Holidays in Cuba – 2022. Tourist Reviews

Hotel reviews in Cuba

Very nice hotel with a wonderful clean beach! We had a great time but in August it was very hot of course. We hid in the room between 14-17. The room was quite spacious and comfortable, we were pleased with the availability. Read more

I had a great stay at this hotel! I had a great stay by myself and quickly found company. the beach was amazing, clean, white sand! the water in the ocean was gorgeous! the stores are walking distance away. Read more

I had a holiday in February 2022 and after half a year I can say with certainty that this is the worst hotel I have ever stayed at.Probably biased, but still.The staff at reception, deserves a special mention. Arrival. Read more

The location is great.The service was excellent.Would recommend for a comfortable family or romantic break. Read more

Pullman exceeded my expectations and more! We had a great time there and will definitely be back! The food was great, the entertainment was delightful, and the bartenders were very attentive! 10/10️Will do. Read more

Great Hotel in Varadero . We took an Aeroflot to Havana and then we took a shuttle to the hotel. Read more

The hotel is very quiet and the staff were amazing with the sound of music from the front desk. I did not have any questions or comments from the staff. Read more

I did not have any questions or comments at the hotel. I loved the beach, they say it is the best on Cayo Coco. The beach was amazing and they say it was the best in Cayo Coco. The grounds are staffed by gardeners, y. Read more

The food is amazing, I would love to leave my review on the hotel. I would like to leave my review of an unforgettable time I spent at the Mojito Hotel in Cayo Coco from December 21, 2021 to January 3, 2022. We vacationed with our small. Read more

I wanted to go to Cuba for a long time. long time! Accommodation 10Food 10Service 10RayCuba is love. I would not go on and on. Were from September 2021. The water is steaming milk. The color is ecstasy for the eyes. Yes, Cuba is poor. Read more

They say in luxury hotels in the Caribbean islands all regular visitors are known by sight and treated personally, but there is an exception to the personal treatment, in what cases, it is spelled out in the standards. Read more

Lovely hotel located in a very nice location. The beach is clean and cleaned regularly. Rooms are still quite lively, but if something is wrong they fix it promptly. The staff is friendly and helpful.Separate. Read more

Who likes a lot of food – this holiday is definitely not for you. Cuba is not Turkey and it needs to be treated absolutely calmly. Food is, but you have to get used to it.) Read more

I estimate rest on excellent! I stayed with my family. I stayed on a very relaxing lunch break. Breakfast was a great stay with my family. The hotel is extremely well located and worth the extra effort. Read more

Great, the cocktails are the best. The sea, the beach is the best. Vorodero is a fairy tale, food is great lots of fruit, mangos, pineapples, frutobomba)))). The staff with Cuban simplicity and flavor. Yes, don’t take the expensive ones with you. Read more

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Reviews of vacations in resorts in Cuba

Vacations in Cuba with Children Because of Cuba’s complex culture, the prospect of visiting with children can look daunting.The ongoing problems in the economy mean that even some basic goods are not readily available here. Not to mention.

Cayo Coco, Cuba - 2022. Reviews, tips and prices for vacations

Hosting a wedding, a wedding ceremony in Cuba Where have you dreamed of getting married? On a white-sand beach? At sunset? In a picturesque garden? These and many other wedding opportunities are available in Cuba. No wonder the second name of this place – Liberty Island.

15 Best Sights in Cuba Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, filled with history, culture and an appealing mystique. Live music resounds over the cobblestone plazas of Havana’s Old Town, and retro music swirls through the streets.



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What do tourists think about rest in Cuba. Entry rules now

tourist reviews of vacations in Cuba

Is it worth to go to Cuba? Let’s get acquainted with the reviews and impressions of tourists from vacationing in Cuba. Find out what people think about prices in 2022, weather, beaches, excursions and activities on Liberty Island. Up-to-date information about vacationing in Cuba now with the pandemic.

Socialist Cuba is a unique place. This country will either fall in love with you or terribly piss you off. Yes, yes! Holiday in Cuba does not leave anyone indifferent: either very much like, or do not go again. Let’s find out why.

Exchange rate: 1 CUC = 1 USD = 25 CUP.

Tours to Cuba from 40,000 ₽/person look at Level.Travel and Travelata – a search on all tour operators. Want to save money? Explore our 7 rules for buying tours online.


Vacations in Cuba Now

According to the situation as of January 2022, the conditions of arrival to Cuba for tourists are quite loyal:

  • The country is open to Russians from October 2020.
  • To enter, you need a certificate of vaccination (all Russian medications are suitable) or a PCR test no older than 72 hours. You will also need to fill out an electronic D’Viajeros form for each family member at least 12 hours before departure, and then download a QR code to your phone to show when you arrive.
  • The quarantine has been lifted as of November 7, 2021, and the PCR test on arrival has been lifted as of November 15.
  • You do not need a visa, and you can vacation in Cuba for up to 90 days.

In November 2020, there was a collapse of Russian tourists. The fact is that the situation with covid in Cuba is very mild – there are very few infected or sick people, and there were almost no infected Canadians (the country’s main tourists). And then the first plane from Russia to Cayo Coco arrives with as many as 11 infected. “What to do, what to do?” – The Cubans clutched their heads and panicked and sent all the COVID-positive tourists to the Military Hospital, which was not a 5-star hotel. Of course, the tourists, who paid 150-300 thousand rubles for the tour, are shocked. Fortunately, they were accommodated at the Moron Hotel, a hotel-hospital. Contacted were in better conditions, but also not very – they were isolated in the quarantine unit Pullman Cayo Coco 4 *. The food is modest, you can not go out. Such a vacation!

Food prices in Cuba - 2022. Lobsters for 500₽ and mojitos for 100₽

So if you don’t want to sit in isolation, thoughtfully read the rules of entry to Cuba, buy no-exit insurance and COVID-19 insurance.

According to tourist reviews, the beaches are now completely deserted – only very few Canadians and Russians are vacationing. The hotels are only 50-60% full, no more. You have to wear a mask while travelling in other hotels.

To pay in hotels is possible only by cards – for excursions, Internet, stores and restaurants. This is done to have less contact. At the same time, you cannot pay with your phone (ApplePay, GooglePay).

In Cuba, food has always been not so good, but now the choice of food is minimal – there are not many restaurants, cooking is also not much, because the loading of hotels is small. Part of infrastructure remains idle, animation is also weak. However, it does not upset tourists – after six months of lockdown they are happy about fruit, sea, beach and close their eyes to these drawbacks.

julwsl: “The hotel does not work everything, especially the restaurants, so the food is a bit of a failure. The rum here is good, so you won’t be lost. Cayo Coco is an island, you can’t leave it because of the crown, we tried to go to Varadero – they didn’t allow it. There are not a lot of excursions (again, all because of restrictions). Well who likes to just lie like a seal near the sea, it’s just right. Money in cash do not take (I do not know why), only card. Internet 1 hour – $ 1.

And here’s how the arrival and test at the airport goes:

Olga @vinogradovamur: “Came into the airport, not everyone was launched. There were lines everywhere so there was a distance. Filmed the whole thing on camera. When it’s your turn to take the documents and tests, they silently point to the door. They take the test, everyone is silent and again point with their finger where to go. No one smiles. I was not the only one who found it all strange, especially after Turkey, where everyone was smiling and everything was more civilized. We were waiting for our luggage for a long time and then finally we went outside and there we were met with songs and dances. Before receiving the test, we were told to wear masks everywhere except the beach and the pool. In general, the first impression is certainly very strange. “.

Video reviews of tourists on vacation in Cuba now

Tourist Dmitry Bogdanov tells how he and his family were quarantined in Cuba:

Other Russian tourists were luckier and were able to rest in Cuba without problems. Their video will tell you in detail about the procedure for passing the tests at the airport and conditions on the island of Cayo Coco:

Is Cuba bad or good? Is it worth the trip?

Cuba is different for everyone . We have read many reviews of tourists, and they are all very different. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Some were unlucky with hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and just people. Alas, there are many problems with service in Cuba. These people remain extremely dissatisfied with the vacation.
  2. Some tourists go to Cuba with high expectations and are shocked upon arrival. Others have a simpler approach to life, they are not embarrassed by the simple living conditions, nor the lack of normal service.

Conclusion: Come to Cuba without high expectations and carefully choose your hotel and recreation program. Find out why you should fall in love with Cuba and come back again.

Rest with children in Cuba: 5 best hotels

On Vinsky’s forum traveler Sapfir wrote a big negative review of her vacation in Cuba and made these conclusions:

You won’t like it in Cuba if

  • you’re not a fan of alkomarathons;
  • you are not looking for cheap paid love in unsanitary conditions;
  • you go with a small child/children;
  • you are used to comfort on vacation;
  • you are a foodie;
  • you love cleanliness and order;
  • you – fighter for the environment;
  • you do not like to pay more for questionable service or lack thereof.

You may like Cuba if

  • you are a photographer and hunt for unique shots, you don’t care where you live or what you eat;
  • You’re nostalgic for the Soviet Union;
  • you are a fan of long sandy beaches, but are unpretentious about the service there;
  • you are a lover of architecture.

Of course, this is the opinion of an individual. Perhaps these tourists are disastrously unlucky with everything at once: housing, people, food. But still some idea of the specificity of rest in Cuba, this review draws.

Of course, there is another opinion: many tourists write in reviews about the delicious food, good hotels and a pleasant stay with children. Once again, we repeat: Cuba is different for everyone.

But tourists Riana and Yuri in Cuba liked it very much. Watch their video – it is the best review on YouTube about rest in Cuba:

The main pros and cons

The main problem with Cuba is that everything there is unreasonably expensive . The government and many of the locals think that all tourists are overpriced bourgeois and need to be milked, milked, milked! Hotels in Cuba are more expensive than in Paris or London: for $100 to $200 a night you get what the red price is $30 to $50. Get ready for a strong imbalance of price and quality.

The nature in Cuba is gorgeous. The ocean and beaches are praised by everyone! But the natural attractions on land are pretty boring: there are no grandiose mountains, waterfalls, gorges.

Mosquitoes . Cuba has a lot of mosquitoes and nasty gnats – all tourists write about it in reviews. Dinner outdoors is just impossible. Take repellent and fumigators.

The danger in the water . The water is inhabited by jellyfish, including deadly. Be careful.

People and safety. Residents of the country are generally praised. In reviews, tourists who vacationed in Cuba in 2021, noted that the local people are sociable and friendly, and the young ladies are not burdened with a puritanical upbringing and are eager to get acquainted with foreigners. There have been cases of theft, but in general, holidays in Cuba is safe, this is one of the safest countries in Latin America. There are beggars, as well as those who want to make money off tourists, imposing services and assistance.

The food is bad. For sure, it’s the foodies who will have a hard time in Cuba. Cubans don’t pay enough attention to the culinary arts, so the food here is often tasteless. You still have to look for good places, where they know how to cook. Especially, tourists often blame the food in hotels, so you need to carefully read the reviews or not to take “all inclusive”. You will not be able to buy food in a store and cook by yourself either – store shelves depress with a poor range.

Tourist reviews of Cuba

Varadero Beach (Photo: Avodrocc /

Hotel Reviews

Hotels in Cuba are expensive and often bad. You have to choose carefully from the reviews of other tourists.

How much does it cost to go to Cuba - 2022. Holiday Prices

Lovers of rest in Cuba in their reviews give only one advice: go to a proven hotel at least 5 stars and “all inclusive”. That’s the buzz! But for such a holiday will have to spend a lot of money, and with the country is not particularly familiar.

If you are planning a vacation with a travel package, choose hotels with good reviews on Travelate.

Do you want to save money? Choose a private house (casa) to stay. If you want to search for accommodation is better in Cuba: not everyone is internet-friendly, so the choice is wider. There are casas in any city. And even if there are no vacancies, the owner of the casa will definitely find an accommodation for a tourist through friends. But it is not convenient to look for a room that way. We still recommend booking accommodation in advance online.

On Buking a large selection of accommodation in Cuba, but none of them have no reviews and evaluations – it is difficult to choose a good option. For some reason, all Cubans leave hotel reviews on TripAdvisor. We advise you to search for accommodation on Airbnb – there are reviews. Also read the main rules of searching for hotels.

Hotels in Cuba with good reviews by tourists:

    – Varadero – Varadero – Holguin – Cayo Santa Maria

Reviews of vacations in Cuba

Beach in east Havana (Photo: Jelle H. /

Weather reviews: when it’s best to go to Cuba

Beach holidays in Cuba are year-round, but it is better to go in the winter period from November to April . This is the dry season. Especially many people come to Cuba during the New Year and Christmas holidays.

The temperature in January and February during the day +26. +28°C at night +18°C, the sea +24°C. Sometimes the weather changes and it can rain during the day. There were times when the wind blew strongly and the air temperature during the day dropped to +12. +14°C during the day, breaking all plans for carefree beach vacation.

In March and April it is always warm and comfortable: +28 . +30°C during the day, +21°C at night, the water is +25. +27°C.

In reviews of vacations in Cuba, tourists write that in summer it is humid, sweltering and hot: during the day +32. +35°C during the day, water in the sea +27. +In the afternoon there are often heavy tropical downpours. Cubans themselves prefer to take vacations at this time, so the beaches and hotels are quite crowded. The hurricane season begins in July, and is most likely to occur in August and September. Autumn is as warm as summer, but because of the strong winds and storms, this period is not popular with tourists.

Reviews of Cuba weather

Bad weather in Cayo Hutias (© mammita /

Reviews of prices, excursions and activities in Cuba

Cuba’s beaches are free to visit. Umbrellas and sun loungers cost 1-2 CUC. Windsurfing in Cuba is still developing, but fans of diving, snorkeling and underwater hunting can find excellent places for diving. There are dozens of dive centers on the island.

Internet is expensive and slow and is not yet widespread in the country. An hour-long session costs from 1 to 8 CUC, which equals $1 to $8 at the current exchange rate.

Tourists who vacationed in Cuba in 2021 wrote in reviews that all tours on the island are expensive: for a day trip may ask 100-120 CUC. If you can negotiate with local “guides”, you can save up to 50%. Entrance fees to museums and zoos are not expensive: 3 to 10 CUC. Entrance to nightclubs costs from 5 to 25 CUC, the famous show in the cabaret “Tropicana” – from 80 to 100 CUC.

The 7 best all-inclusive 4-5 star hotels in Varadero

Do not take tours from a tour operator, cheaper and more interesting will be author’s excursions on the site Tripster.

Popular excursions: a trip to Havana, Indian village, Bellamar caves near Varadero, Pinar del Rio province with a visit to a tobacco factory, Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba, sea cruises to the islands, crocodile farm and jeep safari.

Food prices . Hosts often offer breakfasts and dinners to their guests for 3 to 10 CUC. You can have lunch in a regular café for 10-15 CUC, in a restaurant it is 2-3 times more expensive. Alcoholic cocktails from 2.5 CUC and higher. It is customary in Cuba to include a service charge on the total bill.

Shopping in Cuba hardly seems interesting, you can buy here only souvenirs. They do not cost cheap, for example, a T-shirt with the image of Che in Havana costs 15 CUC, about the same is a bottle of 7-year-old elite rum “Havana Club”.

Cuban cigars make a great gift! A pack of “Romeo and Juliet” in Russia costs from ten thousand rubles, in Cuba – much cheaper (Photo: / @jorisv) Street at the Cuban Capitol (Photo: ashu mathura /

Reviews of resorts and beaches

The best beaches in Cuba are on the secluded islands of Cayo Largo and Cayo Levisa . Vacationing on the islands is very expensive and prestigious, so the beaches are almost deserted: white powdery sand, turquoise sea, a minimum of people and silence. The sand and pebble beaches of Baracoa are not particularly beautiful, and the beach Maria La Gorda is great for diving, but the rocky bottom makes it little suitable for swimming.

In reviews of holidays in Cuba, tourists note that good sandy beaches are located in Varadero, Trinidad, near Cienfuegos and Holguin. In Havana, as such, no beaches, there are unequipped places for swimming in the Miramar area, with uneven bottom and unfriendly inhabitants like sea urchins. But just 15 minutes by cab from Havana begins a strip of excellent beaches of Playa del Este, the most popular of which is Santa Maria del Mar.

Compare holidays in Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Take a closer look at Mexico.

Reviews of vacations in Cuba

Cayo Largo is a paradise island with snow-white beaches (Photo: Mononc’ Paul /

Independent Travel

Traveling around Cuba on your own is difficult and expensive. Prepare for misery and hardship if you want to see authentic Cuba without tourists, visiting small towns and villages and attractions away from the resorts and the capital. Tourist buses are expensive, infrastructure is underdeveloped, housing conditions are mostly spartan, and it is impossible to find delicious and inexpensive food in some places.

Rent a car is expensive – from 80 dollars a day.

Intercity transport for locals moves very slowly. Sometimes tourists spend 7 hours on the road to 70 km.

Without knowledge of Spanish to travel quite difficult.

Many places that are considered authentic and atmospheric are already spoiled and overcrowded. For example, about the city of Trinidad, they write that it is already bursting at the seams with tourists, and the locals are being impudent with the prices of food and lodging.

An independent tour across Cuba should be taken by those who love Cuba and are not afraid of difficulties.

You can fly to Cuba on a cheap charter – from 12,000 rubles one way. Learn how to look for cheap airline tickets.

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