Holidays in Cape Verde. Prices – 2022

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Consider the cost of traveling to Cape Verde, how much airfare costs, find the best hotels to vacation by the sea and food prices. Let’s find out when it’s best to vacation and climatic conditions.

The archipelago of Cape Verde has 18 islands, which differ from each other by landscape. Because of this, it is here that tourists get the most varied recreation – and active, as well as passive.

For a beach holiday there is everything: there are some of the best beaches, there is an opportunity to surf, windsurf, dive, go sailing, visit the beautiful impregnable cliffs, go on fascinating nature tours, walk around the city.

Prices for holidays in Cape Verde

Prices for holidays in Cape Verde in 2022 are standard, on average no different from other conventional resorts. The cost of plane tickets to Cape Verde depends on the point of departure, for example:

  • St. Petersburg – about 64,000 thousand rubles;
  • Sochi – 97000 thousand rubles.

Airfare to Cape Verde from Moscow:

  • to the island of Praia – from 32000 thousand rubles;
  • On the island of San Vicente – from 34000 thousand rubles;
  • Espargos – from 39000 thousand rubles;
  • On the island of Boavista – from 57000 thousand rubles.

Looking for cheap tickets on the plane is best directly through Aviasales, it is recommended to use the adjacent dates, you can often find very good deals on the flight.

Hotel Prices in Cape Verde

The price depends on the chosen hotel, what category it belongs to and how many stars it has. Also the cost varies on the type of food, you can choose an all-inclusive hotel or without it.

Book a hotel in Cape Verde better via bookings, they have a huge base of accommodation and no surcharges. Below are the recommended options where you can stay for a holiday.

The best 3 star hotels:

    – A great hotel at an affordable price – for only 3,600 thousand rubles per night. The price includes accommodation in a standard room without meals. Location is convenient – built near the coast, there are inexpensive restaurants nearby;
    – comfortable, hospitable and inexpensive hotel. Located near the beach, offers its guests additional services for water sports (surfing, sea fishing, sailing, diving, horseback riding, tours around the city). Room rates start from 3700 per night.

Four-star hotels:

    – Located within walking distance of the coast, has its own pools, tennis court, playground, and fitness center. Provides additional services for diving, windsurfing. The cost of living from 4200 thousand rubles without food, with food – from 7000 thousand rubles per day;
    – Is located next to the beaches, has its own pool. Gives its guests the following services: visits to the massage room and sauna, bike rental. The cost of living – from 5600 thousand rubles without food and 11800 thousand rubles with food for a day.

The best hotels in Cape Verde 5 stars:

    – The cost of accommodation per night – from 8800 thousand rubles without meals. Located near the coast, there are several pools, garden, stores, bars, restaurants;
    – The hotel is located on the coast, there are several pools, a massage room, children’s playground and babysitting services, playground for adults. The cost of living – from 21000 thousand rubles with breakfast per day per person;
    – Located on the coast, the cost of living from 14000 thousand rubles per day. Provides excursion services. In the presence of its own garden, stores, tennis court, playground, gym, sauna.
    – Excellent, comfortable hotel, takes guests on an all-inclusive system. The cost will be from 18300 thousand rubles per day per person in a standard room. If you stay in an improved room the cost will be from 24000 thousand rubles. Offers additional services: private beach, gym, SPA-center. Provides classes in surfing, windsurfing and sea fishing; – The cost of living from 17000 thousand rubles on the system “all inclusive”. Has a beach by the sea, swimming pool. Offers its guests to visit the SPA-procedures, massage, sauna, Turkish bath, as well as engage in water sports: diving, windsurfing. There is a playground, stores and billiard room, – the cost of living from 15000 thousand rubles with meals per day per person. In the presence of its own beach, several pools, fitness center, massage room, sauna, tennis court and gym. Cuisine varied, menu to choose from.
Cape Verde

Prices for tours to Cape Verde from Moscow

With the items for an independent trip solved, let’s consider the cost of tours to Cape Verde from Moscow for packaged tourists. You can find and find good deals directly without intermediaries through Onlineturs.

The tour “Endless Summer in Cape Verde” is on the island of Boavishta. Reservations daily, the minimum stay of 7 days. The cost depends on the selected hotel and its category, provided with medical insurance. The price ranges from 168000 thousand rubles for the entire stay.

Excellent tour of San Vicente, the cost from 178000 rubles on an all-inclusive system, which includes accommodation, recreation at the best beaches in Cape Verde, guided tours on the island, airfare, transfers, health insurance.

Isle of Sal – cost from 98000 thousand rubles for 6 days, with accommodation and meals at 3 and 4-star hotels. Excellent beaches, sightseeing program, medical insurance.

Island of Praia – offers several tours to choose from, the cost depends on the category of the hotel, this includes tickets, airport transfers, hotel accommodation, medical insurance. Price for 7 days – from 152000 thousand rubles.

Do you need a visa to Cape Verde for Russians

Prices for food at a cafe

Cost of basic products in stores:

  • milk – 78 rubles;
  • Yogurt – 110 rubles;
  • bread – 75 rubles;
  • Rice – 89 rubles per 1 kg;
  • eggs 12 pcs. – from 120 rubles;
  • cheese (1 kg) – 490 rubles
  • chicken – from 280 rubles
  • apples – 85 rubles;
  • oranges – 160 rubles
  • tomatoes – from 87 rubles
  • potatoes – from 70 rubles
  • sea fish – from 130 to 440 rubles per kg;
  • seafood – from 800 rubles and more.

The average bill in a restaurant averages about 1900 thousand rubles: this includes the second course, salad, fruit, drink.

The average check in a local cafe – from 700 rubles.

Comparing the rest on the islands and other popular resorts, we can safely say that the prices for holidays in Cape Verde are not too high.

Prices for transportation

The main means of transportation between the islands is planes of the local airline. Flights are daily in all directions 1-2 times a day. The cost depends on the destination and varies from 3200 to 7800 thousand rubles per person per one way. You can also buy a travel voucher, its price is about 30000 thousand rubles for 10 flights.

Cape Verde

Another way to travel between the islands is by ferry or boat. Movement is carried out in all directions, the fare is 2100 rubles.

There is a possibility to move by land, transportation is carried out within the island. You can use the services of public transport – shuttle bus or cab. The fare is 80 rubles by bus and 800 rubles by cab.

Tourists vacationing in Cape Verde are given the opportunity to rent a car. The cost of the service is 3500 thousand rubles and 5500 thousand rubles for an SUV.

tours to Cape Verde from moscow, cost

How to get to Cape Verde?

You can get to the archipelago by plane, there are no direct flights from Moscow, you must change planes in Europe (Madrid, Paris, Lisbon). You can also change planes in Morocco and Spain.

Flights arrive at the international airports on the islands of San, Praia, Boavista. By 2022, it is planned to open an airport on the island of San Vicente.

  • By local airline transfer, a domestic line on the flight;
  • by ferry or boat.

To search for tickets it is better to use Aviasales , it searches even among the low-cost airlines:

Visa to Cape Verde, processing

Visa to Cape Verde for Russians is processed at the consulate in Moscow or at the airport upon arrival on the island of Sal.

Visas come in:

  • tourist: single-entry or multiple-entry;
  • transit;
  • national.
  • application form;
  • valid foreign passport;
  • hotel reservation for the entire stay;
  • air tickets;
  • certified copy of Russian passport and passport.

city on the map

Weather in Cape Verde, when to go on vacation?

Cape Verde is characterized by a dry subtropical climate, temperature differences are less pronounced in contrast to the main continent of Africa.

Weather in Cape Verde by months:

  • January – +20 ° C;
  • February – +22 °С;
  • March – + 22 ° C;
  • April – + 24 ° C;
  • May – +26 °С;
  • June – +28 °С;
  • July – +33 ° C;
  • August – +35 °С; August – +35 °С;
  • September – +27 °С;
  • October – +25 °С;
  • November – +23 °С;
  • December – + 22 ° C.

Climatic conditions for a holiday in Cape Verde with children or in the company of friends are ideal all year round, the beach season is possible at any time.

Air temperature by day and night Water temperature by month Precipitation

If the tourist is still wondering when it is better to rest in Cape Verde, it is worth choosing the period from June to August. The driest months are from November to July, with December to December being the high visiting season.

Holiday reviews on Cape Verde

All tourists who have been to this archipelago, say about the warm climate and good weather during the holidays.

“Terrific warm climate all year round, great for beach vacations, no debilitating heat.”

“The beaches on Cape Verde are clean, sandy, and the ocean is turquoise and warm.”

“Great place for diving, very rich underwater world.”

“Best natural scenery and attractions, tours are interesting and long.”

surfing, where to ride

How to save money on a trip? Working tiphacks!

  • We recommend looking for the best hotel prices on ROOMGURU . The search engine searches among all the hotel databases on the internet, even from giants like Booking, and compares prices. If you like to use your smartphone, the Lodging Search app is a must. It’s very convenient to open your options upon arrival and book immediately.
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Cape Verde

My name is Sergey and I work as a guide in different cities of Europe, Asia, Eastern part of Russia, and I also work as a manager in a large travel agency. During my travels I have experienced a lot of emotions, learned useful information about rest and prices, saw unique places, which I hurry to share on the pages of my blog about tourism.

How to go to Cape Verde

Practical information about vacationing in Cape Verde. Prices for food, hotels, and transportation in 2022. How to get to the islands inexpensively, how to get a visa, when best to go and how to travel between islands.

Cape Verde, also called the Cape Verde Islands, is a state in West Africa located on an archipelago of 18 islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Despite its proximity to Africa, the Republic of Cape Verde is more reminiscent of Europe – the colonial past, because the islands were the possessions of Portugal and Spain.

The currency of Cape Verde is the Cabo Verdean escudo. During the holidays do not be frightened when you see three-digit amounts with a dollar sign – it means escudo in Cape Verde. For convenience, we duplicate the prices in U.S. dollars. The prices are approximate and current at the time of publication.

Exchange rate: 10 escudos Cape Verde (CVE) ≈ 7 RUB.

Visa to Cape Verde in 2022

Russian citizens need not obtain a visa to Cape Verde – it is issued upon arrival at the airport of the island of Sal and is valid for 30 days. The cost of the visa is 25 euros. Remember that your passport must be valid for at least six months after entry into the country. If you go to holiday in Cape Verde with a child, you need to make out a separate visa. Visas can be extended for up to one year at the migration office (Direcção de Emigração e Fronteiras).

visa Cape Verde for Russians

(photo © niall62 / / CC BY license)

How to get to Cape Verde

From Moscow to Cape Verde fly Iberia (via Madrid), Royal Air Maroc (via Casablanca), Lufthansa (via Frankfurt am Main), TACV and TAP Portugal (via Lisbon) with one or two connections. There are no direct flights. The cheapest tickets to Cape Verde in 2022 – from 33 thousand round trip from Moscow, the average price of flights is about 35-45 thousand rubles. From St. Petersburg, the cheapest tickets are 44 thousand rubles.

Cape Verde

To get to Cape Verde is possible from Europe, from there fly cheaper – for example, from Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam and Brussels, at times you can find tickets from 14500 rubles. We inform our readers about low ticket prices, various promotions and sales in the “Cheap Tickets” section, and also duplicate the announcements in VKontakte group – subscribe and follow the news!

Look for cheap tickets on Aviasails. To find the best price, look for tickets for different dates. Read also the guide on how to find cheap tickets.

Cape Verde photos

(photo © Sérgio Machado / / CC BY license)

Climate and weather in Cape Verde

What you really don’t have to worry about when you go to Cape Verde is the weather. Cape Verde has a tropical dry climate, clear and sunny almost all year round – a blessing! The exception is the rainy season, which lasts for three months – August, September and partly October. It is difficult to call it a rainy season (not comparable to Southeast Asia) – precipitation falls, but in small quantities. During this time, the nature of Cape Verbe is transformed, everything is green. The rest of the months have clear weather with cloudless skies and no precipitation: the average temperature is from +23°C to 26°C, sometimes reaching +28°C. The water temperature in February and March reaches +22 ° C, in summer and autumn – up to +26 ° C. The heat is well tolerated due to the constant winds.

Holidays in Cape Verde: prices in 2022

It is hard to say why the Cape Verdean islands have not yet become a popular tourist destination, because for a great holiday in Cape Verde there are all the conditions. Cape Verde – it’s wide sandy beaches and rough waters of the Atlantic, stunning nature and colonial architecture, lunar landscapes, active volcano and dunes. Holidays in Cape Verde can be active or passive, but it is definitely good – the variety of islands will not let travelers get bored, and almost year-round clear weather will not spoil the beach vacation.

Food Prices in Cape Verde – 2022

Food prices in Cape Verde are average and basically close to Portuguese prices. You can eat at a local place for about 300-700 escudos ($3-7$). A cachupa (cachupa) costs $3-$4. Lunch at a mid-range restaurant costs $8-$10.

Prices for drinks in restaurants:

  • Local beer (0.5 liters) – 175 escudos;
  • imported beer (0,33 l) – from 140 escudos;
  • coffee – from 50 escudos;
  • water (0,33 L) from 70 escudos.

Store prices for basic foodstuffs are approximately as follows:

  • milk (1 liter) from 90 escudos ($0.9);
  • A loaf of bread (500 g) – from 150 escudos ($1.5);
  • rice (1 kg) – from 100 escudos ($ 1);
  • eggs (12 pieces) – from 178 escudos (1,7 $);
  • local cheese (1 kg) – from 500 escudos ($4.87);
  • chicken breasts (1 kg) – from 400 escudos ($ 3.9)
  • apples (1 kg) – from 185 escudos ($1.8)
  • oranges (1 kg) – from 200 escudos ($ 2)
  • tomatoes (1 kg) – from 100 escudos ($ 1)
  • potatoes (1 kg) – from 100 escudos ($ 1);
  • water (1,5 L) – from 70 escudos (0,7$);
  • bottle of wine – from 200 escudos ($2);
  • local beer (0,5 l) – from 80 escudos (0,8 $);
  • Imported beer (0.33 l) from 100 escudos ($1).
Cape Verde

Prices may vary from island to island. In the markets, as a rule, products are cheaper. Fruits are scarce on the islands because of the arid climate. But a lot of fish and seafood, which is not surprising. Fish is inexpensive ($3-7 per kg), you can buy it on the piers, but seafood is not too cheap.

You may be interested to read about other islands in the Atlantic Ocean:

Cape Verde vacation photos

(photo © Alex Dunkel / / CC BY license)

Hotel Prices in Cape Verde

Hotel prices in Cape Verde start at $25 for a double room. You can find good rooms from $15 (Sal Island, Santa Maria Resort), on Mindela from $19, on Santiago and San Nicolau from $35. Find hotels for your vacation in Cape Verde at the best price and for the given parameters on – this service compares the offers of all leading booking systems.

Prices for transportation in Cape Verde

On the Islands

A ride in a shuttle bus (aluguer, or taxi colectivo) costs about 1 euro, depending on the distance. This is the cheapest way to get around, but keep in mind that the buses only leave when they are full, and until then they will drive around the block looking for passengers. As such, there is no timetable for such minibuses, and you can get on and off anywhere.

Cabs are sometimes the most convenient way to get around the islands – with them you won’t have to wait for a driver to pick up passengers. Standard cab fares from the airport are about this: from 700 escudos during the day, and from 1000 escudos in the evening and at night.

Between Islands

You can travel between islands by ferry or plane. TACV, a local airline, flies between islands. You can also buy tickets at the airport in the office of the airline, but the best way to find them is by searching on the Aviasales search engine. There are airfields on almost every major island, and the smaller islands are best reached by ferry. As with the shuttles, remember that the planes between the islands fly on a specific schedule – the flight may, for example, be delayed, so be sure to check the schedule a few days before departure. Tickets cost from $61 round trip.

Ferries are scheduled between neighboring islands. Ferry tickets must be purchased at the company offices in town, not at the port. Ships leave from San Vincente for San Antau and San Nicolau, from the island of Santiago for Fogo (ticket costs about 2,500 escudos) and Brava (about 3,000 escudos).

Renting a car in the islands costs about $53-86 per day, depending on the brand and company.

Cape Verde photos

(photo © Sérgio Machado / / CC BY license)

Cape Verde on the world map:

The Cape Verde Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa much south of the Canary Islands and the Azores. Here’s their location on the world map:

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