Holidays in Hurghada 2022: reviews, tips and prices

Holidays in Hurghada 2022: reviews, tips and prices

Big, expensive, stupid: unsuccessful vacation at Sunny Days Resort Spa & Aqua Park It is very unfortunate that we got a not very competent and knowledgeable travel agency manager, we chose the hotel on her advice. We wanted exactly Hurghada because of the sea, I like it here more. In Albatross our favorite place was not available. We booked a tour to the hotel Sunny Days Resort Spa & Aqua Park, formerly Sunny Days El Palacio Resort & SPA. We absolutely did not like the hotel. Tour Operator Coral Travel, the trip for a week cost 198,000 rubles. This is not cheap for Egypt. Direct flight by Egypt Air, 7 hours in flight. Work .

New hotel in Hurghada, former Shedwan Golden Beach 3* We had a holiday a few years ago at Shedwan Golden Beach Hotel 3*. Then packed in a day, took the first available budget tour. The hotel was very old, but really liked the location, the beach, the neighborhood. When we were looking for tours this year we asked the manager about the hotel and she told us that the hotel is now called Sunrise Meraki Resort 4 *, is new, but after repairing in 2021. It certainly costs quite different money, but we decided to go. A week for two adults in August costs 153

Going to Hurghada for 98 000 rub: Minamark Resort & Spa 4* We were waiting for Tunisia to open, but had to go to Egypt. We saw an advertisement on the internet for a budget hotel Minamark Resort & Spa 4* in Hurghada. Did not really want to go to Hurghada, as in previous trips we did not have a good experience with the resort (we stayed at Le Pasha Hotel). Dirty, dusty and boring town did not impress me. Everywhere beggars, stray animals, very mediocre entertainment. Only on the quay in New Marina I liked to walk, but even there the peddlers bothered me. The heart demanded Sharm el Sheikh, but the purse has directed

Friends write review 24.08.2022 do not take excursions on reefs, a divorce on money, bring on dead reef, osviaz that has attacked a shark on the person. Naturally they keep quiet and promise a lot of fish. Near my hotel I saw more fish than on the excursion, the only place where you can look fish on the bathyscaphy. There I saw at least something.

The Grand Aquarium is a very beautiful place My family and I took a tour from ramzestour to the Grand Aquarium in Hurghada. Very beautiful place with lots of sea creatures, also inside the complex there is a zoo, education center, restaurants and pools. The price of the tour includes entrance tickets to the complex. You are advised to visit this place!

Going back to Hurghada: The good old La Pasha is not the same anymore((( If vacation, it’s only Egypt for our family. In the past we always vacationed in different hotels, tried something new. Not always the choice was successful, but we were not too upset, whatever the hotel, in Egypt there is a constant, which pulls out any shortcomings – the sea.

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From the latest “news from the fields” learned that many hotels, which were of excellent quality have gone bad. So it was with us, this time our favorite Le Pacha Resort 4 * we were disappointed. I know this hotel is not luxury, but Le Pacha

Good afternoon! Svetlana, and for such a price you had a flight from what city? And you waited until 14-00 – the paid day was the day of arrival? Or the night of arrival you have also been paid? (Just me, arriving at night or early in the morning, still take the previous night, and they check me in at 4. at 5 in the morning. ) I, with my “gold” bracelet, was brought a platter of fruit to my room as a compliment. Exactly the same fruit that is displayed in the restaurant during breakfast-lunch-dinner. That’s all. And the room was given “in the deadliest building” – is it the third floor of the main building, in the wing toward the “Minamark”? And then changed to which building? In the restaurant dishes still put cooks, or already itself? Are there any shorter queues?

I have always vacationed in Turkey, and decided to go to Egypt. I was totally disappointed. My vacation this year fell out at the end of April, I won’t be able to relax in summer, as I have a lot of work for the summer, new projects, and there will be no time for vacation. I decided to have time to go on vacation and gain strength to be more productive later. Since my beloved Turkey is still cool for a beach vacation, we bought a tour to Egypt. Honestly, I was very worried, we are used to good service in Turkey, and here, judging by the reviews with it not so. But we decided to take the risk for the sake of the warm and beautiful Red Sea.

Were on New Year’s Eve. Our room was pretty clean and our room was well cleaned. No noise from the airport. The food is excellent, lots of sweets, well yes the main meals are 3 but there is plenty of juice on the beach. Overall… I would say the hotel is really quiet, but we had a short bus ride to town, the sea was cold and the wind was blowing.

Mm-hmm. To get into a hotel in the desert and claim that this is the city. And the planes hinder it (and in Lara or Belek – no, they didn’t. ) And there is not enough greenery on the whole green area (And on photos it is just “a couple of stunted. ) And there is absolutely nothing to eat (was there no foie gras in truffle sauce with black caviar?). And there was nothing to eat on the boat, either. And I didn’t even like the “woZZhing” on the roads. Man, such tourists are disgusting. It’s good that I was in this hotel at the same time with the author. By the way, there is no date of the review and the date of the trip. And it’s good that tourists like her won’t show up in Hurghada again.

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I don’t know what kind of planes we’re talking about. We were at this hotel in December 2021. Had a great vacation. This hotel was formerly called Lilyland 4*, so more tourists will understand what hotel we are talking about. Yes, the area is large and in some places there is construction behind the fences. But Egyptian hotels were half-empty for several years, so they are renovated. And you can walk from the beach to the artificial island with palm trees, and on the territory is fine to walk. Food was decent for both children and adults. We had plenty of meat dishes and fruits. And the alcohol was normal. Freshly squeezed juices in addition were bought on the beach, tasty and accesible at the price. Green enough, especially considering that it was in the desert. Read the review and picking on the hotel, not surprising that we changed 3 rooms. We were happy with our room, really took a two room suite, clean, comfortable, nice view from the balcony. And what do you mean there is no underwater beauty. Just beyond the lagoon you can walk across the bridge, though, it’s a bit of a wreck, and there’s a normal coral reef. It is clear that the reefs of Sharm el-Sheikh can not be compared, but for Hurghada, a decent coral reef. We with children and without a bridge walked across the sea to the reef and happily swam with masks. We were very satisfied with our stay at the hotel! We were in Egypt for the eighth time, at this hotel for the first time. Did not expect any special conditions, understanding that it is 4*, except for the warm sea, but were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere in this hotel. Would love to come back to Egypt more than once! Probably to Mirage Bay Resort & Aqua Park 4* too.

Hurghada, Egypt: a resort where you are not welcome. Siva Grand Beach for 116 000 rubles We were looking forward to our vacation, we bought the tour in advance, in December 2021, we chose then a completely different hotel and another resort in Egypt, Sharm el Sheikh. Then there was a cancellation, and with our budget we had little choice. Prices went up a lot, and we rebooked on Hurghada, Siva Grand Beach Hotel. We took a charter flight from Zhukovsky, tour operator Biblio Globus. The flight time was 6.5 hours (instead of the previous four). But this is a safety rule, it should be taken for granted, but why would

Hurghada – the most Russian resort on the Red Sea

Holidays in Hurghada

A few years ago, crowds of our compatriots came to the Egyptian resort, but then the situation changed. What is the appeal of vacationing in Hurghada now? Find out how tourists are talking about the resort and what the prices are there in 2022.

How much does a vacation in Egypt cost - 2022. The cost of travel.


The look of the resort.

One of the very first resorts in Egypt appeared in the 1980s, when the country began a tourist boom. In a very short time from a small fishing village Hurghada has become the largest center of recreation on the Red Sea, which stretches along the coast for almost 40 km.

The city consists of the old El Dahar, the new center of Sakala, the beach area of El Mamsha and hotel chains to the north and south of them. The international airport is located exactly in the middle. It is no more than 25 km from any of the areas.

In Hurghada there is everything you need for a comfortable vacation by the sea at any time of year: water parks, aquariums, museums and shopping centers. On vacation in 7-10 days there are enough sights, you can not even go on excursions.

Holidays in Hurghada

In a very short time, Hurghada has turned from a small fishing village into the largest center of recreation on the Red Sea. Photo: Med_Photo_Studio /

Tourist impressions of the resort

After overcast skies and cold, Hurghada seems like heaven. Both in summer and winter at the Egyptian resort there is a lot of sun. Visitors are welcomed by good beaches, a beautiful clean sea and a comfortable all-inclusive service. Not far from the coast there are coral reefs, where divers love to dive.

The minuses are not many. In contrast to Sharm el Sheikh, in Hurghada, you have to buy a visa on arrival. It costs $25, but Egyptian helpers are willing to make it faster – for $27. There are no buses at the resort, shuttles run between areas, and the main transportation for tourists is cabs.

Vikkei: “I love Hurghada for the guaranteed sunshine and accessibility. I have stayed in Hurghada five times, in different parts of the country and I want to say that it is the hotel where you stay that leaves a big mark. The sandy beach is ideal for a holiday with children, and the entrance to the sea will not let you down. Yes, you can’t see mountains like in Turkey, but you can admire the sea endlessly for a long time.

Best hotels

The resort has more than 100 major hotels, 60 of them – this “five. The choice of holiday destination in Hurghada depends on preference. In the north, there are good beaches, hotels are 10-20% cheaper, but there is little infrastructure. Lovers of entertainment in the evenings stay in Sakala and El Mamsha, and those who care about attractions, a large shopping center and water parks – in the southern hotels. Look for hotels on Hotelluk, tours on Travelate.

The best hotels in Hurghada, according to reviews and ratings of tourists:

Arabia Azur Resort 4* – A good hotel 3.8 km from the center of the resort and 11 km from the airport. It has its own spa, 4 restaurants and several bars. A room for two with breakfast costs from $45.

Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada - where to go?

Arabella Azur Resort 4* is a hotel that looks like a fairy tale white castle from an oriental fairy tale. Nearby is a picturesque coral reef. An all-inclusive double room costs from $54.

Albatros White Beach 5* is a luxury family hotel 5 km from the new marina. Tourists praise the excellent service and the work of the animators. For an all-inclusive room for two you will pay from $74.

Titanic Royal 5* is a great option for a comfortable holiday in Egypt with a private beach, two pools and a water park. An all-inclusive room for two costs from $137.

Reviews of hotels in Hurghada

Beach gazebo hotels in Hurghada. Photo: SimonDannhauer /


Hurghada is famous for a great beach vacation. The coast is covered with fine clean sand, the sea is clear, and the coast has everything for tourists to sunbathe and swim without worries. Entrance to the water is gentle, so parents with small children love to relax here.

Now there are no free beaches in the resort. Entrance costs from 20 to 150 EGP, and the price depends on the level of comfort. Children under 6-8 years are allowed free. According to reviews, the best places for recreation by the sea in Hurghada are Dream Beach, Paradise Beach, Old Vic Beach and Mojito.

When choosing a hotel, keep in mind that not all beaches of the resort are sandy. There are stretches of beach where the sand is mixed with stones. Almost everywhere there are pieces of coral – it is more convenient to swim in aqua suits.

Alexandra: “My first trip to the sea was in Egypt, namely Hurghada. The beach is gorgeous, the entrance to the sea is smooth, the sea is clean, it was very important for me, because I can not swim. By the way, that’s where I learned to swim. There are sunbeds on the beach.

IdeynayaYa: “In December, the sea is warm enough, like the Black Sea in early July. The water is clean, transparent, crazy beautiful, all shades of blue! Once or twice stormed, and it was great! We jumped in the waves to our delight”.

Beaches in Hurghada

The coast is covered with fine clean sand, the sea is transparent, and the shore has everything for tourists to sunbathe and swim without worries. Photo: borjomi88 /

What to try

If you like to eat good food, while vacationing in Hurghada, appreciate the traditional cuisine of Egypt. Local dishes are flavored with spices and spices. Try the national breakfast of foul – boiled beans with lemon juice, char-grilled squid, delicious pancakes fatir and tender honey baklava.


According to reviews, tours to Cairo from Hurghada are popular – by bus for $55 and by plane for $210, day tours to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings for $45-60, and to the Orange Bay for $30. Outdoor enthusiasts like ATV and jeep safaris in the Makadi Desert – $15-$20, a pirate boat ride – $45, fishing – $27 and diving in the Red Sea – $28-$30.

What to see in Egypt

What to Try in Hurghada

Mosque in Dahar district. Photo: dexteris /

Holidays with kids

Hurghada is a popular family resort. Comfortable sandy beaches, all-inclusive hotels and plenty of entertainment attract many parents with children of all ages. During the holidays go to any of the three water parks, the show program in the palace of the “Thousand and One Nights,” the dolphinarium and look at the fish in the Grand Aquarium.

Excursions with children are fun to do, walk through the historic El Dahar Center and see the sand sculptures in the small Sand City Park. If you don’t want to travel far, visit the resort’s new attraction, the Hurghada Museum, which opened in spring 2020. Admission costs EGP 250.

Holidays with children in Hurghada

Comfortable sandy beaches, all-inclusive hotels and lots of entertainment attract many parents with children of all ages. Photo: stockbusters /

When it’s best to go

The resort is located in a zone of dry, hot climate, so it is convenient to come to rest in Hurghada at any time of the year. You can not be afraid of rain and mosquitoes! The water temperature of the Red Sea does not drop below 21 ° C.

What months are most loved by tourists? According to reviews, for a beach holiday in Hurghada are best suited April, the first half of May and all the months of autumn.

In winter, the resort is windy and the nights are cool. In January, the temperature at night falls to +10 … +12 ° C. During storms it is not comfortable to swim!

In March it’s time for hamsin, the winds blowing strongly from the desert. The weather is changeable and warm days are followed by cold spells. In summer it’s unbearably hot in Egypt. The air heats up to +34 ° C and above, and the sea water – up to +30 ° C.

Is it worth the trip?

Hurghada is a universal inexpensive resort for a vacation by the sea in Egypt. It is good for families with children, elderly tourists and young people. For fans of diving suit places with a more picturesque underwater world, such as Sharm el-Sheikh or Marsa Alam.

The reviews for 2021, some tourists write that in Hurghada is good only at the hotel. There is not much to see in the city. In comparison to the lush tropical parks of hotels, the working-class neighborhoods of the resort look pale. Two worlds on one earth!

BeLLatris: “The nature of Hurghada is hotels. They try to bring beauty and variety to the flora there. The whole city is one big construction site with lots of garbage and unfinished/under-construction hotels. There are more or less decent areas, there are quite poor. If you’re going to the city, be prepared to see it.

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