with children can be found on the second line. Some distance from the beach is compensated by free shuttle service running from the hotel to the beach and back. Public beaches in Belek are no less clean than private beaches, but for sun loungers and umbrellas will have to pay extra.

When it’s better to go

Hotels in Belek are comfortable for recreation with children at any time of the year, they are equipped with indoor heated pools and a whole complex of entertainment facilities, so they function all year round. Water parks open in May, but proper beach rest becomes possible closer to June. The pine forests somewhat mitigate the summer heat, but according to accounts for holidays with young children in Belek is better to choose the beginning of summer or September, when air temperatures are not as high and are +28. +30 ° C on average.

The warmest water in July and August is +28 ° C, while the air temperature rises to +33. +35 ° C and above. At some seasons you can swim in the sea until late October. The local climate is characterized by fresh nights – even in mid-July the air temperature can be +21 ° C.

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Rest with children in Belek

(Photo: ali eminov / / License CC BY-NC 2.0)

The best beaches in Belek for children

The coastal strip of Belek stretches for almost 20 km, most of it taken up by private beaches of large hotel complexes. All beaches in the resort are sandy, although there are some fragments of gravel, clean and comfortable, many of them marked by a blue flag. The sand is cleaned daily with special equipment, all beaches have awnings and umbrellas.

Convenient entry to the sea, without precipices and rocks, shallow and clear water make the beaches of Belek ideal for family holidays with children. Some of them are declared a protected area and are closed in the evening, where sea turtles lay their young. The best beaches, according to reviews of Russian tourists, became the beach hotel “Voyage Belek” and the city beach “Beach Park” with a large park and a lot of entertainment for vacationers.

Articles on the topic:

Best hotels in Belek for holidays with children in 2022

The first line of the coastal strip of Belek entirely built up with hotels of 5 stars, which can offer the widest range of services: pools, gym, SPA, several restaurants, children’s entertainment complexes and water parks, and of course a separate beach. For younger children, provides babysitting services and children’s mini-clubs. Adults can play soccer, volleyball, golf, do water sports and fly a parachute. Prices for holidays in Belek hotels 4 and 5 * in 2022 acceptable: a tour “all inclusive” and “ultra all inclusive” for two for 7 nights from Moscow costs from 90 thousand rubles. More budget hotels are usually located across the street from the beach.

We have chosen some of the best inexpensive 4 and 5 star hotels in Belek for holidays with children, based on tourist reviews. They are all-inclusive, located on 1 or 2 lines and have a variety of activities for children:

  • Crystal Paraiso Verde Resort & Spa 5* with a lunapark and water slides. Search tour →
  • Cornelia Deluxe Resort 5* for holidays with small children (baby food, baby care kit). Search tour →
  • Xanadu Resort 5* with slides. Search tour →
  • Gloria Golf Resort 5* . Search tour →.

If you are going on a trip by yourself, we advise you to search hotels on – it will help you find the cheapest price. Do not know how to use it? Read the article on how to book a hotel in Turkey by yourself.

If you prefer to vacation with a travel voucher, we recommend searching for last minute tours on Travelate and Level.Travel services – they compare the offers of 120 tour operators, and therefore are able to find the perfect option. It is possible to buy a trip online, which is very convenient. Want to save your money? Check out our 7 rules for buying tours online.

Best hotels in Belek for vacations with kids

Reviews about family vacations with children in Belek

In general, reviews of recreation in Belek are positive. Tourists like everything here: the location of the resort, entertainment, beaches, impeccable service. The only drawbacks are named high prices and lack of attractions. Belek – a young resort, can not boast interesting architectural sites, so all lovers of excursions will have to travel outside the resort area.

As for pricing, the reputation of a five-star resort affects its imprint: expensive cab service, meals in restaurants, tours and spa procedures. Even a modest dinner at a restaurant in Belek hotel will cost at least one and a half times more expensive than in Antalya. Learn about the best restaurants in Belek.

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