Holidays in Cyprus in September, October and November 2022. Weather and reviews

Holidays in Cyprus in November 2022 – weather, prices and reviews


Is it worth to consider Cyprus in November or it is time to look at other destinations?

If the “hackneyed” description of the island as a place where the sun shines all year round does not convince you, let’s see if the autumn of Cyprus is at all popular, where to go from the resorts and what the reviews of tourists say in the past years?

Cyprus is open to Russians, but… there are no direct flights from Russia. You need to get to Cyprus with a connection in a third country – which will probably be advised only by Aviasales, as Skayscanner does not work.


Do I need a visa to Cyprus?

Cyprus is a visa destination for Russians. Until February 2022 you could get your entry permit (pro-visa) online in 1-2 days, for free. Now you have to have a multishengen passport, a visa for Bulgaria or Croatia, or a full-fledged visa to travel to Cyprus. There are no direct flights – and no easy to get a pro visa (it “works” only for direct flights from Russia to Cyprus – without transfers to other countries).

Weather in Cyprus in November

Beach Cyprus

Two things about November Cyprus:

  • The last month of fall is no longer in the holiday season.
  • However, you can swim and sunbathe till the 10th, and after that – those who are happy with the beach rest at +20°C.

The climate in Cyprus is really nice – even at the end of November it is pleasantly warm on the island, perfect weather for walking. It can be cloudy, windy and rainy, but it can happen on about 5 days out of 30 (so it’s worth taking something for “cold”).

Water and Air Temperature in Cyprus

Weather in Cyprus in November is not particularly different from resort to resort – and the choice of where to rest best does not depend on it. The temperature does not drop below +20°C during the whole month and in the beginning of November stays at +24°C. It’s not stuffy – you walk down the street at midday and it’s just ho-ho-ho.

Is it possible to swim in November? In general, up to the middle of the month the water temperature allows: in the sea it’s a solid +23°C. Towards the end it cools down to +21°C, which is not for everyone.

Cyprus in November: Where is the warmer sea?

Outdoors, °C At sea, °C
at the beginning of the month End of month
Paphos +21,5 +23…+24 +22
Limassol +22 +23…+24 +22
Larnaca +22 +24 +22
Ayia Napa +21,5 +23…+24 +22
Protaras +21,5 +23…+24 +22

Tour Prices in Cyprus in November – 2022

One of the most pleasant aspects of Cyprus in late autumn. You can catch and hot deals, and 5 stars at the price of “three. I advise to pick up your option at the right dates on aggregators:

Here you can find tours from all leading tour operators. Put a filter “from cheap to expensive”, and the service will show bargains. A couple of clicks – the hot tour is already yours.

On November holidays you can fly inexpensively – from 60 000 rubles for two people for 5 nights.

✓ Without reference to the holidays standard tour for 7 days costs from 55 000 rubles for two people.

Family tours (mom, dad, child) in Cyprus are more expensive: prices in November start from 80,000 rubles per week; in a good hotel – from 90,000. Which, however, is also incomparable with the cost in the season.

Cyprus Cat

And if you do it yourself? There was a time when airlines LET us fly and arranged sales, for example, Ural Airlines offered a flight to Cyprus in November for 4000 rubles (round-trip prices, super cheap)! S7 and Aeroflot were also surprising – although their tickets cost less than 8,000 rubles.

Now all that’s left is to monitor possible deals on connecting flights on Aviasales. And for hotels or apartments – follow on Ostrovok and pay by Russian card. Conclusion: vacation in Cyprus in November, I would evaluate (and price) from all sides.

Larnaca 2022 traveler reviews. Holiday prices, tips

Cyprus resorts – where to vacation in November?

Coast of Cyprus

The lower the season, the less the flow of holidaymakers. And as the travel business says – if there is no one to make money on, then it’s time to relax. During the first 10 days of November some resorts, living at the expense of foreigners, “shut down”. The taverns and stores close, the hotels get empty.

Where to vacation in Cyprus in November?

  • Limassol is the largest city in the tourist zone; and livelier than all the others in the off-season. Many locals live here, and the infrastructure has someone to function for. In Limassol there are a lot of “status” hotels, and to swim here is not bad either – the beaches are sandy, the Mediterranean Sea is clean. Advice: take a hotel near the Old Town.
  • Pafos – also with a sufficient proportion of settled Cypriots. The city itself and its surroundings – the history and attractions associated with it. But there is a problem with beaches: pebble, the entrance to water is difficult. The only suitable – is a sandy Coral Bay.
  • Larnaca – there are two areas: tourist, where all the hotels are; and urban (Finikudes), where life goes on even in winter. Where better to go – it is clear.
  • Protaras – the best resort for the summer and not the best for the period from November to March. Only a couple of stores, Starbucks and Oceanarium are working.
  • Ayia Napa – like Protaras, there is a lull. But both resorts can be chosen for a beach holiday in early November, while the water is suitable for swimming – too nice beaches here. Well, and the boredom is corrected by renting a car and driving around Cyprus

View of Protaras beach

View of Protaras beach

The best hotels in Cyprus – top 7

Which resort to choose in Cyprus – explained, now about the hotels. Off-season affects them too, many go on vacation from early November to spring.

So I made a selection not just popular and good, but those hotels in Cyprus, which take tourists in late autumn and winter 2022-2023.

  • 5* Adams Beach – the most popular hotel in Cyprus, unfortunately, operates only until mid-November. Price of the tour: from 100 000 rubles
  • 5* Grecian Bay – like the next hotel, has an indoor heated pool. Worthy addition to a holiday without the sea. Tour price: from 115 000 rubles
  • 4 * Tsokkos Anmaria Beach – pool + breakfasts and dinners: for that price is an excellent option! Tour price: from 80 000 rubles
  • 3 * Harmony Bay Hotel – recently renovated, with beautiful sea views (from family rooms). Tour price: from 70 000 rubles
  • 4 * Mediterranean Beach – for a quiet, relaxed holiday: 1 line, one of the best beaches. Tour price: from 95 000 rubles
  • 3 * Park Beach – reliable and mega-popular three, a rare find in November. Tour price: from 85 000 rubles

Если вы посматриваете на Кипр после Турции, и где-то внутри терзает вопрос – а чем же они отличаются? – советую продолжить нашей другой статьей: сравнение Кипра и Турции >>

Fountain show in Protaras

Fountain show in Protaras.

Entertainment in Cyprus – what to do in November?

This section depends on whether you drive a car or not.

If you have a car. Car rental in Cyprus – well, very popular. In high season the corresponding price – from 30 euros a day. In the low season is more adequate, you can find and for 15-20 euros.

If we take a car abroad, we book in advance, at aggregators. Usually it is Rentalcars, but we like Localrent for “near” countries like Cyprus, Montenegro, Georgia, or Greece. It works with local car rent companies, and rental rates are lower. And only this car rental service accepts our cards now.

Going to Polis! Tips for travel, prices and reviews.

If you don’t have a car.The way out is buses or excursions. For example, the prices from tour operators in the off season (per person):

  • Fly to Israel in one day – from €200 (and that’s still without airfare). But now, of course, it does not work.
  • Bus tours (to monasteries, sightseeing around the island, to the capital Nicosia) – average €45-50; individual tours for up to 4 people – from €270.
  • Jeep safari or sea cruises €45-60.

The sights of the island are mostly natural or historical (monasteries). Therefore they are not subject to seasonality. The only thing is that if you plan a vacation in Cyprus in November, it makes no sense to visit the Salt Lake with pink flamingos – there will be none.

Church of Saint Elias

Church of St. Elijah.

Of the “mass” locations, where any tourist stops by:

✓ Cape Cavo Greco – such a picturesque arch in the rock into the sea.

✓ Church of Elijah the Prophet – a holy place + a view of Protaras.

✓ Territories of Northern Cyprus (which belong to Turkey) – the town of Girne, the ruins of Salamina, Famagusta.

Holiday in Cyprus with children in November

Where is better?

Ayia Napa – the perfect sea for children, great beaches with sand, but … after November 10 there are almost no tourists.

Limassol is the best option for Cyprus in November with children. A large city with lots of playgrounds, promenade for walks, interesting and sandy beaches. Stores, cafes and hotels are still open – the Cypriots themselves live in Limassol.

Do not forget that if a person under 18 years traveling without a parent, you need to make a consent to travel abroad from mom or dad.

What will the children like?

  • Pafos Zoo – ticket: €16,5 for an adult and €8,5 for a child.
  • The Ocean Aquarium in Protaras – but recent reviews have been poor. Ticket: €14 and €7.
  • Camel Farm between Larnaca and Limassol (Camel Park) – also a playground there. Ticket: €4 and €3 for admission; €10 and €7 with admission and rides.
  • Masterland in Limassol is a themed play club where you can “drop off” your child for a few hours. An instructor works with the child, different professions are taught. Ticket: €15 for 4 hours and 3 workshops.
  • Sea Museum in Ayia Napa (Thalassa Municipal Museum) – Ticket: €4 and €1.5.

The activities in the list above are all year round. Water parks in Cyprus will close by October 31, 2022. In early November, Park Paliatso lunapark in Ayia Napa still operates, but no longer at full capacity.

How much does a vacation with a child cost?

  • Tour of Cyprus in November 2021 cost from 80,000 rubles for three people; all-inclusive prices – from 100,000 rubles.

Capo Greco

Tourist reviews of Cyprus in November 2021

So, what about Cyprus in November will tell you about the reviews of tourists? In 2021, the island was opened, so fully satisfied with the reviews for the last year.

  • Weather: at the beginning of the month the sea is warm – last year it was as much as +25°C. But the outdoor pools are not heated, the water is cold. It’s not hot outside, +22°C … +24°C, it’s comfortable in a T-shirt.
  • The sun goes down at 5 pm, take into account for travel around the island.
  • The resort towns are “dead”, choose cities – Pafos, Limassol or Larnaca. But not to say that they live as a season – in the same Paphos street bars closer to winter is not shiny.
  • For those who are unfamiliar with “breakfast+dinner” system: drinks are free in the morning, but in the evening – as well as at lunch – you have to pay extra for them. On average you pay €2 for a bottle of water and €3 for a beer.
  • If you take a bed-and-breakfast or no meals as a rule, you can buy extra lunches or dinners. For example, in the usual 3 stars such a thing will cost ≈ 10-15 euros per person.
  • What fruit on the shelves in the fall? Watermelons, persimmons, melons, pomegranates.
  • The standard kit of a tourist in a supermarket – a slice of cheese (€2), a bottle of wine (from €12), a pack of strawberries (€4).
  • Well, and the best part: the prices for holidays in Cyprus in November are lower – and rent a car, and apartments (if you are on your own), and tours are cheaper.
Travelling in Cyprus by Car. Where to go? What to see?

Pluses and minuses of rest

Pros Cons
Perfect weather for a vacation in the style of “look-walk”. Few people swim from the middle of November.
At popular tourist locations – no-go. It is harder to choose a hotel, many do not accept guests in the off-season
Going to Cyprus in November 2022 is one of the few options to have a rest by the sea. “European” prices for food in the cafes and products.

Alternative to Cyprus for November:

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Holidays in Cyprus in Autumn

Is it worth to have a rest in Cyprus in Autumn?

Find out if holidays in Cyprus are good in autumn. We tell you about the weather on the island in September, October and November. Hotels and tours prices in 2022. We share ideas for things to do and see during your trip.

Renting a car is the best way to travel! is a reliable and convenient car rental service in Cyprus. Choose a car for your taste and budget – the choice is wide. The cost of renting a car from 14 euros a day. Do you have any questions? Russian speaking support service will help you in everything.

Cyprus is one of the sunniest islands in Europe, where the beach season lasts until late fall. The sea is so thoroughly warmed up in the summer months, that it is in no hurry to give up its heat. At a time when it is raining and the cold is inexorably coming, in Cyprus tourists are basking in the warm sand and enjoying the crashing waves.


Weather in Cyprus in Autumn

Weather in September

Autumn in Cyprus is mild and warm. In September the beach season is in full swing, the first half of the month is hot and dry in summer: during the day it is +30 ° C, the sea +26. +28°С. The mountains are cooler, about +25 ° C. Nicosia and Kyrenia are the hottest: average daytime temperature +31 ° C, often reaching +35 ° C. A little cooler in Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos, the daytime temperature is +28 ° C. The water in the sea is steadily warm +27. +28°С.

In the second half of September begins velvet season – a time most suitable for recreation of the elderly and young children, as well as those who can not stand too active sun. Until the end of September in Cyprus, the temperature of water and air drops a few degrees.

Weather in October

The weather in Cyprus in October is rejoicing at the advantages of the Indian summer heat, while in the evenings the air is cool and fresh. It’s +27°C in Larnaca and Paphos and +25°C in Limassol during the day. In the south coast it is dry and the temperature can rise above +32 ° C. It rains very rarely. Even if it rains, it will be clear again the next day. By the end of the month the temperature drops by 4-5 ° C. Sometimes the wind rises, but such vagaries of the weather are rare, and most of the time it is pleasant to be by the sea. The water temperature in Cyprus in October stays at around +25 ° C.

Weather in November

Autumn in the usual sense of the word comes in November: it is rainy, the daytime at the coast of +21. +23 ° C, water temperature drops to +20. +22 ° C, the evenings are already cool. In November the weather in Cyprus and all its resorts is about the same, a little warmer in Paphos and Ayia Napa, the coldest in the mountains – not higher +13 ° C.

Going to Limassol! Holiday tips and reviews

The sun goes down early, by 5 pm, and after it sets the air quickly cools to +10. +12°С. There may be up to 6-8 rainy days in a month, in the last ten days of November the sky is increasingly covered with clouds. According to feedback from tourists, in September, October and November in Cyprus, the rains sometimes bring a significant cooling, so warm clothes and an umbrella are better to take with you.

Tours of Cyprus resorts:

What's the weather in Cyprus in September?

(Photo: Fotorus / / License CC BY-ND 2.0)

What to do in Cyprus in the fall of 2022

September is the optimal period for beach activities. Tourists sunbathe, swim, dive and other sports, stroll along the promenade in the evenings and enjoy delicious food in tavernas. Holidays in Cyprus in October is famous for the excellent opportunity to fish, as well as due to the good waves to do kitesurfing and windsurfing. Until the middle of October, the clubs and discos work as usual, by the end of the month the flow of tourists decreases and the nightlife gradually falls silent.

Children play on the beach, splash in the water parks and eat fruit: grapes, pears, peaches and figs. Water parks work till the end of October, the most popular are Fasouri Watermania near Limassol, Aphrodite in Paphos and the water park Waterworld near Ayia Napa. The water temperature in Cyprus in late October and November drops and the beach season is over. Nevertheless, on some warm days some holidaymakers sunbathe and even swim.

What to do in Cyprus in October and November

(Photo: / @filios_sazeides)

What to see

The weather in Cyprus in November, October and September is ideal for excursions, as there are no drastic temperature changes. You don’t need to buy a tour to see the island, you can rent a car and see all the sights on your own. The roads in Cyprus are excellent, though, left-hand traffic and gasoline is somewhat expensive – a little more than 1 euro per liter, but the degree of comfort and pleasure from what you see is much higher. In addition, some attractions can be reached by bus (for example, from Paphos it is very convenient).

What to see in Cyprus in the fall

(Photo: / @matt__feeney)

Popular with tourists are ancient and medieval architectural monuments: the Royal Tombs and the ancient Odeon theater in Paphos (we have a detailed article on the main sights of Paphos), the ancient settlements of Kition and Amathus near Larnaca, Kourion near Limassol, the rock tombs of Makronissos near Ayia Napa, the castles of Kyrenia and the Archbishop’s Palace in Nicosia, the Kastello Citadel in Famagusta and the Stavrouni Monastery in Larnaca. Learn about the sights of Ayia Napa.

Nature lovers can appreciate the beauty of the island by visiting Cape Greco, the Millomeris Waterfall, the Troodos Mountains and the Rock of Aphrodite. Giant tortoises can be seen along the shores of Akamas and Paphos has a magnificent bird park. Learn more about the most picturesque places in Cyprus.

How to rest in Cyprus in September

(Photo: / @diddymonaco)

Festivities and events in the fall of 2022

At the beginning of September, Limassol hosts the traditional wine festival. It is always accompanied by dances and performances of musicians, tourists taste the wines of the new harvest and enjoy the local desserts. Cypriot food lovers can indulge their stomachs at the traditional gastronomic festival in Ayia Napa, which also takes place in September.

In October, Cypriots celebrate Independence Day. A grand parade takes place in the capital and is followed by popular celebrations with concerts and circus shows. An arts festival that attracts musicians and actors from all over the world to the major cities of Cyprus in September and October. Local artists and sculptors can be seen at the Tripoli Park in Nicosia, during the traditional September Art Exhibition.

Visa to Cyprus for Russians in 2022

If you are planning a holiday in Cyprus in November, Larnaca folk music festival is the place to go. In Paphos starts an international sports race, the route of which runs through the Akamas nature reserve.

Holidays in Cyprus in Autumn.

(Photo: anexxx / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)

Tour prices to Cyprus in 2022

In terms of comfort, mild September is even better for a holiday in Cyprus than the hot July and August, so tour prices remain high. Small discounts (15-20%) can be expected for October tours, and a significant price reduction is observed in November – discounts up to 30-50% compared with the high season. The weather in Cyprus in November is unpredictable, the beach season is officially over, so it is not always good to bet on a budget tour this month.

Did you know that in the fall tours to Cyprus can be purchased for only 30 thousand rubles (for example, a tour for two persons for 7 nights from Moscow)? And during the promotional period – even cheaper! The tour price includes: flight, accommodation, transfers, insurance and meals of your choice. You can search for the best price package tours on the services of Travelate and Level.Travel – they compare the proposals of 120 tour operators, and therefore be able to find the best option. You can buy tours online, which is very convenient.

Map of the most popular beaches in Cyprus.

Tourist reviews of holidays in Cyprus in the fall

The vast majority of tourists willingly recommend Cyprus for recreation in the fall. If we focus on the weather, the September and early October is ideal for beach time and recreation with children, the end of October and November – for cultural and tourist activities.

Active young people who are not burdened with children should choose Ayia Napa as a place to relax. This is a lively resort with clubs and discos, where the beaches have a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Holiday reviews of holidaying in Cyprus in the fall.

(Photo: dimitrisvetsikas /

According to tourist reviews, in September, October and November, Cyprus is especially good for young people, as children start school, their parents have work to do and the island clears its spaces for the young, active and free.

Older people and couples are better to choose a quieter place: Paphos, Protaras, Larnaca, Limassol. There is no rough nightlife, and you can fill your leisure time with interesting excursions.

If you want to see the Turkish side of Cyprus, it is better to take dollars, not euros, and to rent a car in Greece, so as not to have problems with crossing points and insurance.

Holiday in Cyprus in September

(Photo: TeryKats / / CC BY-NC 2.0 license)

An overview of the best inexpensive hotels in Cyprus

The best way to find hotels in Cyprus is on the service Roomguru. It selects the best deals from the many booking systems. There you can also find apartments and villas – it’s more advantageous if you’re traveling together or with family.

Great popularity among tourists uses Fedrania Garden . Looking at it, it is hard to call the hotel a two-star hotel. A special note of luxury is added by snow-white design and a huge blue pool. In the fall of 2022 you can book a room for two here from 2600 rubles per night.

A studio room with a kitchen in a three-star Soho Hotel Apartments will cost from 3100 rubles for two per night. It received a good assessment of the guests and collected a large number of positive reviews.

For lovers of luxury rest suit five-star hotel Azia Resort & Spa, located on the shore of the Gulf of Paphos. Everything here breathes luxury, from the bohemian rooms to terraces, landscaped with flower beds and palm trees. The price of double room in the autumn of 2022 – from 7200 rubles per day.

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