Holidays in Georgia in October 2022. Weather and prices

Holidays in Georgia in October

Holidays in Georgia in October

In mid-autumn, Georgians are gathering the harvest. This is a golden time of delicious food, sweet fruits and fragrant grapes. Learn all about vacationing in Georgia in October 2022: how the weather differs in different regions of the country, how to dress for the weather and what the prices of tickets and hotels are at this time.


Air temperature

September weather can be considered summer weather, but in October to the Georgian resorts comes the real autumn. The weather in Georgia in October is not at all like the Russian inclement weather. There are a lot of sunny days, in the daytime it is still very warm on the plains and the coast. In the first 10 days of October the air gets up to +20. +25°С, and up to +15°С at the end of the month.

Air temperature by day and night in October:

Resort t daytime Amount of rainy days
Tbilisi +16°С 1
Batumi +20°С 6
Borjomi +15°С 4
Kutaisi +20°С 4
Gudauri +10°С 2

Vasily Petrenko: “If the temperature in October on the plain +10. If the temperature in October on the plain is +10° C, then in the mountains at night you will be almost 100% caught in a good minus”.

Maria Sinyavskaya: “The temperature in Tbilisi in October, as in the middle of early September, if the sun shines – up to +20 ° C. The breeze is gentle or not at all. But this may change at any time”.

Water temperature

After the summer heat, the Black Sea cools down slowly, but a beach holiday in October in Georgia is more of a pleasant bonus than the norm. At the beginning of the month, the water temperature is +20°C. Tourists who like cool swims enjoy spending time on the beaches.

Water temperature in October:

When water t
Early October +23°С
Middle of October +20°С
End of October +18°С

Inessa Bragina: “By the end of the month, the temperature of the sea water barely reached +20 ° C, and the coast was blowing in a freezing wind. You can’t even think about swimming and getting a suntan, it may be true till the 15th of October, but not afterwards.

How to dress for the weather

Summer clothes – shirts and shirts with short sleeves – are useful during the day at sea resorts, in Tbilisi and lowland areas of the country. In the cities and towns that are located in the mountains, it’s already chilly. It is impossible to do without thermal insulation!

Take a good sweater, a windproof jacket and closed waterproof shoes to Georgia in October. A warm sleeveless jacket, knit cap, gloves and raincoat are very practical in the fall. For overnight stays with a tent in the mountains take a sleeping bag, which will be warm in minus temperatures.

Ski resorts in Georgia - choose the best

Alexandra Khorosheva: “Temperature at this time is comfortable. People wear T-shirts during the day. In the evening it’s cooler, you need warmer clothes – a jacket or a light jacket. If you want to go to the mountain regions, you should dress much warmer. It can also snow there”.

Weather in Georgia in October

Tbilisi rooftops.

Precipitation and Hurricanes

In October, there are 12 rainy days in Georgia, during which 450-500 mm of rain falls. It rains the most in the mountains. In popular resorts Gudauri and Bakuriani the sky is increasingly covered with clouds. The rains alternate with snow.

The driest place is near the Zhinvali hydroelectric power station, on the Aragvi River. The amount of precipitation there is only 30 mm. It is rather rainy in Batumi, Makhinjauri, Poti, Kobuleti, Anaklia, Ureki and Sairme.

In October the winds in Georgia become stronger, so the Black Sea is stormy. Thunderstorms with gusts of wind raise high waves, but storms of more than 2-3 points are rare. Sometimes heavy rainfall leads to flooding of rivers in the western part of the country, and in the mountains there are landslides and mudslides.

Prices for vacations in Georgia in October 2022

The main expense of an independent trip to a Georgian resort is airfare. In October 2022 you can fly from Moscow to Tbilisi and back for 15,000 rubles and to Batumi for 19,000 rubles (connecting flights).

The high season is ending, so accommodation prices are getting lower. You can rent a double room in Batumi for 900-1000 rubles per night, or apartment with a kitchen for 1200 rubles.

Check out the current prices for lodging in Georgia in October:

Tbilisi Find lodging →
Batumi Find lodging →
Borjomi Find lodging →
Kutaisi Find lodging →
Gudauri Find lodging →

Prices in Georgia in October

Delicious Georgian khinkali is good at any time of year

Holidays with kids in October

Do not miss the chance to go to Georgia with children! In October, children will see all 4 seasons in one day, enjoy the beautiful Georgian nature and have a great time by the sea.

If you definitely want to swim, book rooms in hotels that have indoor heated pools. Accommodation with such facilities is available in Batumi, Bakuriani, Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Kvareli, Napareuli and Gudauri.

Holidays in Georgia in October

Metekhi Temple in the center of Tbilisi.

Is it worthwhile to vacation in Georgia in October?

At the peak of autumn, the weather is variable. It is no longer hot, so tourists choose regions with a warmer climate – Samegrelo, Adjara, Guria, Imeretia and Kakheti. Georgia in October 2022 is not suitable for a holiday by the sea. You can swim, but only on sunny, windless days.

What to see in Georgia. Routes for a week, 3 and 5 days.

In clear weather it is pleasant to walk for a long time on the embankments and parks, to visit nature reserves, to get acquainted with the ancient temples and fortresses. The vivid autumn landscapes take your breath away! If you are planning a trip to the mountainous regions, dress warmer.

On the first weekend in October, the capital city hosts the traditional Tbilisoba holiday. Many people come to Georgia to take part in this colorful celebration. On the city’s birthday and harvest day, the streets of Tbilisi are enveloped in the smoke of grilled shashliks. Stalls of freshly baked goods, sweets and grapes are everywhere. Watch temperamental Georgian dancing and taste different types of Georgian wine!

Georgia in October

In October, Georgia pleases with warm weather and bright colors

Georgia in October – is it worth to go to Tbilisi and Batumi? Weather, water temperature, reviews, how to dress and whether to swim? Prices 2022 for flights, hotels, excursions, how to get by car? What to do and what to see in Georgia in mid-autumn –

Autumn, especially its second half, is a difficult period in the life of most Russians. After all the euphoria of summer holidays, “bubbling” mood in September, finally fades, and before the mental eye is drawn a gloomy picture – the constant work routine framed by grayish weather.

It is not too surprising that someone does not agree with such a life perspective. And they want to postpone the arrival of winter in their own reality, for example, by traveling to places where the sun is still shining brightly. And people don’t think too much about the impending ordeal of cold weather.

Trying to vacation in October in Georgia seems almost an ideal way to cope with the approaching moping. Especially since it can be rightly attributed to the category of inexpensive. And it is easy to be “prepared” if only because of the lack of need for visas!

Do you know what the weather is like in Georgia in the fall? What can a tourist do and what is better to avoid? We have found out all the important details for you!


Excursions to Tbilisi, Mtskheta and Gergeti, amazing Kakheti, Uplistsikhe and Borjomi with 10-50% discount! From 7-10 € per person!

October brings golden colors to Georgia

Weather in Georgia in October

Even a cursory study of the topic makes one wonder why I hadn’t thought of it before. After all, air temperatures and precipitation in this Transcaucasian country in mid-autumn arrive at very attractive levels for the Russian tourist.

Not always, of course – the beginning of October 2021 in Tbilisi, for example, “pleased” by a decrease even in daytime temperatures to +10 degrees. But the average data says that it is an exception to the rule.

Rules and conditions for Russians to enter Georgia - 2022

And the situation corrects itself quickly – last year the middle of the month was +20-22. And the season before that the end of October was almost as warm in Georgia.

  • As for the night temperatures, they easily go under the limit of +10. But they do not usually dive too deep, remaining in the tolerable range of +5-+8.

Closer to November at night you can expect natural ground frosts. But by noon the sun will still warm the air, just not to summer temperatures.


The weather in October is not very stable. And the temperature can “swing” not only during the transition from day to night, but during the whole month.

Which obviously requires attention when packing your suitcase. For there should be put not only tops and shorts, but also sweaters, pullovers, vests and other warming things.

Equally you should take with you swimming trunks and swimwear plus beach towels – if you’re going to go to the sea. Would not be superfluous and sunscreen – in the mountains, the skin burns at a time.

There is no need to take some water-repellent clothing if you are going to fly in October in the capital of Georgia. For in this period it is mainly dry here. And it is not even windy.

The days are mostly clear (up to 20-22 days a month). The sun appears in the sky at 7-7:30 am. And goes to bed at 18-40-18.00 o’clock. Thus the duration of the daylight hours is more than 10 hours in any case.


At the most popular of the ski resorts in Georgia, which is located 120 km north of Tbilisi, in early October, if not preparing for the beginning of the winter season, they were clearly spending the summer.

During the day, here, at an average of 2 km altitude in mid-autumn it can be +3-7 warm. And at night the thermometer columns sometimes reach the zero mark.

Of course, this is not the rule! In mid-October 2021 Gudauri observed up to +15. But after sunset the air was still quickly cooled to +2-4 degrees. The mountains, what can you do.

The rate of precipitation is relatively low here, too. And the sunny days also prevail in numbers.


And the western part of Georgia is enjoying a little more warmth in the middle of the fall. In Kutaisi, the capital city of Imeretia, you can watch with surprise on the street thermometers up to +28-30. And the Black Sea resorts in this regard are trying to overtake the capital of the country.

However, you should not expect constant heat. Although in some years Batumi is enjoying some semblance of late summer in October.

Where to stay in Tbilisi: 7 best hotels in the center

The sun can be as high as +26-28. But usually the weather is not pleased with constancy, and the air temperature even during the day fluctuates from +18 to +24.

Towards the end of the month there is an imminent arrival of “true autumn” in the air. And the sun is not able to warm the atmosphere above +20.

Precipitation is quite frequent and, worse, sometimes heavy. The average rainfall is 130-150 mm, the number of rainy days per month you can expect up to 9-10.

But you can swim in Batumi even in October. If you do not mind doing this at modest temperatures of the order of +19-21.


The remarks of travelers who managed to visit the Caucasus Mountains in the midst of autumn are few and far between. But the main thing that should be learned from the available, lies on the surface – get ready for a trip properly and you will be happy.

Do not neglect the warm clothing, because at night in October Georgia can be quite cold. There is no central heating, and electricity is expensive. And hotels and guest houses tend to save on heating rooms.

So put in your luggage not only warm clothes for “going out”. But also some warm sweaters and socks, which you could wear in the room.

Not the fact, of course, that it really will not be heated … on the one hand. On the other hand, such complaints from heat-loving Russians come regularly!

Prices in 2022

Are at an acceptable level for most travelers. And even if you decide to travel to Georgia by car with a group of two people, then it is not so expensive at all.

For plane tickets are a major expense. Mainly because you have to get to Georgia from Russia by transit.

Since direct flights between the countries have been suspended for political reasons. And so far there is no reason to hope for its resumption.

Well, in general, the flight from Moscow to Tbilisi and back in October will cost 43-45 thousand rubles for two people traveling with luggage.

As for hotels, you can save a lot. Since the high summer season is over, just look at the dates on the calendar. And winter season, very popular among the knowledgeable (and able to save money) skiers will not start until the end of November.

Naturally, we will primarily recommend high-quality, but inexpensive options. Like Hotel Flamingo on the plain shore of the Kura River, which earned a rating of 8.9 on TripAdvisor (from 25 € per night). And, by the way, providing guests with a parking space for their cars.

All about rest in Kobuleti. Prices 2022, reviews and personal experience

In the center of the old city, pay attention to the Mini Hotel Angel Old Town. Much more expensive (from 45 €), but characterized by a noticeably better location.

You will, without exaggeration, stay in the most ancient district of the Georgian capital. And you will be able to plunge into its atmosphere, as soon as you go out!

If you intend not only to see the interesting sites of Tbilisi, but also to drive around the country, we recommend renting a car (from $ 20 per day, often without a deposit). Fortunately in October even a skeptical person cannot call this pleasure expensive!

  • Inexpensive and excursions. Even having almost individual format!

For the fee of 10-20 € (there may be discounts) you will be “sincerely and sincerely” shown Tbilisi. And they will not cut down on time – similar sightseeing tours last from 3 hours here.

20 € is a standard (and summer) fee for a sightseeing tour in Mtskheta. Not much more expensive and a trip to Kakheti, the main winemaking region of the Caucasus. The place where such wines as Kindzmarauli, Mukuzani and Tsinandali are produced.

What to do

If you don’t feel like sitting around, Georgia is full of things to do!

Of course, if you come just for a weekend, 2-3 days, you will have to confine yourself mainly to Tbilisi. Or, for example, Batumi, if you want to get out to the sea.

Otherwise, you will be able to build a much more exciting tour program. Including not only Mtskheta and Dzhvari, Georgian Military Road and Kazbegi, Uplistsikhe and Borjomi.

But also Sighnaghi, the city where Niko Pirosmani once laid out a million scarlet roses at the feet of his French love. And also a visit to the cave city of Vardzia.

It’s not easy to do. But, as justifiably pointed out in the reviews – just necessary. For a huge ancient residential complex, “inhabiting” the body of the rock 240 (about on the highway) west of Tbilisi belongs to the list of the major attractions of the country and the region as a whole.

If the format of the vacation allows it, visit Kutaisi: after all, even UNESCO considered the local temple of Bagrat worthy of inclusion in the list of world heritage. A visit to the ancient Gelati Monastery, on the outskirts of the capital of Imeretia will leave an equally pleasant aftertaste.

For lovers of rough mountain views, we recommend visiting Svaneti. At least for one day to remember the Svanetian towers so often mentioned in guidebooks.

And for citizens not just sitting in one place we advise to take a trip from Tbilisi to Yerevan. Not necessarily by car – there are night trains too.

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